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February 11, 2012

February 2012

Wednesday 29th Feb
Coolish day, worked on an eagle for Diane and Neil,finished and started on second Kangaroosanded routed and painted about 7 mirror frames,diane picked up eagles,mowed front paddock, had lunch, went to school dropped in ag ideas phamplets, saw Heather, Brett, Kathleen,Suzanne, called in on Helen with one for Prue, went to wood man and picked up a few pieces metal man closed, home and worked on Kangaroo. Tea at Brians, bookclub ,saw Lois,Jude, sue, Jen Lyn, Robyn brian discussed the Lizard cage

Tuesday 28th Feb
M’s birthday, raining but mild, showery most of the day,vacuumed,ran off sheets for woodwork class, off to Yarragon to help Helen and Ingrid, Helen left before I arrived but they had lots of help with Jessie and Jex, Roger, a couple of others, I helped attach Mary Gabriels exhibition to walls, lunch to Warragul bought metal for next Kangaroo, woodwork for women, Just Julie and annMarie,then shopping for yoghurt and tomatoes and stuff for tomorrow night, home for walk with barney, nap, puzzle, wraps for tea, watched Con air, walked Barney. M home late.watched 2 alias…hmmmm reading Sherlock holmes, the Italian secretary

Monday 27th Feb
Warmish to begin but soon rained.Up dated website .unloaded trailer, loaded sculpture,worked on doing crouching Kangaroo and a pelican.cleaded a bit then dropped off cellophane at Helens, went to newsagent, bought lunch went to easter arts meeting, then in car and to CSV vere st dropped off sculpture , bought books for M’s birthday, home through drizzle rain, rained at home, skewers for tea. Pilates.

Sunday 26th Feb
Had a very restless night, back was out and leg jumped ,up early packed trailer for Gembrook,saw Asha, Sally and Laura, sold mirrors, (240,) and a dog, chook and flower and kookaburra..not as bad a day weather wise but it did heat up in afternoon. Bear visited Marian, home for nap , M working on remaining windows.

Saturday 25th Feb
Hot day getting hotter, worked in shed and put together seat,sent off barstools( 140) worked on two table tops welded and painted, did 3 chooks judged Jindi Flower show art and craft section, home for nap and watched alias 1 M on call but went to Morwell with Kathleen and then did sky light with film.

Friday 24th Feb
Up , foggy, loaded car for trip to Herring island, red tree and skipping girl dropped off,Hot Now… then to Donvale to drop off Kookaburra, fountain Gate for rice stuff for tea and a few videos, home for lunch and nap. M has day off and her and sue are doing all the long windows with the metallized film.put together seat, painted wood and made arm pieces for new seat, put together mirrors, and did two table frames, talked a bit to Sue before she went home.went to Deece and Waynes exhibition at Morwell, home to Chinese tea and 2 capricas..finished series

Thursday 23rd Feb
Cool day getting deliver pieces to Hi arts, left 8.15 hours up and back 1.15 , lunch then nap.M has day off and dental appt, Sue was coming in arvo but didn’t. M did windows with metallized film, I worked on finishing seat from yesterday and did 3 birds to tidy up bits on bench.pasta for tea,walk dog watch 1 caprica and 2 coupling

Wednesday 22nd Feb
Fine day getting warmish Sent off sun connect stuff and art recycle entry, worked on eagle, finished, did Davids Gates and installed, dropped off “where do we go from here” at Anitas, bought metal, lunch, nap, worked on single seat for flower show, mostly finished, started new seat for Gembrook, Walked dog to top of hill and back. Tea, Marian late ( was on call) watched woodley, Gordon st tonight.and 1 Caprica..Tuckered out!

Tuesday 21st Feb
Fine day coolish but getting finer, got car seat replaced, walked dog, did stuff for sunconnect,hung out two loads of washing, started on mirrors for Gembrook, routed sanded, painted, found bits for eagle, cut out wings and tail and flower for Davids gates,working with women only 3 Annmarie, Julie and working on dovetails and holder.went and bought pieces for Davids Gates, home, nap walked dog, tea chicken skewers,watched 1 Caprica walk in sculpture garden, and visit Jeff and Jeanette

\Monday 20th Feb
Coolish day to begin.stuck up house sculpture, gathered sculptures that were going out , repainted them, Vicki came and did back gardens,did two kookburras,did wood for barstools, went and got metal for barstools, saw Sylvia and Helen briefly, home for lunch, nap then did most of barstools, schnitzel for tea, walked dog Pilates.,one Caprica.

Sunday 19th Feb
Coolish day to begin, warmed up, did mowing of sculpture paddock, then painted rest of shirls seat, loaded Seed and delivered to Cheltenham, back to lunch at Jack’s ,debs 50th, talked to Bronte, Ken, Amanda, Diane, Graham and Lyn, also Reneeshah and Unish, and drew imahn., home for nap, M worked on windows, assembled shirls seat and delivered, watched Bridesmaids and walked dog.

Saturday 18th Feb
Coolish day to begin with, loaded ready for Warragul arts market, sold seat, bird and dog, another bird, saw Heather, Bree, Eleanor, Meng,,Gordon, Monsons, and lots of others a lovely day warming up. Home to see M working with Sue to put up reflective film on windows, delivered seat to Alan Tyers, home to meet family from a couple of weeks ago, picking up owl and buying a dog, made chicken things for tea, Caleb arrived with Ralph, Kathleen arrived with Magnum, watched Rock Quiz and Graham Norton

.Friday 17th Feb
Cooler getting a bit warmer,Next door Jeanette slipped and broke her ankle! M has day off spends it cleaning stuff, I did 1 peacock, 1 lyrebird, 3 chooks, 5 dogs, picked up mower( 144 ) and dropped off Helens wheel for her press. Dinner at Rossco’s shed. Showed David the gates,home to watch 2 Capricas, saw Jeff and did emails and facebook

Thursday Feb 16th
Hot and humid M had a late start, I worked on shirls seat, took on trailer to get mower, not ready, got some metal from keith, back to shirls seat, lunch, nap, back to shirls seat, went to Warragul to get thread for Helens handle and mirror from mirror place, home, worked on shirls seat, change, off to Paken ham for Pecha culture, had kfc tea, and met quite a few characters including Victor Kalinowski and Jenny Ivins, then home, M was late getting home, watched end of Caprica episode.

Wednesday Feb 15th
Fine and hot day,worked on Bonanza piece, until power went off at 9.30, tidied shed, moved desk and metal, Vicki gardened, worked on sorting pictures in house, went shopping, dropped by Marian with chrysanthemums, home power back on watched , 1 tudors , steak for tea, M on call, started on Caprica, M called, painted kangaroo and survival, planted plant, watched bit of Ab Fab and In Gordon st,

Tuesday Feb 14th
Fine and beautiful day, worked on piece for Bonanza.. some new ideas, then started second Kangaroo for Jo, off to wwfor women, basically good, bought paint,( 50) screws drills( 50) and bolts to attach vices in shed at community house, bought stuff at aldi, home for puzzle and nap then a bit more on Kangaroo,, meatballs and pasta for tea, walk with dog.

Monday feb 13th
Coolish day, worked on Davids gate,mostly finished, did a bird and a character for the gate, attached them, took compressor to car, blew up tyre, went to get fixed, took money to Helen( 160) bought cat food, home, worked on Gate, lunch, took in mower to get belt throwing fixed, back, nap, started piece for Bonanza, did one circle and mesh, and one half of junk. Lamb patties for tea, emailed and added to website, looked through one book, Pilates… stuffed.watched 1 Caprica. Diary.

.Sunday Feb 12th
Up and started tidying up for open day… mower threw a belt, I fixed it and it did it again, set out stuff.. 120 people through Marian did a great job.. saw Sue, Maggie and Peter, kaye,Steve,Kel;tie, Matilda, someone bought “where do we go from here”, someone bought"the right piece" someone ordered a kooka burra, sold a couple of birds. Roast for tea, watched a bit o celtic britian and 2 Capricas.

Saturday Feb 11th
Coolish day, loaded up went to Rokeby, Saw Amy De Gooyer, Julian Finger and wife, Jude and Robyn, simone,sue, Melinda and family,Terea and hubby, Adams’s, Stacey, Brians, sold peacock, lyrebird, chooks, flowers, seat, bird, 2 dogs, etc(500) Home to Don and Pauli, Madge, Em and Kathleen, unloaded, printed off bits for sculpture garden, fish fingers for tea, watched end of Red Heat, Peter Gabriel, Rock Quiz and end of Red Cliff.

Friday Feb 10th
Coolish day, 2 loads of washing, worked on doing flowers for Rokeby, 2 ladies called in interested in birds and landscape worked on lyrebird, emu, 2 chooks, owl in tree, fixed barbs owl in tree and delivered, bit of minor mowing, walked dog,tea ,Poetry night.  Really good with great work from PI o and Joseph Mairead band, Todd Cook, Bill frew, Arthur, Joe and lots of others including Heathers erotic poetry!


Thursday Feb 9th
Fine day sunny.delivered chipper to Warragul worked on cutting out leaves and flowers for gate and Rokeby, did a peacock, went to art group for an hour or so, then bought new angle grinder( 119),lunch, mowed paddocks, nap off to tourism strategy meeting at Neerim Sth.cooler, Rissoles for tea.sue visited so did joan, walked dog, watched Moon and 1 Tudors

Wednesday Feb 8th
Cooler day,worked on balloon piece, went to drop in angle grinder, picked up flat bar, visited Helen, shopping for cakes, home for lunch, finished Balloon piece, assembled chair,, M has ½ day off went to get chipper, drouin didn’t have it got it at Warragul, chipped for an hour or so, nap, more chipping,cut out flowers and leaves for davids gates and Rokeby.tea was marinated steak, spread mulch, watched Adam Hills.and 1 Caprica

Tuesday Feb 7th
Cooler day, laminated signs for sculptures, ran off new signs, went to Dentist appointment, saw sue Brooker as well, home, assembled seats, then delivered seat to Moe South, bought 2 sheets of mesh on way home and some 12mm bar, home for nap then finished off seat I started yesterday, including painting, chicken skewers and salad for tea, then spread out agapanthas, watched 2 Capricas.

Monday Feb 6th
Coolish to start but fining up, delivered “girl and Birds” to Glen Waverley, bought stuff at Zart,(120) dropped off Madges Glasses, bought paint at Bunnings,(97) looked at JB, Kfc for lunch, home did puzzle and coffee, then finished seat and wood, painted wood on seat and also seat to be delivered, did a new gate frame,and a new seat frame, cooled chicken and tomato, cleaned out shower drain, Pilates, Vicki came and gardened, M had a late start and finish, watched 1 Caprica, slightly restless night for both of us

.Sunday Feb 5th
cloudy, warm but ok day, worked on cutting out parts of Davids gate, most done and assembled, needs mesh for back, did three “balloons” and started on back of seat. Andrew and shirl visited, and discussed Shirl’s seat, also Lauren Clapperton and 3 friends.Rain band swept through behind strong south winds.. sort of to balance out the strong Nth east winds during the day. Blew over a range of sculptures with each wind change! Sweet and sour for tea,

Saturday Feb 4th
Fine to warm day Worked on finishing dress piece,did a seat frame, a shepherds crook, 2 mirror frames, started Davids gates, one frame done, sausages for tea,,watched Two Hands, walked dog, watched start of Red cliff.

Friday Feb 3rd
Fine day, worked on doing one side of dress 2, went to Drouin, posted off Hiarts form, saw Gary and Helen at Helens, then home for lunch, went ad picked up sculptures from Jinks creek, then back to Drouin to pay newspaper and shop, home, mowed front paddock and unloaded a few sculptures. Marinated steak for tea, watched all about eve..old movie..ok finished War of Roses book

Thursday Feb 2nd
Coolish day painted superman, went to art group in Yarragon , saw Bev, Jessie, Ingrid, Ross,others, rang sue, home for lunch, nap, jeff arrived talked to him for a while, started dress 2 did schnitzels for tea, m on call, walked played with dog, watched Blackadder,

Wednesday Feb 1st
Cool but finish day Worked on emails , took stuff to Erica Kinder, all happy, stopped at Sams warehouse bought 2 dvds and rope,also occy straps, home to talk to web people and sent out open studios edm’s and some fixing of website,Tidied M’s desk, and under bed looking for diary,painted a bit on superman, nap, washed 2 loads, went to business group, discussed markets etc.M had share club , watched last of Balttlestar Galacticas.

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