Reflections by Laurie Collins

This is now quite a feature of Jindivick( on the Main Jindivick Rd) and people are welcome to drop in and have a wander anytime....if you want to buy any that's fine too. Most of the pieces have a small board telling what the piece is and why I made it... usually the same stuff is on the website  when you click on the piece

When you click on the picture a bigger version comes up with a price and details.

The sculpture garden has sort of developed by itself. When we moved to Jindivick years ago we got this lovely property of two acres with about half of it being a small paddock. For its first few years that was all it was until someone gave us a heap of trees and we planted out the top half. The trees vanished in the long grass and we thought we would never see them again.. yet they did grow and soonish we had a small forested area. The second part was just an agistment paddock and we were going to leave it as this until this year 2011 when we took out the fences and started distributing the sculptures which were cluttering up the space near the shed. As I write this the last part of the main path has gone in and we now have a nice path through the paddock and treed areas. I think we will add to this and we have started to develop a section into the main garden area under the big Pin oak.

It certainly is quite fun playing with the layout and it almost distracts me from playing with my bits of metal in the shed.... almost!

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Sculpture Garden

 This Sculpture Garden was created at Jindivick in 2011

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black umbrella - 2018 (SOLD)
black umbrella
blue flight - 2018
blue flight
I saw a lovely form on Instagram done by Benoit averly sculptor. It was a wooden carved form and I did like the basic ins and outs of the form. I did something similar ( at a way different scale) with metal and as it developed certain changes had to be made for both structural and aesthetic reasons. It developed into this butterfly form and I love its gentle movement
circus - 2018

 I was given a collection of cut up balustrade. All very regular with curves and odd curliques. I decided to use some of it to make balls as most of the form was already there and I hadn’t made a stacked ball sculpture before.This was the result and the colour has just added to the joyousness of it . Our neighbor said it looked like a circus so the name was decided.( 3 rings, balancing balls, movement and colour etc)

glass 1/2 full - 2018
glass 1/2 full

I had some circles made for a sculpture but the originals were too distorted ( see sides) so I decided to recycle them into a new sculpture. I had seen a simple form on Instagram ( Benoitaverlysculptor) .and although his was carved wood I wanted a reason to use lots of the small off cuts under the plasma cutting bench. It all came together and it had the sort of positive qualities of a glass half full view.  

heavy to light - 2018
heavy to light

I saw a picture in the morning of a butterfly design in a box form and immediately thought of the pitted I beam I had in the pile, The idea of cutting out butterfly shapes with the plasma cutter and then setting them flying above it seemed just right. The piece came together over a day and with the exception of needing a bit of extra painting it seemed to be a really nice contrast.

in my heart - 2018
in my heart

I was looking at a piece of Jewellery on Instagram which had this basic form. It was from a girl called Salvij-art and I thought I would take the form and add my own interpretation to it. I could see a character in the hole in the heart and so it eventuated. We all have someone we care for deeply and the heart is as good a place to focus on as anything… certainly not as crowded as the brain!

living on the past - 2018
living on the past

We have so much new housing development in the Warragul Drouin area that it got me thinking about one of my loves which is archeology. The houses( my forms come from pictures of Waterford Rise), are the latest layer of habitation and beneath their feet are the remains of past farmsteads, and no doubt further back to aboriginal remains.I have used an old feed support as the semicircle and many of the bits within are old farm tools and rail spikes. The title is a reference to Jethro Tulls song “living in the past” but more on than in! Progress I guess. 

merrily we roll along - 2018
merrily we roll along

I did not know it was a musical until I did a google search. I came across a very flowing form and I was looking to make a sculpture recycling junk forms and this seemed to be appropriate. I modified  it to show little to big and it is unclear which way my character is rolling. It seems we are just blissfully doing nothing about a number of fairly major problems like the mountains of plastic we make and consume ( I can’t weld plastic),and other problems like population automation and the focus on mobile devices when there is a real world about us. The title refers to all that and my character has a sort of reference to Leonardo’s perfect man.

nightbirds - 2018
My girl sitting on the diving board surrounded by stars was one of the starting points. As it developed I thought she would be sitting on top of the world and birds would be there also.The column was serendipity in that it was lying on the ground out the back of my shed and it looked too nice to ignore it . Everything came together and the title just seemed to work.
problem solver - 2018
problem solver
sail - 2018 (SOLD)

I wasn’t planning to do this piece but I moved the piece of mesh from where it was in the pile and stood it up against the old filing cabinet. It took up this beautiful curve and called to me to be made into a sculpture using this form (I was going to cut it up for dragonfly wings). As it developed it need two sides added to create a pyramid form. I decided to use scrap on one side and plasma cut offcuts on the other to suggest the randomness of the weather and the life of a sailor.

Sail “ was made in 2018 from new and recycled steel

sea monsters - 2018
sea monsters

Our neighbour gave me several pieces of heavy metal that were tractor fitting and ploughs, This was one and I cut off the biggest part and a couple of other odd bits to make it liftable, The shapes look quite harmonious as they are so I mounted them and this is the result. It sort of suggests( to me) a sort of loch ness creature

sinuous - 2018 (SOLD)

I saw a lovely design by Alberto Bustos ceramicist and he had made 4 sinuous shapes in clay about shoebox size, I ad not really done a form like that and it came together to make a bigger form , not in the same proportions as Alberto’s but again using the plasma cutter offcuts to cover it on both sides. The ball on the top just seems to give it some end point and really it is just a lovely form rather than deeply meaningful.

slices - 2018
I had seen a piece in a similar form in wood on instagram but this also has echoes of my work pieces of eight.
together 2 - 2018 (SOLD)
together 2

I saw a brooch on Instagram with two parts of an oval form joined by chain, I did like the form but thought I might make it as a big sculpture but at 90 degrees. I also wanted to cover each part with corten and leave the junk only visible from one side. I felt this suggested we all had a cover and there were complex and possibly strange workings within. As the parts are separate but joined I thought it suggested a relationship where you commit to each other.

Waiting girl - 2018
Waiting girl

I have done a variety of girl sculptures and this one was in response to most of them being absent from the sculpture garden. I also wanted to explore how the use of mesh and small offcuts could add to the piece.It is not my best piece but she has a certain charm.

big blue2 - 2017
big blue2

I Made big blue years ago and it was using lots of bar offcuts from school. I wanted to see if I could create a head using very inappropriate material. It worked ok and it originally had a marble slab on top, However over the years the slab brok and it lost quite a bit of its form. I recycled it this year and mad it within a frame and added and removed some bits. A new life for big Blue!

big flower( aluminium) - 2017
big flower( aluminium)
someone gave me discs of aluminium and this is one of the pieces that developed
bulb - 2017

I wanted to do a piece for the tessellar sculpture in the tulips show and in thinking I decided to do a bulb…. Well a bloody big bulb. The form certainly echoes balloons and drops of water but with the roots and shoot it looks fairly bulb like.It certainly took me a bit of time and effort to get it constructed but it is such a lovely form I do think it was worth it.

flock - 2017

I have been looking through Instagram in the morning and usually sketching and noting inspirational ideas that have some resonance in me.  This piece was inspired by the image printed here. The artist Pejac created this image in broken glass in windows and it immediately suggested to me this variation. I have been exploring using the plasma cutter for a while and it seemed and ideal combination.

hard core - 2017
hard core

I had a series of rings rolled from flat bar at the local metal suppliers. This is the last of the 4 I had done. It sat outside the shed for about a month and it was in some sort of proximity to a basalt rock. The 2 forms sort of joined in my mind and I had the idea of suspending the rock ion the middle of the ring. It evolved to have the curly bits as it looked just a bit to uninteresting with just the plain ring. I have done a few other floating rocks , or rocks with wings but never really tied up a rock before. The steel came from rock( maybe not Basalt rock) but I do like the interaction of a natural material and a manmade one.

island girl - 2017
island girl
I started her head years ago. It didn’t seem to be working at the time and I threw it on the scrap heap. It sat there for a year or so until I saw an image on Pinterest or Instagram which had flowers around a head and another which had nail eyelashes. It provoked me to reclaim the head, finish it by fully covering it and adding hair and also eyelashes. She sat in the gallery for a year but really was too big for just a head on a stand so I made her a body. She is much happier now and I do like the combination of materials and ideas
keys in the song of C - 2017
keys in the song of C

I had a collection of keys in my drawer from my time at Drouin Secondary College. Most of them were old locker keys and outmoded keys. They had sat there for a while when I saw some image on instagram which suggested that I might use them in this way. I had recently done a treble clef and I wished to repeat the beauty of the form. The combination suggested the title and it does make a lovely tinkly sound when it moves

smile 1 - 2017
smile 1

I made a small piece a while ago inspired by an image from Instagram which was a similar face all plasma-cut ( called presence). It seemed logical to develop it using rod and bar (for strength) and a bit of plasma-cutting. This has more expression but is coloured white instead of the black due to different placement.  It makes me smile and that has to be a positive benefit.

The joy of reading - 2017
The joy of reading

One of my friends gave me a wonderful collection of books that were no longer of value to the library they were bought for. I have been planning to do a lot with them but this is the first piece. I love reading. I don’t do as much as I used to as I love working in my shed more. However I still read every day and am on the lookout for interesting works . In this case I am suggesting an upward path to knowledge and wisdom but as there is an attractive girl at the top( and I did meet my wife in a library) then there are possibly side benefits to “the joy of reading.

triffid 1 - 2017
triffid 1

This really was just a combination of a variety of forms. I had the idea of a ball with curly prongs and it needed presenting on a stand of some sort. The final result is a sort of strange plant form and I recall one of my favorite books of my adolescence.. The day of the Triffids. Anyway this is my first triffid.. and I have since done a second

triffid 2 - 2017
triffid 2

This one developed from having some pieces of curved pipe left over from my big Toyota sculpture. I did a sketch and made some shrinking ends ( and a captured character) and it looks even more triffid like.. or squidlike. Again this followed fairly soon after triffid 1 so hence triffid 2

A sort of Pun - 2016
A sort of Pun

My grandad had one of these old Blacksmiths vyces set up in our garage at home. It actually worked wheras this one has sat in my pile of scrap for a couple of years in a non working condition. Still it was such a lovely piece in shape and form that I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up. Anyway I had the silly idea to make it into a “joke” I have added AD to the top and good and bad to the back… so I advise you to think what that actually does to this piece and see if your humour is a sad as mine… when people get it they tend to lower their heads and shake them..Anyway a working vyce on ebay is in the 2 to 300 dollar range so if you had the urge it wouldn’t be hard to remove my additions.

Ballet Girl - 2016
Ballet Girl

I have done a number of girls where their dresses were including stone , marble or concrete. This is the next in the “series”.I do like trying to capture grace beauty and movement and as I am not greatly blessed with any of these properties to be able to depict it in metal and stone is wonderful to me. Something as fleeting as this pose can be captured as it initially was on some image I found on Instagram or Pinterest. She does have a certain hood ornament aspect to her  but the car that she fitted would have to be impressively big. Maybe that will be my next project…. Not!

Butterfly - 2016

I saw a lovely piece of woodwork on Instagram with this shape developed in a much more complex and rhythmic way. I see resonances with spider webs and looking into the form I see elements of a maltese cross However in positioning it on the stand so it had dynamism it seemed to call for the finishing details to make the butterfly. The two sides sort of suggest flapping and it is the only one  where I have used this open structure. The circles came from an ex student from a site he was working on and I wanted to use the rhythmic repetition to add to the lightness of the piece. I am quite delighted with it  and its simplicity.

Euroseed - 2016

This piece inspired by the animation for this years Eurovision.I often think of what materials I have access to and in this I used a bike wheel rim and horse wire ( was coated in white plastic) . It was a bit awkward to make but the end product is not too bad. If it ever becomes a dandelion it will be one heck of a plant!

Eye on the ball( the game) - 2016
Eye on the ball( the game)
Flywheel - 2016

I love words that you get used to and then suddenly think about them again and see quite different interpretations of them. I was demolishing a sculpture( the motion detector) and the wheel at the top was such a lovely wheel that I had to think up something to do it justice( it spins beautifully.. Try it) Anyway quite a few of my pieces have to do with wings and flight and the two words of course became one and that tickled me anyway. I cut out the feathers using the plasma cutter and the basic piece is up and … flying!.

Holy Dollar - 2016
Holy Dollar

I have a plasma cutter and I had the idea a while ago of doing a large dollar coin cutting out all the different parts with the plasma cutter I do like money but I also am not sure about the “grow or die” statements that seem to occur in our society. When house prices are exorbitant and companies seem to concentrate on financial dealing rather than producing things, providing jobs and being good citizens then I feel we are worshipping money over common sense. My dollar is both Holy and Holey as well as being almost insubstantial . It is a subtle comment but one that I do feel strongly about.

Shark 2 - 2016
Shark 2
I had done a shark fin piece once before with a smoothish grey shape on one side and white teeth on the other. I have a girl who comes and welds on a Tuesday and she made a piece using teeth on a tooth. It did look good but she took it apart after a while and left the teeth in the pile. I had seen another deign somewhere of a triangle covered with smaller triangles and this also had a part, I made more teeth, incorporated the fin shape into the moth and used another piece from the pile as a base
Ugly duckling 2 - 2016
Ugly duckling 2
I had made an ugly duckling previously and a friend had expressed interest but I sold it before she gt it. Hence I made another.. improved by using river stones in the wings rather than the body and one side being made of pieces and the other side being made of sheet. Someone said its more of a magpie goose but whichever way it is interpreted it actually hearks back to a Canadian piece I saw years ago.
Ups and Downs - 2016
Ups and Downs

 I went to the metal recycler to drop off my scrap and gather new pieces for my sculptures and these wonderful forms were there. I think they are grain or feed movers and were originally inside a pipe. I didn’t make the beautiful spirals but they did call to me and hence I brought them home, played with them and set them in the circle. It seems to be appropriate to call it ups and downs as really there is no clear direction and certainly we all have our ups and downs in our lives.

wooden Heart - 2016
wooden Heart
I done a piece a while ago using ago metal frame and wooden infill. This was a large horse and this piece developed from seeing a small framed wooden heart on intagram. That was on a wall and I had the thought of doing a wonderful big piece. I used to love the old Elvis song “wooden heart”. And he commented he didn’t have a wooden heart… but I have!.. I thought it had some negative connotations but the size tends to counteract that and it is “ solid” natural and “yours” so in all it feels a very positive message
country girl - 2015
country girl


I have been using pieces from my pile as a starting point for some of my sculptures. Someone had given me these large off cuts of Murray Pine and I decided to make support structures from them. I then took a circle form that was also in the pile and started to think what I could do with it. I decided to make an abstract landscape form and paint parts of it in different colours. It all looked good but seemed to lack the human element and I added this girl to appreciate the landscape. Hence this composition , which is “Country girl”. A simple idea really, the circle being the oneness with the environment, the tree forms and the slope in the distance of a crop.

country links - 2015
country links

I was given this wonderful rusted thing that is dragged behind a tractor to break up dirt. It has the most interesting texture .I wanted to do a new piece for the art Gippsland show and this came together fairly easily. I do like the symbolism as it suggests family and community and how some links are strong and others are weak or nearly broken. The circle does give a sense of unity.Went to the Warragul art show and also sculptures in the vineyard at Lucinda winery.

Don Barret creation - 2015
Don Barret creation
Don gave me a wooden model of this piece and it took me a year to get around to getting it done. The "wings are Corten steel so they will rust and then stop and the ball is coated in penetrol to keep it shiny.
goblet( aid to communication) - 2015
goblet( aid to communication)
done for the Jindi sculpture show, went to Narkoojee winery as part of the sculpture show
Impermanence - 2015

We all feel as though we will live forever at times but usually this is not the case.”Impermanence” is made from a group of pieces that sat in the pile for a while. Sometimes it works like that…. pieces just suggest an arrangement and often I will subconsciously create. I had seen a piece on the internet where there was a turned form inside a tree trunk and I thought I could do something similar … but wood inside steel I like the idea of impermanence when several of the elements here almost say we are going to be here forever as they are so solid and heavy….. but of course they are not and the rust on the wheel, the downward slide of the spiral, and the texture on the red-gum suggest this. The wheel can suggest the “wheel of life” and this also helps it fit with the red-gum and other pieces. I think it will outlive me but a time will come

Mountain - 2015

I had this girl and initially she was called” eco warrior”. She stood proud for a few years but no one seemed to identify with the piece. I also had a piece called “my special place” where I had a girl sitting on a large rock. I did like the form of this but thought that a combination of sorts would work well. The chain is from some old piece of farm machinery but is quite beautiful I think. I do like my ladder and for me even climbing such a ladder would be challenging. Her “mountain” has been conquered. She obviously has achieved her goal and we all have goals of sorts in our lives. May all your mountains be conquerable.

Ocean - 2015
I have been looking at Pintrest and an idea was shown of a screen with moon and stars. I put it in the back of my head until this piece was developing and it has provided the backdrop to my lonely sailor.. I have made a few pieces with mirror also this year and the idea of the mirror being the water was quite attractive. As to a meaning… well we are all on the ocean of life.. searching…That will probably do but I do like the sort of seaweed effect of the support bars and shape and the circular nature of the top reflects the horizon and the round world.Went to Dromana art show.and also Burnley harbour in 2015
Part of the story 2 - 2015
Part of the story 2

I did this piece for the Dunkeld sculpture show. I have had a bit to do with Dunkeld. When we lived at Mortlake we would go up to the Grampians to pick up redgum sleeper off-cuts for my own use and for the students I taught . I also was involved in the Mortlake Historical society and of course there were quite a few links with the discovery and settlement of the Western District. Hence my piece reflects that, with a number of common images of Dunkeld ( Mt Sturgeon) Kangaroos and racing but I have also included a number of historical woodwork tools( a chisel and a vice screw ) as well as a number of references to farming and transport as both have played a part in the continued viability of the town. There are also 2 aboriginal based images which possibly have a bit more to do with the actual Grampians than the town but it does reference the original inhabitants. The piece is called part of the story as a single sculpture cannot reference all the different aspects of the town but I do feel it matches the theme of people and place… in this case quite  specifically Dunkeld.

Reflective 1 - 2015
Reflective 1
I have been involved with mirrors nearly all my life.. I have a memory of standing in my cot and watching my reflection in a mirror. I have used them happily on the car and in several recent pieces and this is the next in what is going to be a recurring idea. I was always impressed by Magritte’s painting and I thought that if I made a human form in a reflective pose, and filled it with mirror pieces it would suggest the many parts that make up ourselves and that you would be the person in the mirror but not in the expected way.
Reflective 2 - 2015
Reflective 2
I have been involved with mirrors nearly all my life.. I have a memory of standing in my cot and watching my reflection in a mirror. I have used them happily on the car and in several recent pieces and this is the next in what is going to be a recurring idea. I was always impressed by Magritte’s painting and I thought that if I made a human form in a reflective pose, and filled it with mirror pieces it would suggest the many parts that make up ourselves and that you would be the person in the mirror but not in the expected way.Also when viewed from the back it gives no hint of the reflective side and sometimes we see people as sort of a shadow and sometimes we see them as how they reflect elements of ourselves
sailing ship firepit - 2015
sailing ship firepit

One of my ex students asked me to make a fire pit in the form of a sailing ship. This is my version of it. The pipes at the bottom are to keep the fire from burning out the base and the sails easily remove if the fire is too intense. My suspicion is that he has forgotten about it so here it is available to the wider world

Fire ships seemed to be used in historic times to ram the enemy and set them on fire…mine isn’t ramming anyone unless you walk into it!.

she;s not there( recycled) - 2015
she;s not there( recycled)


…There is an old Zombies song called “she’s not there” and I liked the idea of how often the girls I see are distracted by the “reality” that they live through their phones rather than engage with the real world and “real people” I also did this to explore the effect of negative space and initially where the stars are was a girl shaped hole. I had another piece with a similar negative space and it also wasn’t enjoyed so I added a form into the space and it became very popular. The message this gives is slightly different from the original intent but I do like the girl among the stars aspect to it .There is an element of loss but also an element of not losing too. 

snail - 2015

This was an order from a client. I had used this method on a number of my other sculptures and it seemed ideal for this project.

solar - 2015

A simple piece in that the main form of the outer shape was already in existence in my pile.. I think it is a tractor gear (driving tracks) . Anyway the shape was so strong and lovely it almost could be presented by itself but I felt it needed a little addition of the ball in the centre.. and the stand of course. I have been using this technique on a number of pieces lately and I enjoy the contrast of the small tiny “ragged” sphere to the strength and solidity of the gear shape.It reminded me of a sun type of image , hence the name.

Gaza - 2014

I have been listening to the news of the latest Gaza conflict…horrendous and disheartening. I wondered how I would try to portray aspects of the conflict and this piece seems not too bad. The two sides sort of show that not all can be seen straightaway, and that the divisions are in something that really should be a unified people. I rejoice that we live in a country where there is room for all faiths and ways of living and we mostly get along harmoniously. The three rocks are symbols of the three faiths involved and the division at the base seems to be being torn apart. I have no solution except tolerance and working together yet I know that some people of these faiths can be prickly and so involved in their own world that they have little time or respect for others.
Kangaroos 4 - 2014 (SOLD)
Kangaroos 4
To replace ones that had sold
Refugee - 2014
There is a show called claiming our voice in Warragul,and I thought about what I wanted to “speak” about. Hence my Refugee… left dangling on a forgotten rock and ignored by all and sundry. I find this whole policy a real disgrace to Australia and I think we could have done a lot better with a more caring sharing approach. I hope my sculpture is outdated quickly but I suspect it will be relevant for quite a while yet
Shield - 2014
I wanted to make a simple form based on an oval for a show at Burnley Harbour. I had just made “Lake” and I thought to use the mirror mosaic on both sides. I called it shield and it has a form like a tribal shield.The broken reflection echoes the warlike faces often added to shields to scare people but then it also reflects the person near it and how we often create an image of ourselves which is not a complete true image but often a reflection of what other people want to see which we use as a shield
Tony's world - 2014
Tony's world
This piece is the recycling of a couple of pieces.. Division and blinkered. In making a flat earth I am referring to a non belief in science by our prime Minister( how do you “believe “ in science. He seems to be very blinkered and focussed entirely on business and I am amazed that someone who has had a really top education can come out so unthinking and aggressive. You can see in this world it is limited and has no room for nature. My wife comments that it is a bit unsubtle.. but then so is the man himself.
Tree Bag - 2014
Tree Bag
I went and saw the Top Arts exhibition in 2014 and there was a lovely piece there where a girl had gathered Teabags that were used and arranged them in a sort of grid pattern. I loved the idea of using something so readily discarded but took my own take on it by making this form and filling it with oak leaves. I think it looks great… silly yes but I am very happy with its overall effect.
all seeing modified - 2013 (SOLD)
all seeing modified
When I went to Thailand there was an artist there using eye imagery as part of his work.. The idea had appealed to me for quite a while and even back in art history back to the Egyptians. I had done a few sketches of an eye and wanted to create a form using it. I had the bearing from an old mower and I thought the stand using the art primary colours would be ok…It was originally just a column base but it has blown over a few times and I made a different structure to hold it but I do like its turning( all seeing) and with one side being black like a real eye and the other being mirror so you are reflected in it , I quite like the variations it suggests
fairy 1 - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
fairy 1
My wife asked me to make some fairies so that kids visiting the garden would have something to search for...
fairy 2 - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
fairy 2
My wife asked me to make some fairies so that kids visiting the garden would have something to search for...
inner wheel recycled - 2013
inner wheel recycled
I spoke at an “inner wheel “ club recently and it is part of the Rotary organization… This doesn’t really refer to that but the name seems to have stuck.
This is based on the form I found as described in “Core” but here I have explored it in a slightly different way. I have kept the extensions in the curled form and added junk around the core of rock. Similar to core.. it has an inner “wheel” which is the center of our individual world .. we deal with the junk of life forming paths through the debris and clutter and reach a point where we can really grow . Child hood, adolescence and adulthood…and to a degree the great beyond!I recycled it in 2013 by adding the outer circle and this adds immensely to the form
layers of love 2 - 2013 (SOLD)
layers of love 2
some one saw the original piece and asked for something similar
reach - 2013
I had the idea of these two points reaching for a star, and I had a bit of choice as to where the star was going to be .. too far out and it starts to look like a flag of one of the Islamic nations. I ended up placing it where it is and using the mosaic mirror for the star which contrasts nicely to the rest of the �junk��.It sort of has echoes of the statement� lying in the gutter but looking at the stars� This was the first piece completed after we returned from Canada, but I had the idea before we left.This piece is currently on view at Gary Miles gallery.I modified it in 2013 by adding the figure
red heart - 2013
red heart
I have done a series of heart forms this year and have decided that I will follow through with a few more. I had Warragul Steel bend a range of bits of pipe to make the frame and in this one I wanted to use the red glass crystal I collected on my travels. It’s a bit abstracted but I feel that all the junk suggests elements of love( springs bouncing back, Hatchet cutting it neatly etc etc) and above all a crystal of purity as the aim for honesty and true beauty…I originally had it more symmetrical but there were elemnets that didn't work so I modified it and I feel it is much better now
Strong - 2013
I usually have a pile of stuff which calls to me to do something. The railway line and the enormous chain were doing just that and combining them created all sorts of suggestions. By adding the character and the “natural forms” I am suggesting that there are all forms of strength( even the colour) and we can appreciate the human element as well as the strength of nature to persevere. Working together we can be strongest of all.!
water supply - 2013
water supply
This was in the blue exhibition at Yarram.. recently it blew over in the sculpture garden and I decided it was too heavy...yep even though it blew over, so I took it off its pedestal and set it on the wheel base.
wave form 2 - 2013
wave form 2

I did a wave form a couple of years ago for a show based around New zealand images.This was done for the Sandy Point art show and I thought a wave form would be appropriate for that setting.I am using patchwork panels at present and in this case I hope it suggests the damage we seem to be doing to the oceans. It sort of isn’t obvious and I still like going to the beach but when you read about giant swirls of plastic particles out in the Pacific and over fishing with mile long nets and little care about runoff from the land..I guess it is like global warming…the problem is so big you feel a bit overwhelmed by what you can do to help.This also looks a bit like a Ripcurl logo but why should they have ownership of such lovely forms!.
aa flyer for sculpture garden - 2012
aa flyer for sculpture garden
This was designed by Helen Timbury for promoting the sculpture garden
aaback of flyer for the sculpture garden - 2012
aaback of flyer for the sculpture garden
again designed by Helen Timbury( 2012)
american sunflower - 2012
american sunflower
another fun piece using a cam shaft . The disc at the top is labelled made in USA .. hence American sunflower
australochidna - 2012
Again we have this fuss over boat people and refugees. I am of the opinion that we should be working to help solve the problems first of all at the source, secondly in the camps and thirdly welcoming most of these people in some way or another.I hate the rhetoric of turn back the boats and the idea of indefinite detention for desperate people seems inhuman and of benefit to no one. My Australochidna is my perception of how many people think. I was going to put little characters skewered on the spikes but the actual appearance I feel is neat enough to look good and I think the message is clear enough. I also like the Australochidna as suggesting a real echidna which when it feels worried, buries itself in the sand and wont talk to anyone.
Balloons - 2012
This is yet another version of flying rocks. I did metal balloons a while ago and these worked well and the idea of a floating metal balloon was quite an idea of using odd materials. In this case I combined the three balloons in a vaguely festive arrangement. I used broken concrete in the middle balloon to give a textural contrast but its not a great idea rather just another variation on the idea of flying rocks and it looks not too bad!
blue poles - 2012
blue poles
This piece also came from the available reclaimed material. I picked up an old swing set from my friends the Timbury Grants and it was a lot of Blue Poles. As one of my other friends( Kerrie Warren) was greatly influenced by Jackson Pollock and Australia had bought his giant Blue Poles for the National Gallery in Canberra, I though a homage to Kerrie/Pollock and the Timbury Grants would work well with a large Blue poles of my own It was bigger than most of my other work and also heavier but overall the effect is fine!( I dont think anyone will offer me the same price as the original but I would consider it!!
Grist to the mill - 2012
Grist to the mill
This piece is part of the Found things exhibition. Again inspired by thosespecial pieces in the pile In this case the lawn mower drum and the lovely bits of channel .. oh yes and the box roller which I have been saving for years. I could see the mower chewing up and spitting out and this seemed very suggestive of the corporate world the channel iron supports were perfect for this and of course the box roller as suggestive of a snakes and ladders existence until you achieve a certain level .
As to the title.. well grist means something to be ground and the phrase means to use to ones advantage
Heavy Metal - 2012
Heavy Metal
As I have been working into my pile of scrap I have found pieces which were too heavy and too lovely to alter. The wonderful bolted piece at the top of this sculpture was one. I could not think how to use it until now and I combined it with a number of other heavy give the form. .As I was modifying the sculpture playing the blues at this time the small guitar playing character was available and I thought he would give a little bit of resonance to the piece crossing over the two definitions of heavy metal
I-Pod - 2012 (SOLD)
lighting the way - 2012
lighting the way
One of my friends was making an octopus and this sat in the back of my head. Still working toward this exhibition and thinking along Shaun Tan Lines this creation developed. I had found this wonderful light somewhere and the other odd bits came together with the roller skates. I must admit there are also elements of add science fiction movies and stories in it too.. No real deep meaning I think unless it is that we head in one direction but often trail a collection of debris behind us..deep? or just a lovely silly piece.
musical chair - 2012
musical chair
I had my sculpture Playing the blues sitting in the sculpture garden and I noticed that many people just walked past it . I thought it was a bit obvious.. just a big blue note with the little character on top. Some one on the radio mentioned musical chairs and as I had recently made a spring stool the idea of converting this piece into a musical chair appealed. It is now quite an experience and the spring I used is not a very stiff spring so it tends to resist being sat on!.. still not all music is accessible and my chair sort of reflects this.. and it is a bit less ignorable than it was!
Rainbows for sale and rent - 2012
Rainbows for sale and rent
I had a student who was making a rainbow as part of her piece and it got me thinking about what I would do with a rainbow. I remember being amazed when water was bottled and sold and I feel almost everything is commodified. If rainbows could be collected they would be sold in the same way as bottled water, no doubt rainbows from say Belgium would sell for a premium out here. Imported you know!
My rainbow has been brutally attacked and cut to pieces .. and my little character is a reference to stories of the little people with a golden hoard at the end of the rainbow.
A thing of beauty is best appreciated in its natural setting and in its natural form.
recycled bench - 2012 (Withdrawn from Sale)
recycled bench
I was given a pair of old bench ends.. they had a crack and they were poorly designed so I readjusted them by adding a steel frame and a steel brace for the crack.. It now sits in the sculpture garden as a place to rest.
stone seat( rubber and road) - 2012
stone seat( rubber and road)
survival - 2012
This piece was made for the bonanza show. I have been moving between the use of junk metal and recycled rock and this piece combines them nicely. I also wanted to further express my ecological concerns and make a comment on the pace of change. Where I live its all lovely and green but as I live in a growth corridor I have seen fields developed into housing estates almost overnight. There was an old Ron Cobb cartoon of something similar and I just feel that this piece expresses my optimism that nature will survive. In even the most unfriendly environment
the pursuit of dreams - 2012
the pursuit of dreams
With the found things exhibition I have given myself permission to play with all the bits I had been saving for something special. To a degree this has lead to all sorts of odd combinations but it has been lots of fun. This piece had a very basic sketch idea but it developed with the addition of the wonderful chain and the buggy spring. There is a nice sense of rhythm I feel and this suggest to me the sailing of the boat in the waves. My character is using a sail to propel the bike and my little girl is enjoying the movement or is she completely unaware of this person in the background who is working so hard to provide her with this sensation
The walk home - 2012
The walk home
I had gathered this beer cask top from the metal recycler somewhen in the past and it had sat happily in the pile . I had the idea of using all these coupling pieces as part of a dna idea but when I had it part built I wasnt all that interested in it but the addition of the keg top to these wobbly legs and speaking from personal experience walking while having a few beers inside can be a challenging experience sort of like steering a ship in a rough seaanyway this is how this combination developed and if not quite as whimsical as some of the pieces it has elements of war of the worlds, as well as a reflection on reality
Horse - 2011
I had done a few pieces based on horses in the past. This one is just the head and was inspired by a picture from Mesopotamia of a carving in stone. Similar thickness but slightly different take on things.
mosaiced mercedes - 2011
mosaiced mercedes
I mosaiced an old mercedes I bought at the metal recycler in 2010. It took nearly 6 months and I did about 1/2 and hour a day as it was pretty boring. Still the finished piece looks fine..I think
sculpture garden sept 2011 - 2011
sculpture garden sept 2011
Just had the second path done.Barney has to be in it!
Sun Goddess( Inset sculpture) - 2011
Sun Goddess( Inset sculpture)

Sun Goddess
This is my take on a Sun Goddess.It usually is a Sun God but I thought that one of my red dressed girls would be able to push the yellow sun around the earth( rocks).This would create the range of reflections and colours seen in a sunrise or sunset.
I had lots of the white granite rocks available and the lovely curved bit came from a failed experiment at Boord.It all came together quite nicely although in this yard .. the sun never sets!
Sun Goddess is made from recycled steel and Granite in 2011
support - 2011
I had this lovely piece of I beam and I wanted to use it as a support for something in complete contrast. I was going to use a glass bowl but I thought a pretty teacup was better.
Meaning? Well as parents, we all tend to think our kids are fragile and need loads and loads of support but often the push we make is not necessarily in the direction they wish to go and is disproportionate to what is needed. It even suggests we might be the ones who will fall over and the cup might land happily on the grass.
Well that is how it could be read but really I just like the contrast of materials and fragilities
The Mercedes - 2011
The Mercedes
Description to be entered by Laurie
Category: Garden Sculpture
anti gun - 2010
anti gun
I grew up in the 60s and as a kid watched lots of cowboy shows where the gun solved everything. Ah the joy of standing up for yourself! Some one pointed out that the only reason for a handgun to exist is to shoot someone else and it all seemed a bit bizarre.
I am glad we live in a country which has good gun laws and guns are not common. I have made the gun out of rubbish( recycled steel) as that is what is often used for making these things and I have used small two female characters to show that it is a giant problem and that women are affected by any gun crime..mothers wives, friends etc. I used red for their dresses to help make them stand out and to suggest blood. It possibly is all a bit obvious but I like obvious
Chess Piece - 2010
Chess Piece

This was in the “full play “ exhibition at Fish Creek.

 I did a series of pieces on the games I played as a kid and this was called “Games of Life”. 1 “Chess”

I used to play and it was one of the best games. I was so absorbed by the thinking and how many different possibilities for each move. They used to have chess sets in the Cafe at Preston Tech. and it was quite a fine thing to do at lunch or recess. Marian’s family also played chess but they were really good!

I nearly forgot it as a game as I don’t have many friends who play it these days. I loved trying to suggest the whole game in the one piece and I am very happy with my finished result. I know most chess sets don’t have “hearts” but it also suggested card games and it helps give an extra colour in the piece and suggest that although chess is a game of the intellect it is also about emotion too.

Black King” was made in 2010 with recycled steel.
China surprise - 2008
China surprise
In this piece I am referring to an incident that happened when we were staying at a hotel. Everything was going very well until some of the party wished to go downstairs late at night to do some Karaoke. However downstairs was a whole different world where you could get karaoke but also you could buy the use of girls, boys, little girls or lots of things that could be used in your veins or nose .The party quickly turned around and went back upstairs.
Hence this piece sort of sums up the experience