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May 11, 2013

May 2013

May 31st Friday

Clear and sunny.. supposed to rain! M off to Morwell, worked on finishing second figure for wreckage and assembling and painting piece, did 2 small owls and 1 kookaburra, lady came and got dragonfly and also bought a kookaburra, did a bit more on Helen 2,had a burger for lunch from caf, went to see Helen, no map yet, her portrait for the Baw Baw archies is looking good, then to Kathleen played with Eleanor,shopping saw Emma Bell,went to Warragul asked after cut off wheel, no, bought super jaws( 160) then to arts centre and picked up piece from Cathy smith exhibition, looked at videos, bought some, fish and chips for tea, Kathleen as well.watched a bit of edgeworth and One for the money( Kathryn Heigl yum)

May 30th Thursday

Cool and mild, cloudy( maybe showers),worked on wreckage piece, all welded on base area and started on top one character done, painted other side of searchers,added characters to elizabets portrait, Jeff and Jeanette dropped over, Lawrence marshall dropped by, went to Kathleens at 2.30 dropped David off at Quail farm shopped ,home to light fire and nap.schnitzel for tea , did emails etc watched Tron Legacy( good)

May 29th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, started wreckage piece, altered heart seat to include letters and date, did cut out of elizabet,painted bit of searchers piece, started 2nd Helen piece, mowed across rd, put car on blocks Pick up metal at Judes,,home to unload, to Kathleens npot home, to metl man for springs and sheet, hardware for paint and glue , home for puzzle and nap,Thai for tea, Book group,( there should be more dancing),Jude, Robyn, Helen, Jen, George( about to go on railway journey) Sue Trickey. Home to watch a bit of tv and read Dexter.

May 28th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda coming, finished plant stand and did a large flower, I did characters for picnic at hanging rock, set out sculptures from show, did 2 birds and a dog, fixed Seurat girl and painted seekers( ½) mowed most of paddock and across rd, went to Warragul bought paint(ad Paint( 47) and a trailer plug. Home slow cooker tea, Kathleen over, played with Eleanor and watched a bit of Margaret Atwood

May 27th Mon

Grey and mild, did post holes and put in sign in garden, finished characters for the seekers, did a bird and dog, did 2 characters for picnic at Hanging rock, M back at work, went to Warragul bought steel, enquired after cut off wheel, went to Drouin paid for sign, saw Kathleen and Eleanor, home to do puzzle and nap, up to Jindivick to pick up sculptures, unloaded steel,Chicken pinwheels for tea, Pilates, watched send me no flowers,slept like a log( M called at 1.30 to 3)

May 26th Sunday

Last day of sculpture show, grey and mild did 2 birds and cut up more pieces for characters, cleaning kitchen and cooking for lunch Pimpisa and Steve for lunch with Caleb and Kathleen and Eleanor, Judy and Bruce dropped in and bought cow heads Sue dropped in, lazy afternoon.Slowcooker for tea. Watched Cliffy, finished Peter Temple book in the evil day.

May 25th Saturday

Cool and grey, fined up, no showers, M off to Melb for house hunting with Em.I added tree to sculpture, finished first Helen piece( left it out for rusting) did 2 birds and 2 dogs, started on characters, went for a drive to look for waterfall,did sign for phamplet holders. M home from melb with playpen, chicken for tea, watching Jack reacher, and Rock Quiz

May 24th Friday

Started cool and foggy, fined up but still cool at times, went to Rowville and sent off pieces to Sydney, called in at Fountain gate and did shopping, mainly chicken stuff and pants and DVDs, home to morning tea, Kathleen came over, worked on Helen Portrait, talked to lady about tourism in Longwarry, Lunch, worked on Helen portrait 1, and also trees for  new piece. Fish and chips for tea, played with Eleanor, watched the Thrill of it all and 2 blackadder.

May 23rd Thursday

Cool, put together rings and ball piece, did bird and dog, painted most of Phils piece and part of girl, Sue came for morning tea, longest lunch at 1.00 at Hall, M off to Traralgon in arvo Called in on Helen, tried to pay Drouin Signs, bought turps( 11.00) did some dogfood shopping, home to bring in washing and start work on first portrait piece.. up to tea( spanokopita) and watch Purple Rain.

May 22nd Wednesday

Cool,warmed up during day Phil coming to work on sculpture, did 2 birds, added heart to sitting girl started grinding down ball, painted cow frames, worked with Phil on sculpture, Kathleen came over with Eleanor ,went out to Drouin Hotel for tea, then home to finish watching Pillow Talk then watched Tron clear cool night

May 21st Tuesday

Cool ,fined up late morning, Belinda coming, she worked on a plant stand, I did a dog and a bird and a chook,started new circle for ball form, went to Drouin saw Helen re map, shopped, went to metal man , nothing, saw Ken and got cheques for winners, saw Bruce and Sue Kiernan,spanokopita for tea.Kathleen and Eleanor came over, watched new tricks, did a few portrait drawings reading Peter Temple ( in the evil day)

May 20th Monday

Cool and mild, Vicki gardening, put together ball form, assembled girl, did arms etc, did a bird and dog, Kathleen came over, went to Warragul to deliver a Kookaburra, then to Drouin for some shopping and see Helen re map, home veal scallopini for tea, Pilates, watched end of Dr Who and Q and A.worked on map

May 19th Sunday

Cool and showery, did 2 dogs and a bird, about 4 groups looking at the garden and sculpture show, did hands for girl and also 2 ½’s of ball, went to Elizabets exhibition, Phil Henshall called in and made an appointment for Wednesday, stopped at JB and bought 4 dvds to tulla, fine and sunny in arvo Marian back from Sydney 7.00, home via Hungry Jacks. Watched end of Eurovision

May 18th Saturday

Drouin market to see colleen,then back to start on a bird and dog, cut off saw sparking so into Geoffs also picked up metal from Steel sales, home to finish bird and dog, worked on sitting girl, painted one side of heart, painted girl again, 3 groups visited  sculpture garden, started small ball, nap, tea is wraps fish,watched bit of the untouchables and Dexter as well as eurovision.

May 17th Friday

Cool ,breezy but ok, did 2 bird and 2 dogs,Andrew stone came and sketched and photographed site for planning drawings,, lisa came and picked up seat, Kevin and Rhonda came out looking at seats, Painted 2nd girl again, went to Drouin saw Helen re map, saw Kathleen and Eleanor, to Warragul for paying bill to Gazette, shopped home wraps for tea,Sue dropped in, watched 24

May 16th Thursday

cold and showery, going to see Monet at the Gallery good bought catalogue ( 39.95) lunch at south bank off to Tiger airways , M flys to Sydney for conference, back to Fairfield and bought metal stuff 202) home for tea and watched looper and the Borgias.

May 15th Wednesday

Cool. And breezy, did write up for lifestyle,Graham Duell called in re judging, Ruth McGowan came round with an idea for  a notice board, put cow mesh on 2nd head, assembled new bird chair, painted 2nd girl tried to fix vacuum cleaner, went to Warragul picked up bird that needs lengthening, bought new Vacuum( 348) called by Helen re noticeboard signs,home to lunch and nap, Kathleen over for the day and doing things with Marian, did a bird and dog, out to tea at Yarragon Hotel.home to watch the pitch.

May 14th Tuesday

Finer but cool, did a dog and bird, started bird seat again, mostly cut out, to Drouin see Helen re map, then to Warragul drop off Kookaburra( too short) and see drawing man to do plans of shed etc. home for lunch and nap. M had dentist visit and tidied up, to shed to finish wood and painting of seat, sausages for tea, Kathleen over.watched new tricks and played with Eleanor.

May 13th Monday

cooler and showery, did a lyre bird, mowed now battery is charged, did small Kookaburra, cut out and added side to umbrella girl, added photos of jindi show to website for weekly times guy, ground down umbrella girl and added baseadded length to tall kookaburra, assembled 2 bird seat( not suitable apparently) assembled Jess’s seat ,dug up rocks from across rd, cleaned out path drain, saw Kerrie and Chris re judging, took photos of pieces I had missed, casserole for tea, started info for back of map, Pilates,more info for back of map.

May 12th Sunday

Cloudy day but still mild, went to Jindivick and added last two name tags,unloaded car and trailer. home made a kookaburra for lady from Rokeby, dropped off bird at Warragul , roast for lunch, load of washing, Pauline De souza visited with Sandy and friends, bought a kookaburra, Don came and had lunch and took Madge and em back to Melb, off to Mirboo nth to pick up piece, lamb sandwiches for tea, watched a bit of Pillow talk, then Dr Who and call the midwife, I read bookclub book and band of Brothers

May 11th Saturday

Up and loaded trailer, off to Rokeby saw Katy and Sylvia.. and others, sold about 400, home to lunch with Grandma, em and Kathleen then up to Jindivick to prepare for opening, Rotary not there so just the jindi prizes to Don Barrett and Maria Simonelli, then social with Sue, Pimpisa, Jesse, Russ, Russ came and bought Penguin, went back and talked more with Bear and mum,home to make Lasagne for everyone including Caleb and Biggles.watched Pinnochio, and a bit of the great debate.

May 10th Friday

Beautiful day

Some people delivering today for sculpture show, do catalogue, signs, printing, take my pieces up, mow a bit, to Melbourne to pick up Em and Madgem

May 9th Thursday

Beautiful day, mowed a bit of paddock, mowed at Jindivick, worked on 2 birds, 1 peacock and 1 pelican Sue came and finished pieces I talked to David, Sue and Brian at the shop, Saw Don had done his other pieces and Lawrie had dropped off his, Pimpisa arrived with Noy, I helped her and Sue install pieces, coffee, ran to Drouin for dogfood etc home for schnitzel tea. M rang mum. They watched the queen and one born every minute, I read book and internetted.

May 8th Wednesday

Beautiful day working on seat for Lisa,mostly finished welding and painting, also a bird, Don Barrett delivered 3 of his sculptures and his friend helped., deliver to Mirboo Nth , then shopping at Coles, sausage things for tea, Kathleen and Eleanor for evening, watched a bit of Goldeneye.

May 7th Tuesday

Cloudy and mild, became beautiful day after lunch, Belinda  worked on cloud and sun, I did cows head rocks and most of top face, 3 dogs, fixed seat that was an order went to Aprils new business talked with her and sue and Matt for an hour,called in for 12mm rod and flat bar and paid for two more circles( 234) then to Morwell, looked at exhibitions then to spring man ( 200) then back to Warragul looked at Mitsubishi art show and arts centre show, shopped at Aldi for lemon drink, home to cook tea ( sausage rolls) Jesse dropped off sculpture.did emails and facebook( added Jindi sculpture show) and watched New tricks and At the movies

May 6th Monday

Lovely sunny day,dropped off money to Helen, drive to Dromana to pick up remnants of show then to Mordialloc to deliver piece, drive back and unload, talked to Sue, off to see Kathleen and Eleanor, shopped briefly, home saw Gary who dropped off cheque for sponsorship of show, up to Jindi to pass cheque on to Ken, picked up papers and parcel, home Sue back again, puzzle and Nap, placed pieces out in yard, fish for tea.Pilates

May 5th Sunday

Cool and cloudy but no wind, set out all the pedestals, fixed a range of signs, had 48 people visit, Met girl from Meeniyan Gallery, Sue worked on Pandas, I welded mesh to bullhead frame and painted that frame, painted other side of ball girl, talked to lots Caleb home and Kathleen and Eleanor over, Marian brought in all the pedestals, I went to Canterbury to pick up 5 of 5 sculptures, presumably sold all birds and dogs, home and watched Pitch Perfect.

May 4th Saturday

Cool and showery, set up at Jindivick, saw Nadia,and Sue and Kerrie, sold 2 flowers,Home to see Sue working in shed, went to Canterbury with more birds and dogs, home, rice for tea, out to Art teachers art opening, saw Rob and Nicole, Jessie and Jex, Gary, Trish, Julia and ….also Kate and Leo,Home to see Kathleen. Thoroughly Modern Millie.

May 3rd  Friday

Fine and sunny, perfect day to beginwith, working on girls,, ground one and painted, cut out one side pieces for second, welded umbrella, mowing out Jindi Market, mesh from Warragul, Kathleen and Eleanor, dropped in onHelen to thank her for coming last night, called in on lady re gate, home to see Sue wood for tigers, also Peter and Nette,cut out 2 bull heads from mesh, up to do puzzle put on tea, nap.

May 2nd Thursday

Fine clear and cool( perfect day), spread a box of lawnseed worked on second girl outline, Ground edges of first girl, finished cornwall book, went to Drouin for grinding discs,shopped for catfood, grinding discs and picked up key for lirary room for tonight. Home for lunch, tidied kitchen washed floor and vacuumed( vacuum dying?) chops for tea, out to library Helen and family, Helen Elizabeth,andMaree Wallace, Allison Cameron about 3 others for my talk on Thailand.

May 1st Wednesday

cool and cloudy, worked on finishing welding on bulls heads, did most of girl and ball, went to Warragul for Mig tips( and wire)50, and a bit of shopping at Warehouse, then to steel supplies for mesh but not til tomorrow , to Drouin to see Kathleen and Eleanor, then home for nap, and complete a peacock, Lasagne for tea, 1 game of thrones, off to Jindi Business meeting.( did not get into Art recycle)played with Eleanor.

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