2020 Diary

January diary
January diary
February diary
February diary

Work done Feb

 Big pieces: : Star ship, Dig, big ball,

Small pieces: eyeball: joyful girls,2 redgum and metal pen holders

 Garden art: 4 birdfeeder, 20 flowers,1 water meter cover camel,1 chook,6 kookas 1 dog

Orders part of:truck for simone, Annes magnolia, Adeles shelf,678 house numbers

 Furniture: red gum mirrors 2, fence post mirrors 2 small school tree mirror, ragged heart mirror,


Jan work

 Big pieces: up and down, Not the center of the universe

 Little pieces: neds brothers,3 feather boxes,householders,imperfect 1 and 2,girl with black plaits,changes( birds) Ralph,5 small blue wrens,Homebodies, armchair traveller,, 4 snitches,My titanic moment 2,

 Garden art: 4 birdfeeders, 4 peacocks, 1 pelican, 6 flowers,12 ducks, 8 chooks 3 kookas,, 2 dog, 9 birds, 3 elephants, air filter creature, beetle, echidna

Furniture: backless seat, Big backed seat,4 mirror frames

 Orders:started  678 numbers, waca sign, started simones truck ,Emma’s panel,started junk ball,