Ice and Isolation

Images of light, life, water and ice at the ends of the Earth

Linda Zwierlein’s first solo exhibition, Ice and Isolation, takes the viewer on a photographic voyage to the Antarctic and Arctic regions and depicts the amazing beauty of the frozen landscapes and the inhabitants of those landscapes.

Linda, a local photographer, has had a fascination for the polar regions since first seeing Frank Hurley’s photos of Antarctica, as a child.

In recent years, she has made a number of trips both to the north and south polar regions to those places where mankind is only a visitor. Here, there is peace, harmony and tranquillity, nature is the absolute ruler.

Through Linda’s lens and personal vision, her images will take you to those places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

Ice and Isolation opens at the Red Tree Gallery Jindivick on April 1st and runs for most of April.

Here is the video that accompanies the exhibition linda zwierlein video of Ice and Isolation

Linda Zwierlein Exhibition April 17

above and below - 2017
above and below
affection - 2017
aluminium ice - 2017
aluminium ice
antarctic landscape - 2017
antarctic landscape
aqua impression - 2017
aqua impression
arctic hare portrait - 2017
arctic hare portrait
berg - 2017
clouds in the water - 2017
clouds in the water
fight chinstrap penguins - 2017
fight chinstrap penguins
gentoo family portrait - 2017
gentoo family portrait
gentoo love - 2017
gentoo love
gentoo penguin - 2017
gentoo penguin
ice and water - 2017
ice and water
ice bridge - 2017
ice bridge
Ice Butterfly 1 - 2017
Ice Butterfly 1
Ice Butterfly 2 - 2017
Ice Butterfly 2
ice mask greenland - 2017
ice mask greenland
ice reflections Greenland - 2017
ice reflections Greenland
icy - 2017
Ill just rest a little - 2017
Ill just rest a little
imminent antarctic - 2017
imminent antarctic
inquisitive antarctic - 2017
inquisitive antarctic
its a hard life - 2017
its a hard life
Mirror on Scoresby sound - 2017
Mirror on Scoresby sound
on a berg antarctica - 2017
on a berg antarctica
penguin love - 2017
penguin love
playtime - 2017
portrait of a walrus - 2017
portrait of a walrus
stratus - 2017
sunset on ice - 2017
sunset on ice
tilted - 2017
time for a rest svalbard - 2017
time for a rest svalbard
waiting - 2017