The small sculptures developed over the last few years from having lots of fun and whimsical ideas and finding that they would be better done in a small form rather than life size.They are mainly bits of squashed tube, punchings and cut up bar as well as interesting pieces of small machinery and shapes.

Sometimes the idea comes from the "junk" sometimes from an image I have seen elsewhere, and sometimes the idea just comes from out of my head! I always have more sketches in my book than I will ever get around to making.

Small Sculptures

Aria 3 - 2017
Aria 3


I did an aria 1 from the end of a grader bucket tooth. This one was inspired by a timber wedge I had lying in my pile. I liked the ratty end and thought it could be like a fluffy frill. She worked out quite well and the pose seems to suggest she is singing so hence Aria 3.

Asian girl - 2017
Asian girl

I look through Instagram in the morning and some things spark ideas in me. I love drawing faces and I did a nice copy of someone’s photo. I am exploring how much control I have in using the plasma cutter so I had a go at this piece. I must admit the cutter adds its own quality to the line but overall I am quite satisfied with the result.

baroque tea lady - 2017 (SOLD)
baroque tea lady

 I periodically look in op shops for odd things that might create something with my metal characters. I had done a tea lady before with a girl in a teapot on wheels and this pot stirred my creative juices. It sort of is tank like but I do love the swirls and flourishes on the pot. I had the wheels in my pile waiting for a suitable use and everything came together happily.

Behind you - 2017
Behind you

I think I might have seen a picture with clouds in front of the person but in my version I used an aluminium cloud and added a sun to make a double sided piece. If you look from the cloud side behind it suggests that you can look at the clouds if you like but in another focus the sun is shining. From the other side where you can see most of the face, the clouds are being left behind as she moves forward. Quite a positive piece really.The title comes from old pantomimes where there is something behind the hero but they can’t seem to see it .

Butterflying - 2017 (SOLD)
I have had a few ideas involving butterflies of late. This one plays with changes in scale and the wish to fly in some form or another. To be at one with nature( the butterfly) is a theme that comes from any number of books and this balancing version is just one take
cello - 2017 (SOLD)
an order from a customer
couple cutlery - 2017
couple cutlery

I was looking through Instagram and there was an image similar to this from Hers was a fork and a spoon couple with a baby tea spoon and it inspired me to think about what I could do with this idea and my character forms. As I thought further I came up with a range of couple type ideas but this is the first.

curl Girl - 2017
curl Girl

I look through Instagram in the morning and some things spark ideas in me. The original inspiration was a computer art piece by Diegoidef but I modified the idea and also added a flower.I have been impressed by a number of other artists who are not defined by the “real “ lines of the figure and I have started a number of pieces following this technique.

Curly - 2017 (SOLD)

I look through Instagram in the morning and some things spark ideas in me. I was attracted by this idea for a piece involving curly hair.

Davids present - 2017 (Withdrawn from Sale)
Davids present
I did this piece as a birthday gift for my brother in law. On his facebook page he has a cartoon by Edward Gorey and it is more or less this form. I changed the floating heads to be more a portrait of David and kept most of the other elements except making the little girl be eaten by the nearest head.
elephant - 2017
I have different ideas for using the plasma cutter and I had the idea of doing an elephant and suggesting the texture on the skin by different marks. I did something similar on a recent big sculpture and it did intrigue me. Anyway here is my skinny elephant !
elephant ride - 2017 (SOLD)
elephant ride
even more positive cat - 2017
even more positive cat

I did a cut out cat face using the plasma cutter and this was the space inside this image. What was left was the negative space but it was missing the eyes and nose. I added these by welding and rather than call it negative cat I thought it looked even happier ( more positive). I was inspired by the first one to print from it with ink and paper and I did the same for this one. The result was quite different really but all versions have some degree of charm.

fish out of water - 2017 (SOLD)
fish out of water
fish out of water 3 - 2017 (SOLD)
fish out of water 3

I was deciding what to do with some lovely shapes cut from a dragonfly’s wing and I thought a fish might be nice. The phrase “ fish out of water” came to mind and I did a fish leaping out of his bowl.( which was fun in itself in that the bowl had no water to begin with). It did look a bit plain though so my girl rider added both colour and whimsy to the scene.

Grace( Megan) - 2017 (SOLD)
Grace( Megan)

I am enjoying experimenting with the plasma cutter to see how well I can translate images I find and drawings to metal. It seems pretty versatile. I saw this girl on Instagram and thought she would make a lovely piece. I certainly love the fact that some people can be graceful through working so hard and it is certainly something I can never achieve. It is based on an image of Megan Hill although I have modified it a bit( longer hair) and I suspect Meagan would not regard it as a portrait. Still. I am pleased with the result and I will be doing further small pieces using this process.

headdress - 2017 (SOLD)

I have done a series of pieces involving pinecones and some have been birds, insects, dresses and all sorts of things. This cone was on my bench and calling out to be used and as I was doing some plasma-cutting this idea came to mind. Because the cone was partially opened it sort of reminded me of a basket of fruit headdress worn by Carmen Miranda in the 60’s and this is how it developed..

heading to unknown lands - 2017
heading to unknown lands

 I was given a set of quite beautiful and worthy books (literary) from a school library where they had not been read (or touched!)  Old technology I guess. I did find it hard initially to “damage” them to make sculptures but I overcame the years of people telling me not to damage a book  I have very dirty hands usually). Anyway, this idea developed possibly from seeing ideas on Instagram of illustrations. This one was the most cut up into a bird shape and I had quite a few problems trying to get the wings to stay out and affix my character .It really is an allegory I guess

ironclad - 2017

I have been tidying up my shed recently and a whole range of small treasures have come to light. One thing I found was this old iron base and it instantly suggested I make a warship out of it. Ironclads were the name of the first iron warships from a previous time but the shape and the heaviness just mad the name quite apt( as well as the “iron” element.)

Joyous - 2017 (SOLD)

I look through Instagram in the morning and some things spark ideas in me. I saw a 10 year old girl doing a typical 10 year old pose. At the same time my pile of scrap handed me this motor cover which called out to be made into a dress. The two things came together and I added a bit of my interpretation and here we have a girl loving life and dancing.. It sort of reminds me that snoopy ( cartoon) often had a dance for spring or some such occasion and this joyousness just makes me smile. You can’t be unhappy around this piece!

kathleens book piece - 2017 (SOLD)
kathleens book piece
an order from my daughter for a gift
Kayak - 2017 (Withdrawn from Sale)

I often react to the shape of tools and mechanisms. This pick head was on my bench and suggested a kayak. I have a friend who does this competitively and I thought this might be a nice gift for him

landscape 1 - 2017
landscape 1

I found a disc of pine and the idea of cutting out the middle and sandwiching it between plasma cut shaped metal was part of my exploring different ways of combining plasma cutting with timber. I finally decided to add the stainless steel wool for the tree tops as an extra element of texture although it did look ok without it ( starker) . Anyway I am content with the finished product although it doesn’t have any real message .

lotus girl - 2017 (SOLD)
lotus girl

 I went to China and we saw a lake of lotus flowers. When we returned they had  all died  but the pods were also interesting. When I was in Zart art buying some art supplies I found small bags of these pods and I had to experiment with using them. This is the first piece and I love the contrast of hard and shiny with natural and textured. I have changed the size relationships to suggest trees but it seems a delightful piece to me.

moon maiden - 2017
moon maiden

Instagram again in that there are some beautiful drawings on there. I used one from minarim as the initial impetus and altered aspects of it to allow me to achieve the effects I wanted. The contrast of rust to sealed areas was what I wanted to play with and the finished result is more or less what I was aiming for. I do like the balance of positive and negative spaces also and my girl is a bit more subdued than the original drawing.

mother - 2017 (SOLD)

My wife is very busy at the moment dealing with our two grandchildren. She always seems to have one in her arms and is so patient and supportive of them it is such a delight to see. (I am the grumpy old man who lives in the shed… so quite a contrast!)  However, I thought I should at least create something that sort of captures the time. She always was a wonderful mother and now she is being a wonderful grandmother.

playing with the cat - 2017 (SOLD)
playing with the cat
I have two cats and do like to play with them. I am not quite sure where this idea came from but it was going to occur in different ways until I decided that this built up form was the way to go. Again scale is the thing that makes the difference although one of my cats would not be tolerant of any such idea. One of the dogs would be and it is quite lovely to see some dogs put up with all sorts of toddler play without any fuss
positive cat - 2017 (SOLD)
positive cat

I did a face of a girl in this manner and I was quite delighted by its effect. The idea for the cat face came from the “rockitman” on Instagram who had done a rock engraving in a similar simple manner. This one also inspired me to try to print from it and I was quite content with the result. I have two cats myself and one loves me and the other allows me to serve it. Nonetheless I do like cats ( and dogs) and they add so much to our lives .The title refers to the positive as distinct from negative form.. as well as the expression on the face.

presence - 2017 (SOLD)

I look through Instagram in the morning and some things spark ideas in me. I saw a cartoon type face, (with an outline) and for some reason it suggested this composition. It is sort of like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland but it sort of invokes a presence of someone/something that is sort of supernatural well to me anyway.

race - 2017 (SOLD)
I was again inspired by an image I saw somewhere to try to cut out a series of runners . In assembling it theis is how they developed ( I am closest to the one just strolling at the back) .I never was a good runner and the idea of a fun run just seems two words which are totally incompatible. I do like the basic structure of the piece and it keeps my dreams alive even if the reality is nowhere near it
same same but different - 2017
same same but different

 I am still exploring combining plasma cutting metal with wood and I saw a lovely little sketch of “bean people” on miillustrations on Instagram. I enjoyed turning the forms on the lathe and using different timbers (Red-gum, Camphor laurel and Oregon) and the faces are aluminium and plasma cut. There is a lot of fuss about same sex marriage at present and I liked the idea that my characters were all different yet basically the same. I am for same sex marriage and I am against prejudice in all forms. My little characters are maybe a gentle way of showing similarity and differences (and nobody is yelling!).

setting sail - 2017 (Withdrawn from Sale)
setting sail
splash - 2017 (SOLD)

I original did a piece called prickly about a character surrounded by forks who was “prickly”. Needless to say she didn’t find a home I recycled the piece this year by making a new figure and cutting down the forks to produce this idea. It still uses the forks( and looks quite fine ) although really he hasn’t got into the water yet so he shouldn’t make such a splash yet. Ah what the heck, the idea is interesting and quite fun..

star goddess - 2017
star goddess
I have done a number of pieces using stars as part of the composition and they always seem fun and quirky.This one came from a sketch based on a sketch from Instagram and the end result is quite unique and rather gentle. I do like the quality of the line that the plasma cutter can produce and I changed tips part way through to get a finer line with a new tip.
starry crown - 2017
starry crown

The title is from a song but there was a starting point in an Illustration by Carosurreal on Instagram. I have done a number of pieces using stars as part of the composition and this one sort of developed as I went along.An image of Hedy Lamar even added to its development. So many possibilities and so much fun exploring them.  .

Stephens gift - 2017 (Withdrawn from Sale)
Stephens gift
I made this piece as a gift for my brother in laws  50th birthday, He has cats and loves taking photos and he was delighted by it.
striped cat - 2017
striped cat

 I have different ideas for using the plasma cutter and although I have done a range of cat images I thought to do a striped cat. I have a striped cat myself but not as distinct as this one and it as interesting to try to develop the drawing so I could use positive and negative shapes.

support 2 - 2017
support 2
I recycled this character from a piece called prickly. She now has different arms and hair and the pose is much more positive .As to meaning  , we all support those we care about and in this case that is what I was trying to convey. Some might see more religious overtones but that is the joy of art in that you see what you bring as well as what is there
the blue shawl - 2017 (SOLD)
the blue shawl

I look through Instagram in the morning and some things spark ideas in me. I saw a lovely drawing in a graphics page of a girl looking sort of sideways with some head covering. This is my adaptation and the colour, face shape and attitude are different. I am enjoying translating drawing ideas into projects for the plasmacutter and using colour to highlight some areas

The bow tie - 2017 (SOLD)
The bow tie
 A present from his colleagues to a bowtie -wearing paediatrician celebrating the lifting up of children with developmental differences by their parents and professionals
the hug - 2017
the hug

I love having hugs. There I have said it… still anyone who knows me that is no surprise. I was interested in drawing this and exploring the positive and negative shapes involved in the image. I do like the depth of this hug and the shadows the piece casts. If it inspires more hugs in the world that is not a bad thing.!

The last Book ( heidi) - 2017 (Withdrawn from Sale)
The last Book ( heidi)

The last book is me playing with my plasma cutter again. We have a small playgroup that comes to the gallery on some Fridays and one of the girls was sitting in a lovely pose so I photographed and sketched her. The original pose was her eating and on one of the comfy chairs but I modified this. As to the last book, well the intensity of the pose suggests that she is at the crucial stage of the last book in the series. Also, as books are quickly becoming an older technology ,the pose of someone reading in this way might be a disappearing image.

The new dress - 2017
The new dress

I saw a similar image on Instagram and the idea really appealed as a topic for a plasmacut. I was going to call it see through but that is perhaps a bit out of keeping with the joy of the pose. I do like that the pattern is actual holes though.

the right tool - 2017
the right tool
I look through instagram in the morning and see what ideas are generated in my brain from the various images. I came across this image( left) in a site where some-one went to the museum in Amsterdam and there were works by Jean Tinguely. I was not familiar with his work but the spanner and the butterfly immediately attracted my attention. I modified it to a Stilson wrench as I had an old one and I liked the contrast of the jaws and the butterfly. Similar but different. Thanks Jean
the window - 2017
the window

When I first started college I made a lovely window scene with enamel panes and a wooden frame. It had colour and shine and it was an interesting piece to create. This one hearks back to that but it extended my use of the plasma cutter by making holes and placing mirror behind them. The girl ( in red) is drawing the curtains and by separating the pieces creates that sense of distance.. although it was hard to photograph successfully.

tiger - 2017 (SOLD)
I have different ideas for using the plasma cutter and I had in an old sketch book a suggestion for a tiger .Majestic animals and it as interesting to try to develop the drawing  so I could use positive and negative shapes.
Tree of stars - 2017 (SOLD)
Tree of stars

I was looking on Instagram and there was an image with stars in the background. It suggested a tree of star to me and I quickly sketched the idea down. I always get excited at this stage thinking I have come up with a new idea but when I look for pictures to accompany this piece of writing I usually find a mountain of images by other people who have had a similar idea. Maybe ideas are connected … sort of like a tree of stars!

untamed - 2017

I have done a series of pieces involving pinecones and some have been birds, insects, dresses and all sorts of things. This cone was so compact that it suggested the back of some giant insect. Of course I had to have someone riding it and after a bit of tricky welding it all came together. It called out to be a bit like riding a wild horse rather than just a sedate trot, hence the title. Yee Ha!

whiskers - 2017

There is a man on Instagram called airtightartwork who produces lovely sculptures of birds from cutlery and it got me thinking what else could be done from cutlery. I sketched a cat with forks for whiskers and this is the end result. He is a bit tigerish but overall the effect is quite delightful to me.

wish - 2017

On sunny days I often raise my arms and feel the warmth and almost feel being part of the day.. taking off and soaring would be ideal… but when you see me, the idea that my arms would lift me off the ground… well you can see why the piece is called wish. Still the idea persists !

wishing - 2017 (SOLD)

I was looking through Instagram one morning and there was an image of a person looking at a star through a window. This had some resonance with me as I used to love watching the Walt Disney TV show where the theme was “when you wish upon a star”. I had made a piece called the Watcher many years previously and it was still about, probably because it was a bit creepy. I thought to modify it to give it a more positive interpretation and the man had a gender change to become a girl, the head came up instead of down and the star was added for focus. A much more positive piece I think.

woodsprite - 2017 (SOLD)

I was doing some plasma cutting and this face developed. I have a bucket of leaves made from offcuts of whatever I am cutting out and the two seemed to say put us together. She looks sort of like an indian chief but mainly I was trying to suggest that leaves were growing from her head instead of hair.. some sort of woodsprite I guess. I do like the randomness of the leaf shapes and textures and she looks a positive and happy character.

a fork in the road - 2016
a fork in the road

I was listening to a Richard Thompson song off his “still” album and the phrase “a fork in the road” just conjured this creation. I guess it comes down to scale in that my little characters interact with normal sized objects in quite a different way to what we do. Anyway it seemed a fun thing to do.. and as to what he is going to do with the fork…?

a voyage of imagination - 2016 (SOLD)
a voyage of imagination

I saw this idea on Pinterest as an illustration and I have had fun developing ways to make it work as a sculpture. I love the idea that a book will take you to unknown worlds and even “Mischievous Moncton “no doubt was a delight in its time. I did find it hard to drill a hole in the book… the early training about not damaging a book really is still present … but the end result seems worth it. I have captured the illustrations for another project but the rest of the book is sort of still readable… if you demolish the rest of the sculpture!

Andrew and Zora - 2016 (Withdrawn from Sale)
Andrew and Zora
I did this piece to celebrate the wedding of my nephew in law  to his new bride. It was a lovely wedding on a very windy day and the various bits in it have resonanaces in the couples life
aria - 2016 (SOLD)

I had this tip of an excavator fork in my pile for years. It is heavy and I vaguely thought I would make a bird beak or something similar. As it is it is the base of this fairly heavy singer and I quite like the contrast to what it was originally and what it is now. The head is a wheel brace end and the bike chain just filled it nicely.

Aria actually means” an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment”

aria 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
aria 2

I did an aria 1 from the end of a grader bucket tooth. This one was inspired by a picture on instagram of a girl in a dress and I thought I could imitate the dress with old above ground pool surround( of which I have heaps). She worked out quite well and the pose seems to suggest she is singing so hence Aria 2.

balance ballerina - 2016 (Recycled)
balance ballerina

I did a series of balance ”toys” with one of my classes when I was still a teacher inspired by an in-service on “the science of toys”. I was very impressed with the range of things they came up with from turned cones, to tractors, skateboarders and wrestlers. Anyway I hadn’t done much with the idea personally up to now and I thought that it might amuse some people with some of my different interpretations. I do love the magic of it all.. just applied centre of gravity really, but a fascinating thing to play with. This is the first of at least a few.

balloongirl 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
balloongirl 2
I did balloon girl a very long time agao and a client who bought it wanted a similar piece for a friend. I had to turn the balloons from wood and I mad the piece shiny instead of rusty . I had forgotten how lovely she is
bird on a wire 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
bird on a wire 2

I have been recently fascinated by the shape and form or pinecones and I have combined this one with a bird constructed from cutlery. I love the texture for the chest as well as the forms of the feathers. There was someone on Instagram doing something similar but his were very different .

brushgirl - 2016 (SOLD)
buttons - 2016 (SOLD)

I sometimes just pick an awkward piece from my pile and try to think what to do with it. This started from the two buttons on a box. They could have been eyes, they could have been the back of something but I made them into breasts.. surely the most unbreast shape that could possible be but I have been pleased with the end result. I used the timing gear for her skirt, an old sculpture holder for her shoulders and plasma cut her face hands and legs.

Cat walk - 2016 (SOLD)
Cat walk

I did a piece last year called” walking the dog” with a girl in a similar position… needless to say that sort of inspired this piece.. that and the fact I love words or phrases that can be interpreted in different ways. Catwalk is obviously one of them… maybe using cats for shoes might be a different interpretation but that is a bit yukky so I will stay with this format.I have two cats.. and nearly always have had cats and the idea that they would put up with this is very foreign to the nature of the cats I have had.We have a cat that goes for a walk with us each night but really it is just that he chooses the same time to walk as us and really he is not part of any family activity… Bloody cats!.

Catching Dragonflies - 2016
Catching Dragonflies

This began at the wheels really. I took them off a boot for roller-skating and I was asking myself what I would do with them They suggested that I make a Segway ( I have never been on one but they do look fun). The character I made was going to be waving but when it was all assembled it did look a bit dull. It sat on the table for a day and I tried all sorts of combinations. I had a dragonfly I had made there as well and when I attached this it looked right. What was he doing? Well catching dragonflies of course…. Why…well that’s a whole different story.

Cautious - 2016
I had one piece where I had a character looking into the water but she didn’t find a home. I saw some thing similar to this pose as a bronze sculpture but with different arm positions. I wanted to use mirror again as part of this piece and it seemed a lovely way to suggest water. As to the title, many of us are cautious about many things. I certainly aren’t brave, and the feeling that this is a sensible way to proceed is common. This piece might act as a suggestion in the right place as well as a thing of beauty    
contrast - 2016

 I hadn’t done any turning for quite a while and I thought I should start using some of the brass pieces( taps and pipes) I had collected. The contrast between the smooth turned redgum and the complex but glowing brass seemed to be a good fit so this entirely nonfunctional and interesting juxtaposition came about. I need to explore the colour of brass more as I have quite a collection and I haven’t been giving it enough value. I used to turn hundreds of things from redgum but I have been remiss in using the material since I started welding.

cyclist - 2016 (Withdrawn from Sale)

I was explaining to a customer at the gallery that you can get inspiration from almost anywhere if you just have the right mindset. I picked up a copy of Gippsland Lifestyle and it had a cyclist and shadow on the cover ( at Mt Baw Baw) and I thought that would make a fun sculpture to do. I have done a bike or so before and they are a bit tricky but this one came together ok and I used the plasma cutter to cut out an approximation of his shadow( taking it out on the verandah and tracing it).

I think it is quite an interesting composition… but you be the judge

dancer - 2016 (SOLD)

I love playing with forks and cutlery.. well they are such interesting shapes. I have done a number of different dancers in the past ( I still can’t dance) and this one seemed to be more a hula dancer hence suiting the “grass” skirt.! 

dancer with forks - 2016 (SOLD)
dancer with forks

I guess Madonna started it with her pointy boobs and this image of lady Gaga also incorporates spikes. Looking at a typical tutu it isn’t hard to imagine it as a spiky dress and I have been doing a bit with cutlery recently and this sort of came together. I made a piece called prickly a while ago and this also uses forks to keep people away. Certainly she is doing her individual dance not as part of a team or partnership. Still lovely though. 

dancing milkshake fairy - 2016 (SOLD)
dancing milkshake fairy
Well I had the milkshake container there for a while and decided on a day I was doing lots of orders to just have some fun and make this character. She has wonderful lashes, chainsaw chain hair and an op shop necklace. Just joy .
Dancing on the head of a pin - 2016 (Recycled)
Dancing on the head of a pin

I was recycling this dancer from another piece and I was thinking what to do with her. There was apparently an old religious problem of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and this sort of made itself known to me. Sounds an amazing thing to think about and I am sure most of the discussion centred around angels.. wheras I made the pin big and solved my problem at least. Obviously the answer is one!

( wiki: Scornful description of a tedious concern with irrelevant details; an allusion to religious controversies in the middle ages. In fact, the medieval argument was over how many angels could stand on the point of a pin.”)

Diva - 2016 (SOLD)

I have started using spade and shovel forms as part of some slightly different pieces. This is the second of them. My girl here looks to me as though she is a grand opera singer and it is a fun and interesting way of recycling .

Dive - 2016 (SOLD)

I have done a number of fish interactions with some of my characters and it always amuses me to see how I will create the fish and what their interaction will be. In this case it looks like they are diving deep. I know people go swimming with Whale sharks and other sea life( I haven’t done this yet)  but it seems a wonderful thing to do. As to being able to control the fish like a horse .. well I can barely control a bike and they have handle bars. Anyway , just another flight of fancy.

dive 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
dive 2

I have done a number of fish interactions with some of my characters and it always amuses me to see how I will create the fish and what their interaction will be. In this case it looks like they are diving deep. I know people go swimming with Whale sharks and other sea life( I haven’t done this yet)  but it seems a wonderful thing to do. As to being able to control the fish like a horse .. well I can barely control a bike and they have handle bars. Anyway , just another flight of fancy.this is the second dive as I sold the first oneand had it entered in a show as well

Diver Dan - 2016
Diver Dan

I had not done much with much of the brass and copper junk that comes my way and I did a couple of pieces that made me quite amused with the effects and the lovely appearance of Brass and Bronze. I had a small piece which reminded me of a divers helmet and that lead to this whole piece. All the bits just came together from my collection and I combined brass and copper and steel in this piece. I like him taking his fish for a “swim/walk”.

Dragon fly rider - 2016
Dragon fly rider

I have made a number of pieces where characters ride impossible creatures, fish, butterflies, birds and of late I have been making a series of dragonflies using old cutlery so it seemed only appropriate that a dragonfly should acquire a rider sooner or later. It is all a question of scale really and if we had giant dragonflies I am sure some effort would be made to tame them to be capable of this. As we don’t this flight of fancy will remain just that. 

drowning in a sea of love - 2016
drowning in a sea of love

We had an exhibition in the gallery called Joan and the Jindi kids and one of the pieces was this one shown. It inspired me to make my version of it and although I have thought about the rain falling I thought it might be a bit dangerous without something above it to stop people poking their eyes( ends of wire) . anyway it developed from there and my character and base take it quite a way from the original inspiration.

father and sons 1 - 2016 (SOLD)
father and sons 1
an order from a client
father and sons 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
father and sons 2
an order from a client who changed her mind.
fish tank no 2 - 2016 (Recycled)
fish tank no 2
again another fun piece using a hills hoist cover and other interesting bits
flower girl 3 - 2016
flower girl 3

I have made a few different girls with flowers in the past. In this one the scale was the deciding factor. We climb trees, we put our nose in flowers and bees enter flowers. It really is only that the flower isn’t quite big enough otherwise there would be a whole new field of adventure botany. What if we were that small?… or flowers were that big?...I love thinking of the different implications and anyway it is fun to make!

Flowergirl - 2016 (SOLD)

This is the third piece I have used a shovel shape for a dress. My girl here also has a flower to suit her role.The patterns on the dress are fun to do and my character is fairly into her task of carrying a flower.Sort of what spades are used for …. But with a whole different take on the idea.

flyaway - 2016 (SOLD)
I did balloon girl in a renewed form in rwesponse to a clients request and when I put it up on instagram someone commented that she should be flying.. so I did the piece again as a flying piece.
gymnastics - 2016

I was recycling this dancer from another piece and I was thinking what to do with her. I had this old brace in the pile and the two seemed a natural fit. She looks like she is trying out the new gymnastics equipment. I had used an old brace in the past but not as dynamically as this one

gymnastics - 2016

I was recycling this dancer from another piece and I was thinking what to do with her. I had this old brace in the pile and the two seemed a natural fit. She looks like she is trying out the new gymnastics equipment. I had used an old brace in the past but not as dynamically as this one

head in a book 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
head in a book 2

Having done the first head in a book piece I had the idea for a second interpretation. It certainly isn’t as graceful as the first but it has a feeling of “up to your neck in italthough from the other direction .The book being the farmers handbook has a certain topical relevance although I am not sure if reading any farmers handbook would help our local farmers with their milk pricing problems.

heart to heart - 2016 (SOLD)
heart to heart
Listening to a song and the line heart to heart came up and this piece eventuated.
In the bush - 2016 (SOLD)
In the bush
This is a recycled piece. It was part of a piece called hide in plain sight but that really didn’t work. I bought these leaves from a blacksmiths supply shop and was looking for a way to use them. The last composition was very symmetrical and a bit dull. This one seems much more adventurous and certainly that is something we all love .. a walk in the bush… making your own track and exploring
Island girl - 2016 (Recycled)
Island girl

I started this head years ago. It didn’t seem to be working at the time and I threw it on the scrap heap. It sat there for a year or so until I saw an image on Pinterest or Instagram which had flowers around a head and another which had nail eyelashes. It provoked me to reclaim the head, finish it by fully covering it and adding hair and also eyelashes . She is much happier now and I do like the combination of materials and ideas

Jaqueline - 2016 (SOLD)

I often just go to my pile of scrap and pull out something that appeals to me at the moment. The small rusty jack was the chosen piece for this work and initially I toyed with the idea of it being either a top hat or a girls dress. Needless to say the dress won. I was going to do just a simple pose but as a jack lifts weights then that suggested the pose here. The hair is from stainless steel strip that someone delivered to me and although it probably isnt perhaps the right gear to lift weights in, she seems to be doing ok.

Jeffs fish - 2016 (SOLD)
Jeffs fish
an order from a client
Kitchen Fairy 2 - 2016
Kitchen Fairy 2

I was making some dragonflies and a couple of characters for other works and serendipity worked and I wondered what the dragonfly wings ( Knives) would be like on a character. I did one and then thought SPOONS!  Hence this one. Really just a bit of fun. 

kitchen fairy1 - 2016 (SOLD)
kitchen fairy1

I was making some dragonflies and a couple of characters for other works and serendipity worked and I wondered what the dragonfly wings ( Knives) would be like on a character. Hence this one. Really just a bit of fun.

leap of faith - 2016 (SOLD)
leap of faith

We have a birdman competition at the Melbourne festival( Moomba) and various characters leap off a ramp with odd wing forms attached.. into the Yarra River!  I have never done it myself but this form of mania attracts a certain amount of attention. I had a character leaping off a doghouse in a previous exhibition. I love these determined characters.In this case my hammer broke and in looking at the head it reminded me of astanding pose.. certainly a hammerhead with wings would indeed be taking a leap of faith.

love harvest - 2016 (SOLD)
love harvest

I cut out a series of hearts making a tree with heart shaped holes in the foliage.. of course I cant just let anything go to waste so I decided as I was picking up the hearts ,maybe I would have another character picking up hearts too but sort like as a plant. Certainly we choose who to love and I guess in most cases there is a wide range of people to choose from. What makes the special person? I am not sure but although there are maniacs in the world the majority of people are loving and worthy of love.

love letter - 2016 (Recycled)
love letter
Another piece that started off with the hearts I had left over from cutting heart shaped holes in a seat. It is sort of a bit obvious and sort of looking like a bit of work and really it isn’t a letter but I feel it works. Do people write love letters anymore.?. I must admit to not writing any…. I sort of want to say it but not write it… maybe they are love texts now…or maybe not.    
memorial piece - 2016 (SOLD)
memorial piece
an order from a friend
Not a boring man - 2016 (SOLD)
Not a boring man

People often throw metal objects into the pile. This lovely old Brace ( no bit) was one and I wanted to make a piece that would allow its beautiful shape and most of its design to be appreciated. I also love the word boring .. which I sometimes am and sometimes do. Anyway the idea of the character on the top sprang to mind and once the rust was removed from the brace it looked lovely. Not quite so needed in these days of battery drills but still a lovely thing in itself.

on the edge - 2016 (SOLD)
on the edge

I have enjoyed looking in my pile of metal and thinking how I can give a new life to some of the pieces there. This old axe head called to me. It must be over 100 years old and now it is part of a sculpture and its texture is delightful. I have never been a great risk taker.. I did parachute jump once.. but I know others love the adrenaline rush of the uncertainty. My girl seems to be in control and I hope it works out well for whoever this relates to in your life.

on the wings of love - 2016 (SOLD)
on the wings of love

I was cutting out heart shapes to make a tree with heart shaped holes. What to do with the cut outs? It came to me overnight that they would make great wings and hence this piece. I looked up images associated with the title but it only came up with a tv show and I have found no images with heart shaped wings. Have I ended up with something original spurred by serendipity? Ah well, I think it is a nice piece anyway!

Pinecone princess - 2016 (SOLD)
Pinecone princess

I have been recently fascinated by the shape and form or pinecones and I have combined this one with one of my girls to give her a lovely dress. It was a bit tricky getting the proportions right and perhaps it has folk art connotations but the forms of these things are just so intriguing I can’t resist.

Rainbow girl - 2016 (SOLD)
Rainbow girl
I saw an image on pinterest of a girl and a rainbow and the idea  appealed.  As I started to make the piece, I happened upon a horseshoe and the two ideas sort of amalgamated…luck.. rainbow..and this is the result. Also nearby was some stainless steel wool and I hadn’t tried it for a girls hair although I had used it for other things such as foliage I sometimes think as we watch more screens we often overlook the marvels of nature and the beauty of a rainbow is one of the best
reading - 2016 (SOLD)

I have done a number of pieces in the past for the Blarney Books show which involves interaction with books. I happened to get a small group from an op shop with the idea of using them in one sculpture but as I had them there I saw a number of other ideas forming. This is my original idea( probably seen on Pinterest or some such place). I have glued the books to the base and the girl to the books… I do find it hard to permanently damage books.. even ones as old and unread as these.

Reading flight - 2016 (SOLD)
Reading flight

I have been doing a few ideas using old books as the starting point. I collected a small batch from the local Salvos and this old Victorian Education Dept reader was amongst them. I had a similar reader and it was one of the tools that introduced me to a variety of writers and different forms of story. I had this idea for a while and it has come together nicely in this piece. I still value reading highly but I don’t know if books will survive the development of e readers etc. Still they are a wonderful resource for me.

Red Balloons 1 - 2016 (SOLD)
Red Balloons 1

I did a piece a long while ago where I made a girl holding balloons. Some friends bought it and someone saw it and years later asked for something similar. I have improved on the original design by adding red and leaving the steel coated with a clear paint.I love the freedom of the image and the joy that we all experienced when we had balloons for the first time.. Magic really!

Red Balloons 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
Red Balloons 2

I did a piece a long while ago where I made a girl holding balloons. Some friends bought it and someone saw it and years later asked for something similar. I have improved on the original design by adding red and leaving the steel coated with a clear paint.I love the freedom of the image and the joy that we all experienced when we had balloons for the first time.. Magic really!

reflection - 2016 (SOLD)

I was looking through Instagram and there was an image similar to this.. I wanted to have a go at plasma cutting this scene and this is the result. Simple and reasonably effective.It sort of has echoes of Magritte but that wasn’t the main motivation

Relax - 2016

I had this rather lovely rock which at some point I cut in half. It had sat on my bench asking to be used and this is the result. I don’t tend to relax in this sort of way near as much as I should. Maybe this will act as a reminder! 

release 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
release 2

 I made a pair of the hands which were lovely and I made a bird as a thing for them to release ( as I often do as birds sometimes get themselves inside my shed.) I had seen a piece earlier of a butterfly being released by a pair of chained hands and no doubt that had an effect on my composition. Still I do like the message it sends about setting free something that belongs to the wild.

searching - 2016 (SOLD)

I have made a number of pieces featuring sailboats. I have never sailed but the image of someone setting out on a voyage is quite romantic. My character here is using a recycled piece from another sculpture as a sail….It suggests a slightly environmental aspect I feel and maybe we are all searching for a way back to a more environmentally friendly world… or is that just a romantic notion too?.

selfie - 2016

I guess it’s because I am so ugly that I don’t feel the need to take many “selfies”. Still I am amazed at how many people take… sort of like a disease. I really don’t understand this world of phone and cameras. I guess I want to capture an image to do something with it . .Hence I used a girl taking a selfie as a model for my piece “selfie”..something sort of circular about this but also sort of appropriate to the “age” too.

small girl 1 - 2016 (SOLD)
small girl 1
I used to sketch quite often and I loved doing portraits. I had done a few of these with wire and when the last one sold I thought to do another piece like this. However I had a new plasma-cutter and I decided to try to draw with that and see how fine I could get it. I was looking on Instagram and found a nice pose of a girl and thought I could redraw that first of all in the sketch book and then see what I could do with the plasma-cutter
soldering Iron Bird - 2016 (SOLD)
soldering Iron Bird
just a bit of fun
star face - 2016 (SOLD)
star face
Just a fun piece ...
Still Raining - 2016
Still Raining

I saw a pose like this and thought I should do something with it. It sat in my sketchbook for a year or so and I decided this year that it needed to become real. As I work, I am influenced by bits and pieces around me and there were some flowers on the bench ready for me to make into “garden flowers”. I thought one would make a great umbrella and this is the result. I did toy with the title “flowers in the rain” but decided to save that for another piece.

submarine - 2016 (SOLD)

I been using odd pieces out of the pile and seeing what they suggest. This is a mattock head and as I sat it on the bench it suggested a submarine. It sort of has maritime precursors as the ancient Greek sailing boats used to have a sharp ram attached to the front to attack other craft. Captain Nemo in 20,000 leagues under the sea had something similar. I don’t think my character is attacking anyone but seems to be enjoying the cruise.

the big adventure - 2016 (SOLD)
the big adventure

I have made a number of pieces with people flying on the back of a bird and each time it still delights me. The fact that it can “float” in the air is pleasing and in this case the character on the back has spent the last few years looking in a mirror lake so this is a wonderful bit of freedom for her.In every fantasy story where this occurs ( eg lord of the rings) or the hobbit it always is as part of an adventure and I guess flying with a bird in control leaves the future wide open.

The butterfly cage - 2016 (SOLD)
The butterfly cage

Butterflies are little pieces of magic here amongst us.I had seen a book title the butterfly cage and it got me thinking. However, there really are such things, not like the butterfly house at Melbourne zoo, but small display cages for your prized butterfly. I think my butterflies could escape quite easily( if I hadn’t welded them to their branches) but I sort of like that aspect . I used to have a bird in a cage at one stage and really now I think it would be a bit cruel. When we visited China the people brought out their cage birds to parks every morning to converse with other birds… do butterflies converse? So much I don’t know! .

the girls 2 - 2016 (SOLD)
the girls 2

I did a second version of this piece after a request after the first one sold. My girls are meant to be sharing thinking and sharing time…I know it’s a common thing for boys to do…in thinking further girls convey so much through expression both vocal and facial….do girls do this? Anyway my girls are and hopefully problems of the world ( or at least their world) can be solved by this.

the kite flyer - 2016
the kite flyer

Another piece using hearts and again it is sort of what we do when we search for a similar soul… launch a part of ourselves into the great beyond hoping that someone reads your message… in some way it would be good if it was this easy… but alas..

the line tamer - 2016
the line tamer

I don’t know where this one came from but suddenly the idea of a Line tamer not a lion tamer popped into my head… I do love mis-interpretations and double meanings so it was a natural. The next problem was how to do it and I was going to add a chair to keep the lines back( as a lion tamer uses..) but this is how it came out.

The next big thing - 2016 (SOLD)
The next big thing

I had cut up a pinecone years ago to see what it looked like inside. It was just sitting on my bench( I rarely tidy up) and it suggested an animal back so I made the girl and her new pet. If gene engineering continues to develop perhaps this might actually happen and we all have giant pet insects…. Maybe not.. but it is a cool use of my ½ pinecone!

The origin of the plane - 2016 (SOLD)
The origin of the plane
I was looking on Instagram and saw someone else had made a plane from a plane. I had an old plane sitting in my pile and I had considered doing just that but when I saw the other version I thought I had better get mine done too. As a kid at school I always wondered why wood planes were called “planes” and I guess this is my chance to explain it to myself or maybe puzzle myself even further.( the word originates in Latin meaning Flat surface)
think tank - 2016 (SOLD)
think tank

Just a wild thought really. I had done a “water tank” and a “fish tank”, and this idea came out of the blue while I was thinking about something entirely different. It developed over the day and the finished piece has some wonderful implications with the question mark barrel being turned back on itself. Just a fun piece but very enjoyable to do.

Time flies 3 - 2016 (SOLD)
Time flies 3
I have done this idea twice in the past and one of the things I do like is a play on words. I bought the watches from the op shop and have had them waiting for me to do the rest. Silly I know.. but amusing
Time running out - 2016 (SOLD)
Time running out
I did the” time flies” and I then thought what other phrases we associate with time. In this case the idea is fairly obvious and I think I have got the pose reasonably right although I avoid running when ever I can
toaster man - 2016
toaster man

Well as I did “iron man” toaster man suggested himself to me via an old toaster on my pile. He did pose a few problems but the end result seems fine. Again a sort of misinterpretation of words and yet when I was hunting for an image to go with the piece there seems quite a few toastermen out there on the net… is there more to come with frypan man, blender man and microwave man? Only time will tell!

tower view - 2016
tower view

I had the wonderful main pieces of this creation sitting around for years. The bottom piece on the bench and couldn’t figure out how to do it justice. This is as close as I can come. The character is looking, kind of lord of the rings eye of Sauron towers and just reflecting on how we all love to climb to a high point for a view.

Tree of love - 2016 (SOLD)
Tree of love

Another piece using hearts. I saw a man making a tree with steel branches and bronze leaves in Hobart and the idea of heart shaped leaves came into being for me. These are more fruits than leaves and it is a sort of metaphor for our search for love .Again  it would be good if it was this easy… but alas..

unruly hair - 2016 (SOLD)
unruly hair

 I was looking through Instagram and there was an image similar to this.. I wanted to have a go at plasma cutting this scene and combining with the stainless steel wool I had used in other projects and this is the result. Simple and reasonably effective

waratah - 2016 (SOLD)
an order
water tank - 2016
water tank

I had to do a small piece as an order and they supplied a range of watering cans. I had one left over and it sat on my bench for a couple of years. I was talking to some people about how accidents often lead to new ideas and somehow this can ended up at my feet so it seemed natural to try to think what I could do with it. I do love word play and different interpretations of the same phrase always delight me. Hence water tank. 

where the pyramids come from - 2016
where the pyramids come from

I had this lovely copper soldering iron ( the copper pyramid) sitting on my bench for quite a while and I was wondering what to do with it. I had just done a small piece with a watering can ( water tank) and probably the ideas combined to make this piece. I do like to combine different materials if I can and I do like the shine of the copper against the steel. Silly… yes.. but probably no more silly than some of the theories I have heard.

woodface - 2016
This is the other part of the redgum used for “contrast” and again I was playing with some of the brass fittings I had, It developed into this steampunk face and the valve ears are especially pleasing to me. I had been using stainless steel wool  for a “sheep” and I had some around so it immediately suggested hair. The name is from a crowded house album but also is appropriate for this piece although woodface usually means devoid of expression and this fellow certainly has expression..
yet another plane - 2016
yet another plane
playing with brass fittings and the plane idea developed from there. Rasps for wings too
You've always got your head in a book - 2016
You've always got your head in a book

 I was looking on Instagram and saw a girl walking with a sheet of something on her head and that set off an idea that resulted in this piece. The statement was common for years ,I certainly had it said to me at times . Perhaps it is less so in this age of Ipads etc where people often have a range of activities that they do on their phone or tablet, but I have been doing a series of works using old books and this became the latest.

30 rider - 2015 (SOLD)
30 rider
an order from a friend for a 30th birthday
a fine balance - 2015 (SOLD)
a fine balance

I recycled my piece unicycle into this. I thought the unicyclist was quite impressive but when you add in a line as well it does start to get challenging. Can I balance like this?.... I have trouble standing on one leg so this is well outside my range but I do admire people who can do what I cant.


A kind word - 2015 (SOLD)
A kind word
I was heading in a different direction with this piece but the characters developed in this way. I am very happy with the expression of emotion through such simple means and I do love that about the making process where sometimes a changed angle can lead you off in a whole different direction. I always try to have a kind word for people and although I sometimes fail and get it wrong I feel it is important to do what we can to help others especially in such a simple way.
Ballet girl - 2015 (Recycled)
Ballet girl
This was a piece called Ballet rocks and she was holding a rock... she had a few years as this and then dropped the rock.. I have modified her pose and generally tidied her up and she is much happier.
Butterflyflight - 2015 (SOLD)

I have had a few ideas involving butterflies of late. This one is a touch unusual but sort of fun too... The idea of flying  as free and easy as a butterfly is surely a fairly worldwide one  and I have made pieces where people were on the back of a giant moth or bird…still , this one is a development… and slightly silly though full of colour!

concrete insect - 2015 (SOLD)
concrete insect
insect using wings from concreting trowels
Daggy dancing - 2015 (SOLD)
Daggy dancing

I made a work for the Blarney Books show called “Greenhills”. This work featured 3 characters and parts of a book to meet the criteria of the show. When the piece returned I recycled the pieces and these fellows are two of them. One I have changed quite a bit but the other was being a body on the ground and his pose when stood up suggested the sort of dancing that enthusiastic but not very coordinated people do.( My suspicion is that this is the sort of dancing I do…. When I actually dance!)

Digging to China - 2015 (SOLD)
Digging to China
I made this piece as an order for some clients who wanted to give a gift to a mutual friend. They commented that whenever they went to visit he was always digging. I added a bit to the idea by remembering the phrase digging to China so in the bottom of the hole is the Chinese symbol for earth
flying with the songbird - 2015 (SOLD)
flying with the songbird

I have had girls flying by all sorts of means in my sculptures. I saw this image on Pintrest and decided to adapt it to this piece. It is a lovely idea of the music and the bird form but my girl is enjoying the whole experience especially the flying“

Friends( follow) - 2015 (SOLD)
Friends( follow)
I did a small sketch at a market where one girl was leading her friend to show her some treasures or delights and the other was just a touch reticent. I thought it would make a lovely small sculpture and now it is done I feel I have captured the emotions. Its amazing how body language gives us away no matter what we say and much of the value of the small works is in trying to capture that language. sold at Sandy Point art show.
Girl and birds - 2015 (SOLD)
Girl and birds

A friend suggested this piece as when one of their friends went out in the garden she was always followed by a small contingent of ducks or chooks. My birds are a bit more generic but it has a nice friendly feel to it anyway

Happy Man - 2015 (SOLD)
Happy Man
Hooked - 2015 (SOLD)

Needless to say my pile of metal has many odd and discarded things in it. This hook was calling to me. I have developed a contraption to support it and it seems t have captured something. I have no real philosophical background to this piece other than it all came together and I suspect I am hooked on creating!




Insulated - 2015

We went away this year to a sculpture show in NSW. When we returned a friend had left me a collection of these wonderful glass insulators. Immediately one idea came to mind and this piece is the result.There is a certain degree of insulation in the costume and it favours this punny title. 

Jelly Baby - 2015 (SOLD)
Jelly Baby

I was making a girl a day during a week where I was exploring some of the interesting pieces from my pile. Someone had left this jelly mold and it was perfect for a skirt. I decided it was a young girls outfit and made the legs even longer than normal as some young people seem to be all legs and arms. The attitude came with it!

Jive Girl - 2015 (SOLD)
Jive Girl

I love the female form and I love the fluidity of people who dance so quite often I create a dancing piece. I have done both big and small pieces but this is different again. I had done a mid- sized girl previously and I was happy with the scale and what limitations it overcame and what different materials I could use. I had done a sketch of a dancing girl and wanted to use small pieces to make up her dress and this worked out well. I had some old mesh fencing and I decided to use the wire to do the hair. It worked out wilder but better than I expected.She seems to be having a wonderful time!

Just getting a bit closer - 2015 (SOLD)
Just getting a bit closer
As kids I think we have all done some variation on this.. climb on the roof, a chair, a table…it seems to work as a kid and it is only with experience that we tend to not do this. I keep harking back to kid activities.. possibly as a result of getting older … but there is a logic and an innocence in this activity.
Miss Subishi - 2015 (SOLD)
Miss Subishi

I was making a girl a day during a week where I was exploring some of the interesting pieces from my pile. This mostly came from.a tow bar for a Mitsubishi( hence the name) I did toy with not another bit of trailer trash but she is too classy for that. The arms came from the loops to attach the chain to and the dress is mostly the cutdown towbar. Even the holes are quite lovely as a pattern. Again she has a strong attitude from a strong background!

Olive - 2015 (SOLD)

I periodically tidy up and sometimes I rediscover pieces of equipment or material that I had deemed as special. This was an old Oil can and I had kept it to do something interesting with it. I had just done another dancing girl and the spout suggested a John Travolta type pose so I started down that road. However as I added more to it, the solder that held the spout gave way and I had to redesign the piece using forks for arms. She is Olive as in Olive oil but she has plenty of personality of her own.


online - 2015 (SOLD)
I love the play on words and going on line seems perfect for a small piece..My girl is balancing on line with her laptop and I must admit at times trying to get through to places or being misled by things can sometimes be quite a challenge. She is up to it ! although I wonder if the laptop has faded from common usage as the desk top has and perhaps I should do an I pad or a smart phone… maybe another piece!( sold at Canterbury primary school art show)
Ram - 2015
a ram susing trampoline springs and curls from Doug Jones offcut
Release - 2015 (SOLD)

This piece is a recycling of a piece I made years ago. The two hands were coming out of a toaster and looked quite spooky.. such that no one liked it. When it was returned to me from a gallery recently, I decided the hands were lovely but there was no real message.  I hence made a bird as a thing for them to release( as I often do as birds sometimes get themselves inside my shed.) I had seen a piece earlier of a butterfly being released by a pair of chained hands and no doubt that had an effect on my composition. Still I do like the message it sends about setting free something that belongs to the wild.

skipping in red boots - 2015 (SOLD)
skipping in red boots

I did a sketch at a market of a small girl skipping along looking at stuff. The sketch became a small watercolour and then this piece. I think I have captured a degree of the joy of having new boots and my girl seems fairly happy with my portrayal.


snow drop - 2015 (SOLD)
snow drop

I did the snow flake for the “snow Show” that we held at the Red tree Gallery in July 2015. I originally had it pressed against some frosted glass and it was a simple but pedestrian piece. When the glue let go and it fell off after the show it gave me a chance to rethink the idea and I added a character and hence “snow Drop” developed. My friend Bart was making patterns with the plasma cutter and some of his rejected pieces ended up as the skirt!.

snowflake - 2015 (Recycled)
song and dance - 2015 (SOLD)
song and dance

I had done another piece where I used a songbird ( a bird with musical forms within it) and I had the idea of following this theme a bit. I was going to use another character with the bird but I was modifying my ballet girl and the two just seemed to call to each other. The title is obvious  and being swept away by the music is certainly one of the implications.

star arc - 2015 (SOLD)
star arc
I have loved the idea of juggling for a lot of my life.. I can’t do it except at the most basic level but I do appreciate those who have the ability to do this skill. As to the stars.. well I was thinking about stars in relation to another piece and it just seemed to fit.
surfer - 2015 (SOLD)
surfer an order from a client
Surfing the big one - 2015 (SOLD)
Surfing the big one

I was going to make a bird form and then I remembered a bird made with spoons and forks and knives and I started to look at how such a thing could be done…as I added two spoons to the front it suggested a fish and as I had a lot of pieces cut from dragonfly wings it suggested scales instantaneously. As I played with the fish I remembered a piece I made with a surfer and the idea developed. Man seems to have had a very long relation with fish ( Jonah) and whale hunters using killer-whales as kelpies!  Anyway this piece developed and the title suggested itself! 

taking you higher - 2015 (SOLD)
taking you higher
an order for a wedding anniversary
The butterfly dress - 2015 (SOLD)
The butterfly dress

I do like butterflies.. I have had them lifting girls in flight, being walked by people and powering big machines. This is another idea inspired by a sketch I did a while ago of a girl in a cage looking at a big bird. The idea stayed with me but rather than have a sad image I liked the idea that the butterflies could freely move and wanted to stay there by magic. There certainly are a few butterfly inspired dresses out there  but none quite as bizarre as mine. 

The cricketers 2 - 2015
The cricketers 2
I did this piece for the Ficifolia show in which there was a section on best sporting piece.. It won a highly commended. A friend commented that I must be left handed as the batter and the bowler were both left handed.. I hadn't noticed.. so much for the observational power of artists!.
The girls - 2015 (SOLD)
The girls

My girls are meant to be sharing thinking and sharing time…I know it’s a common thing for boys to do…in thinking further girls convey so much through expression both vocal and facial….do girls do this? Anyway my girls are and hopefully problems of the world ( or at least their world) can be solved by this.

The note taker - 2015 (SOLD)
The note taker

I do like phrases that can be interpreted in different ways. Needless to say my note taker is taking some notes… I wonder what she will do with them at the end of her journey..and who has she taken them from?“


Umbrella girl - 2015 (SOLD)
Umbrella girl

I have made an umbrella girl previously but she was an outdoor sculpture and quite large. This girl came together when I was playing with some bits to make a mid sized piece and she seemed to need an umbrella. She is sort of similar to my skipping with red boots piece but slightly smaller. I don’t know what it is with umbrellas except they are such a lovely shape and an interesting form to add to a piece.!

umbrella msn - 2015
umbrella msn

I made a work for the Blarney Books show called “Greenhills”. This work featured 3 characters and parts of a book to meet the criteria of the show. When the piece returned I recycled the pieces and this fellow is one of them. I added the umbrella and made a whimsical idea similar to a few I have done in the past. It is always a bit of a fantasy of being swept away hanging on to an umbrella( but seeing I am so big I doubt that will ever happen to me!

Walking the pets - 2015 (SOLD)
Walking the pets
Butterflies always seem to tread the line between reality and magic… they sort of belong with dragons somehow.. I did a piece a while ago of a machine drawn along by butterflies and I suppose this is some extension of it. I have been also reading a book where a girl kept a fly as a pet so that also might have acted as a bit of inspiration. Whatever the source I do love the idea that we could sort of domesticate these wonderful creatures…. And yet I also don’t want them to be “captured” as part of their magic comes from their seemingly aimless freedom
Winged surfer - 2015 (SOLD)
Winged surfer
I have never surfed… balance is not one of my strong points but I certainly admire people who can. This was an order from a friend for her brother who is obviously a proficient surfer. Her comment was he “seemed to fly through the waves” and hence she wanted the wings. It is a nice feeling to be able to help other people create a piece that expresses their admiration and emotions..
dancing girl 4 - 2014 (SOLD)
 dancing girl 4
This is for the likes exhibition I am having with Sue osborn at MeeniyanI used this technique for some of my head studies in a recent portrait show and thought I would try to develop it for the Meeniyan show with some dancing girl pieces. I had nothing to do with her wonderful grace and beauty other than sketch from a picture somewhere. .I guess I am always drawn to beauty in all sorts of ways and the grace of dancers is something I can only possess via my sculptures and drawings.
Alans dog 1 - 2014 (SOLD)
Alans dog 1
an order from a friend for a memorial to his past dogs.
Alans dog 2 - 2014 (SOLD)
Alans dog 2
an order from a friend for a memorial to his past dogs.
alternative transport - 2014 (SOLD)
alternative transport
This piece started off as a sketch and I even did a small watercolour of it. I like the idea of putting things to other uses and I have seen the land yachts so why not something like this…Not sure if it would be ideal on a city street or pavement..still it seems sort of fun..
axeman - 2014 (SOLD)
an order for a friend
billycart - 2014 (SOLD)

I never had a billy cart!. I loved the idea but I never had wheels or even more cool ball bearing races. Many things end up in my pile and one of them was some old skates. This is the last to date and I thought a billy cart would be ideal. Unfortunately it doesn’t run anywhere near as well as I would wish…still I at last get to make a billy cart.. even after all this time.

dancing girl 5 - 2014 (SOLD)
dancing  girl 5
I was trying to get some complex movement in this piece. It seemed to be quite a challenge and I needed to do lots of alterations to get proportions correct. It became a real exploration of the technique and although I learned lots from the piece, it was indeed a very challenging project.In a sense this piece was a real enjoyment of liking the challenge and this is another element in the joy of creation.
domestic prisoner - 2014
domestic prisoner
I made another piece using forks a while ago. They are such an interesting form. I was thinking that they look like bars and this suggested the idea of a domestic prisoner. Certainly the role of women has changed from when I grew up but there are many around the world who are “enslaved” to domestic chores rather than being allowed to reach their potential.I valued the time I had as a teacher as I helped some kids realize that they had lots of strength and possibilities and this little piece sort of reflects on this.
dragon rider - 2014 (SOLD)
dragon rider
I used to read quite a bit of science fiction and fantasy and the dragons that featured there were certainly dramatic… It sort of lead me to dragonflies( why are they called that!) and hence my girl is flying on the back of one. I always like the idea of flight in some form and this sort of thing would be great..I guess I have seen pictures in my distant past of fairies riding butterflies or dragon flies so perhaps my subconscious is letting something loose. ……She looks like she is having fun!
end of time - 2014 (SOLD)
end of time

I had my grandfathers clock for years.. it either came out of a ship( he was a ships engineer) or an old car, and I carted it around with me as we moved houses. I finally thought that this year I would use it in a piece and had one of my little girls about to end its existence. It certainly is the end of time for me carting it around and it seems a nice play on words.

Sold at Yakkerboo( pakenham ) art show 2015

“The end of time” was made in 2014 from new and recycled steel and  an old clock.

enigma - 2014
fairy - 2014 (SOLD)
My wife asked me to make a few fairies for the sculpture garden and hide them so kids could find them. I did that last year and now she wants toadstools! I hadn’t really done a lot with fairies in the past but I did like the wings and size aspects. The idea of combining one of the flowers I sometimes make and a figure with wings, had quite a few possibilities but I had done a few flying pieces for the exhibition and I thought that this composition was acceptable. She..( in my case they are always she)… is quite graceful and perhaps magic will happen.
feeding the bird - 2014 (SOLD)
feeding the bird
Everyone loves feeding the birds. Again with a change of scale it takes on a whole new aspect. When I was a kid I visited the Zoo and a wedge-tailed eagle took offense at my presence and hopped down from his perch and walked over to the bars of his cage with his wing extended and a rather grumpy look on his face…. Bars or no I left the vicinity. This piece uses a recycled girl from a piece called feeding the giant and not much has changed except the addition of the bird… which is a giant!( Oh this piece won the best metal work at Mirboo North Art show.)
fisherman - 2014 (SOLD)
was an order for a friend
flying horse - 2014 (SOLD)
flying horse
an order from our builder for a piece for his girlfriend
It was a lovely walk until... - 2014 (SOLD)
It was a lovely walk until...
Still playing with birds and scale and the idea of walking your bird seems lovely until….. well all sorts of things. I like that the problem has yet to occur and any chaos that ensues is all in your imaginings. I do delight in the strength of this wire that allows something as heavy as my bird to seemingly float above my character.
just do it - 2014 (SOLD)
just do it
We all have hare brained schemes and the idea of a flying cow would be up there with the best of them.. I was doing a series of bird forms and the cow was sitting there. The idea appealed and hence my character is encouraging the cow to “Just do it”… hopefully the cow has a bit more sense.. Really its just a bit of fun but if you want to read a message for life into it go right ahead. I must admit that as a boy I was often encouraged to do something “wild’ in a similar fashion and a touch of reflection could have avoided some not quite positive results.
just do it 2 - 2014 (SOLD)
just do it 2
My new pet - 2014 (SOLD)
My new pet
Spiders are such interesting beasts. The idea that you might ride one, is sort of wonderful and scary. I guess part of it is we have little idea of the intelligence of insects and what sort of thought they might have. The scale of this one is interesting and you have the question as to why some things are so big and some things so small… flying pigs and cows come into the same concerns. None the less I do like the way that my guy is in clear control and you start to wonder where he “stables” it or what it needs to feed..Questions questions questions!
nestling - 2014 (SOLD)
I did this small series of bird based pieces for a show at Meeniyan. I liked the idea of one of my birds feeding a human character.. Well we have had wolf children so why not bird children… I guess the nudge out of the nest might not be so pretty!..Anyway, I am enjoying the change of scale with birds and characters. I also like the play on words too!
offering - 2014 (SOLD)
I do like making my girls and this one combined with one of my complex flowers sort of seems appropriate and works in an odd way. I do like to change the scale of things and hence my flower is a touch out of proportion. Still, my girl has no real trouble carrying it.. ( sturdy stock!)
portrait - 2014 (SOLD)
an order for a client with lots of electronic bits on the back
Remembrance of things past - 2014 (SOLD)
Remembrance of things past
I am a large guy now.. and sometimes I am too big and get stuck in narrow chairs! In thinking back I do remember being at this sort of stage where everything of the world was so big. I remember playing in the tent under the dining room table and I like to think back to ( only yesterday) my childhood .I guess it’s a bit strange to think back that far but I guess it is such a formative time that those images stick in the memory.
riding the wind - 2014 (SOLD)
riding the wind
This is another recycled character. He was playing on the beach in an earlier piece and I had made him after seeing some kids at the Gallery drawing a work of art by sitting in front of it with their legs splayed in this formation… I don’t think I can do that anymore and I was delighting in the flexibility of kids. Anyway he had sat around waiting for a new piece to be in and I think he is happy in this floating bird . I did add some hair to give a sense of movement and I do delight in the strength of this wire that allows something as heavy as my bird to seemingly float.
ring my bell - 2014 (SOLD)
ring my bell
I had this old school bell workings from when aspects of Warragul Tech were demolished. It had sat around for years and I always had the idea it would end up something like this. Finally this year after doing a few orders and big pieces I just needed to “play” and this was who developed. The little ringer does ding and she is in a slightly provocative pose. Really there is no deep meaning other than the enjoyment by men of women’s lovely lumpy bits but that certainly is a part of my nature and I am not going against it now!
set free my heart - 2014 (SOLD)
set free my heart
It seems to be a common idea that your heart is locked up and needs to be set free. I’m not sure where the idea came from personally but I do listen to lots of songs and I’m sure that this imagery is in some of them. Certainly my girl is … hmm she is only playing with the cage.. she could be locking it up.. or setting it free. I must admit to feeling she is setting it free but I guess like all art it is open to interpretation. Your choice!
star bringer - 2014 (SOLD)
star bringer
I did a few pieces reaching for the stars.. but what happens when you actually get them?.. Hence Star bringer.. she has captured her star and she is eager to share it… she is running because she is so keen..I have captured a few stars in my time.. my wife for one, my kids for another.. my life in all… maybe I should have made her a him….no….then I wouldn’t have that great hair.. and with me there would be no running!
the winds are still - 2014 (SOLD)
the winds are still
This was for the Blarney Books exhibition this year.
Time flies - 2014 (SOLD)
Time flies
I have had this idea for quite a while but in thinking of this exhibition one of the things I do like is a play on words. I bought the watches from the op shop and have had them waiting for me to do the rest.Silly I know.. but amusing
time flies 2 - 2014 (SOLD)
time flies 2
voice of nature - 2014 (SOLD)
voice of nature
We often use birds as a guide to what is happening in nature( canary in the coalmine sort of thing). In this case the bird is trying to explain the damage to the natural cycle. Again with a change of scale it takes on a whole new aspect hopefully emphasizing the scale of the problem..
walking the dog - 2014 (SOLD)
walking the dog
I did a piece a while ago called” walking the rock” based on an experience on the year 11 camp to central Australia. There was quite a discussion about whether to walk the rock or not. My character was walking the rock like you would walk a dog! Anyway I like a play on words so my walking the dog sort of goes the other way..( It also is an oblique reference to an old 60’s song which dwells in my memory!)
almost like flying - 2013 (SOLD)
almost like flying
This piece was made for the Sandy Point art show . I thought what would be fun and a flying surfer seemed to be the way to go… I have seen surfers launched into the air and surely surfing is just a semi magical thing to do. I have never surfed.. I am a Libra so I should be about balance but that does not really translate to my physical surfing, skateboarding or skating or skiing! Still as in many of my pieces, I depict what I cannot do.. I certainly admire people with grace, rhythm, balance and such like skills and probably this is about as close as I will get to the real thing.
Another World - 2013 (SOLD)
Another World
Sitting in a tree is such a simple pleasure. It in itself is another world above the mundane. You can see further, you may not be found and it is your choice to be there. To read as well sort of amplifies the decision and you really are transported to another place. I would love a tree house as my days of moulding my body to the form or tree limbs is mostly gone… but I doubt it is going to happen as my shed provides me another world to go to where I create things like this.
at the top - 2013
at the top
I am not a very ambitious person but again I do see people strive to reach the top.. of their chosen field, work sport etc etc. I guess it must be an exhilarating feeling but it also poses the problem of what next.I guess I would be one of those people who would be stopping along the way to enjoy the view… maybe do a sketch and possibly ask myself is this enough?.... To each their own I guess.
ballerina 3 - 2013
ballerina 3
In looking at art, one is taken by representations of beauty, often in the female form. The ballet has been a source of artistic inspiration from at least the time of Degas. The grace of the ballet dancers I feel is echoed in the grace that occurs in many a netball game. I like her charm and the tutu appeals to my sense of fun. I expect to do further ballerina poses as there is quite a challenge in getting the balance and movement. The ballet is a story set in dance and this story could be anything.
Bird loving man - 2013 (SOLD)
Bird loving man
Well, that is the title of Rodney’s book that Helen has illustrated. I just figured I would add my interpretation of the idea. I have done a range of birds at various times and changing the scale relationships seems to add all sorts of interest to the idea. I am not sure if we would love birds more if we had this sort of relationship or if we would fear them but it certainly would be interesting!
Caleb - 2013
As a part of the portrait show I thought I would use the technique I developed on Helen 1 to apply to my son Caleb…I more wanted to explore the hair aspect and go further and also make up to him for the portraits I have at home. I have the two girls face on( as Kids) and Caleb curled up asleep( with no face visible). Caleb has a strong sense of justice and always thought this was pretty poor of me so hopefully this will balance it out. It is a lovely strong piece and the size makes it more of a garden piece than for indoor.
Dancing girl 3 ( Tara) - 2013 (SOLD)
Dancing girl 3 ( Tara)
I used this technique for the portrait show and thought I would try to develop it for the Rotary show with some dancing girl pieces. This beautiful pose is by one of my ex students and I can truthfully say I had nothing to do with her wonderful grace and beauty. Still I can play with that and this form is the result. .I guess I am always drawn to beauty in all sorts of ways and the grace of dancers is something I can only possess via my sculptures and drawings. This piece is going in Warragul Rotary show 2013
elizabet portrait - 2013 (SOLD)
elizabet portrait
In approaching the portrait show I decided to explore a range of ways of using my steel to develop portraits. I have a plasma cutter and I hadn’t explored its drawing like capacities so I took a sketch of one of the other people in the show( Elisabet) and tried to draw it on a sheet of metal with the cutter. The result is quite interesting I think although it needs light behind it to fully appreciate it. It looked a bit plain in its presentation so my two little characters were added to be like shifting a giant piece.. even though it is so small.
Emily portrait - 2013 (SOLD)
Emily portrait
When I completed the portrait of Caleb I put it up on facebook and one of Emilys friends asked where the portrait of Emily was. I decided to do one in the style of Helen 1 as Em has glasses and I did like the way they worked on Helen. As I figured we would not get to keep the Helen sculptures( as we would probably give them to Helen) I thought this would be a way of honouring my daughter and also getting to keep this idea.
fairy 1 - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
fairy 1
My wife asked me to make some fairies so that kids visiting the garden would have something to search for...
fairy 2 - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
fairy 2
My wife asked me to make some fairies so that kids visiting the garden would have something to search for...
Fashion Statement - 2013 (SOLD)
Fashion Statement
flower bed - 2013 (SOLD)
flower bed
this was an order from a friend for a nurses retirement who was going to go and work in her garden from now on.
Flower collector - 2013 (SOLD)
Flower collector
We pick flowers and move them from out to in.. presumably to give colour, aroma and a bit of nature to surround us. Again I guess this piece looks at that practice but changes the scale. This flower is another piece of blacksmith stuff and it seemed to be calling out for some such arrangement. I guess we would have a whole different way of decorating if this was more typical.!.
flower umbrella - 2013
flower umbrella
have done a few pieces with umbrellas but I thought a flower umbrella would be lovely….in finding the picture it seems lots of other people did too… Well my umbrella is more flower like than most of the others. Is there a meaning… a long bow would be that we need the protection of nature but really it was just a fun idea.
Forked - 2013 (SOLD)
This one completes the trilogy of cutlery. It seems a bit crude and sort of unpleasant but it is also meant to be fun. We do get hung up on the everyday at times and this sort of represents this aspect of life. We can make the choice as to what to give value to and chances are we will end up in a slightly better situation. Hopefully “unforked”!.
Grahams dogs - 2013 (SOLD)
Grahams dogs
Graham wanted two cut out boxer dogs for his gates
guitar - 2013 (SOLD)
an order from a client
heidi's boat - 2013 (SOLD)
heidi's boat
a friend ordered a piece with different characters fishing , preparing to swim and minding the baby
Helen 1 - 2013 (SOLD)
Helen 1
This is the first piece done of Helen Timbury. I wanted to try out a very flat technique .. almost 2-D and I wanted to see how long the hair was going to take and if I could get a good likeness. It was the first of the pieces I did for the Face to Face show and it then lead on to the portrait I did of my son. I especially like the whimsicality of the glasses
Helen 2 - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
Helen 2
This is the second piece done of Helen Timbury. The first one I explored a very flat technique and in this I wanted to do a lino print on metal( Helen is a printmaker) and then behind the front image I wanted to include elements of Helen's world, family interests etc
How does your garden grow - 2013
How does your garden grow
hula girl - 2013 (SOLD)
hula girl
Hula girl was originally done for a show at Gecko Gallery called full Play. I did a number of works relating to games and childhood activities,This one is no 3 in a series of hula girls
life dance 2 - 2013 (SOLD)
life dance 2
I did a large piece called” life dance” with a girl throwing herself into the dance as though it was all there was. This smaller piece has the same theme but I added the ball as it suggests mastery ( balance) and universality. I cant dance myself but I love the thought of people who can and revel in it.
lifes work - 2013 (SOLD)
lifes work
This is like Sisyphus who was doomed to push a boulder up to the top of the hill only to have it fall down again and he had to start again. Well I have taken a female role for this and I see many people doing jobs which seem thankless and also never-ending…It just seemed appropriate and I had this lovely ball from the blacksmiths supplies. ( at least it isn’t uphill!)
Long haired girl - 2013 (SOLD)
Long haired girl
On a Knife edge - 2013 (SOLD)
On a Knife edge
“On a Knife edge”($200)
Having done the piece with the spoon it seemed appropriate to do something with other cutlery items. This is my interpretation using a knife. I have never really been a thrill seeker( except for one parachute jump) but I know there are lots of people who rise to the challenge to “do the impossible”.They are inspirations for us all and my character here is certainly doing what I cant( I cant even stand on one leg like this!) Still others can and I do enjoy their endeavours as representatives of us all.
reaching the goal - 2013 (Withdrawn from Sale)
reaching the goal
This piece was made for a friend/student of Marians who was moving on from working at the hospital and Marian wanted to give her something appropriate. As she had been being paid paupers wages by RIL( as she was a student) it looked like she was actually going to get a pay rise commensurate with her ability.
shared thoughts - 2013 (SOLD)
shared thoughts
I saw an image in an old Vanity fare of two people sitting back to back and it quite appealed to me.( a bit of a romantic I guess) I twisted them slightly and it looks to me that they are discussing their future or other deep meaningful ideas.
singer( Hard as Nails) - 2013 (SOLD)
singer( Hard as Nails)
In exploring portraiture in metal I wanted to do a piece that sort of captured some of my sketchy style. This is of a singer ( Steven Smythe) we saw at Mossvale park this year and the sketch was very similar to this. The actual piece is made nearly fully with old nails.
Tasty - 2013 (SOLD)
. I often react to the various bits of metal I am given as part of my recycling efforts and just react to possibilities. This is the case with the spoon in this piece…it was a scale to suit one of my small characters and we all remember stories from childhood where the giant was going to eat someone. As I am sometimes seen as a giant perhaps that lurked in my subconscious and delivered this idea. I am also from an age where girls were referred to by all sorts of words( usually sexist) so the title seemed appropriate in a fun sort of way.
Unfinished story - 2013 (SOLD)
Unfinished story
I guess this is a bit of a development of the bird idea in that my character is using a quill( that’s what it is supposed to be!) The quill is big as the story is so important but as yet it is unfinished. I guess we all anticipate where it is heading and the effort made to complete it hopefully will match the result it achieves.
A higher nature - 2012 (SOLD)
A higher nature
I make flowers to sell at the markets and of late I have captured a few bits of car panel which have already been coloured. This flower is one my girl is climbing I seem to have a thing with climbing and obviously with a flower this big its quite a challenge! I would hope our higher nature allows us to appreciate nature a bit more and not just regard it as something to economically exploit.
Baroque Balloon - 2012 (SOLD)
Baroque Balloon
This is the Door handle from the witches stand�( see other sculpture)..It was all covered in Black paint that you couldn�t see the detail� I cleaned it and I thought its best use would be as a balloon form lifting someone off the ground� not sure it works brilliantly but it is such a lovely handle!
birdsnest for Belinda - 2012 (SOLD)
birdsnest for Belinda
Belinda asked me to make a metal birdsnest from junk..did it and she was happy!
captain hook - 2012 (SOLD)
captain hook
This piece was made for the �Found things� show and uses this lovely pulley and hook�.I used to be amazed that planes were caught on Aircraft carriers by a tail hook� and to a degree our tow ball is something similar�still this is one of the first pieces I did for this show and again it was just playing with the different forms and seeing what resulted. The flag sort of was needed just to make it a bit more than a standing figure and it does add panache
Chariot - 2012 (SOLD)
I like to empower my characters. I did a little piece a while ago with a girl with an axe running enthusiastically� this piece is sort of from the same vein of thought�.do I feel whipped and controlled like this?.. No ! but I have seen similar situations ( maybe not with the actual whip and chariot) and it seemed an interesting composition to create.. it sort of made me smile.
Contraption - 2012 (SOLD)
With the found things exhibition part of what I am doing is letting myself play with interesting forms in my collection. This one suggested some sort of powered flying machine. I have no mechanical knowledge but I do like things that have moving parts and this one has a lovely spinny thing on the back.Its out of an old drill or angle grinder but it is reborn as this.
family links - 2012 (SOLD)
family links
This piece was made for the �Found things� show. I had the wonderful chain and I used it in a number of pieces.. a small offcut suggested this form� when I thought about it the strongest links that could be made were family .. I did like the chain elements and it seems symbolic of what really exists.between family members.. and its sort of fun too..
feeding the giant - 2012 (Recycled)
feeding the giant
A found spoon and the piece suggested itself.
It would seem to be a neverending task as even with a large spoon the giant would always be hungry�let alone the getting up and down a ladder�I suppose this is how stokers on ocean liners would have felt�the giant always seems to need more than what you can give..
We all have tasks like that at times !
flower girl - 2012 (SOLD)
flower girl
Another of my girl pieces. This piece is sort of showing our relationship with nature. Nature is the support for all our lives..I have made my flowers bigger .. firstly as a bit of whimsy but also to emphasizes our relationship with nature. All of my work uses recycled material and this piece is almost a return to nature with the rusty petals.
Handling the weight - 2012 (SOLD)
Handling the weight

A recycled character, a restored handle, and an acrobatic combination. This was for the found things show in 2012 .Certainly a found thing!

Again I can’t lie on my back and spin things on my feet …yet another skill I have never developed. Still my character seems keen and it’s a good excuse for a punny title.

inner turmoil - 2012 (Recycled)
inner turmoil
I did this piece for the art Blitz show at Kingston Art centre. They give you the theme( Inside) on Friday and you submit the piece on Saturday. I had all sorts of ideas and I made my little characters but as I made them I played with them and how they could be configured. This is what I came up with. I still like springs even though I have used them on my dogs and birds for years and I liked the idea of using a spring as part of my piece.
reach me down a star 2 - 2012 (SOLD)
reach me down a star 2
I did a piece like this and it went to Canada and was shown in the Canadian reflections show. A friend saw it( although it was sold) and asked me to make a similar piece but to add colour to the girl and the stars.
Rocket car - 2012 (SOLD)
Rocket car
This was for the found things exhibition... heavy but cool looking
shelf support 1 - 2012 (SOLD)
shelf support 1
I did a pair of little figures to support a shelf as an order. This is one
skater girl - 2012 (SOLD)
skater girl
I have made a few skaters in the past� I am not a skater but I love the idea of the freedom it gives�.My mum when she was in her 60�s thought that it would be good to skate as she wasn�t getting around much�.I didn�t mention that balance would probably be the limiting factor. � For this found thing the skate is probably in just the proportions she ( or me) would need to be able to do this at all�and needless to say it�s a girl on the skate so I could do red and flying hair.!
small superman - 2012 (SOLD)
small superman
A family came to one of the open days and saw my big superman sculpture and asked could I do a smaller version. I said I could do one of my small characters being superman and this is the result
The path less chosen - 2012 (SOLD)
The path less chosen
I had the idea of a path leading off into the distance ..and in this case up. My girl is about to take it. Perhaps it has a religious meaning or perhaps it is just typical of looking back and seeing other roads that could have been followed with probably quite different outcomes. I looked up the phrase and it is part of a lovely poem by Robert Frost
I shall be telling this with a sigh, Somewhere ages and ages hence:Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference..
The witch - 2012 (Recycled)
The witch
This piece for the Found things exhibition uses a wonderful door handle support�it sort of looked like the base of a pedestal column and of course you can�t have a column without something important at the top. My girl is recycled from a sculpture I did early in the year for the Art Blitz show and as she seems so �powerful� I thought she was ideal to go here. I really love the �Circe�sculpture by Bertram McKennall at the NGV and to a degree I have modelled my girl on that�.mine has nowhere near the beauty of that piece but she wields her own power
Thinking outside the box - 2012 (SOLD)
Thinking outside the box
This found thing is one of my old sculptures. I made Box boy for the exhibition full play and although a lot of people identified with the sentiment of playing with the box more than what came in it no one took it home My box was quite lovely( as you can see) so it suggested that it could be recycled into this form
two friends - 2012 (SOLD)
two friends
a lady commissioned this piece
wild ride - 2012 (SOLD)
wild ride
As part of the �found things� show I am working with all sorts of odd bits and thinking how I can use them. This piece suggested this design and it reminded me of the movie Dr Strangelove and the final scene with Slim Pickens. The bit is out of one of my dead drills but it has a sort of missile /bomb feel. .
Young Rapunzel - 2012 (SOLD)
Young Rapunzel
I have been making� girls� for a while now and I do enjoy making their hair interesting�. In this case I have tried to do a slightly different form and made it a bit more fun by standing her on the bench�Hair is quite a magical thing and I sort of understand why many cultures hide it away� I am always amazed when a girl who has had her hair up in a bun or some such thing , lets it loose�. still my girls hair is a bit �wirey� so it doesn�t quite have the same lustre, shimmer etc of the real thing. �still she has enough attitude to not be fussed by such things.!
best foot forward - 2011 (SOLD)
best foot forward
Childhood is when we form so many of our values and ideas. I have explored lots of childish forms in my sculptures and this is another in the series. I often use female forms as they are more fun to make with long hair and dresses.
We have all been told to put our best foot forward and the first time we hear it we all ask which one? I love the concentration conveyed in this piece. The step is one of deliberation yet the red shoes convey a sense of joy!
As part of untold stories I feel this is one of those aspects which relates the human choices and decisions we make and how we choose to fit into our world.
bird on a wire - 2011 (SOLD)
bird on a wire
I like the Leonard Cohen song bird on a wire and I have interpreted it literally .. sort of in the same vein as flight of faith.
Carried away 2 - 2011 (SOLD)
Carried away 2
I had done a number of girls and birds and I thought I should do something similar for the Canada exhibition
circle dance - 2011 (SOLD)
circle dance
I did this piece for the easter arts festival show.. I dont dance but many people really enjoyed the movement and life in this piece
circle dance 2 - 2011 (SOLD)
circle dance 2
someone liked the first circle dance and asked for something similar
cook book - 2011 (SOLD)
cook book
beaters in an op shop recently They looked ideal for trees so I made my reading girl to sit against themand what would she be reading but a.cook book. Certainly I know that when I start reading any book I enter into that world fully so this is my acknowledgement of that. This one went into the art show that accompanied the Warragul Regional college centenary
dreams - 2011 (SOLD)
I did this piece a long while ago and modified it qite recently to be a bit more positive
eco Warrior - 2011 (Recycled)
eco Warrior
Eco warrior
I did this piece for a show called art Blitz where they give you the theme of the show on Friday evening and you have to present your piece on Saturday evening! The theme for this year was �green� and I had the idea of a frog girl� at a previous show I had a girl �standing� on a spider� so this one came together quickly. I added the trees and the green skirt and I thought it was quite presentable� presumably the judges didn�t and someone else won�still this girl got a trip to Canada out of it!
fisherman - 2011 (SOLD)
an order for a fisherman sitting on a fish and catching it!
flag girl - 2011 (SOLD)
flag girl
Another girl on a windy day! again determined!This actually sold in Canada!
Flight of faith - 2011 (SOLD)
Flight of faith
We have a birdman competition at our Melbourne festival (Moomba) and various characters leap off a ramp with odd wing forms attached... into the Yarra River ! I have never done it myself but this form of mania attracts a certain amount of attention. I had a character leaping off a doghouse in a previous exhibition. I love these determined and eccentric characters!
floating - 2011 (SOLD)
flower girl - 2011 (SOLD)
flower girl
I wanted to do a girl hatching out of an egg but when I made the egg it didn�t look egg like enough but the form was such it suggested a flower pod so hence here is flower girl. Shades of snugglepot and cuddlepie!( characters in a children�s story in Australia)
flying boat 2 - 2011
flying boat 2
Flying Boat 2
I did a flying boat for an exhibition a long while ago where the sails were wings. This is another fun combination of the boat feathered oars being wings ...anything is possible in the imagination! I used to sing the skye boat song as a kid.. perhaps this is some subliminal version of it coming out again!
Girl on Bike - 2011 (SOLD)
Girl on Bike
Description to be entered by Laurie
Category: Small Sculptures
hoop girl - 2011 (SOLD)
hoop girl
hoop girl
hoop girl 3 - 2011 (SOLD)
hoop girl 3
Grace and style these are things I tend to lack so when I see even small children able to handle a hula hoop and not look silly, then I feel old! However, I used to be able to do this and not look silly and it is one of those things that always amaze that a simple device like this can provide hours of fun and challenge. I made one hula girl for a gallery and this is the third of the type though slightly different as I saw a picture of a girl holding it like this as part of a dance.
Horse and Cart - 2011 (SOLD)
Horse and Cart
An order from Gypsy Creek Winery.. this is their logo
joy - 2011
How to express emotions through body language is a constant challenge! Most of my girls are positive and I am sure I have seen scenes of girls strewing flowers as they skip gleefully. Anyway, it�s in my mind and here it is now translated to metal. I cant imagine anything happier! Its great being part of the world!
leaving home - 2011 (SOLD)
leaving home
I saw an image in a Leunig cartoon book of a sad little man leaving home with a swag on his shoulder. I liked the idea and liking my girls better I thought that they might be more positive.. stepping out with a jaunty step. Hence here is leaving home..( it might have odd resonances with the old beatles song Shes leaving home but my girl is certainly not British with a suitcase and a grey coat!)
loud - 2011 (SOLD)
I made a sculpture with an old horn previously and because it was spiral form it made a nice snail. This old horn doesn�t have quite the same form so I had to think what I would do. I ended up with a �His Masters Voice� type of layout and the hair on the character standing out can almost make you feel the sound. Just fun!
man of flowers - 2011 (SOLD)
man of flowers
I have been making larger flowers for the market and they just vanish!. I thought I should explore using the idea with my small pieces too.
my turn - 2011 (SOLD)
my turn
I ws given this wonderful bit of "junk" by a neighbor and it seemed too nice to use on something silly.. so I did this piece..
nature girl - 2011 (Recycled)
nature girl
A lot of my work has a theme associated with the natural world and many pieces are quite ambiguous as to what is being said. Is the leaf here dead? Is it a symbol of renewal? Is my girl angry or proud? That part is for you to decide but I like the combination of forms and like most art the message is determined by the viewer..
off the wall - 2011 (Recycled)
off the wall
This is the piece I did for Art Blitz. They give you the title on Friday at 4.00 and you hand it in on saturday at 4.00. The topic was Off the wall and I used the word wall as the basis with a character diving off the top. a character climbing it and a girl bouncing her ball off it. It didn't win but I was happy with my composition
out on a limb - 2011 (SOLD)
out on a limb
sitting on a branch .. as a kid i did this lots and its amazing the different feeling it evokes. Usually positive, safe, uplifted... in contrast to the intent of the line( out on a limb"
Proud - 2011
Another piece for the Blarney Books show..there is a story in the annual called Maiden Voyage about a dad taking his new baby for a walk in the pram the first time. I remember doing this myself and it struck a chord.. no real muckin g about with the words.. just a simple depiction
Reach me down a star - 2011 (SOLD)
Reach me down a star
My mum was a tall woman...( I am tall too) and one of her pet hates was people asking her to reach them down a star... no one ever asked me so I guess it was time specific.. anyway the idea appealed to me and this is the result
reflections - 2011 (Recycled)
I have used mirrors nearly all my working life and even as a kid I was fascinated by the reflections. I wanted for this exhibition to include odd bits of aspects of my creative life and this piece combines three. I used to work with wood a lot so this lovely piece of burl slab is one aspect. The mirror is the second and the girl is the metal side. I like the combination and I suspect I will follow this path a bit .
Snail - 2011 (SOLD)
a client asked me to make a snail from a car horn she supplied. I made one and then did another from one in my pile.This second one I added a girl to it as well.
snail female - 2011 (SOLD)
snail female
I had been given an old car horn and asked to make a snail for a client. It turned out good and I thought it would look even better with an addition. I had another horn in my collection pile and I decided that I would do a similar one but with a girl rider.I suppose I should have made a male rider so I could have �Snail Male� but I like my girls better!
stepping out - 2011 (SOLD)
stepping out
I have just started a series of dancing characters. I am fairly awkward type myself but I do love the grace and beauty of dance movements. This couple have a certain joy and enthusiasm( which I guess is part of any dance.I cant imagine and unenthusiastic dance!) and hopefully they bring part of their joy to the viewer
swept off her feet - 2011 (SOLD)
swept off her feet
This was for the blarney books biblio art show. It sold there
taking the air - 2011 (SOLD)
taking the air
another piece using rocks... I liked the idea of a floating rock... and a flying rock and this little piece is an inspiration for a few ideas for next year
talking to the angel - 2011 (SOLD)
talking to the angel
I listened to the album "Cry Cry Cry" by a band of the same name. It had a song on it called �talking to the angel� by Ron Sexsmith and it inspired this piece. Their song was about a baby but I developed it to an adolescent
telephone angel - 2011 (SOLD)
telephone angel
an order
The right piece - 2011 (SOLD)
The right piece
I was given a pile of metal from the wife of one of my clients who had died. Among it was these two pieces which were meant to fit together. It seemed that it would make a good metaphor for having the right piece for the job, so I added my lifting man and here is the result. I like the fact that the two dont line up and that is what the viewer does.. Line them up and see they fit!
the wall - 2011
the wall
The wall
I used some of that nice burl slab for a wall and created a character on each side. Sometimes we build a wall between us for a variety of reasons and sometimes we have to work hard to break down a wall some one has built. There are a variety of interpretations of this piece and I like that too.
tiny dancer - 2011 (SOLD)
tiny dancer
justa small dancing piece I made for a friend who was leaving to go to england
tricycle girl - 2011 (SOLD)
tricycle girl
I did this piece as the first piece to go to Canada. I used to have a trike myself( although I never was a girl) so I remember the fun that could be had with such a simple device.
unreal - 2011 (Recycled)
A few of my pieces in the past have been about how women are perceived in the media and popular culture. This piece follows along those lines and involves 4 female forms and a suggestion of what they are called .I have been dismayed by much of modern popular music where women are seen only as objects and their value is only given by their relationship to someone else. I have also used recycled steel as the main medium as this is an added comment on our throw away society. I must admit I hope these perceptions are thrown away soon!
This piece won best sculpture at Tyers art show
voice of the machine - 2011 (SOLD)
voice of the machine
This started with the lovely form of the bit of �junk�.I think it is an old gear arrangement for a drill, but I used it as a machine that �makes noise�. I had done �loud� previously and maybe that was an influence.. or a his masters voice type of idea. Whatever the start, I am pleased with this composition.
Weighting - 2011 (SOLD)
This is a piece for the Blarney books of Pt Fairy show biblio art. They have a pile of old unloved books and you buy one and then make art from it. Some people cut them up, use the pictures, use the titles etc etc. I chose the peoples Friend annual of 1963. There are a number of stories where different characters are waiting and as I had some old weights around I decided to play on words a bit and do this piece .. with the person in a waiting pose.. sitting on weights.
a bucket of moonbeams - 2010 (SOLD)
a bucket of moonbeams
This is a recycled piece. I made a couple of piece for the Blarney books show and one involved Alan Marshall being lowered down a mine in a bucket. It was appropriate for the show but not a piece that would have much meaning to other people. I liked my guy in the bucket and this is the first time I really have made a moon supported by a wire supporting a character dangling from it. What does it mean?.. well it is a pleasing combination of pieces and I find it quite whimsical/fun and to think of doing such a thing heaks back to the infinite possibilities of childhood.
a world of his own - 2010 (SOLD)
a world of his own
I often work at the computer, doing this sort of writing, surfing the net and doing emails. I am always amazed that I sit down for 5 minutes and get up an hour or two later. I dont think I am alone in this. I have made a number of pieces with characters flying and this piece felt like it also needed to fly to express this idea. The guy at the computer doesnt seem to notice!
acrobatics - 2010 (SOLD)
I cannot do any thing like this and am always in awe of people who can. However it also can be symbolic too and lots of activity can occur without going anywhere. I think many of us work hard, aspire and are very busy but not much is achieved. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a job which is sufficient of itself but often the acrobat here is more representative of the former feeling
arising - 2010 (SOLD)
I guess I am still playing with notions of floating and flying. I like the fact that she is just floating up and seemingly gracefully. A meaning?.....well no real idea except the gentle beautyIn new Zealand there was a ball set in mid air ..just floating.. perhaps that had an influence too.
aspirations - 2010 (SOLD)
One of my friends saw a version of this piece and asked for a similar piece for her son. This is it.
Balancing Act - 2010 (Withdrawn from Sale)
Balancing Act
Again this is an idea that has universal applications�I must admit these guys are certainly giving themselves a challenge with not only their own weight but the use of balls as well. We did see something similar in a show in China but these guys are not really referring to that.. just the daily task of living and making the difficult seem easy. Hope your balancing act is as good as this one!
ballerina 2 - 2010
ballerina 2
In looking at art, one is taken by representations of beauty, often in the female form. The ballet has been a source of artistic inspiration from at least the time of Degas. The grace of the ballet dancers I feel is echoed in the grace that occurs in many a netball game. I made a group sculpture with a netballer surrounded by Ballerinas and I decided to explore ballerina forms. I like her charm and the tutu from recycled nails appeals to my sense of fun. I expect to do further ballerina poses as there is quite a challenge in getting the balance and movement. The ballet is a story set in dance and this story could be anything.
banner girl - 2010 (SOLD)
banner girl
Flag girl is very clear on her direction. I dont know what it is about flags that fascinate us but to wave a flag is quite an experience. I have watched the people with rhythmic ribbons almost make magic in the air. This girl is not quite like that but she is enjoying playing with her flag.
I enjoyed playing with the material to try to get a waving rhythm into the flag and the red has the same vitality as many of the other pieces. The red is not meant to suggest any political movement but if she is leading I will follow!
Best seat in the house - 2010 (SOLD)
Best seat in the house
Yep another flying bird and someone being carried. I like the idea and I am exploring lots of its variations I remember once I was at the zoo and looking at the wedge tailed eagles cage and this eagle decided he was a bit annoyed at being stared at so he hopped off his perch( muscled over to the bars) and spread his wings. Now I am about 6 ft but his wingspan was more than that and I had the feeling that if he could make the bars disappear I would be lunch! If only that power could be harnessed for good instead of .. Very impressive and would probably love to go hang-gliding if I was younger, fitter, lighter! This is probably about the closest I am going to get!
bird rider - 2010 (SOLD)
bird rider
This is the first of the small pieces for the New Zealand show and the idea of riding an ostrich appealed.
I have made people riding normal birds in some of my small sculptures but I also make quite a lot of "tall birds" in a sort of ostrich form. Perhaps I was remembering when as a kid I saw Disney's "Swiss Family Robinson which had a scene of kids riding ostriches along the beach... well I'm not sure but my imagination turned this way.
Box boy - 2010 (Recycled)
Box boy
I think one of the things I worry about is the amount of time kids now spend playing on a screen, computer games, wii, x-box and even mobile phone games. Some of my best moments of play were with the most unstructured materials, such as bits of palings for guns, cardboard boxes for cars, houses and boats and lids of tins for all sorts of things. I was not so unusual as one of the common stories is of parents buying their kid a large something and the kid spending more time playing with the box it came in!
This unstructured imaginative play is a really important thing I feel and various research seems to support this belief. Parents now seem to feel the need to organise kids lives to be learning,or productive every second of the day. Give me a cardboard box any day!
Bucket of moonbeams - 2010 (SOLD)
Bucket of moonbeams
This is a recycled piece. I made a couple of piece for the Blarney books show and one involved Alan Marshall being lowered down a mine in a bucket. It was appropriate for the show but not a piece that would have much meaning to other people. I liked my guy in the bucket and this is the first time I really have made a moon supported by a wire supporting a character dangling from it. What does it mean?.. well it is a pleasing combination of pieces and I find it quite whimsical/fun and to think of doing such a thing heaks back to the infinite possibilities of childhood.
cage bird - 2010 (SOLD)
cage bird
bird in a cage...they take longer to do but are fun
Cannon boy - 2010 (Recycled)
Cannon boy
This seems to be one of those things that every one has to do somewhere some when! I looked on the net for an accompanying picture and there are thousands!. I remember doing it and it surely is something for nearly every boy� I don�t know about girls.. to do. Someone seeing the piece for the first time commented it was very phallic. I can�t recall that being the intention in climbing a cannon when I was kid and this piece is really just a reflection of my memory of those things I did as a kid that I haven�t done much since! I had a wonderful piece of a car joint and this called out to be made into a cannon..but I had to weld it in place to stop it falling down!
care - 2010 (SOLD)
Another major stage in many people�s childhood is where you are entrusted to look after a younger sibling. It is a wonderful responsibility and usually is an important part in growing up. I didn�t have this as I was an only child , but my wife is the eldest in a family of five and she often talks about looking after younger brothers and sisters. This piece celebrates this aspect of life and how we have to learn how to play with someone less capable than us
Catch - 2010
Another piece of childhood memories is hours spent with a ball throwing, catching, bouncing etc. It gives you persistence, confidence develops and you master a skill and it is a very sociable activity.
This girl was part of another piece called off the wall and I broke it up as it was done for a specific show and it was too big for most peoples environments. This was one part and I liked the simplicity of it. I added a friend to throw to and now I feel it fits this show perfectly.
This was for the full play exhibition at Fish Creek
chained to the machine - 2010 (Recycled)
chained to the machine
Dangerous pathway - 2010 (SOLD)
Dangerous pathway
My girls certainly have adventures. As a man who uses recycled metal, I have a variety of friends who bring me assorted things. One brings me all his old nails pulled out of recycled timber. I wanted to use some of them in one of my pieces and I was playing with ladders left over from another sculpture. I was going to have a girl hanging from the monkey bars but that seemed a bit tame. I decided to make a trap like those dealt with by an Indiana Jones or a Matthew Reilly character. In placing my girl on the rungs I have managed to get the pose such that she could be overbalancing or able to save herself.suspenseful!
Doing the impossible - 2010 (SOLD)
Doing the impossible
Doing the impossible. This one did sell at art Melbourne.When we visited Inverloch I am an inveterate beach comber, picking up interesting rocks and forms. I liked the idea of combining one of these rocks and my steel characters. In this case I wanted to have my two characters doing the impossible by teamwork. By choosing a male and female I hope the piece has a resonance with many partnerships as well as businesses.
Flag girl 2 - 2010 (SOLD)
Flag girl 2
Flag girl is very clear on her direction. I dont know what it is about flags that fascinate us but to wave a flag is quite an experience. I have watched the people with rhythmic ribbons almost make magic in the air. This girl is not quite like that but she is enjoying playing with her flag.
I enjoyed playing with the material to try to get a waving rhythm into the flag and the red has the same vitality as many of the other pieces. The red is not meant to suggest any political movement but if she is leading I will follow!
flying fish - 2010 (SOLD)
flying fish
It is so interesting to see the various skills and abilities of animals. When I saw flying fish I was so impressed and as I commented in flying, it is just a magic experience for those who cant do it! The idea of riding a flying fish is one of those fantastic ideas that just appeal to my sense of silliness or whimsy!
Yee haa!
galloping - 2010 (SOLD)
I was listening to an old Maddy Prior song called Galloping and it brought to mind the fun to be had with a hobby horse. .A stick ,a couple of wheels and a horses head and all of a sudden a kid is off in their own world of riding , racing, chivalry etc etc. How could I resist.and it had to be a girl because girls and horses are inseparable and I am sure this is where it would start!
Girl and Bird - 2010 (SOLD)
Girl and Bird
Girl and Bird sold at the opening nightof tehart teachers art exhibition. I don't think I photographed it. I did a second version( this one) in a different format and I swapped it with Anne Marks for a piece of her workI have done a couple of girls reading in the past and in the last Drouin exhibition I had her reading to a large bird and dog. I guess I am still exploring the idea but this time in a smaller form. Whats it all mean.nothing really ,except I love the fun of somehow a story winning over a giant bird. In the "untold stories exhibition" it was appropriate but I still love playing with the forms.
In following my colour theme this character allowed me to add orange to the composition instead of the red dress her predecessors had. The bird doesnt seem to mind.
Just do it - 2010 (SOLD)
Just do it
Leaping off the doghouse has a bit of a reference to snoopy and his doghouse Sopwith camel and I used to spend a lot of time reading comics and cartoon books. The idea of flying obviously has lots of adherents. This picture is sort of a Leonardo device. Im sure we all have played with the idea of making some sort of wings and just giving it a go. I note the birdman contests around the place and while I admire the ideas I feel I am a touch too heavy and .fragile.. to really give it a good go now
kick - 2010 (SOLD)
I dont know what it was with that piece but I mustnt have photographed it. This is the only photo I can find with it in it!
Looking for love - 2010 (Recycled)
Looking for love
My Character is looking for love�.maybe not in all the wrong places
Making some changes 2 - 2010 (SOLD)
Making some changes 2
I made a piece a while ago called making some changes which was my little axe girl. Here is her sister and she is a little more wilder even than the first. I said I like my girls to be courageous but this girl is probably even more than that. None the less I love the vitality and energy that can be captured and again the colour adds to the dynamics of the piece!
Paper Plane - 2010 (SOLD)
Paper Plane
I loved making paper planes. I could only do the simple ones but even they were a delight in that they would often fly perfectly and sometimes do the completely unexpected. I always though it would be cool to actually make one big enough to use. Although I did worry slightly about how it would land some of mine landed point first! Anyway this is the result of odd musings.
Prickly - 2010
In all the games we play most of the times other people join in happily. However, we all know characters that are prickly who cant seem to join in easily and this is part of the learning process, figuring out how to negotiate with these people. Certainly playing with someone who is prickly often leads to lots of changes in the rules . or maybe just taking your ball and going home!
Pushing against the rough stuff - 2010 (SOLD)
Pushing against the rough stuff
I had an idea of combining a grater with a form and this is the result.�"Pushing against the rough stuff" is another in the series using different utensils and human characters to represent different ideas.
In this case I had the idea of using a grater and the girl and when you think about the image it can represent a reaction against all the rough stuff�. whatever you think it is!
Pushing against the wall - 2010
Pushing against the wall
We often run into walls in our life. Hopefully not literally! Sometimes we can see a way around, or see what is on the other side and other times it is just a complete barrier. Sometimes we have to work hard to break down a wall some one else has built. There are a variety of interpretations of this piece and I like that too.
Skates - 2010
I had a pair of skates as a kid but motion was never my strong point. I just would not practice enough and I didnt have great balance. I dreamed of being able to skate fast and graceful but it was not to be. I can at least appreciate others doing it and I am always amazed at skaters or skateboardersno fear is their motto and I was always fearful of falling over! Wouss!!!
( my girl figure allowed me to get a bit of motion in there by the way her hair and skirt work a guy figure has not so many fun bits to play with!( well to me!!)
small cow - 2010 (SOLD)
small cow
This was an order for a small cow for an ex student
Sprint car - 2010 (SOLD)
Sprint car
this was a request from an ex student.. it was quite fun but also quite a bit of work... anything always takes a while when you have to solve problems.
strange dog - 2010 (Recycled)
strange dog
I used to walk to school for years and one of the joys was passing by different houses with a large variety of different dogs. They would always run to the gate or fence and bark and part of the fun was trying to make friends with these strange creatures could you tame the savage beast? In most cases I succeeded and it really was a walk from one animal to another. Playing with any dog is always a special experience and since I have grown up we have nearly always had a dog!
Surrender - 2010 (SOLD)
Again I wanted a piece with white in it. I had a sketch in my book of a boy with wings crouching on a window sill so I used that as the starting point.
Is the surrender to his true nature? Is it to the urge to jump and see if the wings work? Or was there another story?
The white is the colour of surrender so the title is appropriate but it is a slightly odd piece.
the chain - 2010 (SOLD)
the chain
This is another piece for the journey theme of the easter arts show. The journey of growth through our family.
Most of the time they are there to support us and they provide a chain of strength that nourishes and allows us to grow safely.
Some can see the chain as a limitation, binding us and holding us back and sometimes it can be. We all have our limitations and working within them is what we have to do.
However a chain is strong and can save us and this is another aspect.
In my chain it is not a completely straight line and this suggests a range of paths, links that may be broken and forged and different directions taken.
Different ages and genders are suggested but not really defined as a family can include all of these possibilities or only some.
This is the journey we all take and no matter where we are in life the chain of family still has links to everyone of us.
the fable of the girl and the spoons - 2010 (SOLD)
the fable of the girl and the spoons
The reflections of spoons are quite bizarre and their reflections are not really of this world. I had a series of cutlery around the place and I was playing with their forms. I did the piece and put it up on Facebook and One of my ex students, ( Jade ) suggested this title and I redid the idea in an even more interesting form.
As the story so far is untold I hope it suggests all kinds of possibilities.
wobble - 2010 (Withdrawn from Sale)
I saw this lovely Picasso piece with an acrobat balancing on a ball. I remember trying to do something similar but I don�t have a great sense of balance so I never really worked hard enough to get this right. However, I have always appreciated those kids who do work at it and many of my students have shown themselves to be competent at doing this sort of thing.( no thanks to me!)
Working together - 2010 (SOLD)
Working together
I like the idea of combining a machine part with my steel characters. In this case I wanted to have my two characters doing the impossible through working together. By choosing a male and female it has resonance with many partnerships as well as businesses. The Blue colour ties the characters to the machine part.
a better direction - 2009 (Recycled)
 a better direction
This piece was originally aimed at another exhibition called the �cult of personality� but I missed the due date.
I thought about those people who were well known personalities of the last century and I came up with Mao, Hitler and Marilyn.
I was fascinated by Hitler when I was young as I could not believe such views could exist and that a whole people could be swept into evil by the vision of one man. My sculpture uses the cut out shape of Hitler but the mother and child are rejecting that path and heading in a different direction.
The up aspect is the positive rejecting the negative!
a fine crop - 2009
a fine crop
I made a table using cutlery as part of the construction and had a number of pieces left in the shed. They called to me and the idea of making a farmer with his crop of forks was appealing
airhead - 2009 (SOLD)
Another term in common use but one I have never thought about representing until now. I was making this piece for another exhibition and the idea of using a red balloon to show this phrase just seemed appropriate. I have decided to now make a second piece with a female form to be equal in genders( who says I havent bee raised through a political correct organization!)
balloon girl - 2009 (SOLD)
balloon girl
Childhood is when we form so many of our values and ideas. I have explored lots of childish forms in my sculptures and this is another in the series. I often use female forms as they are more fun to make with long hair and dresses.
I have explored balloons lifting people off the ground and I love the contrast of the balloon seeming to float but in reality being held there by the wire. The Banksy picture above captures the innocence when a simple balloon can hold so much wonder. I feel I have achieved a bit of the same feeling too.
Butterfingers - 2009 (Recycled)
butterfly girl - 2009 (SOLD)
butterfly girl

In thinking about making small pieces I still have lots of thoughts about making things fly. The butterfly girl was suggested by a logo in an ad. The actual character in the ad was just standing and that seemed to take all the point out of it.
Anyway I made my Butterfly girl and she of course had to have red as part of her adornment.!)
bying flike - 2009 (SOLD)
bying flike
I went to the AG ideas forum with some students and one of the speakers there was an illustrator and one of her illustrations was for a flying bike and an angel. I had been exploring the wonders of fencing wire and this suggested itself as another possibility. My piece is no copy of hers but I really am pleased with it. It has wonderful movement and the silliness of it amuses and delights me. Hope it does the same to you.
carried away 2 - 2009 (SOLD)
carried away 2
This piece is yet another exploration of the up idea. Its a partnership and friendship is involved. The idea of riding with birds or being part of their world is age old and this piece seems just right. The first carried away was with a person in a birds claws but this piece is much friendlier
evolution - 2009 (SOLD)
I really cant take much credit for the idea though. I saw this photoshop piece on the internet and I did laugh. When I was making the bird for birdswing I thought the shape of the wings looked like plane wings and I remembered this photo. As I had lots of feathers still available I thought I would have a go and here is my version.
father and son 2 - 2009 (SOLD)
father and son 2
I made the first father and son and they were working in opposite directions. This one is more a comment on our similarities. These two characters are box like yet there is still affection and pride . No matter what we look like these things are usually present and this cuts across religions, races and class.
feeling of love 1 - 2009 (SOLD)
feeling of love 1
This is another piece in the �love� series looking at aspects of love and how we feel. I have portrayed it as being slightly off balance and awkward yet ,of course, it is positive and showing a degree of determination. It is interesting how the feeling changes over time and this piece represents the initial feelings before a degree of certainty and reciprocation occurs
First Delight - 2009 (SOLD)
First Delight
This is another piece in the series focusing on the joys of childhood. This is almost our first wild sensation where a parent or sibling gives us this feeling of flying, giddiness and trust all at once. Usually the giver gets as much fun as the one who is swung. As we get older it is one of those delights which changes from that being given to that which you can give. We still search for similar sensations but that trust which we have for the parent can never be replicated.
just looking - 2009 (SOLD)
just looking
I made a little sculpture a while ago inspired by a Rick Amor piece which had the character looking out a window. I really liked the incongruity of the character supporting the window rather than the other way around. This time the character is female (they are much more fun to make) and to a degree it echoes the waiting element that many people go though when someone is absent.
Love challenge - 2009 (SOLD)
Love challenge
This little piece has an archer and a girl floating her heart like a balloon.
This is another piece in the series focusing on aspects of love. Sometimes we make it easy to get our hearts and sometimes we pose challenges that make sure the other is prepared to work for it. I like the distance between my two characters and their each being very aware on the other. I also like the symbolism that if he hits the heart with his arrow , it wont fly again as it will have done its job and provided the focus for the beginning of the relationship.
marilyn`s child - 2009 (SOLD)
marilyn`s child
This piece was originally aimed at another exhibition called the cult of personality but I missed the due date.
I thought about those people who were well known personalities of the last century and I came up with Mao, Hitler and Marilyn Monroe.
It takes a bit to see through the cult of beauty and we are surrounded by images of the perfect everyday. It probably is great if you can match the perfect images in some way, but it is hard to deal with self image when you are not perfect.
I have seen that being valued only for your beauty has its own problems. ( I fortunately have not had to contend with this) and I have admiration for people who can break through being labeled as beautiful and nothing more . At the same time I feel it is such a problem in our society that our kids are being sexualized earlier and earlier so that I felt this little piece at least is my small comment on it. The ground is the silhouette of Marilyn in her dress blowing up picture and the rest is in relation to this.
The up aspect mmm, dont know but I wanted this piece to have an airing.
Night Noises - 2009 (SOLD)
Night Noises
Lisa Kurec made a delightful etching called moonlight which showed a little girl sitting up in bed and looking out her window at night. My wife loved this piece and said it was just like what she had when she lived at home as a girl in a room with windows on two sides.
I liked the idea but decided that night noises would be better as it had the possibility of being scary or calming. Night has such a different effect and Im sure you will have your own story for this piece.
relax - 2009 (SOLD)
In a past year, I did a series of pieces using rocks and I saw this rock ( from Inverloch) and thought it needed a character to react with it. This I obviously the start or end of a story and I think I like the contrast of being in a comfortable pose leaning against something that is inherently not very much of a cushion! Maybe its just the message we all need at times that even if the circumstances are not completely favorable we can still take time to stop.( Certainly at this time of year we all look forward to stopping.)
Rocking horse - 2009 (SOLD)
Rocking horse
Childhood is when we form so many of our values and ideas. I have explored lots of childish forms in my sculptures and this is another in the series. I often use female forms as they are more fun to make with long hair and dresses.
This is my first attempt at a rocking horse and I love the fun that a simple toy can provide. The movement similar to a swing but really a horse no matter how out of proportion, creates a world of imagination. I have stopped my horse from rocking, more for presentation aspects but I must admit that looking at the piece I am transported back to the joy when I had a rocking horse. This piece was also part of a show that went to New York
Traveller - 2009 (SOLD)
a small piece to give to a friend on her birthday
where I grew up - 2009
where I grew up
I did this for an exhibition at box hill called home
adrift - 2008 (SOLD)
China - 2008 (SOLD)
We were amazed by the friendliness of the people and their numbers. In the morning, when we walked around the lake there were people doing Tai Chi, Ballroom dancing and all sorts of other activities. The streets were thronged with motor scooters and bikes( not a helmet in sight) street sweepers, beggars and people doing business on mobile phones . . To show the multitude of the people this is my way. ( I had seen a similar idea years ago using trees as the multitude) but some how this seemed the way to do it.
I ended up breaking this piece up and some of the parts we took back to China when we went again with the school trip and I gave bits to the education minister, the artist dad who gave us the wonderful calligraphy and one of the school principals
Homage to shelley Watson Davie - 2008 (Recycled)
Homage to shelley Watson Davie
Shelley Watson Davie is another art teacher at Drouin Secondary who works on her own art and has a taste for the bizarre.
In this piece I have used the school colours in the tent and I did the tent to reflect her interest in fairground and carnival characters
The mirror creates another world which defies the expectations the viewer brings in approaching a square tent and this is almost a magical world much as her paintings reflect elements of death and magic. The skeleton of the merry go round horse also reflects her interest in things skeletal
skipping girl - 2008 (SOLD)
skipping girl
I did a couple of smaller pieces for the morwell version of the exhibition.Skipping girl "was part of a series of small figures I am doing relating to childhood pursuits and exploring the power of wire as a structural idea
2 aliens - 2007 (SOLD)
2 aliens
alien 7 - 2007 (SOLD)
alien 7
I did series of "aliens" using all sorts interesting parts . This is one.
abstract face - 2006 (SOLD)
abstract face
this was my first Melbourne Exhibition and I shared it with Sue Osborn. It was at Charles Smith Gallery in Smith st and I did this abstract face
balance - 2006 (SOLD)
this was my solo exhibition at the Old Drouin Butter factory. I think I combined it later with the clothes line piece
Many of the things I try in life is about balance, although I have never quite tried this!
fish tank - 2006 (SOLD)
fish tank
this was my solo exhibition at the Old Drouin Butter factory. Gary Miles bought this.. and it guards his studio!
I love words which can be interpreted in different ways. I had a go at one in wood but it was a bit too time consuming.
kite flyer - 2006 (SOLD)
kite flyer
this was my solo exhibition at the Old Drouin Butter factory.
I had just read a book called the Kite runner and the metal recycler gave me this lovely fencing wire which had such strength and the two things came together. I did a smaller one for Mirboo North Art show which won a prize.