This exhibition is on tour…It was shown in Bairnsdale Gallery in February a year, after the Glenaladale fire event.  In April, the exhibition was at Meeniyan Art Gallery.  Laurie Collins Sculpture Garden, is now hosting Libby’s Exhibition at the Red Tree Gallery. Main Road Jindivick.



The devastating fires of Feb 11th 2014, swept through our property and the Glenaladale district.

The visual impact of the fires and the dramatic changes to a once familiar landscape, changed for ever.  This exhibition shares and savours the healing process, Human and natural environment.  The collection of bits’ connecting man and environment as the rebuild and regenerative process takes place.  Beauty is seen in a connective spirit, as the monotone returns to colours, uplifting us with hope and transformation.


An intimate collection of artworks, which are mostly smaller sizes.  Some textural paintings, to visually communicate the devastation left by the fires, followed by the return of colours, to the landscape.  The assemblages, created from bits collected during the cleaning up process after the fires, burnt timber and twigs, wire from fencing, melted mower parts etc.  layered together to create unified assemblage artworks.

This year, I have also illustrated a children’s book, which is soon to be released.

As well as participating in group exhibitions, the Gippsland 14.. in Melbourne and currently at Meeniyan Art Gallery.


This is Laurie Collins first official exhibition in his new Gallery at Jindivick.

The Gippsland Country Magazine feature a story about me and my art in their Summer edition.

Bairnsdale Advertiser also published articles.

ABC radio Gippsland did an Interview

Libby Witchell

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Libby Witchell Exhibition May 2015

And so it begins - 2015
And so it begins
And then the silence, Blacks on Black - 2015
And then the silence, Blacks on Black
Assessing the Damage - 2015
Assessing the Damage
Assessing the Damage - 2015
Assessing the Damage
Barcode Analogy - 2015
Barcode Analogy
Bound - 2015
Bushfire Moon - 2015
Bushfire Moon
Can't Rebuild all - 2015
Can't Rebuild all
Charred and scarred - 2015
Charred and scarred
Frayed - 2015
G that remains - 2015
G that remains
Hang in there - 2015
Hang in there
Layers of demise - 2015
Layers of demise
Magpie song, nowhere to hide - 2015
Magpie song, nowhere to hide
Mending Landscape - 2015
Mending Landscape
Orchard survivors - 2015
Orchard survivors
Regenerative process - 2015
Regenerative process
Rustic Impressions - 2015
Rustic Impressions
Taking Flight - 2015 (SOLD)
Taking Flight
The old and the new - 2015
The old and the new