During January 2016, the Red Tree Gallery Jindivick starts the year with a varied and diverse show by local identity Cathy Smith. Many people know Cathy from her years working at the Community house but what many do not know is that she trained in sculpture at university level. Cathy has had a variety of shows around the district including a recent show at the West Gippsland Arts Centre.

 In this new show at Jindivick  2 & 3 dimensional work will be included and if you are expecting a formal collection attached to the walls , think again. With a title of Plumb line and square, Cathy takes her brain for a walk  & ruminates on these 3 basic tools of western  construction. The show starts on Jan 1st and as typical of a creative approach to things an opening is not being held but a closing party will occur 2-4pm, Sunday 24 January

Gallery hours are 10 to 4 all days and the sculpture garden is another highlight.

Cathy is contactable on cathy.smith.art@gmail.com

Here is the small video made for Cathys exhibition.Cathy Smith video for exhibition 2016

Cathy Smith Exhibition Jan 2016

4 square - 2015
4 square
Rule: artwork will sell itself if it has red in it
Applied Mathematics for the householder - 2015
Applied Mathematics for the householder
Rule: make sure you get the larger half
Be he alive or be he dead - 2015
Be he alive or be he dead
Rule Visual art often involves a pig in a poke
Evolution of a hatpin - 2015
Evolution of a hatpin
Rule : always check references first
Plumbline 1 - 2015
Plumbline 1
Rule: never use colours straight from the tube
Plumbline Trocka - 2015
Plumbline Trocka
Rule avoid lens distortion by holding the camera parallel to the subject
Schrodingers Catnap - 2015
Schrodingers Catnap
Rule: there is always an exception that proves the rule
Song for walking the dog - 2015
Song for walking the dog
Rule: visual art should keep a visual diary on a daily basis
Steinbergs Cat - 2015
Steinbergs Cat
Rule artists should make at least 1 drawing a day
Study for Plumblines - 2015
Study for Plumblines
Rule : women your age should be painting flowers
Toroka Kipsigas contemplates possible alternative uses of his elegant feet - 2015
Toroka Kipsigas contemplates possible alternative uses of his elegant feet
Rule: never work with animals or Children
Uncertainty Principle - 2015
Uncertainty Principle
Rule: obects are more pleasing if Symmetrical