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August 11, 2012

August 2012

 31st Aug Friday
Cool and showery,worked on butterfly seat, did 5 flowers, cut up wood for mirror order, visited Helen and discussed brochure over lunch, shopped for stuff, home for puzzle and nap, fish and chip tea, watched three musketeers.. a bit over the top, and 1 episode of Downton abbey.Did computer stuff

30th Aug Thursday
Grey and cool, brrzy, did fence rail for bridge,worked on cow seat for Wallin girl.. looks good, all wood and metal done , painted once, Vicki gardened though it was cold, jeff and jeanette came over for morning tea. I had pasties for lunch then went to Noojee and talked to lots of b and bs.spaghetti for tea, watched Mary chapin Carpenter Dvd.,and the girl with the dragon Tattoo. Rained lots at night.

29th Wednesday
Looks to be windy and rainy,no, fined up and windy and sunny,added pictures to website, worked on I pod piece.. all together, Jeff dropped in and discussed tourist trail, after lunch dropped off Helens chair and did some shopping for tonight,called in at metal man but nothing there,home for nap, painted I pod dinner at Indian restaurant with lois and peter, bookclub at Georges with Lois, Jude, Bart,and George discussing the Kitchen Gods wife, showery in evening

28th Tuesday
Cloudy to begin but fined up nicely, added to website, photographed pictures done on weekend, uploaded to facebook,, Belinda came, was upset at first but got right into her work,finished most of sign.painted bits,I started I-Pod,and got legs and ½ torso done, mowed across road and lower paddock after B left, lunch and a small walk, “penny” came and toured the sculpture garden.. to make a decision, hung out washing, nap, steak for tea, M at moe all day after a restless night.watched spicks and specks dr who and Songcatcher( idea was good but poor in quite a few ways)Restless night for me

27th Mon
Fine and lovely, M worked ½ night, stayed home to 11.30, I worked in flower seed head, and start of seat, then to Helens to discuss phamplet, to Jaimes,Lisa, Trudy, Drouin best western,Warragul to pick up flyers for sculpture garden, ( 600)saw warwick and bronny, arts centre, customer service centre, picture framers, down to Yarragon to John, Motel, Tritec, up to Anderley, then to stump tea rooms, Angela, Wild dog (paid for 2 dogs), camellia cottage, Bloomfiels cottages, springbank cottages, Kerry warren, home to ligt fire, bring in bins and washing, tea toasted sandys, Pilates, M working to 7.00, watched Auf Wiedersehn pet.

26th Sun
showery and fine in parts, windy and cool, left about 10.0, drove to Foster saw exhibition there, then fish creek, ride the wild goat and Gecko talked to kerry and Michael then, up to Meeniyan met john and looked at exhibition there, went through Leongatha and Korumburra, no gallery open, called in on Dumergues but not home, home to Caleb and Ralph. M on call, curry stuff for tea, watched 1973 soul train,Real steel, invasion of the body snatchers

25th Aug. Sat
Windy night but finer day,M spent the day with em looking at houses, up and went out to do paintings from car, did some at Tidal river, squeaky beach ,glennies lookout and beyond, back for afternoon of some quiet walks and sketching , saw wombats, talked to others, Sandy, Jessie, Zoe, Russ, Sue A, Jay, played guitar, quiet evening , good tea of assorted curries, Lois and Peter as room partners.

24th Aug Fri
Cool and windy/showery, had trouble with taps, had to go get replacement valves, called in on Helen re phamplet, cooked a few bits for prom, packed , added girl to sculpture and painted piece, fixed big circle piece, and painted, off to Warragul for a bit of shopping, down to Yarram to drop off birds to gallery, down to Prom, windy rainy, saw kangaroos and emus on way down, opened up place and set up others arrived, talked and sketched all evening, room to myself, bit cramped in bed but ok. Reading 1Q84

23rd Aug Thursday
Fine and sunny, took car in to get m’s tryes and wheels fixed, walked dog picked up prescription,called in on Helen,home for morning tea then mowed top paddock.. loking good.. cloudy and showers coming, worked on Adele piece, finished cloud, made ladder and girl, painted girl and added silver lining to cloud and ladder and cloud to ½ world. Nap, tea with Bart at Pub, home Helen sent booklet, proof read, Em rang, ( reading the corrections)

22nd Aug Wednesday
Cloudy but mild windy at times during night, went shopping ,then to Dr about toe, then to French pear bought small piece of annes, to metal man paid him, lots of axe heads, home and finished spiky Australia, then started on piece for Adele, ½ globe finished and ½ cloud, screwed together fireflies piece and finished peacock from yesterday, 2 naps! Rice balls and schnitzel for tea. Bart made email contact. Off to circus Oz tonight really good…very impressive.. didn’t do hardly any sketches too busy clapping..

21st Aug Tuesday
Beautiful day. Belinda coming,she worked on Longwarry school sign, I did 2 pelicans and 1.5 lyrebirds. Went to see Helen for lunch, discussed phamplet seems a booklet is more in order,home to do mowing 3 people visited, mowed most of lower paddock, rice curry sauce for tea, worked on b and bs to bring down to 8 lines ea ch, bit of reading and 3 pool games.

20th Aug Monday
, fine sort of Day, M at Moe, worked on phoning artists and winerys, started spiky Australia, Sue and Nell came for morning tea, got ¾ of Australia done, and a few flower cut outs, sausages for tea opening Anne Marks exhibition 6.30 Alan, joan, Jeanette Forbes,Roger marks,Helen, Rhona,Lacey,Bronny, and a few others there.. nice food by Jaime, Pilates, Helen sent draft of brochure came home and sent a few emails, tired off to bed,bit of floor sleeping.

19th Aug Sunday
Cool and possibly showery, made characters for rescue piece,did a bird,did 2 kookaburras and an owl,m had a quiet day,did washing, painted lots of bits,did Australia outline,chicken Kievs for tea,then watched Zookeeper( mediocre) and a bit of behind the kingdom and simon and Garfunkle.3 pool games. M rang Caleb.

18th Aug. Saturday
Rainy and showery,worked on finding stone for rescue piece and attaching mesh to face, also fixed to stand. Andrew came to buy a dog and we chatted for a while, I went shopping and delivered laminated price lists to French Pear. Lunch and then down shed to start on characters for rescue, M came back from Conference and Kathleen over too with Magnum.nap and changed M’s back tyre.chicken roast for tea with K and M.watched new tricks, rock quiz and ……winch( French movie)

17th Aug Friday
Fine day after a few showers overnight, worked on welding ½ circle piece, then cut out Ravens and nevermore, did wood for screaming fireflies, Leanne and Mum dropped in and bought dairy flower, some one rang up and ordered a mirror , did letters for screaming fireflies, helped Anne Marks set up exhibition with Jaime and Glenn, home to pizza tea with Kathleen,watched secondhand lions, good, reading the corrections

16th Aug Thursday
Fine day, cold to begin with but became mild, Gathered emails for artists and winerys so I could have them check things, booked into Kingston, went to art group, dropped off table at Jo’s, did some upper sketches at art group, saw geoff, Ingrid, Laurel, bev,anita,and jesse and others, back to Warragul to buy paint( 100) then some simple shopping, home to do puzzle and then start ring form, mower up at top paddock, stirfry for tea,watched Dr Who,worked on b and bs info and emails while M did webinar.

15th Aug Wednesday
Cool to mild day showers at end..sorted artists for café list, did arms for johns girl and painted her, went to Warragul to drop off pieces for Mayors auction, talked to Rob.. at the WGAC, up to Drouin posted off Cas extra money, went to Dr re toe.. visited Helen re phamplets, home to lunch, money arrived from Fleetwood and Derinya,2 people visited and bought a bird, worked on 2 birds and a dog in arvo, hung out washing, updated files, off to Tim Chmielewski’s exhibition

14th Aug Tuesday
Fine day heading for showers at the end , worked on signs for sculptures laminated 6 of them, Belinda came and worked on finishing her “mum” sign and also a scorpion. I made sign holders( about 6) and finished welding the body of my girl for John. Bill and Sue came and bought the flying ducks and took them away, I went to Drouin called in at school to see the art teacher, then to Gordons to buy a shirt for Caleb, to Jaime’s to say hello, talked to Rhona, called in at Middells, to Leonies and attached Gate( paid for) and home to play tourism stuff, spaghetti for tea, watched time team Dr who and bit of spicks and … talked to Anita…. Talked to Matt Middell, not interested in art on walls

13th Aug Monday
Fine and sunny day..yay.worked on entry form for CAS, then went to Warragul( foggy down there) to get metal flat bar, up to Drouin to see Lisa at Drouin Bakery then to Helens to see how various graphic things were going,Picked up mower, home to have morning tea with Vicki who had gardened, mowed 1st two sections of bottom paddock, had lunch, a ½ walk and a small nap then mowed other section and some of top paddock, up to do tea( chops) and then off to Pilates.Wrote up a few signs for the sculptures

12th Aug Sunday
Fine sort of day, cool but nice in parts, worked on girl figure for John, about ½ done, tidied house for lunch with Heather, Lance and David( from China) had a BBQ lunch then a walk through the sculpture garden, going to tea at Heathers with Shane and Kerrie and others as a farewell for David.Quiet Afternoon. Reading book. Out to tea at Heather and Lances, with Shane and Kerrie, Gita and Neil , Carmen Aleesha and…. And David. Home to light fire and watch Olympics.. I went to bed to read book.

11th Aug Saturday
Showery to begin with, then fined up, did a bird and dog, then started a New Zealand form, got most of it done, Paulette came and picked up dog,quiet day really, Pies for tea, watched Linda Ronstadt on the muppet show, New Tricks and Rock Quiz. And die hard 2.

10th Aug Friday
Showery all day, took car in for new windshield, drove Ms car to her work and back to Drouin to do some shopping and drop off a sketch to Belinda Kuhnell, home to weld cow together, finished and painted, painted seat again, lunch then work on triangle thing for Belinda dessant, also a dog and bird, shower, fish and chips then pick up M pick up car, home to watch the adjustment bureau and the eagle

9th Aug Thursday
Cold, wet stormy, snow in Drouin,bloody cold and wet all day, worked on a bird then added my two figures to the egg.. decided to call it IVF…did a seat with a flower, painted everything once, then added bits to cow..1/2 done, stopped at midday for a hamburger from the Jindi Caf and a nap and read of book in front of fire. Worked on cow, curry sausages for tea,watched spicks and specks and Dr who and Olympics.

8th Aug Wednesday
Windy night fineish morning to Melbourne to do stuff for Em, gas man came and fixed heater, I replaced laser lite on porch, sealed up a gap, and mortared roof where possum/birds could get in, also a board to cover a hole..put a crack in windscreen! Home through rain, light fire, lunch and nap. down shed and did 2 bird s and 2 dogs, chicken things for tea, Olympics, spicks and specks Dr who Gruen.worked on phamplet, M at one call.,reading Kitchen Gods wife.

7th Aug Tuesday
Fine and sunny after winds and cold of yesterday, worked on directions for phamplet, welded cow shape together, Belinda came and did 2 signs, I did 2 bird and 2 dogs, went shopping and had lunch with Helen discussing phamplet, tried to get mower back but maybe tomorrow, home, puzzle, walked Barney up to Noels to pay for wood, 2 loads of washing out.steak for tea and rice balls, watched Olympics, Downton Abbey and Olympics, played 3 pool, worked on directions page.

6th Aug Monday
Cool windy showery, worked on egg, out of gas went to Warragul to get argoshield( 105) home to do 2 birds, finish welding egg mesh, welded egg to stand, lunch 2 more birds, cut out flowers for rose gate, then started on firefly, also made outline of cow. Quotes for A3 size phamphlet 1515, 1550, scallop rice for tea.Pilates

5th Aug Sunday
Cool and breezy painted blue poles piece again then went to Em’s picked her up and went to art fair…walked around took photos.. a few ideas for me, went to Threshermans for lunch, dropped Em back, stopped at Fountain Gate for tea stuff, home to M and Caleb nap sausage inwheels and rice for tea, talked to Caleb, watched Downton Abbey and Olypmics, worked on markets doc.

4th Aug Saturday
Grey and breezy. Fine and sunny in patches, M at home, Coralie and ..come to pick up seat, did Sues shoe rack, did 5 birds and 1 dog, painted other side of Blue poles and other table tops,Bill and deb called in with friends from the States, Kathleen came for lunch, tuna pasta for tea, watched Rock Quiz, New tricks and on a clear day you can see forever( dated)

3rd August Friday
Not as cold as yesterday , odd showers, shopping for welding rods and cut off wheels in Moe,(160) springs in Morwell,( 150) Penetrol ( 67)at Big valley, other shopping too, back home to lunch, started to mow but drive belt came off took in to repair place again!!!!.back to do a dog order, assemble seat , repair birds.showery at end of day M home at 7, she brought Ralph who is a bit crook,sausage things for tea watched last big bangs and Cloverfield and bit of Olympics,pentathalon and dtrampolining

2nd Aug Thursday
Fine but cold day, worked on fixing email list for sending to business group, dropped off mower for more fixing, to Yarragon for art group, played with book pages, bev, Ingrid, elly Sally, were there Helen Arnold came to pick up Ladder girl( 250) then dropped off chair and 2 dogs and 2 birds at T and C, off to Drouin dropped in payment for 40 hr famien to DSC then to Mower people to get mower back, to metal man, paid him then home, mowed house block , sanded and painted table tops, then welded more on Blue poles including the poles, painted one side of piece, chops for tea, watched 2 big bang bit of spicks and specks and a bit of Dr who. M called out.worked on emails and b and b sheet

1st Aug Wednesday
Fine day, Vicki gardened, I worked on frame for Blue poles,then made stands for Blue Poles, Painted poles, Geoff Helped get it upright… very helpful, lunch, went to Drouin got mower back…. Worked for less than 5 minutes before throwing a belt again! Thanks Drouin Mowers and Chainsaws!!!!... dropped in saw Helen.. still working on Gardivalia, Prue and Alice home with illness, home to Mow!! Tidied up for Business meeting tonight. Jindi business meeting 7.00, M out at share club, Quiche for tea. Lisa, Gina, Ken, Deb, Colleen, Nicole here M arrived about 7.30
Watched 2 big bangs after all left

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