Lynne Bickhoff Artist's Statement

 I paint my own reality.The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration. Frida Kahlo

When I read this quote I felt an immediate affinity, as I to feel a compulsion to paint and like Frida Kahlo, I paint my own reality.Inspiration comes from observing and absorbing the natural world compelling me to describe the resulting emotional responses on canvas.If my paintings also strike a chord with and audience and they also feel a connection, that brings me great personal satisfaction.Therefore I depict the landscape not literally or realistically but more from and interpretaive point of view

.The works are more of an internal view of the world as I see it.I use whatever media will better express my emotions, so oil will often express a softer emotion whilst mixed media can be utilised to produce a varied response .I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition in aspects of nature , for instance the delicacy of a fern against a coarse rock face. A repeating subject is mountains and forests as I feel a strong connection to these elements in the landscape. I aim for the work to engage the viewer- seeing the world through my eyes and feeling the same excitement I felt when being inspired and creating it.


Lynne Bickhoff Exhibition Oct 15

Ancient Gondwana Rainforest - 2015
Ancient Gondwana Rainforest
Beardy's waters - 2015
Beardy's waters
Colours of summer - 2015
Colours of summer
Fire and Ice Triptych - 2015
Fire and Ice Triptych
I love a sunburnt country 2 - 2015
I love a sunburnt country 2
Lost Wilderness - 2015
Lost Wilderness
Oceanic flows - 2015
Oceanic flows
Oil and cold wax panels - 2015
Oil and cold wax panels
Oil and Cold wax panels - 2015
Oil and Cold wax panels
Profusion of spring - 2015
Profusion of spring
Soaring - 2015
Tidal Changes - 2015
Tidal Changes
VGirgin Rock - 2015
VGirgin Rock