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March 11, 2013

March 2013

31st March Sunday

Cool and showery morning, finished covering zeppelin form, cut up pieces for characters,walked and talked.napped, roast for tea with Caleb Biggles Kathleen Em and Madge, watched Dr Who , m watched call the midwife.. I looked at Thai architecture.

30th March Saturday

went to Warragul bought new toaster, and shopping, home,cut out leaves for kookaburras and to work on seed form,4 people visited,M went and picked up Em and Madge, looked at a house or two,Chicken for tea.K and Eleanor as well, started to watch tinker tailor spy and went off to talk to Eleanor.

29th March Friday( Good Friday)

Cool day with some fine bits, loaded car and trailer with Wave form 2, Dragon and small piece, went to Sandy Point, dropped off a art centre, had lunch with Sue O and a walk to the beach, saw kite surfers, back to Meeniyan looked at gallery ( Russell Petherbridge and a guy with chicken wire, then home, nap, sausages for tea watched Dark Shadows, 1 24 and Bomber boys

28th March Thursday

Rained overnight, cool and showery, M has day off, put kookaburras together, did 5 full stands and birds and 2 extra birds, added back to seat and finished off welding, M tidied Calebs and Ems rooms, I went to Warragul to get white paint and bits for plasma cutter, also some shopping at warehouse, home to lunch and nap,Adam and partner  and girl dropped in, talked briefly as they were off to Wilsons Prom.M off to see Kathleen tea was veal and sauce stuff, then watched 2 24’s, Caleb dropped off Ralph, watched a british crime show

27th Wednesday

Cool morning for a warm day, Vicki came and tidied up across road, I cleaned up little figures did surf piece and added 4 figures to air piece, now called positive flow, painted seat wood and painted air piece, Bill came and tempered things and picked up big catch, went to Drouin saw Helen re changes to map idea,paid dog and cat fees and posted off Lorne application, went to Aldi re lemon, back to see Kathleen, not home, shopped home for puzzle and nap, did back of seat and kookaburra bird,saveloys for tea, 1 24. email

26th March Tuesday

Cool and cloudy, warmed up nicely, Belinda did a tulip shape, I did a seat frame, did box lid, cut out pieces for 5 characters, did one, did a cat, did a dogcut up Kookaburras,visited Helen, shopped picked up welder from repair, called in at arts centre re extra brochures and art may booklets, home for lunch and nap, did land title search and sent in application for Lorne, Kathleen and Eleanor came for tea watched new tricks and at the movies

25th March Monday

Mild and sunny finished dog from yesterday started on seat went to Waragul bought new inverter welder( 229) then to leesas for steel( 68) then home finished seat, went to metal man, and wood man brought home lots of wood, cut up some, had lunch and nap, man returned stuff from Farmworld, Ellen arrived started on another seat, most finished, fish for tea, Magnum to mind,Pilates, watched 1 24 and bit of Q and A

24th March Sunday

Warm morning, some clouds, did 5 birds 3 dogs, Kathleen and M went shopping and K and Eleanor stayed for tea.lasagne, watched the amazing spiderman,( meet the midwife) finished the reluctant fundamentalist.

23rd March Saturday

Cool and mild,worked at updating website, cut up materials for 10 dogs and 15 birds, did 5 birds and 3 dogs and a pelican, Ellen worked on artichoke, Jeanette came over with their new dog Cedar( a brown lab girl finished breeding) had an afternoon tea with Jeanette and M and then nap, tea with Kerrie and Chris and Judy and Bruce and Gary and Maggie.M cleaned up and tidied most of day.

22nd March Friday

Cool and mild, painted wave form 2,, painted seat  frame, redid worm by adding marble( heavy!) unloaded trailer and moved some sculptures, brought down air, compass and red tree, added to red tree and ½ painted, fixed broken bird,Man came and bought snail female, visited David lunch, nap, to Warragul to see planning people, then to Drouin to see Eleanor and Kathleen, to Warragul to buy a new microwave, had a coffee with Jillian Gillian, Susan and Debbie, Pub tea at Club hotel. Home to watch dvds. 2  by 24 and 2 by dark angel M called out for the latter.

21st March Thursday

Showery and windy, ½ sculpture garden down, did back of chair, went to Warragul to get tickets for Farmworld, saw Jeanette and Jeff, M has day off and went to pathology, and retirement place, I finished welding chair and did wood for seat, then finished piece for Sandy Point show( not painted) nap puzzle, reading Lynda La Plante, chops for tea and watch Die Hard 4

20th March Wednesday

Fine day worked on assembling seat frame and adding back,taking man of steel and birds and dogs to Yarram, loading Blue exhibition sold 6 small pieces Sue unfortunately none, talked to Lady about Gates, home via flower for M and buying leg tablets, cooked most of arvo 2 lasagnes. Fish things, schnitzel, a green curry and a silverside. Jeanette came over, Kathleen for tea, steak, M at meeting until 7.30.took Eleanor for a walk in the garden, watched Arctic, Tractor Monkeys, agony of life and last leg.

19th March Tuesday

Beautiful day, moved more wood, did basic seat frame for new seat painted last weeks seat and did arms, painted Natalia’s chairs, did a bird and dog, did outside shape for Sandy point show, Belinda did a star, had a bus load of characters from Pakenham , helped rake and dust sculptures, took two tables and birds and dogs to T and C, visited Kathleen and Eleanor for 15 minutes, shopped, home to do lunch , job for Sue and also be there for repair man for freezer,nap and puzzle, sausages and stuff for tea.walked dog , hung out washing repainted Man of steel, watched New Tricks M talked to Kathleen on phone, reading the reluctant fundamentalist

18th March Monday

Cooler, moved a bit of wood, worked on finishing seat left over from last week, did windmill, for order,added bit of wood to table at Harvest Kitchen, Kathleen and Eleanor came over and I played and slept with Eleanor, Ellen Sayers came and worked too on her artichoke, going well,I started sandy point piece and have most of wave form2 made and welded on one side, tea is fish and chips, freezer is playing up, Pilates then watched 1 24, emails

17th March Sunday

Played with Eleanor, and watched Asian Pop on Tv, then off to Ararat for breakfast, pie vanilla slice and milk drink, then on to Ballarat and went to Design Craft market and art Gallery, bought some stuff, then down to Melbourne and stoped at Macedon shopping centre in Bulleen, bought stuff and greek cakes, then to Em’s and talked to her for a bit.. better than before but still some flu hangover, on to Home and talked to Jeff and Rowan and then tea of steak and stuff, watched 1 24 and 2 game of thrones,season 1 Caleb came by and showed M how to use some apps.

16th March Saturday

Up and off to breakfast at McDonalds. Off up the road got sent on an enormous detour, back to start then up the road that was supposed closed. On to road to Ararat, passed through Beaufort, and Ararat, stopped and had a look at hotrod show, and music and fair, then off to Halls Gap ignoring the Tom Tom, arrived and found the place, minded Eleanor and K came back and forth during the evening. Read David Gemmell Legend

15th March Friday

Coolish morning fined up to a lovely day, M left a bit later ,mowed sculpture garden and did new written pieces, Probus visiting, then started work on pod for ring piece, also a seat frame and most of the back. Craig Fison came and used bandsaw for a fair bit of arvo and ellen Sayers came out for some advice on artichokes.. I did a bit of shopping , paid newspaper bill tp end of month and saw Em Robinson, home for lunch and to Grampians to babysit for Kathleen, will probably get to Ballarat tonight.( yep got there, bed a bit mediocre but stuffed)

14th March Thursday

Cool start to day gently warmed up, finished sanding second of Natalias chairs, found wood for top of toybox and cut it up put tops on top of tables for T and C, brought in bloom 2 and added characters and extra flowers, picked up bark from sculpture garden, started pod piece, went to Drouin and got rid of excess metal. Stacked a bit of the softwoods and redgum, lunch and puzzle, Kathleen and Eleanor came over played with E and had nap with E until K woke up saveloys for tea M on call, I moved more wood from pile, then up to watch end of Catalyst and bit of Canberra confidential.. a bit dull, watched an episode of 24, and did emails.M on call until about 12 but no more after that

13TH March Wednesday

After another hot night it is supposed to be cooler today..27 instead of 30’s! certainly a north wind is blowing.cooled down, did two table tops, replaced a mirror, sanded down 1 of Natalias chairs, sanded down a world of his own, painted table frames and table tops.painted oblivious/world of his own added character to Reach and repainted, ,lunch nap, to ken to drop off cheque and bill, to Warragul to drop off tourist stuff at newsagent, to Aldi for a bit of lemon drink then Drouin to visit Kathleen and Eleanor, home to nap and then vacuum house, chicken skewers for tea and salad.still tired.. watched Life as we Know it.. quite good.. then the agony of life and the last leg

12 March Tuesday

Fine and sunny after a coolish night, Belinda coming, she finished windmill, I did characters for his own world,painted wood for seat, did heart for seat and started to do back, planed wood for table tops, went to Leesas and bought 270 steel then to Drouin some shopping, to Helen to discuss map, home for lunch and nap,worked on toybox Mdf all in, painted seat frame and wood for table tops routed and painted Johns frames,Helen came and photographed Seurat girls,chcken and corn stuff for tea.. ok.

11th March Monday

A long weekend. Cool start to a hot day, M went to Melbourne to visit Em who has had the flu,I worked on a world of his own, went and bought paint and grinding discs.. still no flap discs, ground down most of piece, made stand for it,did a seat frame, and a table base Kathleen and Eleanor came over I cuddled E and napped while she also napped, had schnitzel things in wraps for tea. Mediocre.M home and rang Kathleen, watched Safe House…gritty and good

10th March Sunday

Fine and sunny some cloud hope of a thunderstorm.. not much, worked on Natalias chairs, both basically done, cut out other side of semi circle, about 15 people through the garden( need a map of local sights, up for shower and emails, sausages for tea, watched Country strong…. Dumb, good acting by Gwyneth but a dumb script Garret Hedlund sang well as did Leighton Meester

9th March Saturday

Fine and sunny with some cloud developing during the day, loaded trailer and off to Rokeby Market, people bought 2 cats 1 bird and a few flowers and an elephant, home to play with Eleanor and nap Kathleen visiting, Caleb called in after Kathleen went home, chicken stuff for tea, watched Tangled, and end of Harry Brown

8th March Friday

Fine and Sunny 32, worked on finishing off trophys, and a bird, then off to Warragul to get Metal but it was change over day from Winston to Leesa, so no open, went to Drouin for some shopping, then keith, nothing, stopped in at home hardware and bought a MDF sheet, went to Jindivick and talked to David, then picked up colours magazines from shop, home to do 3 more birds, then a chook and a sitting cat,, 2 people visited and a busload presumably visited, fish and chip tea, watched Brave.

7th March Thursday

Fine and sunny 32, M off to Moe,finished off both seats, cut out pieces for king of the mountain ,did a bird, did most of Alan’s table, joined together toy box frames,reading history of Thailand, did chicken pieces for tea, picked up car from mechanics,watched making couples happy, and did emails

6th March Wednesday

Fine and sunny 32 drop m off at work work on seat,painted and wood done,2nd set of  toybox, frames done, Kookaburra done, started second seat, mostly done needs painting, started Alans table, nap and puzzle, picked up M from work, fish and chips homemade for tea,Kathleen came over.Waterman came ( 180) Watched the agony of life and last leg

5th March Tuesday

Mild morning warming up to 32, took M to work( albert st) worked on changing thicknesser blades( all morning) Belinda came and welded  her windmill, Hydes came and learned plasma cutting,I started toy box and Johns frames, then ½ a seat done, went and swapped my car for M’s, picked up M, pasta and meatballs for tea, then to Gary Grahams and Phil’s exhibition, saw lots of people, home to New tricks and at the movies and Bookclub

4th March Monday

foggy in morning but to be a fine sunny day.finished radio piece sent off, 3 loads of washing out, took M to work, Worked on 4.5 dogs, Vicki gardened,sent off sandy point form,visited Kathleen and Eleanor, picked up M and went to Nilma for springs, steak for tea, Pilates, doing other forms sent off Sandy point art show form

3rd March Sunday

Fine sunny day Marians open house birthday event, moved balloons to driveway, tidied up. Delivered Tash’s seat bought stuff at N sth, came home, em had done a great jobe woth the cake.. still no one at 11.00..anyone?... went to Hydes and invited them but came home and found Maggie and Peter, Don and Pauli and Madge,  then more including Lindsay and Heather, Paddy and Lyn, Kathleen and Biggles, Sandy and Malcolm, Tini, Pete and Marg, Vicki and Mick, Alan and Joy Tim, Grant and Irene, David and Sarina and Rubia and Giselle, Fiona and Ernie, Jeff and Jeanette and Rohan,Bill and Deb ,Caleb ,Lyn and Lois Penny and Jim and Rachael, Helen and Henry and Alice, Sue

All left by degrees and had Pizza for tea with Caleb and watched the dark Knight arises.

2nd March Saturday

Fine and sunny day with strong breezes, Jindi market , sat reading history of Thailand, sold a dog and 2 flowers, bought stuff, home for nap. M had picked up Em drove to Ian McDonnells for his wedding to Phoebe, lovely ceremony in the backyard, met Barry hodge again and Carolyn ,Andrew  Ware, came home Em had made birthday cake and tidied up

1st March Friday

Feeling a bit better, drove M to work, back home then to Jindi Quarry to get rock to repair drive circle.. great goats there.. spread stones, then to Warragul picked up a baby basket, Paid glass bill, got steel and circle piece from Boord, to Drouin to school to drop off stuff for Jay, saw Phil and Steve and lots of others including Kathleen, dropped in Drouin motors and booked in M s car, called in on Helen for a cup of tea, dropped off baby basket, to Keith, paid him and got springs, home to find Kirk and Ryan concreting in pit, talked to them and started welding hinges on Bills frames,Put on roast for tea Nap back to shed and did dog and ½ for Leonard, in car to go get M , bit of shopping, did rest of tea Kathleen and David and Eleanor came over, Biggles off to scouts, watched the Sapphires( very lovely) such talent. Did email.

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