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May 11, 2012

May 2012

May 31st Thursday
Lovely day, finish flying duck, drop in on Helen (not home)with stuff for Tanjil Valley, go to Highway gallery pick up sculptures, then back to JB bought a few videos and cds, home for lunch, mowed paddock people dropped in to line up a bus visit in October, lady came and bought butterfly seat,, nap sausages for tea, started watching new movie.. silly so stopped.. watched last big bang, 3 pool I lost 2, looked at internet for art galleries where we are heading.

May 30thWednesday
Lovely day, to finish flying ducks,all of one done most of second done, wood on recycled seat, hug trees set out side, Lawrence Marshall dropped in,reading Caleb’s crossing, dog to vet for vaccination, Parvo and Kennel cough,,Pick up M, quick KFCtea then to Paul Kelly concert at Leongatha. Supported by wishful… lovely.. a nice night, saw Grant and Irene, Sue, Ellen Deb and Bill.

May 29thTuesday
Coolish painted wood and debs chair, assemble recycled bench, bought bolts,cut up mountain sunrise to fit trailer, did 2 flying duck shapes and mesh for 1.5, went to Drouin, had lunch with Helen, shopping, looked into Kennels for Barney, Jeff will take him, painted one duck shape, chicken drumsticks for tea watched 3 Big bang, played 3 games of pool, looked up stuff on Thailand, Cal Lane, plasma cutters etc.


May 28th Monday
Coolish, Vaccuumed the house, Don and Sam Barrett called to pick up their work, David was there so was easy to get piece from the barn,Vicki gardened, Jo and Sandy Peeters arrived to pick up their work, Faye came round to open up, I brought home my work, went to WGAC to drop off the expulsion machine, looks a good display, then to Ellinbank to pick up logs from Mary Gabriels studio, to Yarragon to pick up the Value of friends, Home to lunch, nap them moved sculptures in yard,, schnitzels for tea, Pimpisa came and got her work, off to Pilates( Rohan took one of the logs for an anvil base) sent off emails 3 pool 1 won one

May 27th Sunday
Cool…no real showers .. at least in the part of the day that mattered..M went to Melburne to see brother Stephen and mum, I stood at Gembrook.. coolish.. did a couple of sketches and looked through stuff.. sold a pelican!.bit of shopping then.home.. unloaded car, nap,sausage rolls for tea, M home for tea,watched queens diamond jubilee, eurovision everyone voted for Sweden 23 pool games I lost 2

May 26th Saturday
Showers and cool, stood up 12 sculptures in the sculpture garden due to strong winds and rain last night. Off to Art Melbourne picked up Em, seemed not as many people as last year.. some good ideas… had lunch at Threshermans.. yum then back to Ems and home Raining here in evening but was a fine day in Melb.quiche for tea, watched new tricks and body farm then bit of eurovision, 3 pool games I lost 2

May 25th Friday
Slight rain going to heavy rain as day progresses, delivered seat to Karen at top of hill, delivered seat to Anita in stolls rd,Noel delivered wood, to Kongwak at 10.30,Picked up seat 2 tables and sculptures,called in on Dumergues, M has second half of day off,haircut, went and bought steel flat (86) and picked up Teac player again. Home to lunch, puzzle and nap.Pie for tea, watched leap of Faith( mostly good) 1 big bang and a good part of eurovision 1…It never gets any better…3 pool I lost 2

May 24th Thursday
Cooler fine most of day and gentle rain in late arvo,took car in for service, worked on painting odd bits of seats, added heart to sculpture, finished grouting on Hug trees,cut holes in recycled seat frames when it wouldn’t drill, painted ends of seats, did deb’s seat , all welding done and wood cut up but not cleaned or painted, picked up Marian, leftovers for tea, then 2 big bang and watched” Contagion”3 pool games I won 2

May 23rd Wednesday
Nar Nar Goon Primary , mens day.listened to Tom Hafey..impressive, comedian and dance troupe( hip Hop) very impressive, did drawing at lunchtime, did two sessions of art stuff with dads and kids, went to Pakenham Bunnings and bought Penetrol and yellow paint, home for nap and puzzle, meatloafs for tea., watched wild india, randling, laid, 3 pool 1 won 2

May 22nd Tuesday
Fine day heading to showers,went shopping for groceries , booked in car, took Teac dvd back, home to play with plasma cutter and start mosaic of hug trees, Helen and Henry called by, showed Caitlins linocut stuff from Maningrida, and Sandys mosaic stuff, walked around sculpture garden and took a banner to Jeanette, lunch then kept working on mosaic until I ran out of glue, went and bought glue and bolts in Drouin, called in at wood recycler and also metal man, some nice wood pieces, nap, made a casserole for tea, watched who do you think you are( devla) and 1 big bang, 3 pool 2 I lost.

May 21st Monday
Lovely day.M starts late due to call last night , Vicki gardened, worked on legs of heart sculpture, and recycled seat parts,painted parts, called in on Helen, bought steel( 10 mm rod) 86, , plumber fixed stove, watched red. Pilates M on late duty.

May 20th Sunday
M on call,cool day but fine, worked on hug trees, and 2 seatframes, painted more on superman and painted wood for seats,Don and Bev barrett dropped in,Jeff and Jeanette dropped in . Cleaned out gutters and plumber came to look for gas leak, sausages and steak for tea, watched 2nd Bruce springsteen video, Robert Heinlein.

May 19th Saturday
Cool and showery, worked on sals frame, superman painting and birds and flowers seat, people dropped in and ordered something similar.Kathleen and Magnum called by for lunch, Sue and Nell came for arvo tea, chicken skewers for tea, watched new tricks, Rock quiz and a bit of Margot at the wedding.. slow.. 3 pool games I lost 2.

May 18th Friday
Cool but fine worked on welding butterfly chair.. all done, did wood for chair.. need paint.. $232) called in at Helens discussed Caravan Burlesque, then to Warragul for paint and shopping, Gary working on plants, car and car park, Ken Burleigh dropped in a pile of interesting metal and Ruth McGowan gave me some nice timber off cuts, Puzzle, nap and uploaded photos of Jindi show to Facebook.


May 17th Thursday
Cool but fine,became a perfect sunny day, email stuff and got cheques ready to post. worked on superman piece and tidying heart I made yesterday, photographed Jindi show off to Yarragon did 3 small watercolour things, home to find Garry working spreading stones and putting in path to driveway, had lunch then worked mowed front paddock and front of house,on seat. Frame done and butterfly laid out, went shopping paid 100 to metal man,made mince beans and pancakes for tea then out to see caravan burlesque,( excellent) did lots of drawings but all went to performers.

May 16th Wednesday
Cool and not as showery as yesterday.worked on a few entry forms, paid in money to Gina, cleaned up a “piece of the puzzle” , put on a new base and painted it, second coat for the expulsion machine, finished 3 kook burras, made heart for new piece cleaned bench,stove fixed by plumber, went shopping and saw Christine went to keith bought a pile of plough discs( 19) home for nap. Rissoles for tea, added more bnb’s to website, watched Knight and Day , 3 games of pool I lost 2.

,May 15th Tuesday
Cool and showery, found a batch of BnBs and caravan parks to add to website. Then worked all day on the expulsion machine for the Catharsis exhibition, did a bit of shopping stopped by metal man but not a lot there, home to nap cooked a curry for tea, chased up more contacts re accommodation and other highlights.Watched last coupling and the time travellers wife( good)

May 14th Monday
Coolish but fine odd shower during the day, worked on a cat and a kookaburra, then started the machine. Vicki gardened, at 12.30 I went to Drouin, dropped I on Helen, then to hospital to drop off cord for M, then to Yinnar to drop off the gardener piece for creative recycling show, back to Warragul to get mesh then home for puzzle and nap, casserole for tea Pilates. Game of pool

May 13th Sunday
Mothers day. Rained and showered and cold,went to Jindi and staked pieces that had blown over in the night, then loaded political thinking and took up to Neerim North. Em planted stuff and then went with M to Melbourne Pasta for lunch with Grandma then to dons.I called in at Serigraph gallery and picked up 4 pieces that were unloved, called in at Gary’s gallery and bought Alison piece, talked briefly to Trish, Russell and Pamela then home for lunch, nap finish of hunger games then off to Mirboo nth to pick up unsold pieces , ladder girl had sold and was popular, home to pizza and sandwich tea with Caleb and M, watched Young Victoria, 3 games of pool, 2 to 1. Did email stuff

May 12th Saturday
Loaded up stuff for Rokeby set up saw Jenny, Jude, Brian, Deb, sold flowers , Kookaburra and birds,( 200)Kathleen and Biggles, Em and M came to Rokeby, home for lunch then up to Jindivick, helped prepare for opening, distributed Maps, had a nice opening with most of the sculptors there, Pimpisa, Don and Joan all got prizes, Russell talked a good opening and Gary gave a good set of judges coments.. I rambled on a bit, talked to Pimpisa about Thailand, talked with Kerry, Chris, Jeff and Jeanette, talked to joan and Noel, home for nap then out to Chinese.

May 11th,Friday
started a bit showery and windy but was basically fine all day,mowed Fayes lawn, took up my sculptures and set up redid signs so they fitted holders met assorted sculptors and organised their positions, Joan knitting bombed Henry, ,did map for sculpture show and catalog list, went to Warragul got 200 printed, back to distribute a few, signed everything, off to trivia night.Home to see M and em.

May 10th Thursday
Cool but fine, worked in shed on 4 birds, then went up and helped Janice set up her pieces, talked to David, Faye, then home lunch, nap, read book a bit, then back in shed for 10 flowers, cut up pieces for Kooka burras, did one, then up to Jindi to judge art primary stuff with Joan, then to Warragul shopping and opening of Kathy Smith exhibition, tea at Pub then home for 2 coupling and sort out signs for show.

May 9th Wednesday
Fine day heading toward showers, did a pelican a dog then went had morning tea with Helen and Loris, delivered works to Mirboo North, ( the cricketer, She’s not there, the chariot,and looking down, upward to the stars, then back to Yarragon, lunch they need a seat, to Warragul bought metal( 200) then some shopping, home , up to Jindivick to see if Faye needed a hand, went to see Deb but not there( jeff had seen her and lined up opening for Saturday) then home to puzzle, nap, reading a little bit of hunger games three,then to shed to make a bird and a peacock, Bronte dropped off her piece, Pimpisa dropped off hers and we set it up at Jacks,,chops for tea then did signs for sculpture show, shower or two.

May 8th Tuesday
Beautiful day, M has day off, Digger man worked at Kathleens today, I worked on finishing behind the mask piece, did all welding and mosaic, did 1 bird and 1 dog, also finished second book of the hunger games,went to Jeff and Jeanettes for tea, lovely time, home to 3 pool games and bed.

May 7th Monday
Fine coolish day, worked on behind the mask, nearly ½ done. Vicki gardening, Gary digging stuff,did fron nature strip in top paddock, trenched across front nature strip, made room for more pipes, I worked in covering face all morning, Going to Bunyip Primary school to talk to kids re Bunyip called in wendy Thomas dropped off weathervane, called in at school to drop off Gitas reach me down a star, talked to Shelley, home to nap and make tea( omelette and mince)Pilates.

May 6th Sunday
Cool day and fine shower in morning but basically dry all day and also cold.. still had about 55 people through to see stuff. I spent the morning printing off new labels and prices, Marian put small sculptures to make a path through to Jeff and jeanettes,I started work on behind the mask piece but soon was caught up in talking to Laura and Christine McPhan, assorted Crisfields, Lorraine Tran, Anne Marks, Bev Lindorff ,Margie Hodge and Tim, and a good variety of other people… Sold Political thinking and possibly walk of Life, as well as a seat and a bird and a few flowers. Packed up around 4.30 and went to Jeff and Jeanettes for a de brief.. had plenty of wine and home to sausages , two on the great divide, and Middle men. Then 2 games of Pool and bed.

May 5th Saturday
Cloudy and only some showers, reassembled cow piece, put out she’s not there, whippersnipped lawn area, went and got mower, mowed til belt came off, fixed belt and broken piece, mowed more, Tim Mirams and Lydia and their two boys dropped in and stayed a while, tidied in shed,.Tea then trivia night. With Shazza, whelans Dents and others. M on call today off since about 10.30.

May 4th Friday
Dry day cloudy and the odd shower, hung up sign on shed, painted “shes not there” again and also Johns man figure, added to behind the mask piece and cut out backing, then off to Melbourne to deliver :survival: and flower girl” to the High way gallery. Home via fountain gate wher I bought next two hunger games books and a few videos and 2 jumpers,Did puzzle and nap, Gary had laid screenings over the worst of the muddy areas in shed driveway and set up pickets to keep people away from the mess.Lit fire and had chinese for tea then off to Opening of ATA “static” at Gary Miles Gallery, was asked to speak to open it at the last minute… seems to have gone ok.. we bought one small piece, some lovely work there . Then off to see Monique and Deni doing Dusty at the wgac.

May 3rd Thursday
Raining all Day!.. worked on welding and finishing she not there, and painted, assembled girl and stairs, started on behind the mask, went shopping for steel,(36.72) blades and belts( 32) home for lunch and puzzle and nap, read hunger games 1.

May 2nd Wednesday
Rained during night and showering most of morning, Gary arrives at 7.30 to clean out pipes, also not lay gravel on driveway M finishes work 7.00,. Worked all day on she’s not there piece.. looking good. M called twice last night so didn’t start til 12.00,had lunch, went shopping called in on Helen, have to cut board for her, home for puzzle and nap, finishing off piece, kfc tea? Ralph McTell 8.00

May 1st Tuesday
Fine day, Cathy came and we worked on putting her piece together, M took my car, ! worked on ladder and ladder girl, then reach me down a star, then two friends and also the cricketer. In the afternoon Gary was here with Andrew digging and putting in the pipes. I had a nap and M came home and took me back to get her car from Drouin Motors. I did Pasta for tea and then watched who do you think you are( Michael O Louchlin) a touch of the voice started watching sucker punch but it was too silly, and then Swordfish.M on call

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