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November 11, 2012

November 2012

Friday 30th Nov
Warm and cloudy… … supposed to rain but nothing nearby…end of day and still no rain.. guess it will be all on the market tomorrow… Mowed lower sculpture garden as Kerrie and Friend coming today, did 5 dogs.. but slowly.Kerry and friend enjoyed the garden and bought a few bits( 250) tired from a hot night.. went to Drouin but left wallet at home.. came home for a nap… went to Warragul for shopping and fish and chips, loaded trailer for tomorrow.walked the dogs, Kathleen and Magnum came over, watched New tricks and Waking the Dead

Thursday Nov 29th
Fine warm day, bank person coming 9.00, talked to em and M, 35degree day, went to Fountain Gate as no power here,did some xmas shopping had a nice lunch,dropped Em off at home, home again chops for tea, took dogs to river near Neerim Sth. Watched Redfern Now and 56 up.v hot night… big wind through about 1, but nothing else.

Wednesday Nov 28th
Fine pleasant day, did 2 chooks and 2 pelicans, went to Jindivick and helped mark out stalls,did 2 dogs, phone call from KWT re Rotary sponsorship of sculpture show, went to Warragul got flyers printed, to Drouin to see metal man, Helen and basic shopping, home for lunch, puzzle and nap, 3 more dogs, out to book group breakup, saw Jude, Helen Peter, Lois, Lyn Robyn Brian, back to pick up Em from Kathleens

Tuesday Nov 27th
Rained in morning, thunderstorms, did 5 dogs and 2 birds, put together outdoor stand, went to Warragul re travel arrangements, shopped for a few things, paid paper bill, heard that shop has been sold at Jindivick, home to prepare for dinner tonight, did two salad things, reading Ian Rankin.went to Jindi Business group xmas breakup, then home to watch Hunger Games.

Monday Nov 26th
Cool and mild day, painted stand, did 3 birds and 2 chooks, repaired the broken ones from Gembrook, Vick gardened,did 2 dogs, went to Warragul to get metal for signs also a new trailer plug, and some shopping, home to do puzzle and nap then talked to Pimpisa re dates in Thai land, did 3 dogs, schnitzel for tea, mowed across rd,Pilates, home to Q and A.

Sunday Nov 25th
Gembrook market,beautiful day, coolish to begin with getting pleasantly warmer, sold 600, Thomas the tank engine run, home via shopping, reading Ian Rankin, steak for tea, walk, Brazil and Wallander.

Saturday Nov.24th
Fine warm day, did bird repainted shelf timber, mowed sculpture garden, added tp Kathleens stand. Had 5 people visit,went to Gallery talked to Kelly and Jessie Hedley, Grant and Irene,David and his daughter( 500) for flying ducks, Marika and Nathan, in total about 20 people through, talked to gary and Ray and Maggie, M cooked tea after going to a conference in morning and shopping with Kathleen in arvo.

Friday Nov 23rd
Cool and mild to begin, saw Helen, dropped off a book, saw Sue re Yarram exhibition, then,to Moe for welding rods ( 150)and Morwell for springs(210), back to Drouin to pick up Magnum, home for morning tea, worked in shed on stand, lunch,beautiful day, worked on stand wood and 2 birds, Jessie dropped in to take photos for portrait show, took Magnum home, basic shopping, home to do wraps for tea, M in Melbourne helping Em, watched Tower Heist and New tricks and waking the dead, Em rang and Madge.

Thursday Nov 22nd
Cool and mild day, worked on a seat order, then a rooster, 4 birds, Sue came at lunchtime,nap puzzle, worked on outdoor stand,a bus came but didn’t stop,chops for tea,watched Redfern Now, prepared papers for Yarram exhibition, and 3 pool games.

Wednesday Nov 21st
Windy night , seems quiet and cool now ,Updated website, did 2 pelicans, 3 birds, added to seat and finished it, went to Warragul to deliver seat, also bought metal ( 12mm rod and tube) home for nap did another seat frame, M out to tea, called in on Jeff and Jeanette, watched a Dark angel, added to website,

Tuesday Nov. 20th
Fine and sunny day, M has day off, Belinda worked on flowers and sign for glenn. I did a seat frame, welded mesh to gate, did 3 birds, added to seat, did 2 small birds in a tree( sold) 3 people came to buy a kookaburra, had lunch and then went to metal recycler, got horseshoes and boards for seats, home to a busload of people and a couple, did puzzle and a nap then did another bird, talked to lisa Demos on the phone, did a meat curry for tea. Walk, spicks and specks, prime time in America.

Monday Nov 19th
Fine and sunny day. M off til 10, washing on, did another flower seat, did 4 birds, went to Warragul bought mesh, went to school talked to Ben, Laura, and Shelley, home for puzzle and nap, did another bird and cut up stuff for tomorrow including mesh, made rissoles for tea, Pilates, home to media watch and Qand A

Sunday Nov 18th
Up at 6, burned off rest of pile, finished landscape seat, welded and painted, started another seat, M working 10 to 2 and on call, round to Garys saw Jane and Luke,had about 15 people through, talked to Sandy and Jessie… quiet and relatively dull day.home to nap and spaghetti using up some of the olives and stuff from the opening… watched Brazil and Wallander

Saturday Nov 17th
Warragul Art Market, saw Alesha and Robyn and loads of other people, had a lovely time . sold $400, M to Melbourne to drive em around, sitting on exhibition in the arfternoon., wonderful to see Deppellers and Lisa and Travis and Howes.. Think I talked too much.. is that possible?.... missed Sally Lockridge and family.. had a nice talk to Gary… home to read papers, do tea and enjoy wine!, watched Top Gun and Snake eyes

Friday Nov 16th
Cool and possibly showery,wrote my artistic journey took more pieces around to Garys repaired wedgetail, ,went to Warragul got catalogue printed, bought more food for evening, mowed across road and house block, made sandwiches, went to Drouin and picked up platters,Opening!, went really well, Russell gave a great speech and sang You’ll never walk alone, lots of people..many of the art community, many from school, about 100 people all up and a very nice social night

Thursday Nov 15th
Cool and Mild, printed off writeups for pieces worked on gate, all flowers and leaves on need mesh, worked on back of seat order, 4 people came during morning, took over most of pieces to Gary’s for exhibition.egg and bacon pie for tea, mowed paddock and rearranged sculptures.. looks reasonable… watched the Avengers… fun.

Wednesday Nov 14th
Cool and mild,did write ups for a few of the pieces, did 2 chooks, 1 duck 1 bird and 1 dog, started on gate and got structure welded, went to Warragul to get more metal , checked in at bookshop, bought opening food,had hair cut, home to puzzle and nap,sausages for tea, drove to Sale to deliver clock and books to Caleb and pick up Ralph. Home to do more writeups for pieces.

Tuesday Nov 13th
Cool and mild, planted Roses,and other plants M has day off, Belinda,worked on a pot of flowers, I did the kookaburras onto stands, a pelican and a bird, started the gate as an order,went to Heritage Hill for photo for Star, Sue there, wandered through Dandenong plaza, Rice chinese for tea, home to do puzzle.,did a bit on stumbleupon, Burned off pile watched America in Primetime

Monday Nov 12th
Warm and windy to begin with, change to cool and windy after lunch, did birdbath for anita, and “handling the weight” and the young Rapunzel,put in bits of boobiyalla across st, rang wild dog school and Sue, did cat for Kookaburra stand, delivered to Drouin, then to Tyers to pick up Core and Contraption, home via Morwell gallery and basic shopping in Warragul, had lunch( 3.00) puzzle and nap then did 2 kookaburra birds. Chops for tea, Pilates,watched devils dust, M had phone call from Stephen.I played with stumble upon.

Sunday Nov 11th
Perfect sunny warm day, mowed top paddock, M set out pedestals and small pieces, had about 64 people through including old car rally, sold Power source to Helen Fitzhardinge, sold a couple of birds,mowed across rd and upset a large black snake,, saw Sue, Mary, Sylvia, Jeanette and Jeff, went to debrief with Helen Gary Judy, Sue A, etc, home to watch Devils Dust part 1 and 1 red dwarf.

Saturday 10th Nov.
Rokeby Market.sold a bit ( 1000) saw Jude, Heather, Brians, Jess Edmonson and Ian,Chantelle Smith ,glenn and Diane, Nat and Pawel and others,home to talk to rod who bought the Gardener, and then Jane and Luke came sat in sun and enjoyed the afternoon, tea was steak and chips, Vacuumed watched Casino Royale

Friday Nov 9th
Showery and fineish.. did 2 mirror frames and 1 bird , took Noga to train, went and got more argon( 97), then bit from super cheap auto( 40) bit of shopping, home for morning tea, went and did 3 ducks, bit of mowing, man with steel arrived and I cut it all up and put it in the shed amongst the showers. Decided that was enough and watched auf weidersen pet, M came home Lasagne for tea, Morning glory, new tricks and waking the dead.

Thursday Nov 8th
Showery and mild. M has day off, worked on flowers , got 10 done, finished off “feeding the giant” did a dog, went to Warragul ( with Noga)put ad in paper for exhibition( 194), bought steel( 10mm rod) and washers , went to Drouin, saw Helen and got stickers for open studios,saw keith and got metal and springs, came home and cut up a few flowers from the metal,Lunch, Jindi primary school arrived, talked to them and joan, started on back of seat and another figure , ran out of gas, helped Noga with flowers, tea( slow cooker) then moved sculptures and M mowed the paddock while Noga cleaned the shed. Watched Redfern Now.. exc.. M talking to Em.

Wednesday Nov 7th
Up early finished dog and started feeding the giant, did 3 birds and 3 ½ dogs and a cat and a pelican, helped Noga with letterbox,Noga painted kens frame and I painted wood for top,Ordered metal from Melsteel,(922) and rang Russell re opening of exhibition. waited for garden club but they didn’t come, mowed house block and across rd, spanokopita for tea,watched Red Dwarf and moody xmas

Tuesday Nov 6th
Cool and mild, hung out 2 loads of washing, did one bird helped Belinda and Noga.. noga did a bird, Belinda finished the truck and worked on the flower n a pot, Leigh came and picked up mirror, Penny came and paid a deposit on her sculptures, 9 people came and visited, I did an angel for pennys sculpture, a dog and a half, then went to Janalli and picked up sculptures( gardener had sold) Home to shower and make lasagne, watched end of time team and spicks and specks.56 up , reading life of Banjo Paterson

Monday Nov 5th
Fine and breezy maybe showers later, 21, load of washing,sent out emails for exhibition at Gary's, vick gardened, found money in shed, did a kookaburra and joining parts of a seat, went and picked up Noga, and also angle grinder, some basic shopping, dropped off flyers at book store, home to show Noga Mig welding, did scrap and a small bird, I did 4 birds and a duck, slow cooker for tea, Noga to bed early,watched spicks and specks.added to website and answered emails

Sunday Nov 4th
Fine and sunny day, sorted a few things here,tidied bits of the middle lounge, off to the opening, about 22 people, Don and Madge, Howard and Joyce, Jane and Luke, Hodgey and Tim, Maureen and Rhona and Graham, Belfields, Whelans and sister, em, Kev and Merle,Rob and Viv, Melinda and Hugh,…looked at stuff… home again,M cooked tea for me and Caleb, watched Bertram wainer show, and tidied guest room.

Saturday Nov 3rd
Fine looking morning, Off to Jindi Market, cold to begin with but fine and sunny, saw Heidi, Sal , Sylvia, Linda McLeish, Jess McLounan, Sue Osborn, sold an owl and a kookaburra and 2 birds, paid woodworkers fees( 50) and bought a hat (50). Home to sit and read, finished Jack Reacher book, Caleb dropped in and Kathleen, out to see Joe Camilleri and Ross Wilson.drew most of night and bought a couple of CD's

Friday Nov 2nd
Showery but no wind, coolish, back still interesting., no power, delivered 4 pieces to Janalli for their open weekend, then home to get stuff to deliver to Tyers,home to have lunch read a bit of Jack Reacher and mow whole paddock, fixed Rogers pelican, went to Warragul saw Craigs exhibition and to pick up invites to Gary Exhibition.(70)fish and chip tea, watched Prince of Persia, new tricks and waking the dead/

Thursday November 1st
RAINING and windy, Sore back, to Chiropractor, mostly fixed home to do Kens table frame, then started on kookaburras, did 2 , Nick visited to pick up panel, had morning tea and gave him a welding lesson,did an owl and a pelican, cooked Paprika chicken for tea, watched spicks and specks, sri lanka and Redfern now.

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