Here is the video that accompanies the exhibition jesse Mclennan

Red Tree Gallery’s new show for February is the wonderful Jessie Mclennan and family with their combined exhibition” Creativity is in our DNA”. Many people know Jessie as the manager of the Warragul Arts Market and also for her delightful figurative sculptures. This exhibition not only features Jessie but family members Zoe Clarke, Jarrah Clarke, Dean Kriesl, Jolan Kriesl, and Tara Kriesl. Sculptures and paintings are on display and the show is stimulating and diverse with the traditional through to the unconventional.

The show will celebrate the creativity within Jessie's family.  Visitors will also see many of Jessie's more recent sculptures and paintings as well as paintings sculptures and photography by her 4 children, husband and Mother. Creativity was always encouraged and celebrated for Jessie as a child, and now Jessie's four children, Jarrah, Zoe, Jolan and Tara will be showing their diverse creativity.

Is creativity in your DNA? In 2013 scientists found some GENES that are responsible for creativity. Everyone has them.  How much are your creative genes nurtured?

The opening is on Saturday Feb 10th at 2.00 and food and drink is provided and everyone is welcome to view this positive and joyous exhibition.

 The show runs until the 28th of Feb and is open every day from 10 to 5. More information is on the new website

Jesse Mclennan and Family creativity is in our DNA