The new exhibition at the Red Tree Gallery Jindivick is Lucid Dreaming by Nicole Smith. Nicole is a local photographer but this is her first exhibition of her acrylic paintings. Nicole paints in a beautiful and feminine manner and her subject matter of girls and fauna are whimsical and delightful ,expressing a joyfulness and positive approach to the interaction of humans and nature.

The show runs from Sept 29th to Oct 26th and the opening is on Oct 8th from 2 to 4pm.

This is a show to bring you charm delight and fun and all are welcome to meet the artist at the opening.

Here is the video of Nicole speaking about her exhibition.Nicole smiths lucid dreaming exhibition

Nicole is contactable and her work is able to be seen at

Nicole is also on facebook and Instagram     studio_nickers


Nicole Smith Lucid dreaming

cheeky Kooka - 2016
cheeky Kooka
Devilwoman - 2016
Disparate Audrey - 2016
Disparate Audrey
Dot and the Kangaroo - 2016
Dot and the Kangaroo
Exposed thoughts - 2016
Exposed thoughts
Hatful of Happy - 2016
Hatful of Happy
If wishes were fishes - 2016
If wishes were fishes
kitty - 2016
Metamorhosis - 2016
Moth(er) - 2016
Nicoles bags - 2016
Nicoles bags
nicoles prints - 2016
nicoles prints
Raven dance - 2016
Raven dance
The colony - 2016
The colony
The great Australian dream - 2016
The great Australian dream
The king and I - 2016
The king and I
the launch - 2016
the launch
The thoughts that swim - 2016
The thoughts that swim
wouldnt it be good - 2016
wouldnt it be good