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August work

 Big pieces Lens ,base for furball

Small pieces Rocket car, balanced ballerina ,dog with a weight problem,mother and son, axeminster car,reading, startle,creature 2, cousin to 5th element, hungry,gas powered snail, flying spider , green skipping girl,walkies,2 yvette boxes

Garden art 2 chooks, bird stand,

Orders: 4 kangaroos,surfer, owl for guy,angel orbit, rh symbol, small table plant hanger,3 eagles,2 birdstands for Macdonnell , 4 cutouts

Work done July

 Big pieces:fur ball

Small pieces: girl with feathered hat, echidna axe, flying hearts, wood and bronze cat,,picking flowers bronze parts, rain in the city,

Garden art: 1 bird stand, 5 kookas on sticks, 1 dragonfly on stick, 6 kookaburras, 2 peacock, 2 ducks and 3 small chooks,2 small elephants,

Orders: 2 birdfeeders/racks, train seat, small guitarist,5th panel for Pauline R, 2nd train seat,big sunflower repeat,eagle, repair chook letterbox, finished chaise lounge, did shane and kerries sign and firepit Maxfields wood holder and panel

Other spice rack, small metal rack

Work done June

Big pieces: dancing dress girl,

 Small pieces: onward snails, wire face,Lightning bolts and nuts,Gold bug and my heart has wings (golden bird man), moustache,star juggler, private garden( keys) circle landscape, wire face

 Garden art: Circle ended seat, Lyrebird,dragonfly, 2 dogs,2 ducks,

 Orders: modify gas bottle screen, Train seat, Red birdfeeder,3 Rowbury panels,3 eagles, Letterbox pole and rooster,Neils Gate, Chaise Lounge

Work done May

Big pieces: Rowbury panel 1,Cat face,dancing from the first note , some kind of nut, cat in the window, Pumpkin( girl),big teapot

 Small pieces:, 2 small ballerinas, 7 teapots, keeping me grounded, extreme surfing,rainbow tree, nightbirds 2(ring) and bird and flowers( ring),birds in landscape( ring)

Garden art: 1 peacock, 3 chooks, 2 roosters 2 pelicans,1 dog planter,1 dog, big frog,4 birds 23 flowers

 Orders: Rowbury birdbath, Windsor 4 people,Handle for Langdons,Rowbury panels

Work done april

Big pieces :Rosie, happy dance, big flat spider, bird stand 3, eclipse, waves, countdown boom, balancing girl

Little pieces: trend settingskiers,Work experience girl, moon river,, letter face, roof top u2 can play netball,spiky ball, spiky boxes,2 catboxes, eyebrows, circle cat, netballer, dog and butterfly, sentinel,2 aliens with bows,reading girl,safety in numbers, old love letters rainbow rest, rainbow fairy,feathered dress, balloon4 lift, feathered balloon,2 girls with hair,teapot, ballerina top gear,

Orders seat H , Windsor column

 Garden art 3 birdfeeders, 6 kookas on sticks, 3 flat cats,dog planter,1 crocodile,1 echidna,hills hoist dog, 10 small milking cover dogs,2 jigsaw circles, 2 gasbottle planters,

Work done March

 Big pieces: flying man, hillside 2

Little pieces: splendid isolation, social distance 1, flexible ( side bend) flexible2 ( over backwards) , alternate transport2, flower song,,chopper 3,between books 1 girl face,1 steamy dancer, 1 fairy, 1 dance sketch, Job done( Ladder cat),upside down cat,, active shapes( became cricket match) , rosy ring, , cricket match, Edwardian girl, modern girl, added a flower to girl face, added a bunch of flowers to long necked girl, did ring work,

 Orders: Octopus, dahlia washer, 2 big frogs, N sth panels, umbrella stand, inside firewood holder, outside firewood holder, finished truck and finished flower trolleys

 Garden art: 1 emu, 22 flowers , small cat,2 dragonflys, 2 pelicans, 1 bee, 2 birdfeeders,3 dogs,

Work done Feb

 Big pieces: : Star ship, Dig, big ball,

Small pieces: eyeball: joyful girls,2 redgum and metal pen holders

 Garden art: 4 birdfeeder, 20 flowers,1 water meter cover camel,1 chook,6 kookas 1 dog

Orders part of:truck for simone, Annes magnolia, Adeles shelf,678 house numbers

 Furniture: red gum mirrors 2, fence post mirrors 2 small school tree mirror, ragged heart mirror,

Jan work

 Big pieces: up and down, Not the center of the universe

 Little pieces: neds brothers,3 feather boxes,householders,imperfect 1 and 2,girl with black plaits,changes( birds) Ralph,5 small blue wrens,Homebodies, armchair traveller,, 4 snitches,My titanic moment 2,

 Garden art: 4 birdfeeders, 4 peacocks, 1 pelican, 6 flowers,12 ducks, 8 chooks 3 kookas,, 2 dog, 9 birds, 3 elephants, air filter creature, beetle, echidna

Furniture: backless seat, Big backed seat,4 mirror frames

 Orders:started  678 numbers, waca sign, started simones truck ,Emma’s panel,started junk ball,