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Years totals

Big pieces done, 61,

 small pieces done 50,

garden art,3 angels, 2 bears, 76 birds, 70 birds on sticks,23 Cats,3 cat boxes,18 chooks, 2 chookboxes,1 camel,13 dragonflies( knives) 10 dragonflies ( big) 74 dogs,17 ducks,,3 elephans,9 emus,178 flowers,8 happy flowers, 3 frogs,1 goanna,2 giraffes,5 insects,13 kookaburras, 3 kookaburras in trees, 9 lyrebirds,8 owls,16 pelicans, 15 peacocks, 1 stegosaur, 3 snails,2 sunflowers,(total garden art 572 things made),

Orders 77 big and small

people through garden 3787

Work done December

Big pieces birds on a wire,modified together,mountain, modified shes not there, round and about( smaller)

Small pieces, 2 spade girls, circle dragonflies, cautious, time flies 3,the big adventure,

Garden art; 47 rusty flowers, 15 birds on sticks, 13 small dragonflies, 4 big dragonflies, 17 dogs. 6 cats. 7 kookaburras,3 ducks,8 chooks, 2 pelican 3 peacock,1 sm giraffe, 3 cat box,1 elephant, 2 chook boxes, 2 emus, 1 tortoise 4 owls, 5 flowers with hands

Furniture : 1 table

 Orders: Small  drip for sue Trickey,mattock people for peter burke, Roger pieces 1 and 2,saxophone,1 bee,numbers for Sari, weathervane,

People through garden 167 

Work done November

 Big pieces: Rogers Dna, made together a base,added heart to creation, birds of paradise 2,

 Small pieces Barbara feldon girl,

 Orders ash waltons radiator sides, windmill, daniis garden sign, elaina’s seat, 4 security screens, mattock people,2 small characters,Bills shelves,2 handed door handle, 1 junk gate

 Garden art  21 dragonflies, 3 angels, 2 kookaburras 3 dogs 1 lyrebird, 3 cats, 3 pelican, 23 small flowers, 6birds,2 peacocks,4 chook 4 duck 1 small giraffe 1 big dragonfly

Furniture{1 seat, 1 birdbath

People through garden 180

Work done October

 Big Pieces:4 part of the story( 2) modified ark,Country ties, finished Kerries heart

 Small pieces: recycled Love Garden, Jelly Baby, 3 small birds( the birds), happy man, insulated, trailer trash girl( Miss subishi), snow drop 2

Garden art:  16 birds 12 dogs, 2 peacock, 4 pelican 8 cat, 4 emus, 2 insect, 10 birds on sticks, 3 happy flowers, 1 small ram, 1 flower

People through garden:250( but we were away for a week)

Work done September

Big sculptures:Structured life, modified slow horse, Birds of Paradise ,Slip sliding away 2, swirl girl

Little sculptures:Daggy dancing, umbrella man,Umbrella girl,


 Garden art:2 pelican,1 peacock, 3 kookas,1 lizard, 3 frogs,


Plant signs for drouin sth,pond cover spider web

143 people thru garden( approx)

Work done August

Big Pieces: structured life( no characters), Sound machine 2,sues Pig, moon river, family hearts, snail, small drip 2,football sculpture,

 Mid sized pieces ;skipping girl

Small pieces: crysanthemum,snow drop, ,

 Garden art: 2 elephants, 4 bird 1 peacock,5 ducks,4 dog, 1 pelican, 6 flowers, 1 dragonfly,10 birds on sticks, 5 triple flowers,

 Orders: obstetric gates, Fire cover for clarks,2 hall tables for T and C,pietas eagle, Hoopers seat,New Mailbox for us,

Furniture: Chaise Lounge

Art: portrait of Helen, 2 cats, 1 bird,fairy,, 2 landscape 3 eleanor,

People through Gallery and Garden: 160

July Work done

Big Pieces   together we make it work: Blue Guitar, country girl; bird world, Firebird ballerina, pedestals, small drip

 Small pieces

 Garden art Bear, Pelican, 19 birds 10 dog 2 owls,3 cat, 1 peacock, 1 lyrebird, 9 double flowers, 6 single flowers,4 chooks

 Orders: family hearts, Pond Cover , Book case and wood box, galleon firepit, seat with sunflowers

Art Play me, Red Red wine, and Morning side

People through Gallery and Garden  120

Work done June

Big Pieces : small drop 3 pedestals for sculptures,solar, slip sliding away, Impermanence, Red Finch,Plague,Big Pig, rock pig

 Small pieces snow drop, dairy queen, surfing the big one, release

 Garden art 1 dog,3 bird, 2 lyrebird,1 pelican, 12 kookas on sticks 4 birds on sticks,2 duck,5 chooks, 2 cat, 2 dragonfly, 1 frog,1 small cow, bear and flower,10 flowers( corrugated iron)

 Orders: saxophone, plant support/bird,bird for milly, birdfeeder, sharons dog

Art : Red, Appreciation, Polar bear and icecream, snow bird,

People through garden/Gallery   165    Ros Exhibition

Work done in May

Big Pieces: Painting girl, stone pig, Don Barret piece,

 Small pieces: song and dance, Hooked, Jive Girl, Olive, a fine balance, note taker, tea lady, flying with the songbird, flutter, the butterflydress

 Garden art: Corrugated flowers, snail and 2 butterflys, 3 ducks, 10 dogs, 1 cat, 8 birds, 2 peacocks, 2 emus, 3 pelicans, 1 lyrebird, 1 dragonfly, 1 startle, 2 small cutout birds

 Orders seat for Alan,

Furniture: Heart seat

People through Garden/gallery 260

Work done April

Big Pieces:  Dunkeld( part of the story), Reflective 2,Goblet, songbird, ocean,Bird

 Small pieces: Blarney Books piece, Getting closer, the girls, going online, digging to china, star arc,a kind word, walking the pets, My special place 2,

 Garden art 9 dog,7 birds, 2 peacock, 1 Pelican,8 birds on sticks,9 flowers, 3 duck, 3 chook,1 elephant, 1 dragonfly , 1 kid bird, 6 smallish birds

 Orders: Xmas Tree,Bead stand,Rutherglen chair,Leaf seat, bird feeder cover,maxfield table frame, Gracies dog,

Art: 4 small pieces

Other;  2 balustrades

 People thru garden: 190 plus 55 at opening

Work done March

Big pieces: my special place 2, slow horse 2, ark, reflective 1,Hillside

Small Pieces:  modified talking to the angel, taking you higher, ready to fly winged surfer and modified almost like flying, 30 on a bike,modified ballet rocks,

Orders: 3 birds on a perch, wrc seat, , bulls head,wendy’s stand, vickis frogs, scotty the fireman, Neerim Sth sign, maxfields table frame

Garden art; 31 flowers,5 dogs,2 bird, 4 lyre bird, 2 peacock, 1 elephant, 1 camel,1 stegosaur, 1 pelican, 1 alien, 1 goanna, 1 frog,9 birds on sticks, 2 owls,3 bugs, 2 snails, 1 seat,

Other; Sink Stand, balustrades, calebs table top

People thru garden: 63

Work Done February

Big pieces: Dancing Girl 1, Dancing queen, music machine, Lake 2

Small Pieces: the cricketers

Orders: Vickys mail box, WRC seat, Music and heart seat, panels ( possum and lizard) for rosie, wren bush for Bronwyn, words for entrance Jindi Caf, maxfield table frame,5 thistles 1 bull rush,number 6 and character, kerries piece ( Lake 2)

Garden art; 2 sunflowers,stegosaurus,5 birds,3 kookas in trees,30 flowers, 1 emu,6 dogs, 1 peacock

Other; fire pit for Flower show auction,2 balustrades for gallery, 1 seat

80 people through garden( 50 from open studios)

Work Done January

Big pieces: Though we are but ½ a world away, the birdsong machine 2, ½ of sound sculpture, ½ of Kerries Lake, finished Patched

Orders; 2 hall tables, 1 turkey

Garden art:4 Kookaburra, 1 dog 4 chook, 10 bird, 2 ducks,12 flowers, 12 birds on sticks 1 frog

Other:1 garden arch, repaired red wedge, sues flower

People count

54 count but end of Jan not home…