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December 1, 2011

December 2011

Dec 31st Sat
Beautiful hottish day, worked on website, got milk, talked to others, poisoned path weeds,Emily off shopping with Kathleen, Stephen and Kristen off to Venus Bay, M on call ultrasound., very hot reading book most of day, Jeff and Jeanette dropped over, then went to Jindi Caf for tea with Janet and Ross Chandler and others, Ken and Amanda, sue and Colin Parrish, Gavan Arden, Janet and Jim, Graham and …home about 9, watched Matilda, off to Bed.

Dec 30th Friday
Lovely day, tidied house, did washing, Vacuumed, Alan and bronny and Paul and others arrived( Phoebe,alexa,two boys)made a dog with alexa, walked around sculpture garden, they Left, Stephen and Kristen and Madge and Emily arrived, did lunch with them, Alan and tribe back, then off again. Stephen and Emily pruned, worked on website, did tea, Lasagne, Stephen Mowed , watched Larry Crowne..pleasing

Dec 29th Thursday
Lovely day, M started late,I did 2 loads of washing, Plumber came and fixed blocked Pipe, I did a dog and bird, then coffee break, ½ hr of Pilates from dvd went to Warragul to get metal( only some bits) and bolts to finish off seat. Finished seat and started rock part of landscape. Stephen and Kristin coming tomorrow with Madge, also Caleb, Ken Kercevall dropped in with son Daniel and granddaughter, then Trish Jones and 2 cars of people including Morgan ( nice dress) ,Trish took second Tricycle girl, finished welding Landscape and painted it, Chicken casserole for tea, M late home, watched 1 Battlestar, walked dog, Painted other side of sculpture, worked on notes and emails

Dec 28th Wednesday
Lovely sunny but not too hot day. M back to work,I did 2 birds and 2 dogs, then 1 kookaburra order, mowed rest of paddock,started on mesh for landscape piece, reassembled seat mostly, off to Chiropractor to get back better,shopping, home for nap, spaghetti for tea,then bit on website( ATA exhibitions) then walk dog in park with M, 1 Battlestar Gallactica, bit on diary then tidying desk.

Dec 27th Tuesday.
Coolish, worked on website, mowed top paddock, lunch with Fay and Jack, taking Emily home. Did that had a lovely long lunch with Fay and Jack and Kathleen andDavid, home and nap.. soup and toast for tea, watched one battlestar, Marian whippersnipped and I mowed ( and played with dog) surprise gift of old files and a new shirt awaiting us when we arrived.

Dec 26th Monday( boxing day) stayed home and quiet, worked on combining Canada blog with sketc hes, photos etc, Leanne and Andrew Goodwin came and brought guests from Sydney , Helen and Andrew and Alice and Henry came after lunch for arvo tea and to drop off Guava plant they needed to dig up, looked through sculpture garden, cold and rainy, worked on adding old shows to website,skewers fortea, watched Cowboys and aliens after Dr Who xmas special. Reading a Dance with Dragons.

Dec. 25th Sunday.
Loaded up everything and went to Madges. Helped a bit with preparation, lovely meal on verandah,Andrew, Pauli, Belle, Madge, Fiona, Ernie, us, Em, Kathleen and Biggles, Caleb, Don,and Stephen arrived from airport,, sort of humid/Hot and rainy. David and Sarina and Rubia and Giselle arrived after another xmas dinner, Pressys, then packed up and drove home in the rain,watched 2 battlestar gallacticas

Dec 24th Saturday
Lovely coolish day getting hotter, mowed and hoed a bit, worked on a kook a burra, people came and picked up kookaburras etc,painted seat slats and frame, did another tricycle girl,wendy and Sarah came over, Jeff and jeanette came over, I went to Leishouts dropped off sketch books, vacuumed house, M did tea with em, kitchen grey water is blocked ,,, tried to fix, no success, Xmas or us, lots of pressies, M washed up in bucket,started to watch Rockwiz, bed Thunderstorms and lightning, bit of rain

Dec 23rd Friday
Beautiful day getting warmer,Janelle came and bought a dog, Jerry bought a pelican and Kookaburra, worked on another trike girl,took Kerries big orange box back, and Barbaras owl to her place,home for lunch and a nap, worked on website, cut up wood for stakes and also slats for big seat, Caleb came home and M went shopping with em.. Kathleen came over and they are all wrapping presents.and I'm stuffed!


Dec. 22nd Thursday
Beautiful day, ( if I was there it would be the last day of school) Added to website , then did 5 flowers for an order,Malcolm picked up seat, started on Bzarte signs, 1 done and number, helped M with whipper snipping,went to help fix Jeffs tractor bit but out of oxygen. Delivered Teresa's pieces and flower order, got new oxy bottle and parts for plasma cutter,( 100) went shopping, ,home, did whippersnipping around house, mowed house block, started tea. Bart and Leslie and KT dropped in, talked and showed sculpture garden…nice to see them, jeff dropped in, dealt with emails


Dec,21st Wednesday
Cool day becoming fine and warm,Worked on website added June 2010, went to shed, finished kookaburras..assembled barts piece and Malcolms seat, did a bit of mowing after M did most. Sal came and bought a dog. Went to Drouin, dropped off kooka at sues, talked to Paul, dropped off Barts piece at school, went to Koonwarra, looked at exhibition of sculpture in the vineyard, then to Inverloch community hub to see Ellen exhibition, paid 40 deposit on one piece, visited Grant ( cut arm)and Irene( damaged shoulder) came home at tea, had chops, loaded May 2010 onto website, watched Last airbender, pleasant breeze in evening

Dec 20th Tuesday
Coolish day fining up. Worked on website added 10 pieces, went down shed and did Malcolms seat, and 1 dog, then off to woodwork for women.. Lois, Glenys,Shirley, Barabara, Kay, last class, did a bit of shopping home for a nap, then down to do two chooks and 2 dogs. Marian whipper snippered and mowed, steak for tea, then uploaded July 2010 to website.Watched a fish called Wanda.

Dec.19th Monday
Cool day Worked on New Zealand exhibition on website,Worked on Kookaburras, did 6, and finished Barts piece, painted 1 coat,went and bought metal,big sheets and bar( 450),M home sorting papers,Denise Cole and David dropped in as they were passing with some people from England. Looked at sculpture garden. went out to Pilates breakup, very pleasant, met Susans partner Richard, also Gillian, Leanne, Paula etc.

Dec 18th Sunday
Worked on 2 characters for ½ a world away piece for Bart and Leslie. Got most of it done, did a lyrebird for Sal who dropped in, did 4 birds for T and C and took excess stuff there 4 dogs 6 birds and 1 table,Caleb came through took Ralph home,Delivered two pieces from exhibition, watched the Promise last episode.. excellent TV, worked on website.

Dec.17th Sat.
Beautiful slightly breezy day,Up earlyish, did a dog in the shed, bought the papers, loaded trailer, went to Warragul art market. Saw lots of people, Di Croft, Gillian, Lisa, benn and Tessa, Lisa Demos,Helen, Jessie, Michelle, merv and Denise Thuniessen, (800) sold lots, home to vacuum, Jeanette and friend came over, jasper ran up the hill from Glen cromie and a carload of others from glen cromie.Marian brought Magnum home and three dogs swirled and seethed around the place. Pizza for tea,2 episodes of Battlestar( player is playing up, and rock Quiz etc

Dec16th Friday
Lovely warm day Worked on website and email, took Mower in to be fixed, changed blades fixed deck, service, took sketch books to Helens kids, dropped off circle bird at Maree;s went to Moe bought welding rods, discs and washers( 150) then to morwell for springs,( 200) home for lunch, then did 1 bird, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 13 flowers, 1 pelican, mowed houses block, cut up wood for Helen,M a bit late , did beef patties in batter, then 2 battlestar( episodes exodus didn’t work!)
Dec 15th Thursday
Lovely day ,Worked on website, took dog to vet, left him there to get his dew claw fixed/cut off, came home and got ready for art group, , opened up talked to Geoff and susan and a few others. Jessie and Ingrid were there to help with the lunch Karen had organised for the creative Gippsland admin people. I did two small watercolours which were orders, left about 1.30, dropped off anitas paintings and picked up xmas tree. Home, lunch, nap, then down to make dogs and birds. Did 5 dogs and 1 bird, posted off Rav insuranceChicken things for tea, M on call, walked dog and jeanette came over to choose a dog for her friend, watched 1 battlestar. Worked on website and email

14th Wednesday
Did a bit on website( mainly small art pieces) then worked in shed, 6 dogs and 1 cat, took Helen piece in, delivered ½ a world a way to Janis( 525), to Narrewarren to send off dogs and cat,, xmas shopped at JB Hi fi,kfc lunch,home for bart and leslie, didn’t come as leslie is crook, finished unloading trailer, weeded and planted back of sun goddess, tea( roast beef) planted few more iris Barney hurt his paw by slipping on the grass and breaking his dewclaw,, worked on website, watched 1 battlestar( season 3)

Dec. 13th Tuesday
MOwed paddocks, moved sculptures rearranged “mountain Bike”, went to Ellinbank loaded trailer with stuff from Mary Gabriels,, helped Helen, Ingrid, Pauline and Lesley back to Warragul, lunch then took flower girl to community house for Nick, woodwork for women, working on Mirrors, talked about screws, boord for steel for kookaburras,then home, nap, sausage rolls for tea, unloaded most of trailer, out to launch of Arts centre season… just a big ad really… home. M on call, worked on website.

Dec 12th Monday
Worked at website and then tidying sculpture garden, mowed a bit and moved a bit, fixed the odd one or two, then in car and down to Richmond to pack up “in Character” exhibition… Cressida and Rosemary each bought one.. I will probably swap for one of Cressida's, then to bargain book place and bought books for xmas, off to Kew, had lunch , called in on Madge, then off to Zart art to buy an a3 folder and 10 sketchbooks. Home through traffic, nap, quiche for tea then out to Pilates

Dec.11th Sunday
Up and off to Gembrook… rainy and showery most of morning, sold about $500, fairly quiet, bought trees and bamboo,, home just when it fined up.. went to Emerald and dropped off 5 birds and 2 dogs at shop Finders Keepers for Lisa, then back to Jinks creek, nothing much there, home for nap, skewer chicken tea, then planted a range of trees and plants, in to add to website and watch episode 3 of the Promise and 1 Battlestar.

Dec 10th Saturday
Went to Rokeby sold $1000, and lots of orders,saw Jude, Heather, Carmel, Wombat, Barbara, Sue, home for lunch with Kathleen, unloaded car, took 7 sculptures to Jinks creek, back, talked to Jeff, then nap, loaded car and trailer, emailed stuff

Dec 9th Friday, fine warm day, worked on two cats in morning and another pelican then 20 flowers. Off to Kooweerup market at the hospital there. Toby Sargent was the organiser( ex student) and a lovely man. I sold 1 flower only, showered a bit, bought some lovely work from Danielle Bain, 2 pieces, packed up home again, watched 1 battlestar and bed!

Dec 8th Thursday
Lovely warm day, mowed for a start, went to art group, developed ideas, Jessie, Geoff, and two others ther, Joy dropped in to pick up hoop girl.. have committed to a scholarship for African kid, dropped off Travis’ painting, dropped off ingrids painting, home lunch, nap started in shed, needed metal went to Warragul bought 10mm and 12mm rod,home did 7 pieces including two interesting dogs, sausages for tea, M at interesting cases in Melb. Going to Skipping girl vinegar, did some drawings as usual.Saw Joe, Deb, Ellen, Trish etc

Dec 7th Wednesday
Lovely day, worked in shed, did 3 birds and 6 dogs, showered, picked up Helen, went to Kingston. Talked about exhibition, now 2013m back to Drouin, dropped off he;len, shopped, home, nap, mowed,most of sculpture garden, went to Jindi business group breakup at colleens, few beers home,1 battlestar.

Dec 6th Tuesday
Lovely day,worked down shed( surprise!) did 5 birds and 2 pelicans,showered , went to woodwork for women, worked on boxes and mirrors, piad by tyers( 360) paid by wch( 260) , bought flat bar (80?), home, nap tea salad and spring rolls, Joan came and picked up stuff, bought knitted biscuits,Malcom came, ordered a seat, worked in shed did one bird, email stuff 1 battlestar.

Dec 5th Monday
M had time off til 10 so we went over to Gary’s and started taking down the exhibition..Took back 1 load did 2 loads of washing. M went to work and I loaded up stuff for Lyrebird Hill winery at Koonwarra, went down there and loaded up other works from there. Called in at Pete Dumergues and dropped off Bird on a wire, paid( 150) then back home unloaded works, went to Garys , passed sue, loaded works took them home went back with trailer and Sue arrived to take her work and help with finishing up.Went home, had nap then worked in shed on 4 birds and 1 cat, then took extra champagne to Kerries, Pilates, home 1 battlestar. Email.

Dec 4th Sunday
Mild day fining up, worked in shed cutting up bits for birds, did three. Went to gallery saw a nice range of people from Bart and Lesley to some students from my working with wood class. No more sales but the odd order. Left exhibition and went to Burnley Harbour, brought home 2 of the three pieces

Dec 3rd Saturday
Mild day..did a dog, and about 7 flowers, then went to Gallery… no one in the morning( except Noelene and her mum and Sue O,) then went to Kingston night market… well worth while lots of people, sold nearly everything, (1200) and bought a print from Emma Hurst, a photo from the stall next to me, a bracelet and a couple of brooches. Did a nice drawing of the girl on the stall next door( Mel) and home at 11.00. Marian sat on the exhibition during the day and Janis bought , ½ a world a way, lyn bought my turn and Cathy bought a few of the sketches and there were a range of people all afternoon.Yay!  M had to take Ralph to Traralgon to give back to Caleb so she had a late night too.

Dec 2nd Friday
Beautiful day, Silver soldered lots of queens head together, need more ! 2 loads of washing , did another table frame and top for Erica Kinder, then 6 chooks,2 birds, went shopping twice, bought more steel for frames( 121.29) and groceries,Kathleen came over, with a few cds,and Magnum for a play date. Watched 3 Battlestars. Excel and emails.

Dec 1st Thursday
Showery day clearing over the day, Bought silver solder( 21) and picked up David for art group. Called in at Jo’s , order for diving girl from Karin, Another busy session. Did a piece for a friend, Leia was ther again.. happy.. lots of new faces, the room was nearly full! Dropped off David and Leia went to Narre Warren to send stuff to Sydney. Then down to Burnley Harbour exhibition. Broke Human Race piece!. Helped set up from 2.00 to 6.00Lots of stuff hung.. looking good, home via Hungry Jacks, 1 Battlestar, emails and diary.

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