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March 11, 2012

March 2012

Saturday 31st March
Day of changeable weather warmish some wind..worked on finishing both sides of new side of pyramid.. assembled , went shopping for brushes, mesh, 16mm rod and 12mm rod, home to start rock/tyre seat. Mowed two sections of paddock, cool change. Jeff and Jeanette and Rona and Trav came over. M on call, spaghetti for tea.watched Rock quiz and 2 Dark angels. Caleb dropped off Ralph.

Friday 30th March
Fine day warm and pleasant, worked on Kookaburra and birdfeeder, then jindi sign, 4 dogs, started on second side of pyramid…gunna be heavy!..reading new Lee Child book, soup and stuff for tea, Trivia night for Oxfam by Kate and ally and jemma and Karina.. with Sharon and Whelans.. lost !

Thursday 29th March
Fine morning ..lovely warmish day, put compass piece into paddock, worked on finishing first side of mountain sunrise piece, took 6 dogs, 3 birds 1 seat, 1 cat and 1 lyrebird to T and C, saw Brooke English there, back to Drouin, Called in On Paul O and Helen, some basic shopping, went to metal man, interesting bits there, home to mow house area and across road, put up gutter on tractor shed, reading Jack Reacher book. Rissoles for tea, M on call, watched spicks and specks, played 1 pool game. I lost.

Wednesday 28th March
Cool day warming up, vacuumed, cleaned pedestals and hall, cleaned carpets, went to Christinas at Icy Creek to fix sculpture that had broken in high winds, back, cleaned Kitchen floor, bathroom and toilet, our room white work, swept outdoor patio, chicken skewers for tea, Book group to discuss “the Help”,George, Jen Lyn, Sue, Helen, Marian and me…then watched game of thrones ep 2.

Tuesday 27th March
Coolish and fine day, worked on flower girl piece, started sun pyramid,hamburger lunch, woodwork for women, Anne, Gayle, Annemarie and Julie, bought steel for sign frame( 16) and bought new Iphone( 800) schnitzel for tea,walk dog, watched 2 couplings 1 game of thrones, 3 games of pool( to me) and email stuff.

Mon 26th March
Fine day , bit coolish, Vicki came and did front fence area, I worked on adding dress to scarecrow girl, fixing peacock, grouting compass, finishing dairy flower, adding second character to red boat, had lunch, visited Helen, dropped off shirts to David, did basic shopping, contacted origin and sunconnect and dcsi, mowed nature strip, burned pile, painted one panel of fence.sausage rolls for tea, Pilates watched end of faster, then 3 pool games( I won all 3)

Sunday 25th March
Cool day but fine, finished loading car then off to Gembrook, not all the stalls there today, only sold kookaburra and a couple of flowers( 100) bought an easel( 90), home for nap, finished mowing paddock( M did ½) dropped off some pieces( 2 birds and 3 dogs at Emerald) quiche for tea,M talked to Em, Caleb picked up Ralph, watched a bit of waking the dead and Faster

Saturday 24th March
Rainy showery day, looking after Ralph, did 8 flowers, ground edges of Irwin piece. Bought flat bar and sheet( 106) went to Kingston to pick up piece from Art Blitz, back for nap, Magnum to mind too, out to opening of Maery Gabriel, then to party at Jindivick hall.

Friday 23rd March
Cool day, showery, help move Maery Gabriel mosaics,, took all day with Geoff, Ingrid, Helen and lots of others at various times. Home , fish and chip tea, watched 1 tudors( end of whole series) M on call, watched Mercury rising.stuffed

Thursday 22nd March
Coolish day ,M has day off , fined up, went to Melbourne, went to NGV, saw exhibition on Buddha, European paintings, bought book for Em, went to Fed square, saw top arts , good range of work, lunch at south bank, home, nap, Margie bear coming to stay the night, schnitzel for tea, then 2 couplings and Roy Orbison. Finished “the Help”

Wednesday.21st March
Coming rain, warm but cooling then rain then warm!, did 2 birds( emus) and 2 dogs, , Bev picked up waratah, and the shire picked up a few pieces for farmworld. Made cow and calf in corrugated for Gembrook. Chops for tea, reading the help ( for bookclub), watched 1 dark angel, in Gordon st tonight, played 3 pool, M won 1 and I won 2.

Tuesday 20th March
Fine and sunny,added to website wedding anniversary..36yrs M tells me, did 2 dogs, 1 pelican, 1 cat, 1 spring seat, 2 ½ birds, found corrugated iron, lunch, 3 at ww for women Ann Marie, Julie and anne,worked on mirrors, scroll saw,bought gutter supports home puzzle and nap, emails stuff ,out for tea.nice but too salty, then to see contraband.. gritty but mostly well done.

Monday 19th March
Fine sunny day, Vicki coming to do gardening, m has meeting at morwell, Worked on 2 dogs, 1 bird and 1 lyrebird, garden sculpture order, finishing compass, went and delivered frame thing to Helen, basic shopping, home, nap,Mowed top paddock, tidied odd bits of garden,watched a Tudors,Pilates.and watched Dark Angel Pilot..Stuffed

Sunday 18th March
Fine day, did 3 birds in shed , couple of groups of people called.mowed front paddock, fixed mower part 1, fixed mower part 2, lunch(3.00) then cleaned and off to Melbourne to pick up piece from Bonanza..photographed a bit, bought Penetrol( 59) and a few cd/dvds.home to M out on call did steak and eggs for tea, walked dog 3 games of pool 2 to M and 1 to me, watched easy A

Saturday 17th March
Loaded stuff for Warragul at Market, set up, sold about $300, saw Sue,,jeanette and jeff,Ingrid, Jessie and jex, Joan and Noel,,did an oil pastel piece,went home unloaded, then to Kfc for lunch, Tony’s 50th, Emily, Julia, Peter, Cate,then to the zoo..nearly 4000 people to see RockQuiz at the Zoo,had a Indian tea and watched from a distance. Then home before it finished to avoid the crowding, a really lovely evening

Friday 16th March
Cool and rainy day.. did 4 dogs, 1 chook, 1 peacock, 1 lyrebird, 1 kookaburra, ! cat, shopped for medicines and basic shopping, home for nap then finished kookaburra and did most of for tea, watched the green hornet and 1 tudors 3 games of pool 1 won 2 but M won the last and left me with 4 balls on the table!

Thursday 15th March
Fine day but a bit muggy..started on the banksia piece.. took all morning but now done, went to Aldi,then to Drouin, lunch with Helen, home to puzzle and nap, then up and cut out Irwin piece. Rissoles for tea, then a bit of email stuff , watched a program on spice islands, 3 games of pool, I lost 2 to 1.. in the first game I pocketed the white 5 times and the black 3 times!. Updated some of website.Rain coming.

Wednesday 14th March
Fine day warmish but with a northerly breeze…worked on" compass," finished second side of circle and then assembled it, people came to install solar panels, 16, went to narre warren to send off 6 birds, 6 dogs, 1 special dog, 2 chooks, 1 peacock,1 pelican, hoop girl. Back home to nap kfc lunch, then painted compass, chinese for tea, walked dog, sore knee, back to add to website, write up info on pieces,watch TAYG, 3 games of pool, tickets for Kathleen?

Tuesday 13th March
Fine and warm day, went to Herring Island to pick up "Skipping girl "and "Red tree",they had 597 people through but only sold 4 pieces,back home cut up wood for woodwork with women, mirror wood, had lunch in Warragul , Hamburger, had Gayle, ann and Annemarie, got the frames done, little bit on boxes.Went and bought flat bar and I tube, shopping bought the Help, home, steak for tea.watched the Help. Walked dog and played 3 pool. Emails etc.

Monday 12th March
Holiday( Moomba) fine day pleasantly warm,started on the circle to surround the star of rocks, ½ done, did the terrier for Frances, finished painting separate paths and hoop girl, did cat. Man came and put deposit on "balancing man", someone offered to buy "leaf litter" on the email…sold a pair of dogs, Jeff and jeanette for arvo tea. M on call. Pasta for tea, 2 couplings, and 3 games of pool, email etc.

Sunday March 11th
Coolish day becoming fine, worked on mowing top paddock and across road, then started on giving" dress 2" a hat… finished, also painted" hoop girl," and modified 5 into "different paths".Caleb came with a new full sized pool table( for him) and he had hurt his back. Kathleen and Biggles came for lunch( pies), started small dog, painted different paths, M a bit off colour, chicken Kievs for tea, played pool watched Mr and Mrs Smith…vaguely interesting.

Saturday 10th March
Loaded up for Rokeby, sold $250, saw Stacey and Belnda Kuhnell, John Curnow, Jen Morley, Di and Glenn Orwin, home for lunch, 3 dogs! Alex and asha came in arvo to see the scoll saw, also a lady organising a trip and one other,pottered around, playing with dogs, sausages for tea, watched New Tricks, Rock Quiz and 2 couplings.M on Ultrasound call, feeling a bit off colour

Friday 9th March
Coolish day up here a bit clearer down in the valley, loaded car with 6 birds, 6 dogs 1 cat 1 lyrebird, 1 pelican and 2 chooks and drove with Barney to Yarram. Bought welding rods and cutting discs and washers. Dropped stuff off there, drove home to Drouin shopping and then home. Lunch puzzle nap, then assembled morleys gate panel, 6 flowers, 1 kookaburra, painted big circle, stop and reading foundations fear, lovely sunny end to day, vacuumed.,fish and chip tea, watched Unlimited and a bit of Miss fisher. Pool games and emails

Thursday 8th March
Coolish day, worked on 3 dogs, 2 birds, 1 eagle, cut out flowers then a chook and a kookaburra , mowed paddock, M did ½ had a half day off. Chicken stirfry for tea.went to see this means war at the cinema as something a bit special for Marians i/2 day off…. 16yr old boys movie… very unclassy and un satisfying….a comic on the screen…

Wednesday 7th March
Cool day, worked on 6 dogs, then went to Drouin, basic shopping, called in on Sue and Paul, Warragul bought 12mm bar, went to metal man some stuff, lunch, nap, 2 birds tea chicken skewers, jindi business group at Jeffs, M share club

Tuesday 6th March
Cool day, some showers, did 5 birds,and 2 months of excel tax stuff, woodwork for women, two new girls, 4 in all today, called into see bill wigleworth ,nap, puzzle, chicken tomato thing for tea,walk, worked on last years excel sheets and some of this years.

Monday 5th March
Cool day, m had early call( 4.00) back about 9 home til 4.30, I worked in shed on 4 birds, 4 dogs, 7 mushrooms, went and dropped off plastic to Helen, some shopping, bought mdf(12) nap, shower tea, Pilates watched  1 tudors ,comedy festival( axis of awesome, lano and Woodley, Tim Minchin)

Sunday 4th March
Cool and showery, finish tables and deliver with sculpture “escapee”to Kongwak,brought back table with mirror spot, then to Highlands to pick up pieces.saw show and Denis Spiteris studio, bought catfood and petrol and home!Caleb home and had set up pool table an air table.

Saturday 3rd March
Cool and showery, worked on Art Blitz piece( inner turmoil) finished, Had Ben and Louisa visit and buy a bird, painted half of big circle piece, took piece down to Kingston with M and Em. Went to Thai restaurant for tea with em, then home to watch Rock Quiz and Philadelphia

Friday 2nd March
Very restless night, plumbers came( Darren Schenk) and fixed pipes, I helped for a bit, Painted Kangaroos, then went to Churchill to pick up Calebs pool table. Lunch and nap, did washing( 3 loads) walked dog reading bond book ( Sebastian Faulks) finished. Very windy, mowed across road, tea at pub with kids.then home to watch Crazy Stupid Love( m’s birthday pres from em)

Thursday 1st March
Cool day rained all night and showery for much of day, worked on finishing Kangaroos( welding) then finished big circle piece( welding) did a girl with a hoop, lunch, puzzle then pelican and a bird, went to Drouin for basic shopping and to dentist to get tooth out, paid newpaper bill, visited Jeanette next door. M at moe today.did lamb chops for tea, watched one treme, leg bouncing!,

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