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April 11, 2012

April 2012

April 30th Monday
Fine day, dropped off M’s car at Drouin Motors, home.welded rest of man sculpture for john, started Ladder girl sculpture.. Dingo Dudes Garry was there to start on driveway and pipes, took mower in for new blades and belt, bought 3 large pipes ( concrete) Ellen came and worked on pipes, Ellens mum came and picked up shelf and characters,Vaccuumed house, People from Hawthorn Gallery looked at stuff, went out to speak at CWA, M went to Pilates, watched coupling series 4 pt 1, and I game of Pool
April 29th Sunday
cool but fine, did 3 birds, M mowed part of sculpture garden, belt came off, I repaired part of deck , needs new blades and belt. Started on standing man for john. Cathy Smith came and got advice, lady from near Newcastle rang up, , moved a few sculptures around..Visited Jeff and Jeanette and did pancakes and “chilli” for tea. Watched two on the great dividing range and Ghost Protocol. 1 game of pool
April 28th Saturday
Cool but fine day, M off to Traralgon for morning, then on call for rest of day,. Drop off the value of friends( 1) at Yarragon arts hub people dropped in ,worked on finishing Debs seat, painted everything, painted weather vane, did 3 birds, nap. Lunch, did chicken casserole for tea, watched New tricks and Rock Quiz, caleb home played 3 pool games
April 27th Friday
coolish but no rain.. worked on seat for Brian,cut out flowers and assembled, went and bought metal (127)and went to wood and metal recyclers, found nice wood for the seat, assembled lift 3,nap and puzzle,assembled first step piece, assembled cast iron seat piece, Jen Morley dropped in and picked up gate and kookaburra. Sue came for tea and brought fish and chips .supposed to be at Trivia night but forgot!. 3 pool games Sue is the champion!
April 26th Thursday
Showery , worked on doing arrow for friends piece, then plumber came to fix stove, went to art group did ideas and 2 small painting things, to Drouin Printers and got panels for sides of car, approved Banner, to Drouin chainsaws to pick up whipper snipper( 75), went to metal man but too wet, to Warragul to get bolts and sanding discs ( 31.50) looked at opp shop, to warehouse to get glasses and biros, to opening of arts festival, saw Di, Helen Peter and hedy, Rona ,Sue Kiernan, Sue Acheson, David Balfour, Bill Harrington, Julie., then picked up Jindi sculpture show printing( 50) home for puzzle and nap, then down shed to do two characters for piece, attached and 1 coat of Penetrol, rissoles for tea, watched last of Game of Thrones and last of series 3 of coupling, played 3 pool and then fixed pool table pockets, Caleb dropped off Ralph.
April 25th Wednesday
Showery and rainy day, assembled chariot piece, did base, started another seat, finished welding broken heart and most of grinding/sanding, M has day off Anzac Day, Gary dropped in and left cheque for sculpture show, Jo and Andrew and Bella dropped in and paid for Kangaroos, tea at Thai, bookgroup discussing the slap, good, home to 3 pool games
April 24th Tuesday
Showery and rainy day, did chariot for chariot piece and painted characters, ½ painted balloon and did most of broken heart piece Started seat for Deb. Welding pieces to the frame. Pie for tea,watched Game of thrones( death of Eddard) then red dwarf 1, 3 pool games, email stuff
April 23rd Monday
Fine day to start but rained in afternoon. Took M ‘s car in for service.. needs lots of other things too. Took M to work bought metal at Boord(160.90) then back to Drouin to drop off Helens work from Traf. Back to Warragul for 10 am meeting at Arts centre.. I felt they didn’t need me and went home. Worked on finishing Lift 2 then lunch, nap worked on 2 characters for chariot, Nap 2, then shower, in to pick up M, sausages for tea, saw a kangaroo on the way home! Pilates. Dirk Gently? Started watching but seemed a bit lame. Did one pool game M won. Bit of email stuff.
April 22nd Sunday
Coolish day to start but fined up after a while.To Gembrook set up bought a few books sold about 4 pieces. home for nap and unload car then to Traf to pick up pieces.Em gone home.watched Two on the great divide, Game of Thrones and 3 pool games
April 21st Saturday
Niceish day foggy to begin with but sunny by Lunch.Up and cleaned outdoor furniture and took to Kathleens, then home and started on Ball for Calebs gift, mowed most of paddock, got two halves done.. still needs more work from a foggy start it became a lovely day, Em went to Kathleens to help, We had 2 sets of visitors and someone bought a dog, packed car for Gembrook meatballs for tea, watched New tricks, Rock quiz and Surrogates.
April 20th Friday
Coolish day.. finished off smile piece, went to talk to David re sculpture show flyer, went to pick up metal from Ruth Burleigh, then to Drouin for metal from Keith, dropped in on Helen and arranged to pick up her work from Traf, home ,lunch, puzzle nap then worked on making pieces for characters, did ellens mum’s shelf brackets( 2 characters) John and Sally dropped in and picked up chair, I did shower rose for his bath sculpture,Sue and Nell dropped in and talked to Marian, out to tea with Kathleen Biggles Emily and Caleb at Warragul Thai
April 19th Thursday
Cooler day worked on first step piece, tidied shed a bit then sent out emails re sculpture show and open studios,to Yarragon for some drawing, then a bit of shopping for safety gear, to Drouin to swap over Gas bottle, home for nap and puzzle and then started on smile. Chops for tea, Game of thrones and then emails stuff.
April 18th Wednesday
Fine day, worked on Girrawheen sign, then a pelican and standing dog, John( stone man ) came to see place, and Ellen came to do some work, Grant rang re Paul Kelly,dropped off dress and separate paths and flower girl to Traf, bit of shopping ( catfood) Picked up Marian and went to Geoff and Jessies opening, saw her new baby,tea at Yarragon pub, home. Worked on emails, Game of Thrones 3 pool games I won, M had a poor night sleeping
April 17th Tuesday
Fine day lovely, worked on a pelican and a bird, started the weathervane , dingo dude man( Gary) came and discussed possible changes to drainage, then off to art group, saw Helen picked up open studios flyers, did a small watercolour at art group felt cold and sleepy so went home, did puzzle and had nap, then started work on Ghirraween sign Janet came and picked up Kangaroo, flowers, Kookaburra, Peacock and small cow. Up to house, tidy up start cooking tea, chicken skewers, Jindi Business Group.bed
April 16th Monday
Coolish day over cast, worked on doing orders from Rokeby.. 10 flowers, 1 Kangaroo, 1 Kookaburra, Vicki gardened, then I assembled hexagon sculpture seat.. looks good, fixed 4 which had broken a couple of pieces, went to Drouin dropped off Gitas tricycle girl and Simonetta’s seat. Saw Shane, ben, Christine, Leanne, Rose, Melissa, Kelly, Kathleen and Maureen. Then home for lunch and Nap,, hung emilys picture again, did tea from recipe in Sunday mag, then off to Pilates…stuffed, watched Game of thrones, Pool( I won) did this and emails and FB.
April 15th Sunday
Fine day took bird and dog down to Bairnsdale for Joys raffle. Just there and back no Galleries were open before 12. Bought two jumper things at K mart and a bit of catfood and bread at Coles. Lunch( not the catfood) then worked on a seat with a tyre and also hexagon sculpture.. all painted.. to be assembled tomorrow. A few people wandered through the garden( about 6) I cut up more of the cypress on the tank. M did tea.
April 14th Saturday
Lovely day Rokeby saw Jude, Sylvia, Jane, sold spring seat, wombat a few dogs paid for kookaburra and gate panel ( tot $600), home looked at plant fair, then sat in yard and talked to people who came including woodwork class girls) Julie, Anne, Anne Marie and Gayle) Picked up stuff from plant fair, then off to Dents for tea.with Sharon, simone and Mary…lovely meal and nice night playing games and talking.
April 13th Friday
Lovely looking day mowed other bits of paddock, worked on Ballerina, Ellen came and welded pipe, went to Warragul for arts brochure and pay animal rates, home for puzzle and nap, finished ballerina, thought about pieces, cathy smith came and we cut out some wood pieces, took stuff up to Rare plant fair.watched the Guard and Phrymme fisher and also 3 pool lost one.
April 12th Thursday
Lovely looking day sawed up cypress that fell on tank, about three loads with mower, finished bird from yesterday and did 3 more,painted dog boy, 2 chooks, mowed side panels of front paddock and roadsides, started ballerina, nap, mattress delivered did bricks for drain, painted spots on verandah. Pilates, tea at hotel, ran into Stacey and Heath Rourke and Daniel Earles , then home for game of thrones and 3 pool 2 to me.
April 11th Wednesday
M late start today and late finish. worked on 4 panels for David’s fence, finished and attached, painted bird girl again and brought home Dog boy, did most of a bird, lunch then Kathy smith came for talk, picked up sculpture signs, dropped off whipper snipper, paid newspaper bill, did some basic shopping, bought metal at boord( 61.20) bought toasted sandwich maker, bought new mattress for Calebs bed, bought 3 videos, bought plastic gutter drain( 89.00) saw Di Croft. Home for nap, sausages for tea.did email and work on mums story, 3 games of pool I lost 2
April 10th Tuesday
Coolish day, M back to work on call tonight. Worked on dogs, did 6 and then a seat, bit of shopping and visit metal man, nap, Caleb calls in, spaghetti for tea, watched the Tourist, pool M called out 10.30 back at 12.30
April 9th Monday
Cool to cold and rainy day. Worked on finding stuff on my grandma for Em. Did some shopping, man picked up kookaburra feeder, wants some modifications. Helen, Andrew, Henry Prue and Alice Grant coming for tea.( lamb roast), talked, played pool watched videos Rained most of day and evening.
April 8th Sunday
Coolish day. Did labels for 10 sculptures, added to website, put up 3 photos on facebook, assembled butterfly seat and painted wood for circle seat. Went to Melbourne with Em and M and the dogs, had lunch with Madge and don and Pauli( 3 broken ribs) and Stephen, walked dogs, home leaving em there. Watched time traveller Australia and star Wars.3 games of pool I lost them all!
April 7th Saturday
Coolish day to begin.worked on finishing butterfly seat, then fixed em’s rowing man, started a new seat using the big circle. Had a walk at Rokeby with Em and M and dogs, M cooked chicken for tea, I watched the carpenters video then Paul Simon library of congress , new tricks, and Rock quiz. 3 games of pool
April 6th Friday
Easter Friday!. Fine day warmish with a change coming, worked at finishing Liz’s seat and also the musical chair,worked on a new dragonfly seat nearly finished and did Cactus using an old harrow. Did two small pieces using the dairy cups( a cow and a dog) and then started on a butterfly seat.Em cleared out cupboards and M helped as well as recuperating from last nights call.Off to the Whelans for tea with Sharon too ( and em), no Sharon( crook) lovely yea with Michelle and Justin, home m and em watched Lark rise I went to bed.Rained and wind. Then quiet.
April 5th Thursday
Fine mild sunny day, worked on finishing windmill” and getting it out to middle of paddock, also finishing musical chair, and liz’s boards and lyrebird for seat, started tidying up shed, went to Warragul got dvd player and some shopping, home for lunch and puzzle and nap, mowed back part then finished off lyrebird and painted both pieces, fish and chip tea, watched Paul and Hanna
April 4th Wednesday
Lovely sunny day, went to Box Hill to help Em with tradesman, gas changed over, Took Em back to Jindivick, shopped in Warragul and Drouin, home for lunch and nap,then added to Pyramid, put two mirrors together, read Lee Child book, Caleb dropped off Ralph , Pork for tea, M had 2nd half day off, Hydes came over, M had share club, 3 pool games one each, then lark rise to Candleford. And 1 coupling
April 3rd Tuesday
Lovely mild day, worked on finishing off sun pyramid, painted 3 sides, attached sun need help to turn it over, Started on seat for Liz.( Drouin) Ellen Sayers dropped in looked at stuff, 2 girls stopped in passing, went to Warragul lunch, woodwork for women last class.. anne, Julie, Annemarie and Gayle, bought new argo shield( 104) then home for puzzle, nap tidy cook chicken skewers, Jindi Business group 7.00., only Jeff and Faye..talked a lot.
April 2nd Monday
Fine and perfect day, Vicki gardened, tidied up blackberries and also agapanthas,I painted heavy metal delivered leaf litter and garden girl, had lunch with Sue O, and worked on trying to finish off pyramid. Sausages for tea, Pilates, Kathleen came over looking for a dress. Watched 1 coupling then 3 games of pool, 2 to me 1 to M.
April 1st Sunday
Fine coolish day..mild.. did sunflower piece, added to Pyramid, Helped Helen and Andrew move a couch, basic shopping, Caleb picked up Ralph, Kathleen and Biggles came over, Biggles sorted out computer problems. Made heavy metal, cut up Blue note( playing the blues to make a musical chair!. Hydes for tea, roast, watched 2 couplings,played 3 pool( I won) and looked at FFound and Drawn

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