Animals abound in Gallery show.

The new exhibition at the Red Tree Gallery for December is by Labertouche local, Ros Godman with paintings of groups of animals. The show is entitled “Not one but Many” and refers to the social nature of animals. Ros a former vet, has had a love for animals her whole life and for her first painting exhibition has created large acrylic paintings on wooden panels. The works can be seen as grouped or taken separately. Seagulls, seals ,ibis and pelicans are among the featured works and also remarkable paintings of trees link closely to habitat. The opening is on Sunday Dec 4th and the exhibition continues for most of December.

Ros Godman video for exhibition Dec 2016

Ros Godman exhibition 2016

a peaceful evening 1,2,3 - 2016
a peaceful evening 1,2,3
charcoal seagulls 2 - 2016
charcoal seagulls 2
charcoal seagulls1 - 2016
charcoal seagulls1
gum tree studies - 2016
gum tree studies
gum tree study 1 - 2016
gum tree study 1
Ibis landing - 2016
Ibis landing
pelican landing - 2016
pelican landing
seagulls - 2016
snow gums 1,2,3 - 2016
snow gums 1,2,3
time out to sunbake 1,2,3 - 2016
time out to sunbake 1,2,3
Toorongo falls - 2016
Toorongo falls
tree study 3 - 2016
tree study 3