I used to do lots of woodstuff...I still have a very large pile of wood I periodically attack


Wood Stuff From The Past

Rod box - 2007 (SOLD)
Rod box
Rod our principal retired and I made him a box .. it had a secret draw for squirrelling away money, it had a head that turned so one side he was sitting at a desk and the other he was the happy sportsman
coatpeg arm - 2006 (SOLD)
coatpeg arm
exploring cut out forms and also trying to make functional art.
fish - 2006 (SOLD)
You get an idea and want to explore it.. I was using pinecone seeds and I thought they would make great fish scales. I added some aluminium fins and....
fish box 1 - 2006 (SOLD)
fish box 1
just a silly box..more to explore possibilities than anything else
rustic table - 2006 (SOLD)
rustic table
Pinecones again.. I used the seeds to cover the sides of the drawer case....what was i thinking! It did look good though!
Shelley box - 2006 (SOLD)
Shelley box
this was a box for Shelley Watson Davies who was a colleague at the time. It showed her as a bit prickly but also female, nesting with her art being the centre of her life .. again a bit of Deborah Halpern reference too.Shelly made me a small painting as a response.
staple box - 2006 (SOLD)
staple box
using staples as a decorative form.. quite simple..a bit tedious.. but quite silly...
sue box - 2006 (SOLD)
sue box
I made this box for my friend Sue Osborn.. I was having a great time turning cones and I thought a box, lined with soft red felt and prickly on the outside would be appropriate for Sue. I added the eyes and lips as a bit of a reference to Deborah Halpern whose work I was enjoying at the time
Turned Fly - 2006 (SOLD)
Turned Fly
Found a photo of this piece.. it was in a rotary art show.. someone bought it.