Reflections by Laurie Collins

Its sometimes hard to classify something like this.

However I continue to make birds, dogs, frogs, birds of all sorts and lots of other stuff that is part of a garden. These are really my bread and butter work. I sell them all the time at Rokeby Market and they are also popular with a range of shops. I have not put prices on most of this work as the shops sell them at a price that allows for GST, rental of premises, shop assistants, lighting and position! These prices ar usually a fair bit higher than what I sell them for from home but then I dont have that many people walking through my door. All the people who sell my work are lovely people and a lot of this stuff is available in quite a range of places. Still if you want to come and buy from my shed you are welcome to make the trip!

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Garden Art

bird birdfeeders - 2020
bird birdfeeders
birdfeeder 5 - 2020 (SOLD)
birdfeeder 5
birdfeeder 6 - 2020 (SOLD)
birdfeeder 6
just cause I had this giant spring!
emmas panel - 2020 (SOLD)
emmas panel
an order from a client
flat cats - 2020
flat cats
using hills hoist mechanism covers
flower trolley 2 - 2020 (SOLD)
flower trolley 2
an order from a client who supplied the wheels
gate 2020 - 2020 (SOLD)
gate 2020
an order for a client
more birdfeeders - 2020
more birdfeeders
just playing with different ideas for bird feeders/baths
train seat 3 - 2020
train seat 3
an order from a client
train seat 4 - 2020 (SOLD)
train seat 4
an order for a client
alpaca sign - 2019 (SOLD)
alpaca sign
an order from a client
bees on stands - 2019 (SOLD)
bees on stands
big frog - 2019 (SOLD)
big frog
an order for a client
bug robot - 2019 (SOLD)
bug robot
just playing with pieces from the pile
eagle - 2019 (SOLD)
flying ant - 2019 (SOLD)
flying ant
an order from a client
frill necked lizard - 2019
frill necked lizard
frog sept - 2019 (SOLD)
frog sept
horseshoe frog - 2019 (SOLD)
horseshoe frog
Jess's sign - 2019 (SOLD)
Jess's sign
an order from an ex student
round chook - 2019 (SOLD)
round chook
striped cat - 2019 (SOLD)
striped cat
striped cat - 2019
striped cat
striped cat sitting - 2019
striped cat sitting
tortoise - 2019
wendys junk screen - 2019 (SOLD)
wendys junk screen
whipstick sign - 2019 (SOLD)
whipstick sign
an order from a client
birdbath/feeder - 2018 (SOLD)
an order from a client
chook letterbox - 2018 (SOLD)
chook letterbox
an order from a client
eagles - 2018
an order from a client
jennys rabbit - 2018 (SOLD)
jennys rabbit
an order from a client who supplied the trike
pine fly - 2018 (SOLD)
pine fly
just a bit of fun exploring the possibilities of pine cones
plasmacut ducks - 2018 (SOLD)
plasmacut ducks
waratah - 2018 (SOLD)
an order from a client.. it took an hour to do and was quite tedious.. looks good but not something I want to repeat often
can flowers - 2017
can flowers
cat 6 - 2017
cat 6
cat5 - 2017
elephant tap - 2017 (SOLD)
elephant tap
giraffe 3 - 2017 (SOLD)
giraffe 3
horseshoe birds - 2017
horseshoe birds
just playing around with horse shoe forms
horseshow reindeer and animals - 2017
horseshow reindeer and animals
jeanettes pot plant holder - 2017 (SOLD)
jeanettes pot plant holder
johns goanna - 2017 (SOLD)
johns goanna
an order from a client
new dog romping - 2017
new dog romping
new dog standing - 2017
new dog standing
penguin3 - 2017 (SOLD)
an order for a clent
piston puppies - 2017
piston puppies
fun using pistons
Plant box order - 2017 (SOLD)
Plant box order
robot alien - 2017
robot alien
just some fun
sheep1 - 2017 (SOLD)
snail and tortoises - 2017
snail and tortoises
snappy dog - 2017
snappy dog
swarf goat - 2017
swarf goat
someone gave me a big bundle of swarf and this is one of the pieces that developed from there
animal cutouts - 2016
animal cutouts
big dragon - 2016
big dragon
bird baths - 2016
bird baths
I have started doing a few birdbaths just to use rims and some of my small birds.
Bull head - 2016 (SOLD)
Bull head
an order for a friend
cannon - 2016 (SOLD)
a request from a friend
colourbond chook - 2016 (SOLD)
colourbond chook
an order from a client
dog seat - 2016
dog seat
an idea that appealed to me.. I saw a log dog seat on Pinterest and thought I could make my own version
echidna - 2016
an idea for an echidna.. sort of ok.. I have another idea though
echidna 2016 - 2016 (SOLD)
echidna 2016
elephant 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
elephant 2
elephant1 - 2016 (SOLD)
fish tank no 2 - 2016 (Recycled)
fish tank no 2
again another fun piece using a hills hoist cover and other interesting bits
Frill necked lizard - 2016
Frill necked lizard
an order from a client
frill necked lizqard - 2016 (SOLD)
frill necked lizqard
an order from a client based on their drawing
garden character - 2016
garden character
a client supplied all the pieces
hereford head - 2016
hereford head
an order for a friend
little dog colourbond wall art - 2016
little dog colourbond wall art
an order from a client
loongwarry community garden gates - 2016 (SOLD)
loongwarry community garden gates
was an order for the community garden at Longwarry
lovebirds - 2016
I was working with some heart shapes and the idea of Love birds came to me.
owl and giraffe box - 2016 (SOLD)
owl and giraffe box
painted flowers - 2016
painted flowers
just started adding more colour to some flowers
sallys dog - 2016 (SOLD)
sallys dog
a cutout order for a friend
small boxes - 2016
small boxes
small dragon - 2016
small dragon
small goat - 2016 (SOLD)
small goat
a small order from a client
snail - 2016
spanner song machine - 2016
spanner song machine
a client supplied all the spanners
stumped letterbox - 2016 (SOLD)
stumped letterbox
an order from a client
tortoise - 2016 (SOLD)
waratah - 2016 (SOLD)
an order
weathervane - 2016 (SOLD)
an order
birdbath - 2015 (SOLD)
hadnt done one for a while and thought it would be fun.. mosaiced inside
cat - 2015
saw a cat on pintrest with a tail like this the plasma cut face is my idea.
concrete insect - 2015 (SOLD)
concrete insect
insect using wings from concreting trowels
corrugated butterfly - 2015
corrugated butterfly
corrugated flowers - 2015
corrugated flowers
using up bits of corrugated iron found in the shed
corrugated flowers - 2015
corrugated flowers
corrugated snail - 2015
corrugated snail
Daniis garden sign - 2015 (SOLD)
Daniis garden sign
dog - 2015 (SOLD)
just trying different details on a dog
dragonfly 2 - 2015 (SOLD)
dragonfly 2
dragonfly 3 - 2015 (SOLD)
dragonfly 3
dragonfly with plasma cut wings
Eagle - 2015 (SOLD)
an order from an ex student
elephant 2 - 2015
elephant 2
Hoopers seat - 2015 (SOLD)
Hoopers seat
an order from some people who supplied the seat and the disc.
kid bird - 2015 (SOLD)
kid bird
I saw a drawing by a small child and translated it into this piece
mothers gate - 2015 (SOLD)
mothers gate
A lady I knew had just lost her mother so collected some of her gardening tools and asked for them to be made into a gate
new mail box - 2015 (Withdrawn from Sale)
new mail box
our old mailbox was becoming see through so I recycled a milk can into our new mail box
Obstetric gate 1 - 2015 (SOLD)
Obstetric gate 1
an order from a client
Obstetric Gate 2 - 2015 (SOLD)
Obstetric Gate 2
an order for a client
owl - 2015
owls - 2015
plant support - 2015
plant support
an order from a friend
Pond Cover - 2015 (SOLD)
Pond Cover
an order to make something to stop Ibis eating fish
pond cover with spider - 2015 (SOLD)
pond cover with spider
an order from a client
Ram - 2015
a ram susing trampoline springs and curls from Doug Jones offcut
security screen - 2015 (SOLD)
security screen
special dog - 2015 (SOLD)
special dog
someone wanted a dog in this style
Turkey - 2015 (SOLD)
an order from a friend
Vicks mailbox - 2015 (SOLD)
Vicks mailbox
an order from a friend
a snail of bearing - 2014 (SOLD)
a snail of bearing
alien 11 - 2014
alien 11
Bills anniversary arch - 2014 (SOLD)
Bills anniversary arch
An order for an arch for an anniversary
bird on a stick ( Owl 2) - 2014
bird on a stick ( Owl 2)
bird on a stick ( thrush) - 2014
bird on a stick ( thrush)
bird on a stick( Owl 1) - 2014
bird on a stick( Owl 1)
birdbath 2 - 2014 (SOLD)
birdbath 2
a friend asked for a birdbath and I had one plough disc left
birdbaths - 2014 (SOLD)
just a couple trying out a way to make dishes.
box bird - 2014
box bird
a bird with a box to hold a plant
Cass's Gate - 2014 (SOLD)
Cass's Gate
This was an order from a friend...their basic design( and painting) and my interpretation.
cow seat - 2014 (SOLD)
cow seat
an order
Deck infill panels - 2014 (SOLD)
Deck infill panels
a client wanted me to make some panels to fit his deck. There were 8 different panels
deck panel - 2014 (SOLD)
deck panel
an order
echidna - 2014 (SOLD)
an order for a client
exhausted cow - 2014
exhausted cow
exhausted goanna - 2014
exhausted goanna
fire dog - 2014 (SOLD)
fire dog
playing with some fire extinguishers
flower screen - 2014 (SOLD)
flower screen
an order from a client
gate 1 - 2014 (SOLD)
gate 1
an order
gate 2 - 2014 (SOLD)
gate 2
an order
Gate designed by clients - 2014 (SOLD)
Gate designed by clients
the cliens designed this as abstract fish and I added some "waves" to stop their small toddler from getting through
Goat - 2014 (SOLD)
an order from a client
goat - 2014 (SOLD)
just wanted to make a couple of goats
Hawk - 2014 (SOLD)
horsehoe ball - 2014 (SOLD)
horsehoe ball
just wanted to try to make one
horseshoe ball1 - 2014
horseshoe ball1
Made a mold to make balls and thought I'd try out making a horseshoe ball... only .4m is dia
Ians wall panel - 2014 (SOLD)
Ians  wall panel
These were an order from a friend.. he wanted a gate which turned into 7 panels like this
Ians wall panels - 2014 (SOLD)
Ians wall panels
an order from a friend
josh's letterbox - 2014 (SOLD)
josh's letterbox
an order from a client
Junk ball - 2014 (SOLD)
Junk ball
an order sort of
koala - 2014 (SOLD)
a request from a friend to do a koala
outdoor hummingbird mirror - 2014 (SOLD)
outdoor hummingbird mirror
an order
pig2 - 2014 (SOLD)
another pig for the truffle show
Piglets - 2014
more for the salami show
pug - 2014 (SOLD)
a request to do a pug dog
Red letter box - 2014 (SOLD)
Red letter box
an order from a customer
Road Hog - 2014
Road Hog
This piece was done for a "salami show" and Graham Duell was taking them to it
robyns gate - 2014 (SOLD)
robyns gate
an order from a friend
roof deck panel - 2014 (SOLD)
roof deck panel
an order
sleeping cat - 2014
sleeping cat
someone asked for a sleeping cat...
sunflowers - 2014 (SOLD)
these are an order for the warragul community garden
tree screen - 2014 (SOLD)
tree screen
an order for a client
Trentham screen 1 - 2014 (SOLD)
Trentham screen 1
an order from a shop in Trentham
trentham screen 2 - 2014 (SOLD)
trentham screen 2
an order from a shop in Trentham
Vickys flying duck panel - 2014 (SOLD)
Vickys flying duck panel
Vicky had the idea of flying ducks cut out of sheet and thenwelded back at an angle.. great idea...had to make a big frame to support it too
wallaby wood sign - 2014 (SOLD)
wallaby wood sign
an order from a person for a sign for their property
warragul community garden gates - 2014 (Withdrawn from Sale)
warragul community garden gates
These are a donation to the new Warragul Community garden
Birdbath - 2013 (SOLD)
A lady wanted a birdbath using a plough disc and a couple of "blue wrens"
Caleb - 2013 (SOLD)
As a part of the portrait show I thought I would use the technique I developed on Helen 1 to apply to my son Caleb…I more wanted to explore the hair aspect and go further and also make up to him for the portraits I have at home. I have the two girls face on( as Kids) and Caleb curled up asleep( with no face visible). Caleb has a strong sense of justice and always thought this was pretty poor of me so hopefully this will balance it out. It is a lovely strong piece and the size makes it more of a garden piece than for indoor.
cat lying - 2013 (SOLD)
cat lying
another version
cat sitting - 2013
cat sitting
a series of cats
cow head 3 - 2013 (SOLD)
cow head 3
dragon fly with lights - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
dragon fly with lights
A lady ordered this piece and gave me the lights to do it with
emu - 2013
an emu using wheel rims as feathers
frogs on leaves - 2013 (SOLD)
frogs on leaves
an order from a client
giant spider - 2013 (SOLD)
giant spider
just cause I had some bits that would make one
Grahams dogs - 2013 (SOLD)
Grahams dogs
Graham wanted two cut out boxer dogs for his gates
guitar - 2013 (SOLD)
an order from a client
horse gate 1 - 2013 (SOLD)
horse gate 1
this was an order from a client
horse gate 2 - 2013 (SOLD)
horse gate 2
another part of the order for two horse gates
horse gate 3 - 2013 (SOLD)
horse gate 3
The lady I did the other two horse gates for wanted another gate as well.
load of bull 1 - 2013 (SOLD)
load of bull 1
This was part of an order for pieces on either side of a gate
load of bull 2 - 2013 (SOLD)
load of bull 2
another part of an order for gate decorations
peacock - 2013
Rosies gate panel - 2013 (SOLD)
Rosies gate panel
Just a number pane with gumnuts and a ringtailed possum
Spring flower collection - 2013 (SOLD)
Spring flower collection
for an exhibition called images of spring, here are some spring flowers
standing cat - 2013
standing cat
standing cat
Vickis sign - 2013 (SOLD)
Vickis sign
wheel and bird - 2013 (SOLD)
wheel and bird
This was an order from a person at Rokeby Market the kids are theirs too
Angelas Mailbox - 2012 (SOLD)
Angelas Mailbox
Angela asked me to make a mailbox with something to do with alpacas and olives... I did this... no olives but a bloody big alpaca
bird form 2 - 2012
bird form 2
another bird.. they all are based on the same form but all have variations
bird form 3 - 2012
bird form 3
another bird.. they all are based on the same form but all have variations
cat - 2012
I usually do sitting cats and lying cats
chook - 2012
a chook..they don't lay but then again the foxes haven't got them yet
cow and calf( colourbond) - 2012 (SOLD)
cow and calf( colourbond)
This was an order from a customer. I cut it all out with the plasma cutter and then popriveted it together
David`s Gates - 2012 (SOLD)
David`s Gates
An order from the Jindi Gardener for a pair of gates.. hence flowers, a bird and a little character hanging.
Ducks with medical equipment - 2012 (SOLD)
Ducks with medical equipment
a doctor gave me these bits of medical equipment to make ducks from for her... They do look cute.
eagle - 2012 (SOLD)
an order for an this one fairly right!
emu - 2012
an emu
garden panel 1 - 2012 (SOLD)
garden panel 1
Vicki asked me to make three panels for her garden... this is one... it will be nicer when it has rusted some.
Garden panel 2 - 2012 (SOLD)
Garden panel 2
the second panel of the order
Gate order - 2012 (SOLD)
Gate order
an order for a pair of gates.. the other one got away before I photographed it, this one I made the wrong size and had to cut it down.
Hug trees sign - 2012 (SOLD)
Hug trees sign
This is a house sign for a friends house.
kookaburra on stand - 2012
kookaburra on stand
I do lots of these...
Leonies Gate - 2012 (SOLD)
Leonies Gate
An order to add stuff to an existing Gate. Rainbow, Name and Kookaburras
Lying Dog - 2012
Lying Dog
this was an order to remember a dog that used to sit in this pose
Lyrebird - 2012
I do lyrebirds from time to time .. this one has not much neck
Peacock - 2012
a peacock.. they all are based on the same form but all have variations.. usually the beak is sharper
pelican - 2012
another pelican.. they all are based on the same form but all have variations
Rogers Mailbox - 2012 (SOLD)
Rogers Mailbox
Roger asked me to make a mailbox for him... not sure he was expecting what he got...sort of footbally and african shield to suggest his travels.
romping dog - 2012
romping dog
a typical romping dog
sitting dog - 2012
sitting dog
a sitting dog... I usually have a range of these available
smallish scarecrow - 2012 (SOLD)
smallish scarecrow
an order from a customer who had seen something similar somewhere.I added my own aspects to it
standing dog - 2012
standing dog
another dog.. they all are based on the same form but all have variations.
standing dog - 2012
standing dog
another standing dog... just showing some variations
tube dog - 2012 (SOLD)
tube dog
tulip barrow - 2012 (SOLD)
tulip barrow
this was an order from seeing a dead wheelbarrow on our pile
waratah - 2012 (SOLD)
I did this piece as an order from my friend Bev. It is about 6 by 4 feet and took quite a few hours to cut out...not keen on repeating the idea.
weathervane - 2012 (SOLD)
an order
Bending bird - 2011 (SOLD)
Bending bird
Bending bird
I was asked to make this as an order but it sneaked onto my Rokeby stall and sold. I did another and it sneaked onto my Gembrook stall and sold so I still have another to do and perhaps a new addition to the stall.
Chook - 2011
I do chooks all the time..usually a few per market
Crouching dog - 2011
Crouching dog
I do crouching dogs all the time.. they sell well for birthday gifts
Frog - 2011
Large frog, thought by some to look like a toad!
I sold this at Rokeby market .
Frog - 2011
I usually have a frog or two around!
Lyrebird - 2011
an bending down bird.. someone asked for one bending down .. and I kept making them as they made a different piece for the marketsI was trying to have a change from my normal whimsical birds
sheep - 2011 (SOLD)
some on asked for a corrugated sheep.
Sitting dog - 2011
Sitting dog
I like my sitting dogs.. they all are a bit different but all friendly
Bird 4 - 2010
Bird 4
bird again
cage bird - 2010 (SOLD)
cage bird
bird in a cage...they take longer to do but are fun
Eagle - 2010 (SOLD)
I was asked to make an eagle. I did two versions and this is one
Elephant - 2010 (SOLD)
I had a couple of these size gas cylinders.. empty.. so I made elephants.. I dont get many cylindrs this size though
flying pig - 2010 (SOLD)
flying pig
This was an order from a garden centre near sydney
Ians wall decoration - 2010 (SOLD)
Ians wall decoration
Ian asked me to make this and he designed it. all I did was make it
man and dog - 2010 (SOLD)
man and dog
This was a request from a neighbor for an image similar to her hubby and his dog
small cow - 2010 (SOLD)
small cow
This was an order for a small cow for an ex student
Standing dog - 2010
Standing dog
If I have old fire extinguishers I can use them but they are a bit rare in my world.
cat stretch - 2009 (SOLD)
cat stretch
An order from someone for a cat being a birdbath
fish in bowl - 2009 (SOLD)
fish in bowl
A fish in a bowl
flowers - 2009
solid flowers
Standing dog 1 - 2009
Standing dog 1
A standing dog.. I do standing dogs all the time.. although with variations
2 aliens - 2007 (SOLD)
2 aliens