This exhibition is a current collection of oils on canvas and framed pencil drawings. The artist Roni Schell has had a life long fascination with horses and these artworks reflect her delight in their gentleness power and grace. Living in West Gippsland gives her many opportunities to observe her own two horses and those of friends and acquaintances. Riding most days and treating horses as a student of the Emmett technique gives Roni anatomical information crucial to her artwork. Most people these days have a bucket list and this is someone who is living hers.

Artist Roni Schell graduated from Curtain University WA with an Arts Degree in Fine Art with a major in painting 1978 She went on to lecture at LaTobe university Bendigo campus where she also studied for a Masters Degree in Visual Arts. Her current exhibition (Red Tree gallery in Jindivick Vic.) Is a direct result of her life long love of horses. She took up riding again 15 years ago and now has two ex racehorses that she rides regularly. Roni has a small number of students who meet weekly at her studio for classes and throughout the year runs weekend workshops. Her students range from absolute beginners to experienced painters. It was nearly three years ago that she was approached to teach oil painting. This rekindled an interest in an old passion that grew into the body of work that is the current exhibition. When Roni and her husband moved to West Gippsland ten years ago he built her a studio where she paints and takes classes. Previous exhibitions Parmelia portrait prize WA Eaglehawk dahlia and arts festival Roar studios Brunswick - 2 man show Artspace group show. Bendigo Firestation group show Bendigo x2 Antipodes gallery Sorrento. Numerous pieces in private collections


The exhibition comprises oil paintings and framed pencil drawings. The drawings are intended to invite the viewer into the process of developing paintings from drawings. This approach was a fundamental component in her under graduate training and stands her in good stead today. Roni's principal painting technique is that of glazing - the application of thin layers of paint until a desired affect is achieved. It is a some what old fashioned method that results in a depth of colour with wonderful rich glow. It is a time consuming application of paint that requires huge amounts of patience and consideration. So Roni's approach is to work on a number of canvases at any given time. The exhibition is the end result of two years work

Roni schell exhibition Feb 17

andalusian - 2017
andalusian drawing - 2017
andalusian drawing
black ice - 2017 (SOLD)
black ice
black ice drawing - 2017
black ice drawing
Buddy - 2017
coronet bay - 2017
coronet bay
coronet bay drawing - 2017
coronet bay drawing
dressage - 2017
Foalie - 2017 (SOLD)
foalie drawing - 2017
foalie drawing
Hailey and her best mate - 2017 (SOLD)
Hailey and her best mate
jumping for joy - 2017
jumping for joy
jumping for joy drawing - 2017
jumping for joy drawing
miss twiggy - 2017
miss twiggy
miss twiggy painting - 2017
miss twiggy painting
my first pony - 2017
my first pony
my first pony drawing - 2017
my first pony drawing
Out Hunting - 2017
Out Hunting
Out Hunting drawing - 2017
Out Hunting drawing
pam and charlie - 2017
pam and charlie
quarter horse - 2017
quarter horse
reining comp - 2017
reining comp
seamus - 2017 (SOLD)
seamus drawing - 2017
seamus drawing
show time - 2017
show time
show time drawing - 2017
show time drawing
snowman drawing - 2017
snowman drawing
Tribute to spud - 2017
Tribute to spud
tribute to spud drawing - 2017
tribute to spud drawing
tribute to the snowman - 2017
tribute to the snowman