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July 11, 2013

July 2013

Wednesday 31st July

Fine and mild day,worked on Garden Bed, mostly finished, assembled strong, painted reach table, started heidis characters, Picked up mower( 364) shopped for tonight, then to kathleens to play with Eleanor, tried out mower( need to modify ramps) puzzle and read book,Tea at Tandoori delights in Warragul with bookgroup, Bookgroup discussing East of Eden. M going to Melbourne in evening to look after Madge, watched last of the eagle has landed.

Tuesday 30th July

Showery overnight, Belinda coming worked onspider web then leaf( didn’t like) and then abstract shapes M on late shift, 1 added chain to big circle… still thinking, added chain to railway line… nearly sorted, did reach table, still to be painted and mosaiced, did bed and character for flower bed, did branding iron thing for Stacey.Visited Drouin signs re bill and also Helen, home for nap then back to work, Pies for tea and rice noodle things.yum, Kathleen and Eleanor come over watched new tricks and at the movies

Monday 29th July

Fine and clear, Vicki to garden,did press release for face to face and also Aprils shop, plumber came re septics, added character to regenerate, put out in yard, touched up last bit of reach 2, painted all seeing, put out in yard, did 2 pelicans, started a birdbath, moved big chain in. went to Warragul picked up flyers from arts centre, dropped off septic sheet at shire, called in at phone shop, and called in at Warragul steel,go see Kathleen, shop Pilates. M on call added to website and facebook.

Sunday 28th July

Coolish but becoming mild, painted regeneration, broke all seeing,Em and M tidied car,I read book until I took Em back to Melb,caleb goes home, did ungulla piece, then rewelded all seeing, made character for regeneration, tidied heap, 4 people visited,

Saturday 27th July

Fine and mild,M to melb to help Madge no but to pick up Em. Worked on onion form..mostly done, 4 people visited garden( 2 orders) Deegans visited, opening of Aprils shop/gallery.about 100 people .Caleb and all family home for well as Julian and Emma.

Friday 26th July

Overcast and cool, m at home, worked on base of onion, then top of onion as well as cut out pieces for small pieces, M off to work, I had lunch, then delivered pedestals too April, then to Drouin to play with Eleanor, shopped then home to get piece to go to Aprils, aldi shopping,home to do lasagne for tea then watched Maverick, Kathleen came over.played on computer and listened to Bruce Springsteen…

Thursday 25th July

Fine and sunny day.but cold at times, M to Melbourne for family meeting re madge, I worked on finishing Emily piece, also painted some sculptures that had lost paint in moving, loaded layers of love and went to Drouin for dentist appt, looked in 2 opp shops, then to Warragul to deliver pieces to Aprils shop, home to lunch then worked on start of re emergence, M home, came up for a nap, Sue dropped by, talked to her,Chicken in slow cooker for tea,. Watched last arrested Development, did computer stuff, M on call 3 times over night

Wednesday 24th July

Cool and possibly showery, Stephanie from N sth High coming to buy watercolour,,painted base of all seeing and started second side of Em, off to Kingston to dismantle exhibition with Helen, Met Bear and Ivan , bear had done a collage drawing painting of M and Eleanor, Jenny’s helped with dismantling, coffee and lunch at café ,back to drop off stuff,puzzle and nap  down to Melbourne stopped at Ros’ for payment on slow horse, then to St georges Rd for Red Gallery for Pimpisa’s exhibition. M at Moe, had trouble with car lock mechanism, Kathleen ad Eleanor over watched Adam Hills.

Tuesday 23rd July

Showery and cool, M to Morwell, Belinda coming,did 2 birds, 2 characters for value of friends, Painted, started on ball for regenerate, Belinda did a spiders web and spider, took tyre to Drouin for repair( replaced) shopped , called in on Helen cup of tea, home to vacuum, puzzle and nap, silverside for tea, watched the Hobbit… some parts a bit stilted but quite an ok piece.

Mon 22nd July

Fine night cool and finecool day,added jockey wheel to trailer, added holder for electrical piece, made ramps for getting mower onto trailer, welded rest of base of Em and started one of the characters for value of friends 2, Vicky gardened, went to Drouin, dropped off mower, to Warragul bought sheet, flat bar, flap discs and grinding discs, to paintshop for yellow paint, to Gas place for oxy bottle and mig wire, dropped off seat at Judes, home to drop off trailer and barney, to Kathleen’s to play with Eleanor, shopped, home for puzzle and nap, unloaded trailer M had a flat tyre, had to go and change it, home to do schnitzel , Pilates.stuffed , headache.

Sun 21st July

Fine night cool and fine cool day, worked on 2 cats, then finished other side of value of friends, did arrow and mounted on stand, adjusted long haired girls nose, Kathleen and Caleb around, went to Derinya  to drop off cats and pick up 2 dogs( sold everything else) bought pizza on way home, watched Grand designs( Isle of Skye) and Time of our lives, did facebook and email stuff.

Sat 20th July

Rained most of night, cool and showery today. M to melb with Kathleen, to see Madge, Em, take Kathleen from a party, etc etc… a busy day. I remounted all seeing and ½ painted it, then did a cat for Derinya, then found the covering pieces for the value of friends 2, one side all welded, other side tacked and part edge welded. Had man come and pick up his panel( 150) and had Tash come with a variety of kids and walk around garden as part of brownie badge, Kids used plasma cutter to make something each, Caleb came through and dropped off Ralph. Showered most of afternoon. Watched the Dark night, Rockwiz and Robot and Frank


Friday 19th July

Fine and windy, supposed to shower, did CAS  membership form,framed Hurst picture and put up, load of washing went to Melbourne to Furnitex, ho hum..chinese for lunch, home, brought in washing M on call,planned ideas for other scuptures,  had a roast for tea with chips from Sue, watched Bryans 60’s music and Alison Krauss.also Kathleen and Eleanor.( M called from 1.00 to 3.00)

Thursday July 18th

Mild and cloudy did 2 birds and 2 dogs, worked on hair for long haired girl, mostly finished, Sue came and worked on Aprils sign,I started value of friends 2, Plumber came and looked at septic tank requirements, lunch and puzzle went to Drouin some shopping, got 10 wheel rims from metal man,paid money, home to nap and then  to mount all seeing.. not bad. Sausages for tea, Kathleen and Eleanor coming over. rained

Wednesday 17th July

Fine and cloudy,cleaned up other side of all seeing, did 1 bird, 2 dogs and a pelican, added arm to portrait piece did some mowing but belt kept coming off, dropped in on Helen and talked to her, then to Kathleen and minded Eleanor for a bit, home to find Sue O , talked to her, Meatballs for tea.watched 2 arrested development and adam hills, went through old sketch books and watched bruce springsteen videos

Tuesday July 16th

Cloudy but mild sunny patches, M at Warragul, Belinda did flower and star, I sanded 2 mirror frames, put rock and mesh on other side of all seeing, 2 dogs, painted rest of stand,started long haired girl, Jeff and Jeanette came over at morning tea,went to Drouin shopped for catfood etc, home and added to long haired girl,installed balustrade on steps, and rings for swing, mowed nature strips, brought in washing. Chicken schnitzel for tea.watched 3 arrested development, then kitchen cabinet, New Tricks and at the movies

Monday July 15th,

Showery but mild, M off to Morwell,Vicky came to Garden, Leonie came and paid for a 60 gift certificate I tidied wood in shed and Painted Judes seat, added mosaic to Reach 2,did a bird and dog, worked on all seeing, went to Warragul for steel( 69.32) then up to Drouin to see Kathleen and Eleanor,, did a bit of shopping then home for nap and puzzle, assembled wood onto Judes seat,Chops for tea, added to website no pilates

Sunday July 14th

Rained overnight,M had a restless night due to driving to Melb, me too a bit.Did 2 peacocks, drove to frankston  Drop off to Derinya, 20 birds, 20 dogs, 1 cat 2 pelicans and 2 peacocks, home via fountain gate( too busy to stop) lunch M came back from Kathleens with Magnum, worked on back of Judes seat all welded and wood done, needs painting. Rissoles for tea. Kathleen over with Eleanor ,watched grand designs and time of our lives

Saturday July 13th

Grey and cloudy but still mild, finished welding sheets of all seeing, shopped for lunch and tea, did Ros’s small projects,added wire to one side of all seeing,did belindas stand, started Jude’s seat, Graham Cox came and picked up dogs, lady came and picked up birdbath, Rhonda and paid for seat, M went to Melbourne to see mum and Em.Pizza for tea, watched abduction and Rockquiz

Friday July 12th

Fine and clear coming over to rain in the evening, worked on finishing reach 2, including character, went and picked up Mig handpiece( 240) added bar to horse gate and painted again, painted reach 2, painted bird bath, did a pelican and Lyrebird,, Ros came and paid for gate( 120) started on welding panels on all seeing.Spaghetti for tea, out to see Buddy and Roy show at WGAC which was fun.. lovely music and a sea of grey hair and bald spots!

Thursday July 11th

Fine  but a bit cloudy, fined up,wrote up a few sculptures, worked on edges of all seeing, no mig handpiece yet, started reach 2, made 2 birds  also started Jude seat, shopped in Drouin, saw metal man, nothing, puzzle and nap,sold 3 birds.M late meeting in Moe, Kathleen and Eleanor coming over until 10.30

Wednesday July 10th

Fine morning, did 2 dogs, mowed top part of sculpture garden, ground back rough bits on falling man 2,started all seeing, Mig handpiece broke, ordered new one, went to see K and Eleanor, went for walk around block with Eleanor, played, shopped, then home to puzzle and nap, brought in washing and vacuumed,slow cooker for tea.watched odd bits of QI Julia Zemiero on it, started to watch Adam hills, Kathleen came over with Eleanor, played with girl until 10.30.

Tuesday July 9th

Fine and lovely day, rusted dogs and panel by using vinegar, worked on 2nd falling man, most welded needs grinding, Penny and June came and bought a cat and a bird( 100) Belinda came and did a bone( Taylor) and a star, M had day off but spent a lot talking to Caleb and various phone calls re Madge,Caleb went home via Kathleens, we had chicken skewers for tea and then Pilates, watched a bit of Time team and New Tricks, added to diary etc.

Monday July 8th

Cool and cloudy, fined up, finished Horse gate, cut out boxer dogs, cut out most of panel design, Vicky gardened and poisoned, ,lady came and bought a seat( 150) and the cow( 400),I went and bought more plasma cutting electrodes and tips,( 50) went to Drouin delivered big gates,saw Kathleen and Eleanor, shopped, home to puzzle and nap.steak for tea, watched a bit of Time team, added to website and facebook, Kathleen and Eleanor over.

Sunday July 7th

Fine and mild, cooked lamb shanks, tidied cupboard, finished painting gates for anita, did hinge saddles, attached pole to make handrail for stairs, fixed among the clouds, re formatted watersupply and painted,attached Caleb and Helen to bases, 2 people came to discuss gates, 3 others came to give me 300 for a gift certificate, Laima and Brian came and bought a seat after looking through sculpture garden, M came home, Jeff came over to show latest lampshade, Tea, Kathleen and Eleanor over watched time of our lives, history program and show on Grayson Perry, tomb of the unknown crafsman

Saturday July 6th

Cool but not as windy after a windy and showery night picked up blown over sculptures water supply needs redoing as does among the clouds.finished gates WELDING) painted one went to Melbourne stopped at Jb bought videos, did floor talk , Helen and Andrew there also Joan and about 3 or 4 other people.. Bryan also dropped in, went to see Marian and Madge, madge still poorly, had tea with them, came home watched Rock quiz and Prometheus.good

Friday July 5th

Showery cold and windy, put together 2nd of Anitas gates, went to Yarragon dropped off 4 birds and 2 dogs, went to arts hub and did 1 sketch, to Moe to buy welding rods and discs, ( 140) back home for puzzle, Glen and Jan Garden with friend visited garden, off to Kathleens to play with Eleanor, home, Caleb drops off Ralph,to Fayes for celebratory drink, home for tea. Watched don’t say a word.. and Jumper both good.

Thursday July 4th

Clear morning but windy,blew over horse 3 times, blew over 3 other sculptures, worked on back of horse gate, mowed paddock, put together 1 ½  of anitas gate lunch, nap, went to , play with Eleanor and see K, shopped, rang a few people tea is seafood marinara. tidied up some of Calebs stuff, watched  super 8 and hancock… ok.bloody windy night now

Wednesday July 3rd

Mild morning, load of washing, added to website, mowed paddock, 2 people through,worked on finishing nail portrait, then started on horse gate( ½ done) painted Caleb, Helen 2, and layers of love, Talked to Sue on phone re april and Lisa Bakery then Ken needed some cheques signed, lunch, went to Drouin, haircut, went and saw Eleanor and Kathleen, played, picked up gate pieces from Anita, home to do puzzle, slow cooker for tea. Put pictures up on facebook, added to website, watched Adam Hills and end of Boys from Brazil

Tuesday July 2nd

Mild and cloudy, did 2 birds,did birds for birdbath, started nail portrait piece, Jeanette and Jeff brought over metal Jeanette cut out bits, Belinda did a staffy, M starts late finishes late, went to Warragul dropped off maps and other stuff, bought sheet for order, home to man and girls from 6 things to do in Neerim Sth, puzzle and nap.slow cooker gravy beef for tea( yum) Kathleen and Eleanor came over and played, watched New Tricks, M off to Melbourne to look after Madge.

Monday July 1st

Cool and mild day cloudy, worked on putting last months stuff up on website, finished bird started yesterday, finished heart piece( layers of love) added 2 characters to it did ½ birdbath, Vick gardened, shire came and worked on cleaning out road pipes,, went to Kathleen sand played with Eleanor, shopped home to puzzle and nap, osso bucco for tea, Pilates. M in Moe for day and then on call.Kathleen and Eleanor over,

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