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July 11, 2012

July 2012

Tuesday 31st
Fine sunny morning, frosty..Belinda evans coming to weld, tidied shed a bit helped Belinda with pen holder and spider, did 2 birds and 1 dog, added to chair started yesterday, lunch Art show discussion 2.00, Rhona, Maureen, Caroline,Roberta, Geoff, Helen, Karen, Krystyna, lady, Janine, off to pay paper bill, to Warragul to pay for welder repairs and get metal flat strip( 50) back to Drouin to get shopping , stuff from Maureens,asked after mower… tomorrow.. home Rissoles for tea.watched 2 big bangs Dr Who Mr Patterns.

Mon 30th
Fineish but cool, did paper work, posted off stuff for Cas, and sinv and a couple of other things,went to Warragul to get metal to frame Blue poles, also some basic shopping,talked to people at the Grange and Good Habits re art on walls, home to vacuum then down shed, did a bit on a bird, Sue arrived, morning tea, did title for exhibition at Heritage Hill( animal vegetable, mineral), went to Leonies to fix gate, had to come back here two more times for different tools, then fixed gate but found it was hung on the wrong side of the driveway, Home for lunch then to Drouin, bought two shirts, went to Ollies farewell, saw heather, Melinda, Shane, Brett, Ollie etc, talked to Jamie at French pear re anne Marks, then home to light fire and do spaghetti for tea. Pilates.,2 big bang, emails etc.

Sunday 29th
Showery and fine.. worked on welding other side of blue poles, Em went home on train, Caleb left before lunch, ground down edges of egg, lady from around corner dropped in with friend, discussed gates, started new seatdid a dog tidied bit of shed, chicken simmer stuff for tea, watched bit of dixie chicks video the rise of the planet of the apes

Sat 28th
M up early to watch olympics opening ceremony, went down shed did a bird and worked on Blue poles, one side found and welded! Em arrived home, M went shopping we all had a nap after lunch, people came and paid for balancing man and put deposit on head hands and heart. Caleb arriving for tea? Toast for tea with Kathleen, Biggles, Caleb, Em and Marian, watched Olympics I was irritated by adds and some of the commentary,, went to bed.

Fri 27th
fine day with showers at end( rained in Melbourne)worked on website , added to blog and got rid of links that were not working, went to Drouin to see Jaime( not there) and Middels( not open yet) picked up ladder and stuff from Jens, home to shed, went to Warragul to get flat bar ( 110) then home to make one side of egg, lunch walk at Nangara to take photo for website, M home in afternoon( slept) worked on finishing one side of egg and started blue poles, chicken thing for tea( M getting a cold?) watched the American, and Jesse owens documentary
Thursday 26th
Fine and showery?.. no just fine, worked on website and then went to Jens and cleaned out her chimney..then dropped in on Helen( still gardivalia) off to Yarragon and saw Jessie, Ingrid, Bev,Elly Geoff, Laurel, Bec and others,did ideas from craft arts dropped in on Marg at Pink fly, home to do lunch, walk started 2 dogs , went to Gerry Theile for a cup of tea and pile of metal, back home to finish dogs, shower cook tea.watched 2 big bangs, Gruen sweat, and ab fab.M out to call Talked to Narelle at Red Parrot and also Noelene Downie, 1 pool game.

Wednesday 25th
Worked on b and b stuff, went down shed and finished world, went to Drouin dropped off mower, basic shopping, picked up metal from Maureens and Metal man, home for lunch, walk, did stand for world, did a bird. Nap tidy dinner at chinese… cancelled Jindi business meeting as no one coming! Had a nice tea, good bookclub and home to watch 2 big bangs, answer emails and off to bed.

Tuesday 24th
Worked on band b’s stuff, uploaded images to website of latest work, talked to Sue Kiernan re ideas, went and added next bar to world and then did sth America, went and picked up welder,worked on other continents, about 2/3 done, did a bit of mowing, belt came off twice, Em withdrew her offer for the house. chicken and cous cous for tea, watched Time team, spicks and specks and dr who. Updated diary. 2 big bang and Margaret Olley program

Monday 23rd
Fine and sunny day, Vicki came to garden, I finished all 3 panels for Vicki, arc welder died, took to Warragul, shopped home for lunch, walk, talked to Lisa Demos, talked to Pubart people, Steve came and picked up Tree, sausages for tea Pilates worked on b and b stuff, M on phone to Don and Em, 2 big bangs

Sunday 22nd
Fine day, worked on computer sorting out info, replaced glass door glass, fixed letterbox lettering,repaired lone bird, had a walk, delivered letterbox to Angela,Went to Fleetwood picked up seat, went to Derinya, picked up seat Pizza for tea M went to Melbourne for lunch with Stephen and Kristen,home to have tea and watch Wallander. I finished French revolution book. Started Napoleon.

Saturday .21st
.fine and sunny but clouded over for part of the day,updated some info for phamplets, Derinya rang and asked for more birds and dogs,so went down shed and did 5 birds and 5 dogs. Emily went out with Don and bought a house in Heathmont Brain Ibbotson dropped in to pick up bench, M on call out at 12.00, Came up at 3.00 showered and off to Frankston, home again 6.15, chicken for tea( stir fry and simmer sauce)watched bit of spiderman and 2 rock quiz’s

Friday July 20th
Fine and sunny morning changing to showers before 9.00, did a bit on b and B’s then down shed to make tree for last cab to Darwin.. all done except painting,delivered bunyip to Bunyip Primary.. all happy, stopped in at sand rd service station and picked up a few tourist brochures, visited Helen then shopped, home , did puzzle and decided to deliver alpaca, called in at Bill Wigs and said hello, off to Darnum.. spelt it wrong, back home, did cannelloni for tea, then watched I’m your man and Stagecoach and 2 big bangs.

Thursday July 19th
Fine and sunny day, both a bit tired after battling legs and things last night, Vicki gardened, I worked on 4 dogs, then down to Yarragon to art group, did one basic sketch, talked to Ingrid Elly, Bev, Geoff,delivered Rogers mailbox,home lunch, did another dog, called up about chair for Greg Shuttleworth, off to Nar nar Goon to deliver a sketch, the Narre warren for 6 dogs to go to Sydney then Fleetwood Primary school to drop off seat , dog, bird and pelican, home after basic shopping,nap M had dentist appointment. Chicken for tea., 2 big bangs and Dr who, then spent an hour on writing up art bits for phamplet.

Wednesday July 18th
Fineish but showers in morning, started on artist details for brochure, worked on seat for tomorrow, all welded and painted ,painted alpaca and bunyip,M started at 1.00 due to call last night, did, 2 dogs, pelican , walked to top, nap, reading French revolution, spanokopita for tea, watched Dr who and 2 big bang.

Tuesday July 17th
Fine and sunny day, worked on bits for tourism til 9.00 Added plaque to shuttleworth seat and painted bits then worked on alpaca and mailbox til 10.30 went to Warragul delivered “smile” ordered glass for door,shopped and got parts for plasma cutter and mail box. Home to do lunch, did ¾ walk reading French revolution, back for puzzle and nap, then down shed again 2.30 and worked on finishing shuttleworth seat, painting alpaca mailbox, cutting out bits for bunyip sign.Shower,tea( steak) and watched Time team 2 big bangs and bit of Dr who. M out to call, working on tourist stuff.

Monday July 16th
M has day off, I loaded up car and went to Derinya art show.. lots of lovely mums working hard.. looks good, back morning tea with Helen discussed details of brochure, home to ring Karen, Kerrie, Trish, Matt Green at Gary Blackwoods re letter to Janice Hunter,lunch, down shed to work on alpaca fill in, one and ½ sides done,shower tea roast beef in batter, nap Pilates home to 2 big bangs and 3 pool( I WON)

Sunday July 15
Cool rainy fined up showers in evening,worked on writing up winery basics, then repaired Big red which had broken off base, added paint to Magpie chair, started cow head, did a bird which kicked me! then alpaca body, Belinda and Heather called in, Belinda bought “Carried away 2”,3 others called in including a couple from queensland, and bill Butcher and his wife called in, Sue arrived to discuss exhibition. Nap roast beef for tea,2 big bang, Wallander and 3 pool( lost 2)

Saturday July14th
fine for most of day, couple of showers, M off to Melbourne to help em look for houses mowed top paddock( most of) cut out magpie with oxy cutter, paid paper bill, Kathleen and Biggles came over to talk to caleb and give Magnum a run, did arms for seat, Heather Dessent came to pick up metal Birdsnest for Belinda, adele Kellet came to pick up Kookaburra, finished most of magpie seat, attached Rogers numbers,washed car, 1 load of washing out fish casserole for tea.watched face off and 2 rock quiz.

FridayJuly 13th
Raining Raining Raining.emailed, stopped raining then loaded horse and cow into car and went to Narrewarren to send them off to Sydney, then to Dandenong to see Sayra at Heritage Hill re exhibition, JB for a few dvds, then Founain gate for chinese food for tea, home for lunch left over chicken Kiev, did my walk with both dogs, home to 4 people stopping to have a look at sculpture garden, worked on Birdsnest for Belinda, finished, painted Rogers Letterbox,and then up for nap and shower, lit fire facebook and email, Janice Hunter rang up re a letter challenging her use of her property as an art practice,.Chinese for tea, watched 2 big bangs, Jane Eyre and Source code..Caleb arrives all good!

Thursday July 12th
Worked on sorting bits of website and also emails,went for awalk, talked to Alan Ronalds, went to Warragul bought steel( 85.54) for vickis piece, shopped at Coles, visited good habits coffee shop and talked to Peter, home for lunch, worked on Roger’s mailbox, ½ painted, Karen and Annie visited and bought sculpture, Tom Elton came and photographed Henry and road holes, showered and cooked salmon casserole for tea, Caleb arrived, off to art meeting at Gary’s.Not so many people there but enough to have fun and talk and catch up. We are minding Ralph for a day or two came home went to bed.

Wednesday July 11th
fine and cool, worked on mailboxes, got both boxes done, and most of Rogers pole, went to Warragul bought steel( , to Drouin called in at Lucianos sort of organised for art on wall, went to Maureens picked up dead trampoline,to metal man paid money, to hardware bought white gloss paint and hinges and catches( 51)home to keep working on mailboxes, Jeff and jeanette dropped in, shower, fire and off to club hotel for tea with M.home to Randling and 2 big bang, Don rang up.worked on bed and breakfast part of website.

Tuesday July 10th
Cloudy but fine, worked on Bunyip,got most done, Roger and Betty called in,letterbox to do, lunch, did seat frame for Collingwood seat, cut up wood for seat, went to see Jaime about art/café idea.. talked to her and her mum,went to Warragul for plasma cutter stuff( no) home to light fire shower, sausages for tea, watched two big bangs and a bit of once upon a time.sent off emails to b and B’s and looked at destination Gippsland site, reading French revolution

Monday July 9th
Cloudy day but fine, worked on updating website,then welding horse together, took Em to station, saw Helen and Prue and Henry in coffee place across from Helen’s, went to Wild dog dropped off 6 more dogs, went to Yarragon dropped off seat for T and C, back to Warragul for some basic shopping,Saw Steph in Coles( Navy?) then home for lunch,painted Horse, started Bunyip character, picked up package from Jindi store( cards), nap, puzzle, cleaned out shower and fixed kitchen tap, chicken strips for tea, Pilates. 2 big bang, 3 pool games lost 2!

Sunday July 8th
Fine day, went and set out horse form, started to fill it in, brought in wood for seats, talked to Steve Wiegerink and craig re sets for last cab to Darwin,will try to make a tree this coming week, I cut back the bougainvillea behind shed to get piece of 5 ply,only a few thorns in the hands! brought in pine pieces too for the upcoming tree.. M and Em went to Kathleens and helped dig the trench/garden with no help from Biggles, lasagne for tea, watched sporting nation and Wallendar and mad as hell.

Saturday July 7th
Up early to go to Jindi market.. beautiful day.. bought stuff, cakes wine, olive oil, veges, more cakes, sold flowers, cat, a bird, a dog and lyrebird, ( 200) fair bit of negotiation and discussed sale of dog boy and bird girl. Home for lunch and nap.Em went to Kathleens and went out to a movie( Ted).The Grants coming tonight,Andrew, Helen, Prue, Alice and Henry. I did leg of lamb and other stuff, talked about racism, watched one rock quiz.Had an accident with one of the glass doors

Friday July 6th
Cool day cloudy but fine, worked on finishing off kangaroo, now mounted and painted, Vicki and Mick dropped in to see panels, went to Jindivick to help mark out market stalls, home for lunch, worked on small pieces for market got 8 done, Picked up Em from station, some shopping, home to paint pieces, loaded trailer shower, nap, vacuum, Sue Osborn coming for tea( fish and chips), M on call. Sue and Em worked into the night trying to sort out Sues computer and books...I went to bed M went to call!

Thursday July 5th
Fine day , cold at times but sunny for parts,worked on sending out letter to winerys and artists.. only replys from angela and serigraph. Worked on covering Kangaroo with panels,Sally Fay came with Claire McArthur and 2 others,for a walk around garden,mowed ½ of front paddock and house area, belt came off needed repairing, ground down welds on Kangaroo,washed and cooked Lasagne for tea then biscuits, watched spicks and specks and Dr Who, finished come ashore and we will kill and eat you all. Did tax excel.

Wednesday July 4th
Showers , fine patches, cold patches, did letter for trail ideas for B and Bs, sent off, worked on sign holders( 4 made) did signs for un signed pieces, dropped off letter to Graham Duell. Talked to Rhona about art in cafes,Went to Drouin, metal man and basic shopping,then Worked on panels for Kangaroo, ken and bus arrived, talked to them, Faye arrived to pay me for bird, discussed trail idea with her,Lunch worked on Kangaroo, assembled seats then to Warragul as I had run out of gas for MIG.( 107.50). also bought wire( 41) back home for shower and cooking., did cake, biscuits and tea chicken strips, watched spicks and specks and x men final stand. M back from cocktail party

Tuesday 3rd July
Showers and cool, worked on Canada excel sheets to 9, went shopping in Drouin,spoke to Jaymie about phamplet, went to Warragul for plasma cutter parts( no) did exercises in park, shopping for cat food, home for morning tea, Gary and Andrew here to did out drain, insert pipe and redo part, sent email to the life style, went to Jindivick paid Gina bill, talked to Nicole, talked to Ken, saw Kens place back home with Ken and prepared a bit for his bus group tomorrow, to house for lunch, Caleb and Ralph arrive, Painted wood for seats, Helen rings, and comes out with henry and alice to take photos,discussed phamplet, cooked rissoles, nap, made ravioli for tea, watched spicks and specks, talked to Kerrie, played 1 pool game against caleb and won( surprisingly) played one against M and lost…emails

Monday 2nd July
Showers and rain, worked on Canada spending excel sheet,worked on 2 seats ..all welded and wood painted, 2 small cats for market, ausnet arrived and connected solar,cut down big red sculpture to be modified tomorrow, Pilates.watched 2 malcolm in the middle

Sunday 1st July
Fineish day to begin,went to showers, worked on finishing cow for Frances, all done..also did Joys birdhouse, 2 small market items made from horseshoesadded a character to my captain Hook mobile,also did a bird. Chicken stir fry for tea, worked on emails and Canada excel, Watching sport with John Clarke, Wallander, M on ultrasound call all day.Knee sore, had to sleep on floor for a while.

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