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Work done August

 Big Pieces Leaves, hillside, birdstand,

Iittle pieces, Catch, Fledgeling, open wide, flying boat,moose, dancing Queen, artist and dive pool, Bloom, Terrys flag,small horse, reader, 4 small portrait plasmacuts, long haired girl, girl with phone, waiting girl,

Orders: 2 dogs, 4 stands for slabs, Elainas seat,simones sign, seat

 Garden art: frog, 2 snails,6 chooks 1 cat, 5 dogs,2 bird, 4 ducks ,2 dragonflys

 about 100 through

Work done July

 Big pieces: Leaves, ½ oculus,Phases

 Little pieces: fledgeling, open wide, moose, flying boat ( V) ,Catch, 2 cats, 1 round cat,palm tree, house boat, 2 cat boxes, floating world, Echidna, 2love where you live , mountain sunrise, Thinking( alice) tropical, Content,Speed bonnie boat 1 and 2, island, sitting cat with wood, In the bush, Star Collector,, Follow your star, snail

 Garden art: 2 tall birds, 2 cats 20 flowers 2 pelican, 2 owls

 Painting, In Vietnam, Chinese girl 4 landscapes from windows etc, and 2 pieces from sculptures

 Orders: Alpaca number sign,2 seats for Vue,2 scout pieces,Bull rider, Ians frame, 2 bird baskets,

 Over 140 through

June Work done

 Big Pieces: Leaving ( birds in circle), Dress Girl  Love queen, Chinese Bridge, Frivolity

Little pieces: wooden Mallet and Lily long legs, Love cow 1, Love cow 2, Spider Vase, Industrial Vase and Face vase, 7th Book ,turned cat, Mangled typewriter,  The boat that I row, My Titanic moment and Home Loan, we call him tiger, star gatherer,

 Garden art: 2 peacock, 4 pelican, 2 dragonflys,

 Art: cat, Whirl dance

 Orders: Traveller, Windmill,Scout figure, Koroko figure,2 bird potholders, 1 pig, gate sign

90 people through

Work done may

 Big pieces Finished big bear,

 Small pieces: drummer, curlique, spider vase, industrial vase and round vase,5 snitches, red bird 2,shane, folded dog, ball cat,chipper, louise and the feather dress, together,long necked girl,

 Orders Fire horse, started windmill, leaf seat

Garden art: echidna. 7 big flowers, 4 dogs, 4 peacock,9 Kookaburra, radiator sheep,9 butterflies and flowers,


166 people through

Work done April

 Big pieces: 2 parts of bear,Flutter,,ballet dancer, Battered Balloon finished mr Junkhead

Small pieces   chopper, chipper,sharp as nails,( running girl), 5 small frogs with glass beads,2 small vases,2 small tree panels with glass beads, windblown,

Garden art: 6 big flowers, 25 small flowers, 7 cats,7 ducks 4 chooks,3 peacock, 7 kookaburras, 1 dragonfly, 3 small cows 1 elephant

Furniture: 1 seat

 Orders; 2 ace of spades characters, scout weight lifter, Jess sign wire wreath

People through 220

Work done march

Big pieces: Junkhead, bright spark, Community, Moth Eaten,Sitting Barbie, pendant form

 Small pieces:2 vases of flowers, Visitor Calebs dancers, ballerina( mid size), flat rooster,thinking about sailing,

Garden art: 3 daffodils 1 spider, electric sheep, ned collie, 5 flowers,2 cats 3 chooks,2 chooks

 Orders; Mountain 2

178 through exhibition

284 over month with open studios and food and wine festival and women on farms

Work done February

Big pieces Cracks that let the light in,rainbow fountain,Placid, Ideas take flight, banded ballerina

 Little pieces: Queen of hearts, offer of love, Comfy, nail bird,perfect combination,saw bird, cocky of peace, Portrait, Queen of spades and blue spade, flowers in her hair, 2 small heart pieces,girl with flower in hat, doll girl,

Garden art: 13 horseshoe birds on sticks, 11 small birds, 2 striped cats, 4 robots, 1 saw bird

Furniture, curved seat, arch seat,

 Orders: small japanese garden spirit, started mountain,

150 through over month

Jan work

 Big sculptures: Treble clef, Suichen,Cycle Spiral, together 3

Little sculptures: 2 cat saws, 2 dog saws, 2 heart mirrors, heart bike rider,

 Garden art: 18 flowers, 5 small robota, 2 Bird with rake tail, 1 tortoise, 5 dogs, 1 eagle, 1 emu, 4 chooks, 1 lizard, 1 small dinosaur,2 dragonflies

Orders: Raymond island community Garden sign and arch,Kookaburra seat for Sal,1 Kuroko Japanese garden spirit,Anitas chair, 3 dragonflies for Marg salton, Junk Ball for Robyn,Fixed ducks for Jungwirths,4 small stands, 6 wheelcovers on sticks for Bill Clark, wendy wagners junk panel, simones truck,

87 peope through