2018 diary

January diary
January diary
Febraury diary
Febraury diary
march diary
march diary

Work done February

 Big pieces:Drum Kit, birds in a ring,branch,Wave, slices

Little pieces: 5 small wall hanging pieces, Gallery artist girl, ballet dress with feathers, resting cat, standing cat, ,2 others,Anna Karenina,ballet wire dress. 4 small plasmacuts( cats), Girl and birds,2 girls cupcake girl, mother and child, , ballet dress with petals1 horsetable,ready to eat, dancing with the stars, Man of letters, bird from pages,

Orders: Narelles fire bucket, Pool panels( small),tricycle rabbit, 2 rose towers

 Art: 1 small piece,hoop girl

Garden art: 26 flowers, 2 flower rings,big beetle,2 peacocks, 1 dragonfly,1 pelican

160 through,

Jan work

Big pieces: 1 part of judo(slice),Riverside, around the core, unnatural balance,Sail

Small pieces:Tree of Knowledge (book), reading gives you wings,were rabbit, gitas flying angel,moon goddess, getting into the new sound system, leaves of wood(book), sitting cat, forkgiving, 2 flying dancers,

Garden art:  7 frogs, 4 flower rings ,punk echidna and 2 tortoises 4 kookaburras, 12 flowers, 1 dragonfly, 1 dinosaur.

Seat: flowers

Orders:Gilberts stand, kinder trees,cello, heavy seat, dancing in red boots,

Art pieces: reading with the cat, cat walk,student running with cloud, plasma cut prints

 People through 176