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June 11, 2013

June 2013

Sun 30th June

Cool, some fog/cloud,fine day  went to look at Rokeby rail trail, trestle bridge, and community garden, Jindivick antiques fair on.worked on other side of heart piece, 20 or so people through the garden, interest expressed in horse head and dancing girl, Sue dropped in sausages for tea M home again,watched virtuosity, the time of our lives and what made us,

Sat June 29th

Foggy but fine day cool, worked on heart piece, all junk part done and one side of outer form is covered and welded,1 bird done, Wayne picked up toy box, a group of 4 visited the garden and Vicky and Mick brought their friends with an order for a panel, Kathleen came over in late afternoon for a play with Eleanor. Trivia night at Bryans.quite fun, I won.

Fri June 28th

Cloudy and fining up, take M to work as her car is still there, buy black paint (97) and lemon drink, home to finish off Helen 2, and start heart piece, also a bird and cat. Lunch then Deliver boat to Penny Moodie in arvo up to Drouin to play with Eleanor for a short while home to deliver maps to Gypsy creek Gary Glen Cromie, Kerry, and Parnassus, home to light fire and do tea, M off to Melbourne to be with mum for weekend, art night at Lapin Noir in Drouin.didnt go stayed home and drank wine, watched salt and last game of thrones and Dexter End of school term.

Thurs June 27th

Fine and clear cloudy in arvo, finished Caleb head, morning tea with Jeanette, did other figures for Helen piece, dropped off food and drink with Helen, dropped in on Kathleen, home for puzzle and nap, talked to carol at Glen Cromie, dropped off maps, pick up Marian off to open exhibition. Penny was there and most others were friends of Helen, and Ingrid and Rodney…2000 invites sent out for one response…Hmmm Thanks for the support!

Wed June 26th

Fine and clear worked on Caleb head, load trailer, pick up Helen go to Kingston set up exhibition with Ingrid( she paid( 300), home loaded trailer with panel from Helens and next doors gates, shopped for bookclub and opening, home for nap and puzzle then to tandoori delights for tea with bookgroup people and then to Lois’ for “a separation” Iranian film

Tues June 25th

Fine and coolish, breezy at times. Put horse out, worked on head, ran out of Mig wire went to Warragul to get some( 45) home to work with Belinda, she did flowers and butterflys, I did a start on Caleb head, 2 birds , painted big head, went to Warragul to drop off Ms phone, up to Drouin shopping called in on Helen ( not home) back to do lunch and nap and vacuum, tea is pasta bake,Kathleen came over, watched new tricks and movie show

Mon June 24th

M off to Moe, up early, cloudy but cool, Dingo Man didnt come Vicky,worked on garden, I finished horse and added 1 sideboard and ½ hair to face, delivered maps to store, Colleen, Pub art, Brandy Creek winery, played with Eleanor for an hour, home to puzzle and watched 1 dexter Saveloys for tea,Pilates

Sun June 23rd

Fine and cold and sunny fitted wood to horse. Painted back of front strips, added joiners to Survival and reassembled, picked up map from Helen’s went to Phillip Island, Pyramid Rock, lunch chinese, home,nap, delivered map to Faye and harvest kitchen, home to meet amy and Garnie  chicken things for tea, watched 2 arrested development and a dream build and grand designs

Sat June 22nd

Fine and cold,sunny  cut up rest of wood for horse, added supports on one sidepainted inside, painted wood 2 coats dwd, lady came and picked up gate(200) lunch, Kathleen came over, fixed seurat ladies bustle, cut up survival to fix innards,Lasagne for tea, Biggles too watched a bit of 60s show then death in Paradise then Rock Quiz.

June 21st Friday

Fine and cold to begin with but sunny, worked on hair on face, and then wood for horse, Mawarra visited, delivered seat to Yarragon called in on Helen re maps.. not yet, bought a memory stick for JD to use on old photos and dropped off at school, shopped for tea( pizza) delivered books to op shop bought 2 boxes of champagne for opening, home for puzzle and nap.watched 1 dexter and 2 arrested development.Kathleen over watched 80’s videos and Bletchley circle.

June 20th Thursday

Fine and cool and sunny.photographed small pieces,worked on getting horse frame done, then started adding hair to big head, mowed paddock and across rd, lunch the to see Eleanor for ¾ hr, home to assemble seats , and mow a bit more then sausages for tea, watched 2 arrested development and then wrote up more for exhibition, added pictures to the website and also put some up on face book.

June 19th Wednesday

Fine and cool, sunny M at Warragul, did 4 writeups for small sculptures, worked on covering rest of head, painted seat, did wood for seat, started to do front of horse,dug out a bit more capeweed, went to school re old photos, then to Kathleen, played with a tired Eleanor, home to puzzle and vacuum, printed helen onto Helen 2,chops for tea.Watched a bit of arrested development, Kathleen came over, wrote up a few more pieces for the exhibition, watched Adam Hills.

June 18th Tuesday

Cool and showery,fined up in afternoon,M at Warragul,sent out invites to Kingston Exhibition, Belinda,worked on another design and painted I worked on big head another ¼ done, also did sunflower seat frame, up to painting, slow cooker chicken casserole shopped for milk etc, saw Helen paid her for rest of map,she paid me for gallery hire, saw sue and returned grinder, home for puzzle and nap, watched New Tricks and film show and modern art show, did two write ups for small sculptures

June 17th Monday

Showery and rainy,M has to get up early and go to Moe, cold, worked on ½ face,and seat frame, went to Warragul to see exhibition at arts centre, ran into Helen Ingrid , Sue A Jeannie and Karen, bought flat steel (94), played with Eleanor, shopped home to puzzle and nap schnitzel for tea, pilates and then home to watch end of 4 corners and q and A.

June 16th Sunday

Cool and grey, fined up then became showery,working on bench, mostly finished, Kathleen coming, Sue coming to work on seal support, dragonfly went away, did 2 chooks and cat painted bases of pieces, and started big head drew out horse, bit of tidying up spaghetti for tea watched time of our lives

,June 15th Saturday

Cool but fine  finished tree girl, then did second life dance and also big kid, started seats went to Warburton to deliver sitting girl owl and kooka in tree with flowers. M went with K to Pakenham for shopping, Sue dropped in in arvo to work on Seal bases, spanokopita for tea.went to 22nd anniversary of yr 12, saw lots of” kids”, Shayley Easton, Deb Hopkins, Kristen Paul, Rohan Boord, Luke Wallace, Justin Crawford, Tarica Winterton, Jason Leishout, Naomi Billington, Penny Rogers, Kate Hurst, Deena and April Goodman, Brad Laurie,Belinda Hedley, Matt Dean, Ash Walton,Karla Edridge, Nick Saddington. Kate Ross And others.Went to bed with sore legs, Caleb and Ralph arrived during night

June 14th Friday

Stopped raining( at least in morning) Jindivick business group 9.00, went well,then went to art group Yarragon, did 2 sketches, also bought roller,worked on girl in tree and bases for other pieces and also a dragonfly. Sue dropped in, Kathleen for tea Fish and chips Sue over for tea, watched Roy orbison M played with EleanorJune 13th Thursday

Raining.. rained all night gently,,not too cold but bleak, M has day off,rained most of day, started on characters for amphorae and ran out of gas went to Warragul bought gas( 110) and paid bj bearings bill (42) then home did characters and put on handles, cetta arrived, had morning tea and talked for a while went around sculpture garden, did 2 other pieces and started character for third, another surface painted on toy box, M went for Drs appt and to see Kathleen.Lamb patties for tea

June 12th Wednesday

Grey and cool, supposed to rain, M starts late after working til 12.30 last night and comes home late.I cleaned out gutters, did last panel for amphorae, painted a few sides of toy box, pained a few bases for small sculptures, did “tasty”, “Knife edge” and “forked”.went to visit Kathleen but not home or asleep, basic shopping, home, unloaded car from yesterday, nap and puzzle, watched 2 Dexters, slow cooker leftovers tea( yum)

June 11th Tuesday

Grey but mild, Belinda worked on abstract and spider,I did 1/3 panel on amphorae, painted bits of toy chest, and table tops, did 5 dogs and 3 chooks, went and, paid Helen 420, drop off signs for lisa, went to Warragul bought steel(82.95) shopped at aldi and coles, home for puzzle and nap and down shed for ¾ hr,Kathleen for tea, sorted papers, played with Eleanor(too much for the girl!) watched new tricks and guide to modern art

June 10th Monday

Fine and cool, became sunny,M has day off, I worked on second guitarist, painted top of toy box, painted back of gate, mowed around house, Kathleen over for lunch, worked on guitar and next panel for amphorae, cut most of top off and realigned, 4 people visited then another group of 4 people, lady bought a dog and flowers and also one of the flying birds( 300), shopped, curry for tea, Caleb passed through.

June 9th Sunday

Fine and sunny did,signs for sculptures, deliver two pieces to Lisa at bakery in Drouin ,mowed sculpture garden, Tim dropped in for a while,paited other coat on gate, about 6 people through the garden,visited Gary, sausages for tea, watched a bit of prince movie( cherry moon..very dull) then paper giants and then snow white and the Huntsman..good

June 8th Saturday

Fine and sunny, M on ultrasound call, did second gate design, added to first gate , painted all, did another panel on amporae, and painted a few bits,6 people through the garden, sold “care” sculpture( 150),Kathleen came over, dogs had a great day,chicken things for tea, watched any questions for Ben, Rock quiz and a bit of the protector

June 7th Friday

Rained overnight and in the morning today. Worked on gate frames, both done, did horse in one filling in, did one panel of amphorae,Phil came and had morning tea and picked up reconfigured History, finished one gate, painted some of amphorae, painted bitmore of toybox.Ralph coming,fine and cold evening, KFC for tea, then to  Milk carton kids at Meeniyan, same table as Grant and Irene, lovely evening, great harmonies from the boys and fantastic support act in Melody pool

June 6th Thursday

Fine and mild, worked on entry forms for Lyrebird hill, Derinya,and Gardivalia, talked to planner, Phillipa and Penny( boat) on the phone,worked on bird and dog, finished off character for bird loving man, did another 10 characters in cut out form,painted another side of toychest, painted 3 table tops and also Phils drum, went to see Helen, and worked on map for 1 ½ hrs, then to Kathleen for ¾ hr to Warragul to pick up cut off saw( 168) and paid drafting man( 594) did shopping then home to see Mirboo nth lady who bought seat ( 200) cooked tea pork steaks) and watched a bit of Time team.Kathleen came over, I worked on emails and doing linocut of Helen,slept a bit badly on floor for part of night.

June 5th Wednesday

Cool and mild, did another panel for amphorae, also a character for bird loving man,and finished lid of toybox and attached. 2 loads of washing, David doyle arrived and we started to cut out his cow sculpture to make a kangaroo, a petrol bowser and separate cockies but found I was out of acetylene, went to Warragul bought new acet( 93) home to cut dropped metal on hose which punctured it, to Warragul to get new hoses( 91)  did more cutting ran out of oxygen ran to Warragul to get Oxy( (63) home to finish cutting, welded pieces together, David paid (500) went to see Kathleen and Eleanor, played for an hour, shopped,cheque from Red hill arrived ( 1200) home to do fire puzzle, and tea( slow cooker) watched Adam Hills , napped.all tired, finished book

.June 4th Tuesday

Cool and showery, Belinda coming worked on a flower and a diamond shape,I worked on another panel of amphorae, then sanded some wood tops for tables, then worked on the toy box. Mostly done, still a bit of lid and hinges and painting of Toy box,Jeanette came over and tried the plasma cutter,went to see Helen  about Map but hadn’t started then to Warragul tp pick up plans from design guy( 594)to bunnings for clear polyeurethane( 56) then home to do puzzle and help David Doyle move cow sculptures( to be cut up tomorrow) Vacuumed, Alan meeting, M on call, Kathleen came over , watched new tricks, played with Eleanor, reading second shot, M home 12.30

June 3rd Monday

Cool and showery, did another panel on amphorae, a character for girl and ball, did a bird, Kookaburra and a pelican, talked to lisa on phone, went to Warragul called in on drawing guy, hadn’t started!, went to Yarragon dropped off 5 birds ( 255)bought some more water paint and lino tools, to Drouin to play with Eleanor, shopping and home to watch 1 Dexter, chicken skewers for tea, Pilates,read book( 2nd shot and downloaded to I tunes)

June 2nd Sunday

Cool grey and showery,M on call,did panel of amphorae, made a couple of characters for Helen sculpture, took 4 pieces to Tanjil Valley art show,home to visit Hydes , morning tea, did a small character ( fashion statement) did 2 characters for hide in plain sight, 4 people visited garden, put fairies into garden,spaghetti for tea,watched paper giants and Diana Vreeland doco...really interesting

June 1st Saturday

Real rain, not cold, rained for ½ day and showers,M on ultrasound call, away all morning, did the quill or unfinished story, did the man with guitar as an order, did two fairies, added to Helen 2, started amphorae, made cutoff of Five into a bird form,did two bases and some painting. Pizza for tea, M out on call, watched 2 Dexters,Rock Quiz and The tree

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