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November 1, 2011

November 2011

November Diary

Nov30th Wednesday
Rainy and showery day! Did two table frames and tops for Erica Kinder order, 3 dogs, 1 Kookaburra on a stand, 1 bird, set out queens head ( will need silver solder) then did cooking for bookgroup break up. Saw Bart and Leslie, Robyn, Jude, Lyn, Helen and Peter, Lois, Sue, Brian,and had a lovely meal at Helens place. Left early. Marian had a late shift and also a webinar. Did emails and watched 1 battlestar. .Legs sore in bed.

29th Tuesday
Warmish day, did one small table for Erica Kinder, did ½ another bench, 2 dogs, mowed a bit, loaded stuff for woodwork for women, bought MDF will be bench top eventually( 36) and also bought heat resistant surface( 29) and also some steel( 40) home and nap then spaghetti for tea, planted a few plants from Gembrook, walked dogs, watched 1 Battlestar, and also Grumpy work. Then excel tax and emails

Nov 28th Monday
Fine day, no gardener! Fixed Garys chair, cut up wood for class tomorrow, repaired about 5 birds from the weekend, found wood for woodwork bench, for Erica, added 2 kookas and 1 owl to branches, went to easter arts meeting, then bought metal ( mesh and rod) 167? Home to mow the place, quiche for tea, naps, then off to Pilates, watched 1 battlestar Gallactica, Em rang up.

Nov 27th Sunday
Rainy day.. loaded trailer for Gembrook, went they had a fun run on and lots of kids and people everywhere. Sold about 600, birds, dogs and kookaburras. M sat on exhibition, Joy and alan came as well as Robyn Rinehart,,Viv and Rob Collins.Spring rolls for tea,shopped,walked dogs at Rokeby, home to watch “the promise”

Nov26th Saturday
Rainy showery day ..not cold.. did 1 cat, 1 small bird, assembled tables and rest of seats, went to exhibition .. 20 people through including Lisa Demos and Penny and Jim! Had a good catch up with them, home to schnitzel tea, 1 battle star Gallactica and email stuff and Rockwiz.

Nov 25th Friday
Fine day with showers, worked on goanna,1 emu, 2 bending birds, 3 kookaburras,1 owl, 3 small birds, attached wood to seats, dentist, saw Helen, re next Wednesday, fish and chip tea, watched"the Kings speech" and 1 battlestar gallactica. Emails and excel stuff.

Nov.24th Thursday
Beautiful day, worked in shed on table tops, did 4, also shortened trailer to avoid "fine" problem in future. Then to art group, picked up David,. People there were Ingrid, Jessie, Arlene, other lady, and lots of people through looking and asking about Hub, then back to Warragul, Aldi shopping, Drouin, coles shopping,, home lunch, did two table bases and painted, recipe thing for tea, watched the slap, and Graham Norton, and did email and tax . Sore tooth, to go tomorrow, also talked to Kingston and meeting next week.

Nov 23rd Wednesday
M back to work and call too.. I made two seat frames with reo then down to Warragul to get more metal 10mm and 16mm( 123?) then to Drouin for a bit of shopping, home to start making seats fully, two done and painted including wood, then 2 chooks and 1 bird, up to house and cut off shoots on ash tree and grass under fence. Pasta for tea. Did email stuff. Spicks and specks final.

Nov.22nd Tuesday
M has day off Worked in shed did 4 bird, 4 dogs, 2 chooks, went to woodwork for women.. working on the box, then to boord to buy reo( 120?) home, nap, chicken for tea, worked in sculpture garden, planted agapanthas watched a battlestar gallactica, did receipts ordering for tax, then a bit of excel stuff

Nov 21st Mon.
Finish day Vicki gardened, M has day off did some washing, then made 4 birds and 4 dogs. Went and got some shopping and also some 12mm rod.. they are still out of 10 and 16mm. nap, reading wolf Hall, steak for tea and then Pilates. Home to watch" the other guys".. sort of ok.

Nov 20th Sunday
Muddled around at home.. fine day ..went to gallery, had about 40 people through, sold the circle bird, caught up with a few different people.. quite a pleasant but busy day, went to Kerries for debrief about open studios, home to make chicken for tea, watched" look who’s talking".

Nov.19th Saturday
Muddled around at home..went to Gallery, its raining! Had about 22 people through over the day . Kerrie came and bought “the dress”… the only sale .Paddy visited, Em stayed all day and Kathleen and M and her went shopping. .home then out to the Royal for tea, and tennis club trivia night.

Nov 18th Friday.
A hot day ! we worked on last minute bits for the exhibition. Gerogi Leishout offered to do the waitressing after I put out a call on facebook .. I was quite desperate so she saved us… Jeanette Hyde our other neighbour also gave a hand to help organise the food and help Georgi. I learned about Facebook that you now have to invite people specifically to events so I spent time doing that. I made a few loaves of sandwiches for the opening night too. The opening was quite good although it started off uncomfortably hot, then the rain came and pretty much would have put off lots as it was so heavy , then the power went out 4 times and an art exhibition in the dark is interesting but not visible! Russell Broadbent gave a great speech and I think won a lot of friends on that night. Rick from Brandy Creek wines did the wine and this also added to the fun of the evening. We had about 80 people there so I was quite pleased considering the adverse weather and I hope a few more come over the weekends.Em and Kathleen came and Asher and Alex from Gembrook also came quite a way.

Nov.17th Thursday
M on call last night , late start today, did a bit more on lists etc for exhibiton, M to work I went to exhibition put around the big sculptures, cut top of knuckle, went home for bandaids then to Warragul for shopping and white dots for exhibition,did signs, sold a few sketches, Sue and Noelene dropped off work.Now looking good.

Nov.16th Wednesday
Worked on lists, took over more pedestals and work, worked with Gary to hang small sketches,photos and others work.Bought blu tack and party pies, Helen Joan and laurel were there at the end of day to help with odd things, Marian helped too cleaning pedestals and labelling pieces, Beau bought two pieces,Home at 7.30, watched spicks and specs, Gruen, worked on lists

Nov.15th Tuesday
Did list of photos,framed larger photos,sorted stuff for exhibition, baked food for exhibition, M has day off work, did work for exhibition, framed photos, bought more frames,moved big sculptures from yard, I went off to wood work for women, started box, handed out invites to them, pilates, school, bought champagne, Gary visited,Casserole for tea, took stuff to Exhibition, watched two Drew Careys,

Nov.14th Monday
Fine sort of day, Vicki gardened, I started catalogue for Friday, also did Kangaroo for show, ½ walked dog, dropped off Society piece, went to pick up pictures but Marian got them already,, made Canadian date and fig slices, 1 worked 1 too thick, did a casserole, Pilates , kfc tea, doing computer stuff

Nov 13th Sunday
Gray and cloudy, Open studios day…tidy up studio, make new signs for sculptures, did few flowers, had about 80 to 100 people through. sold "Society" and a couple of birds and dogs Kathleen helped Marian look after the chaos, ran down( in the car) to Tyers to pick up remnants there, sold the seat, won first metal prize and also a highly commended( mind you I was the only entrant) fish for tea

Nov 12th Saturday
Loaded up for Rokeby… beautiful day… sold quite a lot….home for lunch..we have Magnum for a day .. delivered tables to Barbara, a seat to Annie and Kookas to Jude…tidied up sculptures, Caleb called in and Ralph… watched Mondrian and Rockwiz

Nov 11th Friday
M has ½ day off in arvo, did chair for John Brooks, also 2 cats 2 kookaburras and an owl, also stand for 1 kookaburra, M did mowing in arvo, I walked dog,Kathleen and Biggles and naomi came , chicken skewers for tea, and watched lord of the rings 1

Nov10 Thursday
Framed a few photos,paid for add( 161) picked up David, went to art group did 1 sketch, then shopped at aldi and Drouin, home to finish off lady in waiting, painted, then went to opening of art s hub, then kfc tea, then watched 2 epiodes drew Carey

Nov 9th Wednesday
M has day off.. we took in car for a service, picked up metal at boord( 60),picked up 200 invites( 89) home I finished swing and girl piece, started the sheep and flowers, walked dog, did 1st side of dress piece, filled with rocks, helped M clear out drain, checked gutters before predicted storms and rain, chicken stirfry for tea,

Nov.9th Tuesday
Rained like anything,started swing characters, put back sculptures into position, answered emails,walked dog, prepared wood for boxes for woodworking women, went and shopped for ply and other stuff, wwfor women, nearly got first project done. Home for nap, made spanaokopita for tea and poor version of Nanaimo slice, worked on titles, and emails after tea, watched tribute to steve Goodman and 2 tv superman.

Nov 8th Monday
Beautiful day! Did article for paper, wrote email for website to send, talked to webdesigner Matt about getting emails out… 2 hrs later all done! Yay. Walked dog, went to Warragul to get metal( 150) and then to DSC to ask about waitresses and musicians, then went to pick up mower, got pulled up by police for having an unregistered trailer( have had one for over 20 yrs!) and basically told it could not be registered without lots of work being done on it. Went to get mower but deck is dead to cost about $1000 so ended up with a new mower.. thankyou bankcard… did the mowing, threw a belt, took it back to find out how to put it back on, finished mowing, Joan price dropped in, M made tea as I had to leave with Ken to go to Baw Baw grants ceremony for grant for sculpture show( well written Jeff) . Home again and answered some of the about 40 email replies to the mail out !Tired now!


Nov 7th Sunday
Worked on rock girl, framed 10 photos, dropped off stuff at Tyers, dropped off stuff to most of the artists, ladies detective agency.

Nov 6th Saturday
Magnificent day, warm, pleasant, M on call!. Assembled seat, painted a few bits such as bolt, worked on writing for exhibition, reading book, Noeleen and Clive for lunch, nice talk and a pleasant afternoon, Gary called in in evening, shared a bottle of wine, Steak for tea, Rockwiz., my year without sex movie

Nov 5th Friday
Worked on seat for Tyers, did titles for small photos( some) painted seat and Maple leaf and creation. Lunch, walked dog, worked on finishing “bolt” Believe other living things”…. Painted wood and seat, watched Tudors..M not home to 8.30! watched battlestar Gallactica and vicar of Dibley

Nov 4th Thursday
Did emails, unloaded box from Canada and repaired 3 big pieces and 2 little pieces back from Canada, took car in for checking, bought groceries, metal from Boord mesh and flat bar( 94), worked on back of tipping point, picked up wood from recycler, and metal from Keith, Cut up wood for fire ,walked dog, late tea egg slice, M at meeting, M on call, watched a Tudors, The slap, added to website,

Nov 3rd Wednesday
Walked dog, did emails, in car to Drouin, called in on Helen and reminded her about invitation to exhibition, petrol, to Fountain gate, ordered prints to be done( 14.50) bought Bernard Cornwell book( Death of kings) then to Airport West to pick up crates, car making an interesting sound, got crates, back to fountain gate.Rice for lunch, Ordered large prints, bought battlestar Galactica, and Alias,and 2 more George Martin books.Bought Penetrol( 59) picked up prints( 81.42) home, walked dog, nap, sausages for tea, M late due to day after call, watched spicks and specks and Gruen planet. To bed reading George Martin

Nov 2nd Tuesday
Did emails, M on call, called as I left! then went and picked up Jo Draisma, bec Van Dyk’s boxes and went to Nowa Nowa, It was a very pleasant journey , talked about teaching, creativity , art, her new direction, family, lots of stuff, Picked up a couple of rocks at Stratford for use in sculpture, Arrived NN, saw the show, saw Maureen and Rona there and Graham and Liz Duell, [image|73] does not exist Wandered along gorge for a bit picking grasses and more rocks for me, Laurel Billington sold her piece, Laurel Foenander won a prize, It was a good and diverse show. We picked up Jessies, Davids, Leeias, and Becs as well as mine and Jo’s.Loaded the stuff and came home. Dropped off stuff at appropriate places, M still not home( 28 patients) I did schnitzel wraps for tea, watched a couple of Vicar of Dibley and had an early night as we were both stuffed.Started reading Bill Bryson Home.

Nov 1st Monday
Worked on welding "tipping point" together,phone call from shippers to pick up crates( Wed)Yay!!!! Vicki started new garden,Sue and Ed arrived to see sculpture garden and pay for gates( 150) Ian MacDonnell arrived for lunch and we talked about his recent trip to China, teaching possibilities for the future etc. went to Nangara Reserve, M made apple pie,We  went to Kerries and Chris's for tea to see Chris new shed, and try food cooked in his new WeberQ Others there were Irwin, Stefan, Ursula, Werner, Peter Biram,We used the data projector and showed Canada photos until people started falling asleep., Leonie and Kev came a bit later, home.

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