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August 11, 2013

August 2013

Sat Aug 31st

Fine and sunny, beautiful perfect day, did 2 birds, Painted boat and put it out, went shopping for catfood,and wheels from metal man( 50)  Kathleen and Eleanor over for lunch, 6 people visited garden, reading book most of day.sausages for tea, watched Iron Man 3 and The avengers.

Fri Aug 30th

Warm and showery, made the bed, worked on boat, on stand and sail on, then to Yarram to drop off 9 birds a lyre bird and pelican and 3 small sculptures, back to Morwell to see Janine Goods exhibition then to Warragul to pick up heart pieces and extra steel, to Kathleen’s to play with Eleanor, home to do puzzle, found wallet and camera, Caleb dropped by and left Ralph, Talked to Marian on phone, tea with Hyde’s., home watched the last Unit .

Thursday Aug 29th

mild and breezy.did 2 birds then had a walk, worked on finishing welding of hull of boat, ground for an hour, lunch, Jeanette dropped in to thank me for dragonfly, Phyl dropped in to pick up hook, nap, then prepare for talk tonight.visit Kathleen and Eleanor, came home nap, went to Neerim Sth talked at meeting, home to watch 1 unit.. have misplaced wallet and camera!!!!!.

Wednesday Aug 28th

Cloudy and mild, Jindi Business group AGM at 9.00, all done and dusted, home to mow paddock and across the road and a bit of house block, then looked at tourism strategy, went to Kathleens played with Eleanor, then to Warragul dropped off pieces at Aprils. Talked to them, to coles and shopped for book group, bought a few videos, then to Club for whiting and chips for tea, to Georges to discuss” all that I am”Home to watch Last leg and do computer stuff.

Tuesday Aug 27th

Fine and Mild,finished The closers, Belinda came and did 2 dogs, I did 4 dogs and 1 bug, 2 people looked thru sculpture garden, Jeff brought me up to date re Jindi Business group, went and had lunch with Helen, visited Kathleen, dropped off dragon fly at Whelans, dropped off 2 dogs at Wild dog, called in at Warragul steel, and Aprils, aldi shopping saw Sue, home to do puzzle and nap, chicke n tenders for tea.. ho hum, did computer and photo stuff off to BBAA meeting in Warragul with Helen.OK home to watch 1 Unit and upload pictures to website and facebook, started Comanche Moon

Monday Aug 26th

Fine and mild( cloudy) morning. Glad to be home Cold is a dry cough now.unloaded trailer and painted a few that needed a touch up, added deck to boat and most of one side inside railings, talked to Sue and Jeff at morning tea,shopped for basics, napped, worked a bit on pedestals and mowed top paddock.had a small schnitzel for tea with rice patties, napped, Pilates

Sunday Aug 25th

Slept on floor again,Reading” the closers”  Great Australian Art show 10 to 4 sold nothing in the morning.. I went away and Shorney sold 2 small pieces and then a few other things. Saw Leanne Clothier, had a lovely talk with her, Annie Glass called by and bought the heart piece,( sold just under $2000 in total ) pack up come home via kew had KFC for tea, Barney glad to see me, Jeff had put bins out...caught up with email and diary, watched end of Grand designs, the time of our lives and 1 Unit..

Saturday  Aug 24th

Slept poorly due to “cold” and sloping bed, slept on floor, went to Great Australian Art show 10 to 5, saw Penny, Jeff and Jeanette, Margie Hodge and Tim, also Naomi and Fay,sold a few things, nothing big  Marian did a small roast, I went and picked up Em ( and irritated her) had a nice tea,Marian took Em home and de ruffled feathers…Talked to Steve and Marian, Madge..improving?Finished “for all I am.”

Friday Aug 23rd

Cold and rainy and windy..loading for art show, to Melb, unload some stuff, It is quite small, only ½ the main hall, free entry, still some good stalls and art, talked to Jenny Laidlaw from Ballarat and Sarah… as well as Lydia Mordy and their Lovely Daughters, Shorney, Natalie and Mardy then back to kew for nap,opens 5.00 goes to 9.00,mediocre opening, sold a few dogs and Rapunzel to April, back to kew for night see M

Thursday Aug 22nd

A bit snuffly, back to showers and wind too,, load trailer for tomorrow, get box of needs together, assembled seats, loaded trailer and car, put together small pieces, went to Warragul for some shopping Penetrol( 25) and Black Paint( 97), home morning tea, visit by Sue, finished loading car, lunch, nap, did edging and filling on 2 pedestals, nap, rang Lieshouts and Kathleen,watched eagle eye, upper middle bogan and date night, added to stuff for tomorrow. Head cold gets messy.

Wednesday Aug 21st

Stopped raining and blowing..mild, have a soreish throat, worked on painting second seat, doing 2 characters for heart piece, all done and painted, then another skater girl, a life’s work piece, flower umbrella,feeling a bit mediocre, up to watch the magnificent 7 sweet and sour sausages for tea, then laminated signs for art show, watched Gruen, last leg.

Tuesday Aug 20th

Cool and showery, sent off registered letters.Belinda coming she did 2 dogs, worked on heart piece, Yarragon Primary school came with folks, ( 5/6) did 2 birds,rang M ,visited Helen for lunch,went to Warragul to get sign for art gallery planning done, to Warragul steel sales ordered heart pieces and picked up $20 scrap steel, called by April to see how she was doing, home to puzzle and nap, spaghetti for tea, changed and printed up signs for show,watched new tricks and the unit

Monday Aug 19th

Windy fine and cold, showers through day and evening,did second seat frame and wood,cut up bits for characters went to business advisory group, nice lunch, talked to different people, then to Kathleens to play with Eleanor, lawn was mowed so I raked up a bit, and eleanors room was tidy. Bit of shopping, home to do puzzle and nap, sausages for tea.Pilates, stuffed , went to bed

Sunday Aug 18th

Bloody windy again, fine and sunny,worked on 2 birds, then a seat order,all welded, wood done and 1 painted and seat 1 painted finally a small dancer, talked to David…not a deal of progress…still I did raise my concerns and he might be more aware of other people…it still seems all about him. Rain a coming, left over fish and chips and salad  for tea., watched the unit, then bit of Grand designs, talked to Marian, watched time of our lives and did computer stuff.

Saturday Aug 17th

Fine and breezy day. power out til 10.30, stood up all the sculptures again, and finished cows in the clotheslines sketch, also cleared out more old school stuff from front room, covered both sides of boat, added bird shapes to birdbath, 1 dog, 1 bird, started cutting up seat for lady,basic shopping, pizza for tea, watched Big, Rock Quiz and a bit of Laurel and Hardy

Friday Aug 16th

Lovely clear and so far windless day mowed bottom paddock and house block,went to Floor talk at wgac, with Jessie… just us… really no publicity by anyone.. us included..then delivered cheque to WRC for Rodney, Home to do puzzle and read book, Kathleen came over with Eleanor, then to Drouin, dropped off cheque to Helen, called in on Sue and Paul, swapped over sculpture at Lisas, and sort of measured up phamplet rack, then to Warragul dropped in Ingrids cheque, to safeway for a bit of shopping , souvlaki and chips for tea, watched the Debt and Incredibly loud and extremely close… Good.   Windy again

Thursday Aug 15th

Cool and gray,cleaned one pedestal and put it in hall,sent off entry forms to Cas and also resubscribe to Colours mag, did most of side of boat, went to Neerim Sth Primary school for meeting re bower based activities, home for lunch and then to Kathleen, bought more edging( 14.50) and also picked up push mower from repair( 126) played for an 1 ½ with Eleanor, basic shopping.Fine and sunny afternoon.chicken bits for tea, saw Jeff and jeanette, watched the unit and 2 abc comedys, Bogan and it’s a date.Tidied bench in room

Wednesday Aug 14th

Windy all night,fine to start( except the wind) but rain acoming. Wrote article for Gippsland lifestyle.Talked to Grant and sorted clothes,posted back Kindle, worked in shed on cleaning 3 pedestals, assembling two small pieces and starting to cover boat also finished dragonfly for JeanetteW, went to Warragul to drop off reaching a goal at hospital, then called in at Aprils( run into trouble with planning dept) home to await Kathleen and Eleanor, small nap, played with kid until about 4.00, nap then afternoon  tea and Puzzle.rissoles for tea in wraps, rang M, watched Star trek Nemesis.wrote up a few signs for sculptures, reading all that I am Anna Funder on my new Kindle.

Tuesday Aug 13th

Fine and windy, worked on 2 birds,, put two kookaburras on branches,then ribs of boat, also started on finishing pedestals, 3 edged and filled, still need to be cleaned,Belinda finished her leaf trees, and did a bug,dropped in to see Helen she was off to demonstrate at Marist, saw metal man and then home, lunch and puzzle, down to do more on pedestals, up for a nap, Grant coming, pub tea, then home to watch new Die Hard movie and talk

Monday Aug 12th

Cloudy and windy, supposed to rain.became more chilly,did a bit on cow piece Vicky gardened to 10.30,I did 2 birds, then shared thoughts, and nearing the goal, power went out, Kindle arrived had lunch and nap then to Kathleens to play with Eleanor, home to do puzzle and bit more on cows piece, curried sausages for tea, Pilates, home to watch a bit of Q and A

Sunday August 11th

Fine and mild, cloudy, fined up to a lovely day, worked on Heart of glass and finished it, vacuumed and steam mopped, also 1 load of washing, read papers, went to bunnings and bought material for pedestals and also flapdiscs( 168) home and made 8 pedestals, 2 people visited the garden.sausage curry for tea, watched Oblivion , Grand designs and Time of our lives.

Saturday Aug 10th

Fine and clear, mild, worked on finishing off how it works( 2 characters and ladders) then started a new heart for heart of glass, rang a few people re orders, talked to Sue for a while in the sun, Graham Duell dropped in re Dunkeld, 3 people visited garden, went to Morwell via Drouin, dropped off one piece at Hospital, saw Drysdale show and Lol, shopped for trivia night, home,sausages for tea, Trivia night at Longwarry footy club rooms 7.00,remet Daniel Brown Narelle and Tracey ex students  . on a table with Whelans, Dylan Serong and a few others.came equal 3rd Home to watch end of the Unit  ep 3.

Friday Aug 9th

Cool and grey day,worked in front room going through papers,Going to Warragul to replace argon gas, then to Melbourne to see M,bought lunch on the way, had lunch together, Madge slightly better, then took M’s car to auto electrician to get lock stuff fixed, bought dvds for m and Madge, drive home, cook pies for tea, Kathleen coming over.pies for tea, watched 2 of the unit

Thursday Aug 8th

Fine and cool to start day,working in front room.then finished heart piece, also did circle piece, and added wheels to scrap box, Kathleen rang and I went and played with Eleanor, then shopped, home for puzzle and light fire, Sue came and I welded her table frame, spaghetti for tea, watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Wednesday Aug 7th

Cool and mild.put two birds on stands, ground down 2nd heart and added wire to one side, made two small characters for heart, Alan came for a break, went to Warragul, checked out exhibition writeups, bought washers from Warragul steel( 25) went to Drouin, played with Eleanor, home to puzzle and bring in washing.meatball wraps for tea, watched Shallow Grave, Adam Hills and Inkheart…Rained during night

Tuesday August 6th

Cool and windy and showery, blew and rained most of night. Belinda coming, she worked on her abstract piece and leaves,I did 5 kookaburra birds and 3 tall birds.Visited Helen then to check on titles and put up on exhibition. Home to do puzzle and nap, Alan arrived.saw poem, he had a nap I looked at art shows  Alans meeting 6.00, opening of exhibition 7.00 about 80 people? Home to end of New Tricks and computer stuff.

Monday August 5th

Cool and windy day, did tiny bit of welding on second side of Layers of Love load in at WGAC of portrait show worked with all the girls until about 12.30, looks good, then home for lunch and to put on tea( not enough time to fully cook so will be for tomorrow) then back to Warragul to look for Anna Funders book( no) bought a compost bin for Kathleen( which upset David…It will all come back on him to make it work!) aldi shopping, went and played with Eleanor, shopped for catfood, home to do puzzle and have tea, watched a fine day to Die Harder( not as good as the others) Pilates.

Sunday August 4th

Cold wet and wintery day, put sculptures blown over back up, worked on one side of 2nd layers of love, all welded, cut out pieces for other side. Showered and down to melb picked up Em to Madges, saw M, fixed couch and 2 chairs for madge,Don and Pauli visit, took em home picked up rice for tea, watched bit of history of Violence, then grand designs and time of our lives.

Saturday August 3rd

Cool and wet, and breezy I mowed top paddock and reattached poem, went to shop at Jindi market, not many stalls as it was a bit cool and windy, came back and painted single chair and started Layers of love 2 , all junk done and panelling for one side started, took drop and 3 more small bits to Aprils, home for puzzle and nap, raining.2003 reunion tonight.saw people til 8.15, home to watch Rock quiz and end of Star trek generations

Friday August 2nd

Windy but clear,did signs for sculptures( LAMINATING),sent out emails re face to face,  went to Archies to get metal.. a slope like 60 degrees!. Home to unload and work on finishing welding single chair, ran out of metal went to Warragul to get flat bar and 12mm rod( 75) then to April’s re more sculptures, to Yarragon to get watercolour paper, saw Ingrid barb and bev, back to supercheap to get two jacks, to Rokeby to pick up papers on side of road, home to unload metal ( busload of Mawarra kids) finished welding chair, then puzzle and nap, off to Drouin to pay paper bill, to Kathleens to play with Eleanor, stopped at Lapin Noir and met Sue and Melinda, home to omelette wraps for tea.watched War horse.. excellent

Thursday August 1st

Fine  day, do titles for portrait show pieces,send to wgac,mow part of sculpture garden, Jindi business group meeting. 9.30 had deputy mayor there.. only 5 people a bit of a shambles, home at 11, mowed rest of across road and moved sculptures,finished off Heidis piece and also Garden bed piece re welding, Lunch, painted piecesstarted single chair for order, vacuumed, fish for tea in wraps, watched First Contact star trek, Kathleen and Eleanor came over, added writing to some sculpture pieces on website.

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