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Work done November

 Big sculptures: Circus, Together 2,Problemsolver,

 Little Sculptures: Sleeping dog, attentive dog, spot,Young supergirl, bird on perch,sleeping giant,art nouveau cat , foodfight,head in a whirl, Natural thinker, Birdsong,Girl with hoop, redbird(turned), submarine, light as a feather, herd, EngineJuggling girl, feeding the cat,curly 2

 Garden art: 1 birdbath, 5 owls,3 dragonflys 1 flat dragonfly, 3 ducks on sticks,2 ducks 4 chooks,2 dogs, 4 kookaburras,3 pelican, 3 horseshoebirds, 1 bird, 3 kookas on sticks,Blossom in ring

 Orders: eagle, Janines sitting on a rose family,Letterbox on red girl,

People through 348

Work done October

Big pieces: seamonsters, together,Lookout,

Little pieces: tricycle girl, Curly 2,flowergirl 4, Humpty, 2fly away tree boxes, bowl of flowers 3, resting dancer 2, bird mirror,flowergirl 3,redgum dancer,walking to school, cake fairy,flowerbowl 2,deerhead, treadmills,girl and cat with red bows

 Garden art: Bird with rake tail, Rabbit cultivator, 2 owls on sticks, 11 birds on sticks, 1 emu,4 pelicans, 2 birds,2 ducklings, 1 duck, 1 chook on stick,small bird with forks, birdbath, 5 horseshoe birds, 6 frogs,2 chooks

 Orders: Umbrella,6 cut out ducklings, 1 duck and 1 drake,2 birdfeeders, modified uneven balance,fixed dog sculpture, fixed pennys boat, flat to the moon and back,

420 through over month ( 310 for Yvettes exhibit)

Work done September

 Big pieces

Small pieces Lockie,cat face, Glamosaur, Barbie Saur and Magnificat,Barbienlegosaur, balance girl,upright piano, bigfoot,Kitten, Balletgirl with handles, cat profile cat negative profile hanging,

Garden art:  10 flowers,4 kookaburras, 4 peacocks, 1 circle with birds, 2 rabbits

Orders Maxfield table,Yoga backpanel

150 people through Wayne and Daelene exhibition

154 through over month

Work done August

 Big pieces: if metal was plastic, raising a child,

 Small pieces Music man( book piano), you have my permission to feed me, fly away,not flying ducks,Bliss piece, Handling the lift, a cat called Handel,sitting ballet dancer,Sweetie( robot), saw cat,

 Orders Jewish mechanic piece, Jewish mechanic table,yoga tree,Deer

 Garden art,

People 76. But I wasn’t home for a week or so

Work done July

 Big pieces: Red girl, Fly me to the moon, bat heart, 1 and 2 , day and night, slowboat, if plastic was metal,

Small pieces: 3 vases and piston skateboard,climbing the west face,Diver, Bed and book, me and my teddy, hanging on moon,Fun of reading ( book swing), red hangover box, cone fish, sharp dresser, on the edge, and dinosaur

 Garden art: 2 bird, 5 dogs, 2 cats, 1 giraffe 1 owl, small rectangular creature, 2 dragonflys, 15 flowers, 1 robot,1 rabbit, 1 duck, 1 small rabbit, I beam fish

 Orders: Aboriginal flag, Cathy smith stands, fire tray and poker and backplate,plant stand

161 saw Ros show

176 through over month

Work done June

Big pieces: heavy to light,In my heart, Blue Flight,Sea Flower,time out, repaired broken heart,

 Small pieces: cut out vase of flowers, axel and axeline, rose garden, caught,Elephant song, white tree,odyssey, cat mirror,small robot,vase of flowers,,nail cat,

 Garden art: 8 cats, 5 chooks 1 sentinel,6 kookaburras, 4 dogs,2owls, 4 garden sentinels,magpie circle, small robot, 2 birds

Orders: Masks for masquerade, Timmys truck, scissor girl, aboriginal flag,joan and don birdfeeder

138 through over month

Work done May

Big sculptures: started sinuous, modified send receive into Umbrella,nightbirds,waiting girl, glass half full,merrily we roll along

Little sculptures: Bicycle Ballerina, goblet dancer, Belle of the ball, Between books, pine fly, cat in the window

 Garden art 3 birds,3 ducks,6 chooks,1 pelican, 1 peacock,4 dogs,1 dragonfly,

 Orders: Darrens sculpture, Cow seat,Emilys stair panel, 2 big gates,Aboriginal flag for Candace,harper,Waratah

217 over month 226 saw exhibition

Work done April

Big pieces  Living on the past, they all flew away,

Small pieces Dreamer, Jungle girl, oak landscape, landscape,girl on saw,point of view( star stakes), Cat in the window,couple( profiles),shetland Rhino, winter outfit, center of my universe,cat with string, raven maven,

Garden art Birds on a wire, 1 bird, 2 dragonflies, star stake flower,1 dragon,4 chook,5 kookaburra, 2 small birds, heart and flowers in a ring,2 ring kookas, 2 owls, 9 circle pieces for foster,1 peacock

 Orders  1 dragonfly, Angel orbit 3,janes dog,Kays cabinet, Bills barrow, Janes ship,Orchid chair, michel memorial

People through:153

Work done March

Big pieces: food for the soul( ballet dancer)

Small pieces: flower gatherer, small artist, going through the hoops,6 circle figures( virtuoso, prom landscape, girl on swing, girl and bird and bird in bushes  ), together( gumby) face,Girl and cat,Jigsaw people, another world, watching the big girls,4 flowers in vases( wood),Bicycle ballet dancer, artist in the gallery 2,Tugging at my heartstrings,

Garden art: 2 peacocks 1 pelican 2 dog and 3 birds, 1 cat 6 Kookaburra, 2 owls, 5 wheel circle pictures, 2 birds on sticks,1 bee,3 birdfeeder,

 Orders: vickis bird, butterfly swimmer, johns bath bather, characters for angel orbit, angel orbit 3 Fairy tree birdfeeder orchid seat

Furniture 1 cat seat

130 view exhibition

 137 visit over month

Work done February

 Big pieces:Drum Kit, birds in a ring,branch,Wave, slices

Little pieces: 5 small wall hanging pieces, Gallery artist girl, ballet dress with feathers, resting cat, standing cat, ,2 others,Anna Karenina,ballet wire dress. 4 small plasmacuts( cats), Girl and birds,2 girls cupcake girl, mother and child, , ballet dress with petals1 horsetable,ready to eat, dancing with the stars, Man of letters, bird from pages,

Orders: Narelles fire bucket, Pool panels( small),tricycle rabbit, 2 rose towers

 Art: 1 small piece,hoop girl

Garden art: 26 flowers, 2 flower rings,big beetle,2 peacocks, 1 dragonfly,1 pelican

160 through,

Jan work

Big pieces: 1 part of judo(slice),Riverside, around the core, unnatural balance,Sail

Small pieces:Tree of Knowledge (book), reading gives you wings,were rabbit, gitas flying angel,moon goddess, getting into the new sound system, leaves of wood(book), sitting cat, forkgiving, 2 flying dancers,

Garden art:  7 frogs, 4 flower rings ,punk echidna and 2 tortoises 4 kookaburras, 12 flowers, 1 dragonfly, 1 dinosaur.

Seat: flowers

Orders:Gilberts stand, kinder trees,cello, heavy seat, dancing in red boots,

Art pieces: reading with the cat, cat walk,student running with cloud, plasma cut prints

 People through 176