A lot of these pieces were done in Canada. Many were done from Hotel rooms and really I used early mornings or times when we had a bit of free time. I found I was trying to do a big painting every day but I failed  at that. Still I did get a number of pieces done in our time away and I was very happy with the learning and challlenges I had from this.Not all of them are good but they all gave me a challenge and taught me something.

There are a few others here I have done mainly since we have returned. I go to art group every wednesday ( usually with Helen Timbury and Laurel Billington and sometimes others).I also do a Thursday art group at Yarragon with Jo Draisma, Ingrid Thomas, and quite a few others. I feel this is my chance to do some 2;D work as I do get drawn to my shed if I am at home.I have tried to base most of my pieces on local scenes but this will change I am sure.

Art Work - Large

Emmas cottage vineyard - 2012 (Withdrawn from Sale)
Emmas cottage vineyard
When we delivered work to Emmas cottage Vineyard we had a couple of days stay there this was one of the few paintings I did during that time.I gave it to the proprietor as thanks for having us.
picnic bay Wilsons prom - 2012
picnic bay Wilsons prom
we went to Wilsons Prom for the weekend. It cleared up and I went watercolour painting.. mainly from the car . I think this is at Picnic cove/bay
Across the car park Edmonton - 2011
Across the car park Edmonton
The view across the car park in Edmonton. Unframed
Anitas back Yd - 2011
Anitas back Yd
Looking at anitas back yd Quesnel( about 20 by 20cm)
Anita`s back yard 2 - 2011
Anita`s back yard 2
Looking at the side of Anita's back yd. Quesnel
At Prince Rupert(Canadian sketch) - 2011
At Prince Rupert(Canadian sketch)
Looking from our Hotel room Prince Rupert( unframed)
about 40 by 30 cm
back street Edmonton - 2011
back street Edmonton
From the car park I could see the back of a variety of buildings
crossing - 2011
watercolour and biro
Drouin west shed - 2011
Drouin west shed
a conglomeration of corrugated iron I used to see it nearly every day. The tree at the back has now fallen down and it doesnt look quite the same
Dusk Edmonton Hotel Rm window - 2011
Dusk Edmonton Hotel Rm window
Looking at the colour of the sky at dusk from our hotel rm Edmonton
from Jindivick - 2011
from Jindivick
looking at the hills near Nerrim Sth from Jindivick Unframed
Jindivick store - 2011
Jindivick store
sketch of the store in one of its many forms. watercolour and biro
Jindivick view - 2011 (SOLD)
Jindivick view
Jindivick is such a pretty place. I used these colours.. perhaps a touch too intense but I am happy with the result.
Main St Jasper - 2011
Main St Jasper
Looking along the Main st in the morning before most people were up.. Jasper. Unframed
odd block ( Calgary) - 2011
odd block ( Calgary)
From the hotel room we could see this odd block above the car yard
The view from Jims House( Quesnel) - 2011
The view from Jims House( Quesnel)
Jim Lives on Milburn Lake and this is the view from his place
Vancouver street scene( Patricia) - 2011
Vancouver street scene( Patricia)
Hotel rm view Patricia Vancouver.( while we were watching the Poilice came and cordoned off a crime scene there.