The February Exhibition at the Red tree Gallery is Floral Frenzy.Floral Frenzy exhibition Feb 2016

This is a  colourful and fun exhibition that most people will enjoy for the sheer exuberance of the work on display. The show is on for most of February and is open daily from 10 to 4.

“We are a group of four women, Lorinda Mutsaers, Jacky Williams, Joy Campbell and Trish Naus who have come together to showcase the work from our individual studios. We first met five years ago at art classes run by Meg Hayley at her studio in Warragul. We soon discovered that we shared a love of colour, pattern and still life.

Our exhibition, titled, Floral Frenzy, explores our passion for flowers and working with gouache and mixed media on paper. Although often similar subject matter, our work reflects the diversity of each of us as individual artists.

Artist statements:

Patricia Naus:

I have taught art in secondary schools for many years.

I started drawing and painting with Meg a few years ago and I have enjoyed it immensely. I've made new friends and discovered new Art Techniques by attending these classes. I find that if I don't commit myself to a painting class then I don't do much Artwork at all.

We paint mainly in Gouache, but lately we have ventured into the world of Acrylics which have a much larger selection of colours available at the Art shops. Just recently we visited Seniors in  Mulvern and spent a lot of money on great art supplies. I also find that painting outside of school makes me a better Secondary Art Teacher.

I love drawing better than painting, but the image is so much stronger if I also paint it. I have ventured into a very colourful world painting flowers. The colours in flowers are never ending and exquisite. I also think that the more painting you do, the more you improve.

Jacky Williams

I am a local artist, living in Tonimbuk, West Gippsland for over 27 years.

I have been painting with Lorinda Mutsaers, Joy Campbell and Trish Naus for approximately five years now.  We all met at Meg Haley’s studio whilst taking Megs art classes and found we all shared the same love of still life and vibrant colour.

My paintings are predominantly gouache and acrylic, mixed media.  I love to paint flora, ceramics and pattern.  Another love of mine is textiles and you will often find cloth depicted in my paintings too.

Most recently I have been painting our natural flora on black backgrounds after taking a workshop with Mignon Parker last year.  This work is mainly using acrylic paint.

My art is influenced by artists such as Margaret Preston, Cressida Campbell, Chris Canning and local artists Meg Abrecht and Helen Timbury.

I hope you enjoy our Floral Frenzy exhibition

Lorinda Mutsaers:

I have been interested in Art since I first started school. My family ran a gallery, Kylor Art Gallery, from our home in Walhalla Road Moe. My father is a painter and my mother had been involved in theatre for years. My childhood was spent travelling to galleries and regional theatre companies.

I decided at the age of 16 to pursue art as a career and left high school to attend Yallourn TAFE completing a TOP in Visual Arts. I then attended Monash University Gippsland (then GIAE) and completed my Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts.

At 21 I decided to pack my backpack and travel the world. I visited many countries in South East Asia and Europe eventually settling in England for 7 years. I attended Middlesex University and completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education and then began my career in Visual Arts Education.

I have taught art now for over 20 years and still love every second of it. Exploring creative options with young people is so exciting. Watching them develop their skills and experience the joy that art can bring is still so exciting to me.

My personal artistic aspirations took a back seat for a while as I had a young family that kept me busy. When my children became older I decided it was time to get back into creating my own artworks.

I have a beautiful studio at my house in Drouin South and love spending time in it creating art works. I have been working primarily with gouache on paper but recently working on canvas with acrylics.

I love painting still life, an influence I attribute to my father John Mutsaers, with the inclusion of nature. My other passion is for pattern, I love to include detailed patterns in my work and explore how pattern can give my work another dimension or meaning. Colour is so important to my work, using gouache has allowed me to do this as the colours available are so bright and beautiful.

My art is constantly evolving and changing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last 5 years of painting in Meg Hayley’s classes as she brings such enthusiasm to the classes and we are always trying something new.

Putting this exhibition together has been great fun. I have really enjoyed painting with these 3 ladies. Looking forward to many more painting days to come

 Joy Campbell:

I was born, grew up and have lived most of my life in Gippsland.

I trained and worked as an infant teacher and later had a ballet shop in Morwell as our children were growing up.

Art in the form of dance, music and theatre have always been a large part of my life, but even after many years of exploration I know that I still have so much to learn in my art journey.

In earlier years, in spite of attempting to follow in my mother’s footsteps, I struggled with china painting, finding it frustrating, painstaking and confining. I longed to be more of a free spirit, wilder and more colourful in my art. I wanted to find ways to express who I am more creatively.

Later I began to intuitively experiment with mandalas, various media and I slowly began to find self- expression through art therapy, watercolour classes and workshops of every kind. In learning to use gouache as a medium I finally found the freedom, vitality, colour and fun I had been looking for.

To me, painting should be a unique expression and interpretation of the vibrant wonder, mystery and fun of life.

I feel so lucky to be able to learn, explore and play creatively with others who share this passion. 

Art in the form of dance, music and theatre have always been close to my heart. In recent years my exploration of painting as a medium of expression has filled me with excitement too (as well as a good deal of frustration!). I often wonder at the intricate patterns and colours of life, revealed often through flowers, fruits and plant life. To me, painting should be a unique expression of this vibrant wonder, mystery and fun of life. To be able to explore, learn and play with others who share this passion is a wonderful gift.

I can only thank all those who are part of this fascinating journey 



Floral frenzy Feb 2016

Afternoon Tea Lorinda Mutsaers - 2016
Afternoon Tea Lorinda Mutsaers
Asian Influence Joy Campbell - 2016
Asian Influence Joy Campbell
Blue Bottles Lorinda Mutsaers - 2016
Blue Bottles Lorinda Mutsaers
Blue Jug Lorinda Mutsaers - 2016
Blue Jug Lorinda Mutsaers
Bouquet Lorinda Mutsaers - 2016
Bouquet Lorinda Mutsaers
Delphinium Patricia Naus - 2016
Delphinium Patricia Naus
Faded Glory Joy Campbell - 2016
Faded Glory Joy Campbell
Ficifolia in Bloom Jacky Williams - 2016
Ficifolia in Bloom Jacky Williams
Floating Waratah Jacky Williams - 2016
Floating Waratah Jacky Williams
Good health and every Blessing Joy Campbell - 2016
Good health and every Blessing Joy Campbell
Holly Hocks Patricia Naus - 2016
Holly Hocks  Patricia Naus
In the studio Joy Campbell - 2016
In the studio Joy Campbell
Inspiration Mandala Patricia Naus - 2016
Inspiration Mandala Patricia Naus
Joy in spring Joy Campbell - 2016
Joy in spring Joy Campbell
Kangaroo Apple Patricia Naus - 2016
Kangaroo Apple Patricia Naus
Lillies Lorinda Mutsaers - 2016
Lillies Lorinda Mutsaers
Meg's mosaic Jacky Williams - 2016
Meg's mosaic Jacky Williams
Meg's Place Joy Campbell - 2016
Meg's Place Joy Campbell
Mignon's Natives Jacky Williams - 2016
Mignon's Natives Jacky Williams
Orchid Jacky Williams - 2016
Orchid Jacky Williams
Oriental Ginger Jar Jacky Williams - 2016
Oriental Ginger Jar Jacky Williams
She Bought a Liberty Scarf Lorinda Mutsaers - 2016
She Bought a Liberty Scarf Lorinda Mutsaers
Something Whimsical Joy Campbell - 2016
Something Whimsical Joy Campbell
Sunburst Joy Campbell - 2016
Sunburst Joy Campbell
Sunflowers Patricia Naus - 2016
Sunflowers Patricia Naus
The Red Room Joy Campbell - 2016
The Red Room Joy Campbell
Waratahs Jacky Williams - 2016
Waratahs Jacky Williams
Wildflowers Patricia Naus - 2016
Wildflowers Patricia Naus