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October 11, 2012

October 2012

Wednesday 31st October
Fine warm day with clouds and cool change in evening, car loaded with big stuff and just loading small pieces when my back spasmed, drove to Heritage Hill and put out my work and helped Sue hang her work, back to Heritage springs shopping and champagne for opening, home puzzle
Tea at Liberty Inn and book club discussing the book thief

Tuesday 30th October
Lovely morning, warm day, worked on flower seat, a dog and a bird, found wood for more seats,Belinda worked on truck, went to Drouin paid paper bill and delivered 2 birds sold at Gardivalia,home to load trailer and work on catalogue for Heritage Hill show, Alan dropped in Sweet and sour chicken and rice for tea, Jindi business group met at here discussed market and also community secretary idea. Planned next meeting.

Monday 29th Oct
Fine and perfect day, worked on owl in tree, Nicks Panel, talked to girls who came one to buy a seat and the other bought skipping girl, delivered to Drouin, basic shopping called in on Helen for a few minutes, saw Tim and Lydia, home to lunch,mowed house block and across road, started seat and did a bird and dog, Penny came to see big landscape, chicken Kiev for tea.Pilates, 2 big bangs and Q and A

Sunday 28th Oct
Gembrook market,made about $400, sold 2 kookaburras and a few birds and a dog, M managed Gardivalia and Sue visited, 40 people through,I picked up my sculptures from Gary some for exhibition next week, Hydes came over for a chat, I delivered a seat to Axel for his birthday which I shared with Andrew Grant, saw Curnows, Bruce, Whelans, Daniel Hatch,Carmel and Rhonda then to Pick up boat as seat had sold from Rotary . M cooked tea, sausages etc, caught up with email and started catalogue for Heritage hill, watched Mystery of a Hansom Cab..v good.

Sat 27th Oct
Cool some fine breaks, Gardivalia, worked on angel for landscape piece and attached kookaburra to branches, funny tummy, but controllable, 50 people visited, Jessie bought the flying rock, watched Die hard 3 and james May plasticine…early to bed.feeling a bit mediocre. M went to Melb to house hunt with Em,

Friday 26th Oct
Showery and cool, worked on finishing big landscape piece, finished a kookaburra and did another kookaburra bird, also 2 pelicans, went out to get metal from Labertouche and mower from Drouin, home and mowed, went to Warragul to see Rotary art show( seat is sold but not boat) and get Ms tyre fixed. Also a bit of shopping and tried out chairs. Home to finish mowing, puzzle and and chip tea, watched John Carter of Mars, new tricks and 2 big bang

Thursday 25th Oct
Fine and lovely day , read book, went to Longwarry dropped off phamplets, to DSC for school Captain Interviews, met a lovely batch of kids, to Warragul to get 10mm rod and flat bar, then Mitre 10 for lattice work and mdf, to Sue’s for photo for the Gazette, shopping ( ran into steph, emily and Ellie) cool and showery, home to cook tea.veal scallopini…nice, watched Rake and 2 big bangs

Wednesday 24th Oct
Cooler breezy still ok. Mild, worked on attaching mirrors to tables, did 3 more mirrors, did 3 dogs, 1 bird, welded mesh to landscape piece,and painted part, sowed some grass seeds, Mt Eliza Garden club visited sold 1 kookaburra and 1 owl and 2 dogs and a couple of butterflys and a lady put dibs on the cow, delivered to Town and Country 2 tables and 6 dogs, home for nap, then cut up kookaburras and made one, 2 people visited, roast lamb for tea… overcooked the potatoes.. reading Keating bio, Sue rang re photo tomorrow for Gazette,M out on call, watched Gruen, cleaned floor and Randling

Tuesday 23rd Oct
Fine and mild, 2 loads of washing, Belinda worked on flowers and a big spider,I put together leigh’s mirror and painted a few more, did 3 ducks for Ryan and 3 birds, I started on the rocks for landscape then had lunch, a nap, worked more on rocks, took in sail away and butterfly chair to Rotary, curried chicken for tea, worked on rocks for landscape. Small walk, 2 big bangs , finished the winter king book( very good)

Monday 22nd Oct
Fine and sunny… warm.. worked on mirrors for tables and also mirror for Leigh, routed sanded and painted 4 and reglued two, then worked on other side of landscape piece.. all welded, sun attached, Vick Gardened around the house, went to Drouin to drop in mower for repair, then to keith for some nice bits, to Warragul to get angle grinder repaired and bought sanding discs( 8.50) to Warragul Views to drop in receipt, then to Warehouse for box and biros, Safeway for tea stuff, Chicken roast) then home for a lunch, walk, nap and paint one side of Landscape.,Pilates,lots of back stretching, arc barrel, home to 2 big bang and Q and A very restless night with a busy leg!

Sunday oct 21st
Cool and mild , a bit breezy,worked on landscape piece, weeded a bit, sat out for Gardivalia… about 20 people visited, cold and rainy at the end of the afternoon, Tim Wills dropped in to say hello, slow cooker meat for tea, watched Jack Irish.and two big bangs

Sat Oct 20th
Marian off to conference at the Museum for 12 a day then driving Em around,I have a bit of preparation for Gardivalia which Sue is minding for us as I also have Warragul Art Market 10 to 2.00, at the open gardens and at the market I had a lady who had heard me talking on regional radio at Bairnsdale and had come up to see what I was on about, Sue did a great job,dusted the sculptures and we had about 30 or so through, the day started off cool and breezy and gradually warmed up. Shopped in Drouin and did osso Bucco for tea, out to Mia Dyson at night.This was at the Old Drouin Butter Factory and mostly it was good … Mia was a bit loud where we were and I couldn’t hear much of the words but I did some nice drawing and her cd of the Moment is quite nice… one line, dancing on the edge of the world calls for a sculpture!

Friday Oct 19th
Fine and sunny, ran off a few signs for sculptures, worked on hearts for Jeanettes friend, then added to big landscape, mostly done on one side, Jeff came and said hello, I shopped at safeway for a few things, mowed beside house. Jimeoin tonight, rambled away… mostly funny.. sort of wished for more words than F…,lots seemed to enjoy him, we wont see him again.. seating there was very uncomfortable for me and I had some restless parts of the night

Thursday Oct 18th
Fine and sunny…lovely day, assembled a couple of pieces sent out suggestions of using phamplet on websites, 2 people visited, went and picked up mirror and mowed and weeded until 3.30, shopping, nap spaghetti for tea, VCE music concert, saw Tara and Dillon, as well as Gita, Liz Campbell,Rob Monk Alana and others., home to two big bangs.

Wednesday Oct 17th
Cooler and mild,two mirrors, painted bases of sculptures, an owl and a kookaburra, started big landscape, delivered bowser, bought steel ,shopping, lunch, nap , worked on big landscape, Sue came and talked, chicken tenders for tea, a walk, then 2 big bangs, Gruen, randling, 2 pool games and I lost both.

Tuesday Oct 16
Fine and mild changing a bit during day, Belinda welding flowers, did 2 mirror frames , assembled Leighs Mirror stand, did a kookaburra on a stand, did the character for the ashtray, made 4 new sign holders Tops)tidied a bit, made witch,and Baroque Balloon,and flying ashtray knocked out old tree, talked briefly to Helen on phone, slow cooker for tea( lamb) finished painting bowser, cut up boobiyalla watched spicks and specks, 2 big bang , a bit of seven( kids) talked to paddy on the phone and added to website and writeups for sculptures

Monday Oct 15th
Fine and sunny worked on sending out invites to Heritage Hill Vick gardened in sculpture garden and brought her two friends to see the place. Worked on boat and dismantled inner turmoil.Painted Bowser, shopped and picked up invites to Animal vegetable etc, and went to travel agent and booked tickets to Thai land, home to mow front lawn, steaks for tea,out to Pilates.Gillian at her best! Home to watch a big bang, start of Dark Mirror but it seemed too dystopian so turned to q and a, reading the winter king

Sunday Oct 14th
Cool becoming fine and sunny, worked on finishing sail for boat and added ladder and curl, M off with Kathleen shopping at Morwell, going to Vicki’s for arvo tea, called in at speedway. Washed.2 loads had a nice afternoon picked up magnum and home for tea sausages and veges Caleb called in for a nap and for tea. Watched Great southern Land and Jack Irish.


Saturday Oct 13th
Rokeby market… hard to get going, showery and muddy, M went to Melb to help Em and I minded dogs, sold a couple of flowers and a bird and 2 horseshoe animals, bought a couple of plants, home for lunch and nap, down to fix grist to the mill and start on boat sail, Jo Draisma and Lexie and Julian dropped in, made marinara rice for tea, watched Collateral and Homeland and 2 big bangs.

Friday Oct 12th
Cool and fineish and showers, added to petrol bowser then went and delivered to Ripplebrook, Yarragon and Nilma, called in at travel agent, and hardware, home to lunch worked on flowers and butterflies for tomorrow and 1 kookaburra, painted bloom 2, nap shower tea out to school trivia night at golf club.

Thursday oct 11th

Cool and finish and showers
Worked on boat deck,Meeting at WRC 9.00, re watering can sculpture, home to work on boat all deck done and bloom 2 assembled and sanded, lunch then out to Noojee and Neerim to deliver phamplets, home to nap and then start petrol bowser letterbox, spaghetti marinara for tea, watched 2 v’s then rake,then lowdown, reading the winter king…m home about 12 from call

Wednesday Oct 10th
Fine and coolish day, sorted out recept for wine trail, worked on boat and got second side done, mowed top of front paddock, went out and delivered phamplets, to all motels, springbank, Bzarte, RobinHood,Glen Cromie,sent off entry to Tyers, and also brochures to Yanakie, Talked on local ABC radio at 10.40, bought metal( 20) , talked to Lauren Fankhauser at Indulge Café,chicken mushroom stuff for tea, watched Gruen and two big bangs, also randling

Tuesday Oct 9th,
Cool but fine, added to website, worked on bloom 2 and got it covered and flower made, Belinda worked on flowers, Jeanette brought over Vicki and…. And they had morning tea with me and jeff. One bought Bloom and ordered a seat the other ordered a sign . I shopped for catfood and got metal from metal man, abc radio rang and want to talk about the launch tomorrow, Doug Pell dropped in and discussed article for the Lifestyle, and a page of whats on around the area, a lady ( carol) and annabele and Tom visited, I mowed back area and started sail away. Chicken and salad for tea, Launch of booklet 7 to 7.30.about 40 people there a good night

Mon Oct 8th
Showery overnight, fine and cool,worked on frame for mirror, then added to Bloom 2, Vick gardened, I mowed across road and tidied up bit of timber ther, cut down dead tree and dead branch in sculpture garden, shopped for bread and milk, nap, back to bloom 2 mostly done, rissoles for tea, Pilates.watched Black mirror.. distasteful

Sunday Oct 7th
Rained most of night, change to Daylight saving, added to website and printed off write ups for some small sculptures.worked on painting Grist to the mill and finishing off the characters who are on it,Visited Jeff and Jeanette on their open day, then off to Gardivalia to speak… I don’t think it was my best speech.. anyway saw Lucys exhibition and caught up with a few people, back home to work on frame for bloom 2, spanokopita for tea watched Julian assange story.restless night

Sat Oct 6th
Jindivick Market, sold a kookaburra to Russ and Carol. And a bird to ingrids son, talked to Neale ( jills partner), talked to sylvia and Michael and Sarah( ex Neumann), then home for lunch and nap, dropped off phamplets to Gary,made umbrella man and worked on characters for grist to the mill. To house to make tea after shower and foot stuff. Watched Dr Who and bits of Golden eye as well as bits of V. M still on call…called out for most of the night!

Friday 5th Oct
Drive back from Melb, drop M off at work, Help mark out sites for Jindi Market, write up stalls, saw Jeff, off to Warragul to activate card, drop in art show entry, pick up tourist trail brochures, dropped off brochures at arts centre, framing place, then to Yarragon, dropped off table and brochures at T and C, motel, and info centre and arts hub, lunch in park, to Moe to get welding rods, discs and flapdiscs( 160) back to Darnum to drop off at angelas, bloomfield cottages, springbank, Kerries, Pear tree cottage, Serigraph gallery and Jeff, saw Ken, to Warragul to pick up M. pizza for tea, watched Homeland, loaded trailer.watched strictly Ballroom

Thursday 4th October
Fine sunny and windy, finished the mowing attached Kookaburras to Leonies Gate, did butterflies for the butterfly machine dismantled sand play and cannon boy sculptures,shopped and paid paper bill, shane and Kerrie came, fixed bird, mrs Ward and Sue Jenkins came re sculpture for WRC, attached Leonies Gate, home for nap, shower.m home late ish. Corned beef for tea, watched Rake and … Emily crook so went to Melbourne to spend night with her.

Wednesday 3rd Oct
Fine and sunny day, morning mist.worked on cutting out Kookaburras, painting the rainbow, mowing ½ paddock, painted serendipity and attached it and rainbow, assembled kookaburras and leaves and painted them, nap, started grist to the mill shower, tea ,M out at Share club I’m off to the Jindi Business group AGM…. Elected President/Governor/ Grand High Poohbah, home to watch Gruen and Randling.

Tues. 2nd Oct
Fine day very pleasant and sunny, added to blog on website , helped Belinda with work, cut out serendipity for Leonie, routed mirror frame, painted bits of butterfly seat,went to Drs re toe.. looking ok.. shopped for sheet steel( 40) went to Drouin for prescription, metal man and basic shopping, home to see Jeff, then Jeanette, then Gary, then Ian Plant, worked on aint going nowhere, reading sharpe, schnitzel for tea, watched spicks and specks, and Homeland, added to website.posted pics on Facebook, part night on floor.

Mon 1st October
Coolish, worked on updating October events on webpage from Maree Wallaces newsletter, then talked to Brandy Creek re launch of booklet, sent emails to B and Bs and artist and winerys re booklet, invoices and Launch, went to Warragul to get mig gas and parts for plasma cutter, wrote press release for launch, checked with Helen, took em to station, shopping, lunch, assembled chaise lounge and last of butterfly chair, went and got Leonies Gate, Fay and Jack and Naomi and Biggles came to see sculpture garden with Kathleen, then they went off to see ultrasound, Tea was sausage casserole after Pilates, watched one Homeland and Q and A, reading last of Sharps Devil, 12 night on floor due to resless leg

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