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September 11, 2012

September 2012

Sunday 30th September
Cool and showery,worked on 2 birds and 1 dog, painted the chaise lounge and wood, mostly assembled butterfly chair, started on butterfly drive, 3 people visited even though it was a cold day, aaron and Andrew came and welded trike, need more bits for plasma cutter and Mig, made biscuits, second batch worked, roast for lunch with all kids,Leonie came with ideas for gate, watched coupling and Treasure Island with eddie Izzard.. very good.

Saturday 29th September
Rainy to begin with but fined up, worked on chaise lounge, all done except painting metal and second coat on wood, up to watch Grand Final.. Caleb and Emily both home as well as M… Em has tidied up lots of stuff…drank beer and ate party pies, cheered on Swans over Hawthorn as Shane Mumford (ex student) is a swans member, swans won… had slow cooker tea, watched Dr Who and Robin Hood

Friday 28th Sept
Rainy day, didn’t sleep well last night, bouncy leg, em tidied up, went to shed and worked on butterfly seat, all welded and wood painted once, shopped for boxes for em, and router bit flapdiscs,and antihistamine tablets,home for two naps, shower, out to tea with em and Caleb and Kathleen and Biggles at Drouin Family Hotel, had over 300 emails facebook,wishing me happy birthday… took a while to answer even with a like! watched her Majesty.. crude..some good bits, 2 pool games, did email stuff.

Thursday 27th September
Warm day looks like it could change, but didn’t..worked on website, shopped for Crocs( $99) and some basic shopping, bought metal ( 10mm rod 10 lenghts, $100) went to art group did 3 watercolour sketches of camels, and did ideas for pieces, saw Ingrid, Barb, Geoff, Laurel, and alene, went to Drouin, checked on Bakery Café and French pear, talked to Jamie, home for lunch, mowed house block,bitten by bullant, nap, did skater girl and bit more on seat, slow cooker for tea, fixed my clothes watched Eraser, M a bit late, Em came at 7.20, watched Rake, gruen.

Wednesday 26th September
Beautiful day, added rest of signs to sculpture garden.worked on family links,wild ride , Joy came and picked up bird house, went to Warragul to pick up flyers for found things show, some shopping,lunch talked to man from Lifestyle magazine( Geoff Watt) and also people who were in a classic car club looking for places to stay in November,started a new seat, Kathleen and Biggles took magnum home, chicken curry for tea( a bit dry but ok) reading end of the Book thief

Tuesday 25th September
Fine sort of day, started press release for found things, painted rest of the motion detector and bicycle boat, Belinda worked on octopus, sign and rose, a lady came for a short visit, Graham came and took the cow to the Jindi community garden, I made new sign holders, and painted light for lighting the way,made 2 character for family links and another character for lighting the way and ½ a character for wild ride, added tower and light to lighting the way,went shopping for lunch, brought home reo and wheels from metal recycler, Laurel and Wayne and Dominique and shane/sean called in to pick up ballerina, Noel dropped off wood, Kathleen and Biggles dropped off Magnum, slow cooker paprika chicken tea..not as tasty as I thought it would be.. smelled great.. watched Homeland and Time team, a little of the x factor and Dr Who.

Monday 24th Sept
Fine and showery, Vic worked 2 hours poor weather, I went shopping then to Morwell to get paint and turps, then to have toe looked at,back to home for lunch, worked on octo roller thing… then to Drouin to get prescription filled and more blue paint, sent off email to Louise asher, sausages for tea Pilates.watched Homeland on dvd..interesting

Sunday 23rd September
Fine cloudy and windy, came over cool and windy, mowed 2 sections of front paddock and M redid signs for several pieces.. worked on finishing bicycle boat, lunch with M at Jindi Harvest Kitchen… lovely food.. ran into everyone.. not too dear..recommended, home to 6 people visiting then another 5 , worked on the walk home.. and painted wedgetail, mowed last section of paddock, soup and sandys for tea, watched compass on John Flynn, spicks and specks, Australia, the Lincoln Lawyer. Added to the email stuff. Foot quite reasonable.

Saturday 22nd September
Fine and sunny day.. up early then napped in chair til 8.30, looked at emails quite a few replies to proof of brochure,got papers, painted a few of the sign holders then started painting wedge tail.. 2 people came, started on the bicycle boat, 3 people came, M off shopping with K at fountain gate, napped after lunch in the sun, time to change dressing.Much better after that.. watched end of Hawks Adelaide match,and Rock Quiz, Kathleen came over and talked to M..Foot was fine and I slept all night..Yay!

Friday 21st September
Cool and showery to begin with, feeling a bit mediocre, slept most of day, went and paid Helen for two Invites and money for Ann Marks piece, added wings and tail to wedge tail, out to tea with Whelans. Didn’t sleep much of night as foot was sore.. had to sit up..

Thursday 20th
M back at 10 to 7, fine and cool, to Morwell for toe to be done., big toenail removed.. soreish.. home for lunch basic shopping, mowed a bit.vacuumed, mowed more. M home at 7.30.watched the raid and something else… then dealt with emails etc..SORE very sore and restless night

Wednesday 19th Sept
Finish and cool,added figure to “Bloom”painted this,did dog for Mike Stanway, then cut out tulips for Adele, sunny ,shopped and talked to Lyle at Safeway,home to lunch, worked on wedgetail sculpture, assembled and painted tulips, did one wing. Lasagne for tea, M on call watched end of get Carter, , bit of Gruen and bit of Randling.. did more signs for garden M called nearly all night!!!

Tuesday 18th Sept
Finish and cool, hung out washing,Belinda,worked on octopus, and rose I had morning tea with jeanette and Maggie Skinner dropped in to see Belinda. Went to see Helen re next flyers for exhibitions,shopping for cat food, then to Warragul to get metal flat bar and welding wire,Home to do puzzle and then cover pyramid and add flower and disc.. did most of Bloom ball, just have to do character. Rissoles for tea and made a lasagne with slow cooker stuff from last night. Watched Time team and Spicks and specks and then did computer stuff.,printing off new labels for sculpture garden with prices included

Mon 17th Sept
Cool and fine, rained overnight, worked on contraption, and start of Bloom, Vicki Gardened, went to Melb via JB and Bunnings( bought penetrol and 2 wire brushes) cricketer had sold to Cressida, brought home Chariot from Cas show. Slow cooker stew for tea. Pilates. Restless legs at night

Sunday 16th September
cool and fine, M home all day, finished cow for community garden, painted the motion detector, fixed the Big Fish( new Eye) Had visit from Graham and Liz Duell, John Brooks and Sal and extended Family, bought a Kookaburra and a pelican, Maureen and Joe Derksen and their family, Mary Royce and John, Phil Henshall, a lady came and went away in a minute or two,Mowed bottom half of garden, fixed chinese surprise, Moved head hands and heart, fixed Worm,Wraps for tea watched Downton Abbey and beverly Hills cop 2

Sat 15th September
cool, fine, not cold but cloudy all day, worked on cow in the morning, added bits grinded, sanded, close to finished.. 2 hrs more, M on call from 10/12 to 10 next morning, lunch then worked on ball of junk as base for something… developed into motion detector, 2 lots of people visited( 6 in one group 3 in the other) one bought a kookaburra.,egg and bacon pie for tea, watched bit of Get Carter, Dr Who and Rock Quiz and end of Pies and west coast game..Collngwood won.People who came today have decided to buy the expulsion machine.

Friday 14th September
Fine and cool,painted Inner wheel ,saw david re garden trail started bending 2 part cow, all bended, welded one side, went to Drouin, called in on Helen, basic shopping, home lunch puzzle nap, back to Cow, all together lots welded.. another day needed. Fish and chip tea, watched Cyndi lauper live.. excellent, then the Golden Compass.. ok and Transporter 3 with bits of crows dockers match.restless night.

Thursday 13th September
Rained almost all night showery now,worked on website and images,went and did shopping then to art group, Jessie, Geoff, Barbara, Ellie and ailsa, did a sketch of ellie, and 2 small watercolours, home to lunch and nap, started a round form,modified inner wheel piece, then made the path less travelled. Lady came to pick up seat with her daughter, chops for tea, watched spicks and specks and Donovan concert. Rake and Lowdown.

Wednesday 12th September
Fine and sunny, added to website and started on b and B’s,Vick gardened, M home to 2, worked on inner wheel, painted it but it needs adjusting, lunch, then Natural High and thinking outside the box. M not home to 7.or later..worked on nurseries sheet and listened to Brian Wilson Tribute, then Gruen and Randling

Tuesday 11th September
fine and mild, added to website and looked at papers,Belinda,worked on her fish and octopus, mowed back of house,visited Helen for more on brochure, home to lunch Mr Wallin came and picked up seat, Leanne and Aaron came and aaron worked on trike, I got ½ new piece made M at Moe, spaghetti for tea, watched Dr Who by 2 and looked over trail brochure. Tickly throat.

Monday 10th September
Coolish and foggy after a fine start,did a bit on website and pages for pimpisa, went to Warragul to get wool needles, metal ( 200)and bit of shopping, dropped off a few flyers at Racv shop, Called in on Helen to see where trail was, Bec Van Dyk there too. Home to work on Core and make two characters for that, paint christinas piece and add a neck to I pod. Mowed house area and across road. Cleaned out gutters and 2 loads of washing, nap shnitzel for tea,did new introduction for phamplet, Pilates,checking phamplet.

Sunday 9th September
Showery and cool, looking at future exhibitions, wrote up I pod and rainbows, started core. Took Ralph to Traralgon to get to Caleb, dropped off leaflets at Traralgon info centre, also Morwell Gallery looked at figurative work from Cbus, kids photos and work and some sculpture show, stopped at Yarragon dropped off more leaflets at arts hub, bought a painting, home, worked on core, fine and sunny at this end of the day. M on call. Meatloaf for tea.watched collateral damage, m watched midwives and bits of ms Marple I read in bed.

Saturday Sept 8th
Rokeby, windy showery cold, sold seat, 1 bird flowers and a hawk,Saw Laura Bennett,,jenny morley, Georgie Campbell florist, home for pie lunch Kathleen came with Magnum,unloaded trailer, lit fire , pottered around, tired, napped, out to dinner and speak at Laertouche Mens shed, good.

Friday Sept 7th
Showery and breezy( coolish) Car in for service. Visited Peter Kulich, dropped in draft at Helens, did 6 chooks, moved and re welded aspects of Christinas sculpture, cold and windy and rainy,pizza,watched Dar Williams dvd., sister act as well as Dixie chicks storytellers.

Thursday Sept 6th
Windy at times and showery, added to website, worked on 2 cats, and painting Christinas piece, mowed 2/3 of paddocks, 2 people came, I stood up all the blown over sculptures, off to Narre warren to send off 2 cats and 5 dogs to Sydney, home to puzzle, cook tea, fire, hang out washing, worked on phamplet, added to website, watched Rake and Lowdown.

Wednesday Sept 5th
Windy windy windy.gale force!!!!. a horizontal sculpture garden! Even blue poles…worked on assembling Christinas piece, painted off cut rainbow, christinas piece nearly finished,,power went out after lunch read book , made casserole for tea and had Jindi business group( faye and Jeff) sitting in dark( candles) Power came back on watched end of Gruen, randling, lie, computer.not as windy now!

Tuesday sept 4th
Sunny and breezy, M has day off,worked on assembling rainbow piece, all painted and welded, Belinda finished sign for Longwarry and most of Fish, I did 3 birds, helped her deliver it to school, lunch, puzzle, Rang Peter Kulich… looking positive, meeting with Alan,Danny Trollope, Helen, Les Pocklington and ……4.00 tea at chinese 6.00 home to watch the Beaver”.. not bad.. then 3 pool games.Ralph has gone to bed at 9.30! really windy at night

Mon Sept 3rd
Beautiful sunny day. M has a late start, car to go in for aerial to be fixed.walked around to Helen’s Paid her money for sculpture garden Flyer, back to car place.. had broken Kindle, shopping home to morning tea with Vicki, Talked to Jeff, assembled seat, did 2 cats, started playing with bits for Christinas sculpture, Sue arrived, discussed images and trip, emailed Kindle people, new one on the way,Joan called in to mention kids exhibition in Harvest Barn, Pilates, watched Lyrebird video,.


Sun Sept 2nd
Fine and sunny day, worked on sanding mirror, assembling one seat, doing painting for wood for second seat, 5 dogs 1 bird, mowed bits here and there, 4 groups of people through and John paid for sculptures.beautiful day. M on call for most of day.stroganoff for tea, watched the two towers lord of the rings,added tourist stuff to book, and added things to calender of events, reading 1q84


Sat Sept 1st
Became a lovely day. Went to Melbourne to deliver work to CAS and help with set up.. worked with Robert, Theo, Thalia and Shelley til 12.30 then home via fountain gate, Lady Lavender, Sand Rd, Maggie at Garys. Caleb still here with Kathleen and dogs.grill for tea watched go back to where you came, Rock Quiz and New tricks and discussed money.

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