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April 11, 2013

April 2013

April 30th Tuesday

Beautiful day, cut up 10mm rod and brought into shed, brought in 2 sheets and cut up also,finished penguin, did 2 birds, did 10 flowers, jeanette called in, phone man( mr Whitehead) came and fixed phone, called in on Helen re map, still busy with exhibition,went to Warragul, bought steel ( flat bar and washers), back to Drouin to see K and E but Faye was there and I thought that would be enough, did shopping, came home, nap, down shed to unload car and do 2 bull head outlines. Chicken Kiev for tea, watched 1 game of Thrones New Tricks.

April 29th Monday

Cool and mild, worked on dogs and birds, made 11,Sue dropped over to discuss sculpture show, Vicki Gardened, Metal delivered ( 665) took trailer to tip to get rid of wire and old roofing material, nap, salmon patties for tea.Pilates, 1 Game of Thrones, worked on talk.

April 28th Sunday

Cool and mild,picked up sculptures that had blown over, put out clouds and my place,started 1.5 dogs, Bear coming dropped off sculpture, made a small cage form for bear, lunch with Kathleen and Eleanor as well, 4 people visited garden, cooler now.spaghetti for tea, watched old plank rd and Dr who, also a game of thrones

April 27th Saturday

Fine and mild day deliver to Canterbury, drove down, girls were enthusiastic, drove home, M had a poor night with not being comfortable lying down.M visited Kathleen most of the day and helped sort and tidy, Rob Barr and sisiter visited sculpture garden, also another couple, mowed sculpture garden, nap added a bit more to penguin,painted rock piece again and added colour to cloud piece and rock girl, watched another Borgias, M home, fish and chips for tea,watched Hostage, 1 Game of Thrones and Danny Bhoy.windy at night

April 26th Friday

Cool and breezy, deliver to Red Hill, drove back called by MPRG closed, got a speeding ticket( 285) a bit unfair, home and looked at trailer requirements, went to Warragul for Penetrol and reflectors, to Drouin for basic shop and Kathleen and Eleanor, home to make Lasagne.M on call tonight watched Game of Thrones 1, 2 Borgias and a James Bond.

April 25th Thursday

Cool and mild, Anzac Day,worked on penguin til 10.00, up to Jindi to meet Don Barrett and Graham Duell, back home loaded to go to Warburton, lovely day, went to Warburton east and helped site Compass, lunch in Warburton, bit of a walk around the shops, home again, lit fire, Sue came over to discuss Panda sculpture, chicken skewers for tea, Kathleen over with Eleanor, watched 1 game of Thrones and tobruk

April 24th Wednesday

Cool and mild Book club at Sue Trickey’s tea at Yarragon M starts 10.00,brought in 6 mm rod and sheets, cut up rod and shelved, sent off Mirboo nth entry,saw David distributed flyers around Jindi,working on rock piece ,all finished except painting, ran out of gas, went to Warragul bought penetrol and gas, aldi shoping, to Drouin, dropped off leaflets at café,sign to have dates changed at Drouin signs, to Longwarry dropped off leaflets at sand rd home for lunch, nap worked on cutting up sheets and penguin to Warragul for shopping for book club to Yarragon for tea at pub, bookclub, pizza for tea, bookclub had George, Anne, Sue, Lois and Jen, M finished late and came home

April 23rd Tuesday

cool and mild,  3 seats going to Sassafras, 6 mm metal coming and Belinda. Belinda finished plant stand and did file circle and sunrise, I did 4 dogs, started a new rock  and tidied metal and bench, to Warragul to pick up jindi show flyers( 260) shopped saw K and Eleanor for ½ hr, metal arrived( 286.43) seats went nap did garlic prawns for tea, watched 1 Game of Thrones, M on call

April 22nd Monday

Cool and mild did two birds, moved more wood, started on penguin, ½ done, called in on Helen, then shopped called in on Kathleen, home to read book.finished, stew stuff for tea, pilates, Kathleen over

April 21 Sunday

Fine and mild,Kathleen’s birthday did 4 birds, in car to pick up Em and Madge, off to Gardenvale Safi’s for Meet the baby organised by Faye and Jack, dropped everyone back home, then home, egg and toast for tea, Caleb there, watched the great escape., did emails etc, reading Bad luck and Trouble Lee child

April 20th Saturday

Fine and cool,worked on mountain, all covered, went to Melbourne stopped at JB for some dvds and cd, went to Gary’s opening, back to fountain gate rice stuff for tea,watched last 2 24’s and 1 james Bond.

April 19th Friday

Fine and sunny day, sent off Canterbury entry worked on characters for cloud piece, mowed across road, went and got tyre fixed on mower, painted cloud piece, also boatstarted rock for landscape piece, moved wood, went to see Kathleen, man came and bought kooka on wheel,Kathleen coming for tea( fish and chips) biggles and sue also, watched 2 24’s after they went home. It is Getting sillier..

April 18th Thursday

Cool and showery, moved more wood,worked on 2 clouds, and assembled most of cloud piece, ran off flyer for library, delivered art festival booklets to DSC and also Library, called in on Kathleen, did basic shopping,nap sausages for tea, moved a bit more wood, watched 2 24’s emails

April 17th Wednesday

cool and cloudy moved more wood and metal,,did email for edm, worked on finishing welding cloud 1 and then grinding, started body of Russell’s penguin. Probus group came, bought a dog and Kookaburra, went to Yarram picked up man of steel , bought shirts socks and undies at Kmart on way back, bought steel( 55) at Leesas, home to puzzle and nap, pie for tea,Kathleen coming over.

April 16th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda coming, moved wood, cut up waste wood, worked on cloud piece, also 3 birds and 1 dog, Lauren Clapperton called by to thank me for hearts and bought a bird for her mum, Belinda worked on a plant stand,. I went out at 1.30 to pay deposit on Jindi sculpture flyer, called in on Helen re map..not started yet, called in on Kathleen, not home,called in on metal man , home to lunch and nap, then back to cloud piece. Schnitzel for tea Cathy Smith exhibition,home to Kathleen and Eleanor, watched New Tricks, emails

April 15th Monday

Cool and showery day, put feet on shark piece, made star rotate in Compass, did wheel with Kooka for order, cut out 2 kookas,, moved wood.went to Warragul did shopping, called in at Kathleen and played with Eleanor,sent off ideas for Jindi sculpture flyer, home to make tea for me and get fire going, Pilates, M on late shift, home to do emails and watch 1 24, downloaded Dunkeld form.

April 14th Sunday

Fine but showery day

Rang Sue,went shopping in Drouin,  Sue and Paul came for morning tea also Hydes, whelans came over, M on call, pies for tea, watched Interview with a vampire

April 13th  Saturday

Marian to Jindivick for Rare plant fair, me to Rokeby, sold two girls( 200) and a kooka, a bird a chook and some flowers, then to Jindivick someone bought 2 birds,a rooster and a bird  and also Bloom 2( about$1000)left two seats with David, home to mind Eleanor, watched music videos, then Captain America and end of Vicki Christina Barcelona, email

April 12th Friday

Better again…reasonable sleep, coolish day,then turned warm, worked at finishing planning stuff, answered batch of emails, went to Warragul,bought Tig attachment,( 159) put in planning form( 855) then to Moe for welding rods (156) back to Yarragon said hello to Ingrid, paid BBaa fee( 25) to Drouin, basic shopping , called in on Helen, home to take seats to Jindivick,( 9 and 2 kookas)  putting up sign for show, and painted tables at Harvest kitchen, then home to mow paddock, cooked chicken in slow cooker, napped, M home from Morwell, watched 2 24’s and silent witness, emails and diary

April 11th Thursday

Better again, good night sleep, cooler and possible showers, moved some wood and started to put base on other bird..too tired, off to get date changed on sign then brief shop,Phamplet holders arrived, home to watch the Bourne ultimatum and Hulk, slept, jeanette dropped by cooked tea.feeling still mediocre..small troubles, watched Toy story, 1 24 and Smith and Bailey..M feeling ok sort of.

April 10th Wednesday

Sept to 8.30, coolish and foggy another lovely day, still crook, no vomiting but other end not contained!, read a Sara Paretsky novel during the day and watched Jumanji , tractor monkeys elegant gentlemen, and would I lie,Marian coming down with it now..Em missed out on the house due to the other mob having better terms.

April 9th Tuesday

Cooler and foggy to begin with, Belinda andstill crook, dragged myself around, Beinda worked by herself, I lay in house sleeping and watching videos, Penny came by with friends to pay for boat( away for three weeks deliver it then) 2 other groups came to sculpture garden, Man came and delivered large crocodile for sculpture show,emailed contract to lawyer, M made an appointment for me at dr,gave me a shot and said it would probably clear up, 2 lots of vomiting since,watched New tricks,another vomit about midnight and am feeling a bit better..just tired and lacking energy.

April 8th Monday

Cooler and cloudy but still  mild, moved wood, worked on painting bird and started  Maxine seat, mostly done, Vicki gardened and person came and dropped off seat, did a dragonfly,lunch, visited Kathleen, to Warragul to get metal( 45) from Leesa and paint( 61 and 107 from Bunnings)brief shopping home for nap, fish and chips for  tea. Em put in an offer on a house. Kathleen and Eleanor came over, Caleb dropped in on way through, I’m laid low by a gastro/food poisoning bug..dramatic!.

April 7th Sunday

Beautiful autumn day, fine and sunny change over to daylight savings.did hearts and painted, also a small kookaburra, then the bird for Sydney, about 7 people through the sculpture garden, 2 naps, Kathleen over for most of day, Marian mainly played Baby..roast beef patties for tea, Dr Who.added to website, M watched the Midwives, 2 24s and tv on English architect  Norman Foster

April 6th Saturday

Beautiful autumn day, fine and sunny, Up at 7 load trailer, Jindi market sod a bird and dog and a few flowers,Talked to Archie, Bob Kirkland, Courtney Baker ( 200) and others., home, unloaded trailer, a couple of people looking at sculpture garden, did some cutouts and took repaired seat back to Helen( away at Mt Baw  Baw) home to read book pizza for tea watched a law abiding citizen and Skyfall( ok but not knockout)

April 5th Friday

Fine and mild, did 3 chooks, painted a bit of shark, photographed a few pieces, Ellen came over, Mowed and marked out at Jindi Market, delivered Nataias chair, Paid Cutting edge bill, delivered a dog to Sarah, went to metal man, and shopping, cleaned floor, roast for tea, Whelans for Tea, Kathleen over before tea.

April 4th Thursday

Fine and sunny, mowed house area, worked on teeth for shark, painted seat frame,cut up chook bodies, mowed lower area of garden, vacuumed and washed, 2 people visited, shopped at bunnings and aldi,Kathleen over in arvo Caleb arrives 5.00. Chicken for tea, Kathleen didn’t like it,Jindivick business group and Pilates

April 3rd Wednesday

Cool, but fine, finished zeppelin and painted, finished seat and painted, did wood for second seat, did another seat, visited Kathleen and picked up seat from Helen’s, fixed seat, added to shark,did rooster, pies for tea, Pilates( 2)  then home to tractor monkeys and Last leg and elegant gentlemans guide to knife fighting,Kathleen and Eleanor came over for visit, played with E.

April 2nd Tuesday’

Coolish and showery, added to zeppelin, started two characters,Belinda coming, worked on tulip and two flowers,finished 2 kookaburras,moved wood, set zepp on its stand, added one character and painted 2nd,went to Warragul to see Harris about stuff, then to Drouin to shop, called in on helen but not home,home for lunch and nap Sue Rang , bringing back wave form 2 ( dragon sold) M back at work,worked on seat frame, ½ done, out to tea Alan’s meeting, home to see Kathleen and Eleanor

April 1 Monday

Started on plan for shed, Moved wood, walked and talked, took Em and Madge back to Melbourne, did sanding of zeppelin and made propeller, updated website, Caleb goes home. Made a chicken and bean thing, watched 1 24 and Gandhi, reading the scar

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