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December 11, 2012

December 2012

Dec 31st Monday
M at work at Moe,did 2 birds, 2 dogs, 1 chook and a pelican, tidied shed a bit, went to Drouin, called in on Heather, dropped off table frame to Kathleen for big Mirror, off to Warragul for board games and a new TV, home via Aldi, set up TV, left a box in W so had to go back, went via Drouin for catfood shopping, Nap lunch and vacuuming, cooking chicken in slow cooker,Whelans coming for tea,and Jeanette Hyde..had a nice tea and played Articulate and Charades until midnight. Fine night.

Dec 30th Sunday
Cool and mild became a perfect day, Don and Pauli coming, fixing lounge wheels again. Reading Bernard Cornwell 1563, shopped in Drouin, lunch at Harvest Kitchen,10 people through the garden including Glenn and Jan Garden, fish burgers for tea, M called out once, watched Brideshead revisited.

Dec 29th Saturday
Cool and mild M has work today, fixed mower, mowed bottom paddock, did 3 birds, 2 chooks and 6 flowers, put the big fish on wheels, had about 6 people through the sculpture garden,Tidied part of shed and 1 drawer, also went through eye box and threw out rough ones, honey mustard chicken for tea, watched bits of die another day. And fawlty towers

Dec 28th Friday
Rained overnight, cool and mild, M back to work, tidied shed, loaded up ducks and Melindas piece and delivered them, talked to Melinda a while, home then loaded up dead chairs and birdcage as well as scrap metal and off to metal man and transfer station, , needed new tyres for car,( 250) then to Warragul looked at chairs, sort of not available, bit of shopping at Aldi, home for 2 people looking over garden, did 1 dog and 3 birds, lady came for small wren and small kangaroo, pizza for tea, watched a big bang and Tin Tin, good M called out to work. Watched the 6th day

Dec 27th Thursday
Fine and sunny, reading cloud atlas.. very good, tidied some of shed a bit, went to Melb to see Radiance Neo Impressionism exhibition and modern Indonesian art with Em and M, took Em home after a lunch at South bank, home via Officeworks, Bunnings( DWD 100) and Drouin. K and C out to see the Hobbit at Fountain Gate.watched Genova. Involving but would have liked an ending

Dec 26th Wednesday
Fine and sunny reading Cloud atlas, tidied up ½ of metal work side of shed, 5 people in sculpture garden during the day,resting, enjoying the day, broke mower, cut a bit of paddock, leftovers for tea, watched Dr Who and brothers Bloom…ok

Dec 25th Tuesday
Cool and mild, no wind, M up in the night to “dress the table” I cleared out lots from the CDrack, David Sarina, Madge, Fiona Emily, Caleb, Kathleen and Biggles coming, nice meal lots of pressys, walk in sculpture garden, Jeff and Jeanette and family also,watched catch 44… sort of nasty

Dec 24th Monday
Warm and very windy start to day, delivered spider seat to Moe( 200) then back to K mart for a bit of last minute shopping, home to tidy up with Em and Kathleen, Kevin and Rhonda Jackson and John Hall called in,( 100) went to Drouin to change over gas bottle, Andrew and Prue came and got Helens seat( 150) Presents wrapped and house cleaned.. little bit of mowing.,pasta bake for tea, walk tidy up sculpture garden, sore knee, everyone else doing xmas stuff.

Dec 23rd Sunday
Up early and off to Gembrook,fine morning but a hot day, sold about 400 bought some books and also a Turkish holiday idea, said goodbye to Laura and others there, went to Yarragon dropped off 6 birds( 330) home to meet people taking dancer( 400) couple of people came to visit sculpture garden ,made hamburgers for tea, Em wrapped everything, watched Proof( Gwyneth and Jake) very good…Kathleen and Biggles came to pick up Magnum, warmish night, windy in morning and Rubinia blew down.

Dec 22nd Saturday
Up early did a dog, pelican and peacock, another dog, 5 flowers, car had a flat battery, Racv,Painted Helens seat green.went to cheap bookshop.. was closed so went to Northland via High St, bought stuff at abc shop, Collins and had a nice lunch, went and picked up Em, came home, nap , went and painted underside of Helens seat, Gate people( Roger and Vicki) came and picked up one gate. Lacking enthusiasm to do more making! Loaded trailer for Gembrook tomorrow.Watched my week with Marilyn… very good

Dec 21st Friday
Up early to finish welding gate and paint with one coat, fine mild day( 23)worked on ros Gates went to Drouin for shopping and to pick up computer art piece from Keltie, Nina and Andrew came and picked up Japan chair and a pelican, mostly finished gates,went to Warragul picked up stuff from travel agent, some hinges and 10mm rod( 60) then home to work on Helen Chaise lounge, Leanne Goodwin and Mary Royce called in and bought a dog, finished chaise lounge, fish and chips for tea.

Dec 20th Thursday
Fine and mild day rained lots of night, went to Dandenong to pick up exhibition, shopped briefly at warehouse home to unload exhibition, ,talked to web people and got sculpture form onto website, back to Warragul for metal( 101) then home for lunch, start on gate, painted Shanes piece and Kathleens top piece, up for a nap and puzzle, worked on gate, just about finished, people came and picked up 2 seats, ( 300) sausages for tea, watched tapeheads,couple of good songs and sort of a very rough disc when Tim Robbins and John Cusak were young. .reading cloud atlas.

Dec 19th Wednesday
Fine and sunny eventually cloudy but warm, Painted K’s top, did a dog, and a frog chair,and wood all painted started on gate got ½ done people came and picked up dragonfly chair and bought a kooka burra and a peacock( 300) went to Drouin dropped off birdbath, shopping and op shopping then home to lunch and nap and puzzle, did rest of gate laid out next gate, did a bird chicken skewers for tea watched singing in the rain and making of.

Dec 18th Tuesday
fine mild and sunny day, up and mowed middle ½ paddock,Belinda came and worked I did Japanese seat, Vicki and Cathy came ( jeanettes friends) and picked up seat, Bloom, a kookaburra and a couple of flowers as well as house sign(1000), assembled mirrors onto tables, took them and 4 dogs to T and C( 590),bought paint, contact for m,went to Drouin went to metal man and wood man, home for nap and puzzle, then up to do 2 dogs, fixed mower, M came home steak for tea moved fridge and freezer back into kitchen Sal came and dropped off 750 as a wedding gift from their school to someone( supposed to spend it here )and bought a kookaburra and 2 flowers,sorted cookbooks and some cds, M on call

Dec 17th Monday
Cool and mild Lino man coming today got most of floor done, Vick gardened, worked on ring part for Shanes piece did ball and character as well, went to Warragul and got mirror and some basic shopping, home to start putting together mirrors for tables, Sue dropped in to get a hand welding hanging system for her studio, Kfc for tea and Pilates.

Dec 16th Sunday,
showery and cool.rained all morning,worked on flowers( 10 done) then chooks 4 done,2 birds and 2 unbranched Kookas, painted some wood, started on ring for bloom 3 had a bout 10 people visit.mowed ½ paddock, fish for tea with Caleb.sorted emails a bit.

Dec 15th Saturday
Muggy to start, rain then mild then cool, Warragul art market, loaded up trailer went and was rained on,saw Sylvia and Michael,Alesha,Michaela Power,Min and Larry who gave me a lovely fish painting by Min, Robyn, Jess and Ingrid, Arlene, people bought all my chooks and most of the flowers , a couple of Kookaburras and the owl and a couple of birds and dogs,(700) home to see mel and … Mick and Andy and Sam Murphy and made a wire bird for another couple, M had been shopping with Kathleen and we had Magnum as well as Ralph and Barney watched end of mirror mirror Young James Herriott and the Bourne legacy Kathleen and Biggles came over for a while to collect Magnum

Dec 14th Friday
Warm and muggy rained last night and drizzle and showers today, worked on table tops, 3 done, all painted and rose seat, started on chooks did 7,Roger rang about gates, went to Warragul to get passport photo taken, shopped a bit at safeway and bakers delight, got a ticket for being in the wrong zone, went to travel people paid last 400, then to mirror people( next week) then to metal people ( 150) for 16mm rod and 12 mm rod, home about 8 people here, missed Gillian, did Jack Russell and fox, then 1 chook,, made skewers for tea, watched bit of mirror mirror and Caleb arrived, M on call.

Dec 13th Thursday
Warm and sunny, northerly breeze, worked on mirrors and table tops, 3 done one coat, cut out Axels numbers and attached them, Sue dropped in, man dropped off life style magazine with article on me,worked on a collie and doing welding on the rose seat all finished, needs painting, did wood for seat, off to Warragul to drop off Collie and Cat, at travel place, forgot my visa card, went to bookshop and bought book for Caleb( goodmorning Mr Sarra) and also a book by William Mc Innes( laughing clowns), home for lunch and puzzle and nap, up to work on table bases( 3 done) and assemble another kookaburra on stand, initially painted Axels birdbath, Pilates breakup tea.lovely tucker,

Dec 12th Wednesday
Fine sunny and warm day, did red gum mirror frame, cut up wood,finished off cow seat, did 2 cats, 2 pelicans, 3 birds, 2 kookaburras on stands, 1 peacock, started a new seat, delivered watering can sculpture to Warragul,order for Axel, basic shopping, puzzle, nap, veal scallopini for tea,M wth Kathleen at birthing class, worked until 9.00 watched ab fab.

Dec 11th Tuesday
Fine and sunny day with a nice breeze, did flowers, and put together 3 kookaburras, Belinda came, started spider seat and got up to all painted, assembled 4 kookaburras on stands and put together 2 more kookaburras, M home for day, went to Warragul and ordered new dishwasher, bought paint ( 99) and a bit of other shopping, home for lunch, puzzle and nap, then down shed to assemble kookaburras start anew seat frame and cut up pieces for dogs and birds tomorrow, did a small kangaroo and wren, spaghetti for tea played with dog and went to opening of Echo.. yr 12 art from a variety of schools…saw lots of people, home to watch Men in Black 3… funny enough.

Dec 10th Monday
Fine and pleasant day, worked on fixing floor in kitchen , took 1.1/2 hrs, Vick gardened, painted sculpture for wrc garden, did dragon fly seat and wood, cut out kookaburras and wings, made 6 flowers, phone calls from Lisa,( coming next Tuesday) Sally ( kookaburra and flowers)and Anne( fox and Jack Russell), rang Lino man hopefully later in week, puzzle and slight nap, chops for tea, Pilates and shopping

Dec 9th Sunday
Cooler fine day,,mowed sculpture garden and across road, added to watering can sculpture, went to Melb for Madge 90th birthday… at a nice restaurant… good meal lots of talking, home , watched a bit of Egypt thing and pillars of the earth….mediocre

Dec 8th Saturday
Supposed to be 38… started off ok, took trailer to Rokey set up sold lots( 1500)saw Jude, Ellen, Deb, Roger, lots of others, home to see Caleb and M before they went shopping,1 person visited sculpture garden did gate for Roger ( 200) cut out flowers and started watering can sculpture and Adele picked up rescue me ( 500), M back sausages for tea watched Safe House and young James Herriott

Dec 7th Friday
Fine warm day… up early..lots to do.did 20 flowers, 4 birds 3 dogs 1 pelican went to Travis opening at Bakery Café .. saw alan and bronny, Sue, Rhona, Trav, Daryl,Trish Michael. Home to watch new tricks and waking the dead, talked to Paddy.

Dec 6th Thursday
Cool but mild too no wind or showers, did 1 pelican, 1 bird, 2 dogs put kookaburras on trees did one more kookaburra, painted seat, did wood for seat, painted, went to Warragul to drop off computer to M and drop back lino book to lino folks, to Drouin for a bit of shopping and also wood man, home for lunch and puzzle, washed up and tidied fridge and did an egg and bacon to Creative Gippsland Get together at Old Drouin Butter Factory. Wendy Olsen and Sue Kiernan have made a lovely space there and it should be a delightful restaurant and wine bar when its all done. Concert after that with Skipping Girl Vinegar…saw Helen, Andrew Prue and Henry and lots of others.. did sketches then home.

Dec 5th Wednesday
Cool and blowy with showers, loaded trailer went to Ishka via Drouin to get trailer plug fixed, dropped off 20 birds and 20 dogs, met emma and James,and Michael briefly. Home via fountain gate to buy Penetrol( 61.30) then to Drouin to look in on metal mans pile, then to Warragul to buy flat bar and 12mm rod and washers( 164) and see about getting new Lino for kitchen. home to start birds Lino man came and measured up, did 3 birds, 1 chook, cut up Kookaburras and did 2. M out at share club break up, I pulled out dishwasher( leaking) and cleaned up floor a bit.

Dec 4th Tuesday
Raining, worked on flowerseat and started bird. M has staff meeting. Belinda came, did 3 dogs and 2 bird and a peacock, went to Lyrebird hill, delivered rebirth, grounded and value of friends, delivered a higher nature to Foster and power source to Yarram, home some shopping, burritos for tea, watched 3 dark angel, M on call.

Dec 3rd Monday
Vick didn’t come as she fell out of trailer!. I did 2 birds, 5 dogs, 2 chooks, started a bench and started a sculpture for Shane,also 1 peacock, picked up work from Gary’s and met with Rotary President for coffee and discussing of sculpture show, power off for a bit while they played with pole.. Seafood pasta for tea and Pilates watched a bit of spies then fake or fortune

Dec 2nd Sunday
Cool and mild day, showery, worked through emails and diary, did 2 birds, shower off to exhibition, about 25 people through, quite a few thru sculpture garden too, talked to Yvette, Min,and Maddison, Stacey and Heath and their two boys, delivered core, packed up all inside exhibition pieces, home to M doing tea, schnitzel.Caleb off home.nap, watched Wallander

Dec 1st Saturday
Rained during night day started foggy and cool, warmed up over day Jindivick Market, Anita paid for bird bath, saw Sue, Jessie, Graham, sold a couple of dogs and birds, Loaded up at 1.00 and off to Kingston Night Market, set up stall.saw Mel Buzolich Grandma, Hannah Campbell and Lorraine Tranh and Phillip, .sold everything!.(1500).did some sketches and 2 drawings of girls which I gave to them.( Georgiana and Madeleine) bought a couple of necklaces for niece girls, a cat necklace for fiona and a watercolour from stall next to me, handed out all my sculpture garden flyers and lots of art wine trail flyers, home Caleb arrives .

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