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November 11, 2013

November 2013

Sat Nov 30th

Cool and mild , fined up to a beautiful 20degree day,M and Em to Melbourne to get a TV and stand for Madge, Caleb back home with Ralph, drawing portraits for an hour or so, painting seat, painting horse,did 3 kookaburras and put them on stands, also added 2 already done to stands,started big sculpture, all metal for one side of top piece, welded one half. Reading the surgeon of crowthorne and 1927.

Friday Nov 29th

Cool and mild, some showers?, M’s last day of work,3 more drawing portraits,worked on doing seat and wood, all needs painting, also did a bird, went to Drouin to get seat belt fixed, go to see Kathleen and Eleanor early,then home to do puzzle and play with dogs, dinner at family hotel 6.30,Jeff and Jeanette, Kathleen David and Eleanor, Emily and Caleb, Sue and Paul, Alan and Bronny,

Thursday Nov 28th

Grey North wind, warm, showers, M to Melbourne to help Madge for the day,I did 4 portraits for N sth work on horse,finished except for stand and paint, did 1 cat, 2 birds started a seat, started big sculpture visit Kathleen and Eleanor, shopped for milk etc, home to do another portrait, Finished book JamesPatterson 1st to die,ho hum, did spaghetti for tea but M didn’t come home til 8, watched 2 x files episodes and Redfern Now.

Wednesday Nov 27th

Fine and sunny, did poker and cut out numbers for order Work on horse,all legs done, all sides done, Neerim sth Primary 11.00,talked with Jenny and David til 12.20,lunch, read book and nap, Kathleen 2.30,Eleanor was playing with a bucket of water on the new mown lawn..water baby, played inside til 3.30, did cat food shopping, home to assemble salads, down to do another ½ hour on horse, Bookclub 6.30 Sues at Yarragon’fine discussions, home by 9.45

Tuesday Nov 26th

Fine and sunny, Belinda coming, she did a cow and finished marlin, I  worked on horse and have all pieces tacked on, still 2 hours or so to do, did 2 cats and 3 chooks, Jeff called in and worked on plasma cutter, lady called in for bee, started mowing belt came of twice, took mower in to shop , did some basic shopping, M at Moe after work,simple tea, made 2 things for book group tomorrow did another hour on the horse, watched a bit of Keating, then 2nd episode of the Killing

Monday Nov 25th

Cool and mild, showery,fined right up over the morning, M to morwell in my car, Glass man coming to measure windows, Vicki coming to garden, buy grinding discs, get money, get M’s car looked at, paid metal bill,worked onhorse1 leg finished, 2nd leg started, ran out of gas, went to Warragul to get more Mig gas, lunch, visit Kathleen.basic shopping, chicken pinwheels for tea, Pilates watched 1st episode of American version of the Killing

Sunday Nov 24th

Cool and mild,computer stuff, cut out back leg of horse and welded one side,going to Alphington Open studios, picked up M from Ems, Em has reports, went to a mosaicist( Cetta) a painter, a potter, a textile girl and a ceramic sculptor, a lady who painted, drew and did collage( anne Warren) had red rooster lunch dropped M back at Ems to visit Madge again and then come home, I went to fountain gate got some food and 2 dvd series, home to play with dogs, nap and do rissoles for tea.watched Dr who day of the doctors and story of the start of Dr who after that

Saturday Nov 23rd

Cool and mild, some showers? M to Melbourne to see Madge and house hunt with Em, I did 3 birds, modified 1 tall one, 1 peacock, started Lynelles Horse, 1/3 done, 2 groups of people visited( 8),chicken pieces for tea went with Jen Davies to see  Cloher Stringer Dyson playing at Butter factory, saw Helen and Peter,Janiene and Kingsley, Sylvia Michael and Keenan,Ruth and Paul, Jesse and Hoopers,did sketches and left them with Bonesy to give to band. M stayed in Melbourne as Madge is in hospital with Pneumonia and other stuff

Friday Nov 22nd

Cool and mild  More55mm gal metal to be delivered,and a sheet of 1.6mm,  ring building surveyor and sent off drawings, did 2 and ½ dogs 3 ducks and 2 birds, Sue O coming to do stands, Tim dropped in and we all had morning tea with messy Vanilla slices, went to wood recycler, got boards and then to metal recycler to get stuff, to Kathleens to play with Eleanor, then home to drink beer and fish and chip tea with K and Eleanor as well.watched 70’s videos, started watching life of Pi but M had phone calls from Em and David

Thursday Nov 21st

Cool and mild,8 dogs done as I had none left,Sue O dropped in for a chat, bought a new handpiece for arc welder, visited Kathleen and Eleanor,Rick dropped off big circles,Talked to Rick re camera club and gardivalia,Madge has been moved as she was so upset last night, Curry stuff for tea mowed top paddock, M whippersnipped,  then off to see Kathleen, Redfern now

Wednesday Nov 20th

Cooler, mild  mowed lower paddock and across rd, belt came off about 4 times, then did 4 dogs and 1 peacock, Elmae came and bought  dogs, peacock and a couple of birds( 400) then loaded car and took 6 dogs and 3 birds ( 495)to T and C at Yarragon and also dropped off Trishes Pyramid at her place, home for nap and puzzle,possible showerschops for tea, watched J Edgar..odd man and not developed enough.,

Tuesday Nov 19th

Fine and sunny possibly hot, added to Nature section of 50, M to Melbourne to help move madge, Belinda coming,finished cat and did marlin, I worked on seat, paint economy4 again, paint Trishes piece cut up metal and brought into shed.,went to visit Helen and talk through ideas for 50 things to do, home puzzle and nap, Go to Sale pick up Ralph, talked briefly to Caleb, Red Rooster tea, home to watch Keating .note from Sean about contacting a building surveyor

Monday Nov 18th

Fine and misty to begin  beautiful day, fixed rack, cut up and brought in more metal, did Trishes Pyramid,started a seat, painted economy 4, plumber came and dug trench for sewerage, went to Warragul bought 2 pair of new boots, to Warragul steel to speak, then to Kathleen and Eleanor to play with Eleanor, shopped at Woolworths, then home to do puzzle, bring in washing and tea.Pilates, stuffed!

Sunday Nov 17th

Fine and sunny delivered jigsaw piece to Franco and saw his wifes studio, called in on Kerrie and her mum and saw Kerry’s new studio space under construction, home for lunch and the delivered Mountain Bike and Drop 2 to Neerim Nth, back via Neerim sth, picked up thorny, then home for nap, mowed house block, made prawn rice for tea.. ve nice.Sue O dropped in, for a walk and a talk., started on 50 things to do,brief talk to Jeff and Jeanette, watched MoneyBall…interesting

Saturday Nov 16th

Cool and fine, hopefully no showers, load trailer, Warragul arts Market on at same time as Farmers Market.. giant success farmers market, I also sold about $500, talked to Rebecca Hanks, Sarah Porter, Jesse, Helen, Alex,Russell Sue O, Kathleen and Eleanor, Marian, Graham, lots of others, need to make a few seats, home to go to Neerim Sth back to have a nap, chops for tea,watched New Tricks and best exotic Marigold hotel.

Friday Nov 15th

Cool and not quite as showery, M with K to Melbourne to see Madge, working on economy 3,and dancing girl,dress on and painted , Jane Taylor came and worked on gate, worked on magpie, cut up and brought in some of the metal order,went out visit Helen, thento bank to deposit money, then,to Aprils to swap over sculptures, home to puzzle and nap dinner at spoon place for Pilates tea, nice meal, bit salty  but fairly long.

Thursday Nov 14th

Cool and showery, Stephen and Kristin leave for japan, write up stuff for lifestyle, work on big sculpture,all together, still more work needed,did 2 pelicans Talked to Phil Henshall, shopped for stuff for tea, made sausage rolls,wood delivered, vacuumed, Kathleen and Eleanor,come to tea recap on open studios at Garys 6.30 talked to Helen, Gary, Val and Brian, Sue A, Russell Lilford, and others, home to watch end of Redfern now, computer stuff bed

Wednesday Nov 13th

Cool and rainy,metal being delivered,(1200) started thick junk sculpture 1 and ½ sides done, deliver kookaburra , paid bill, and played with Eleanor,and missed  Trish,dropped off Natalias stuff at Trishes,went to shire meeting re Knackery, lots of good submissions and it was rejected.. going to Vcat, went and had tea at Club hotel, roast and Parma, then home, Possible home for Madge found by Don.

Tuesday Nov 12th

Cool and showery, Belinda coming,worked on cows and cat, add hair and face to girl , do Natalias piece, and vicki’s dog, Visit lady who wants a sculpture,done, back to Warragul to order steel for sculpture, shopped , home to do puzzle and nap.slow cooker for tea,then to meeting of baw baw country LTA at Traf.

Monday Nov 11th

Cool and showery,Unload trailer, haven’t fixed cloud piece, worked on girl,all body welded ground and sanded, Vick to garden,lady came to buy a kookaburra, Belinda came to order two copper pyramids,Paid bj bearings bill, ordered steel bought 12mm rod, went to see Helen and Kathleen not home, went home for lunch and nap came back saw Helen passed in takings from open studios and saw K and Eleanor( sore wrist) Pies for tea, Pilates

Sunday Nov 10th

Open Studios day, much nicer weather, sort of fine and sunny, putting out pedestals, making up signs, sat out most of day, nobody until 11.00 and then about 50 people through the day, sold 1 small piece, 1 Kookaburra , took an order, went to Tyers at 3.30 to pick up work, won best metal, bought fish and chips onway home, Kathleen and David have taken Eleanor to Hospital re sore arm, Caleb for tea then home, M made steak for tea then took f and C to David and K for tea, watched Rome from the air, slept.

Saturday Nov 9th,

Rainy and showery Rokeby Market saw Jude, Alisha,Trish Simone,and smiling Sarah and Carolyn, sold seat and also Bandicoot as well as a couple of flowers and a bird( 450) home to lunch with K and Eleanor as well as M then nap, unload trailer, started new skinny small girl, one side welded, chicken filo for tea then St Pauls Trivia night.which we won.

Friday Nov 8th

Cool and breezy, showers, M has day off to go to Melb to help with Madge,I am still tidying shed Rang Plumber and builder rang me, adjusting dancing girl, changed her face, assembled seat,…Lady coming midday to get tray animals, bought 3 ducks also ( 220) did 5 more ducks, went to see Helen to pick up extra open studios flyers, then to Kathleen( not home) so came home for puzzle and nap, then back down shed for last ducks and load trailer. M home at tea time.Pizza for tea, Kathleen and Eleanor over too.Watched most of Wall st( M fell asleep very quickly)

Thursday Nov 7th

Warm windy and cloudy, supposedly showers coming,,M to Moe, mow paddock,fix broken support on mower, assemble 3 mirrors, work on seat mostly done, call in on Helen not available,to Warragul to buy DWD, see Kathleen and Eleanor , back home to mow over road, then paint seat Sausages for tea, tidied bit of shed, M whippersnipped again,watched Redfern Now, and Stephen Fry Language show

Wednesday Nov 6th

Beautiful sunny day, working on dancing girl all welded and mostly painted, a seat ( just started)and mirrors 3 painted and routed, also end of shed sort of tidied,Graham Duell called in morning tea, talked sculpture show etc worked til lunch then nap, Anne plant, Ruth and Stacey coming 2.30,talked about sign, then to see Kathleen and Eleanor after that,then to Warragul to order big rings and perforated mesh, as well as Aldi shopping, home to do chops for tea, then mowed house block and M whippersnipped. ( belt came off once).

Tuesday Nov 5th

Beautiful Cup day, Belinda coming,worked on cows, I did more on the bandicoot, also did 4 chooks, and started grinding dancing girl, M has day off, Kathleen and Eleanor coming over,David and Caleb as well for tea, Graham dropped in as did Marika and Nathan( paid 100) and also 2 groups of people, Lasagne for tea Caleb bit dissapointed re lack of offer of position, watched bit of art of Australia.

Monday Nov 4th

M off to Moe, cool and gray, showery, fined up, did 2 ducks, 1 peacock, 1 bird, Vicki Gardened near shed,David came and bought mountain bike and put in an order for drop 2 if the other people didn’t want it. feeling a bit poorly with cold had lunch then nap, legs sore, tablets needed,did 2 small cows, 1 tortise,2 butterfys and washed out cut out and welded Sarahs Gas container into Bandicoot shape.spaghetti for tea, shopped for basic groceries, watched Stolen. M talked to Stephen.Finished book started Bill Bryson A summer 1927, restless night.

Sunday Nov 3rd

Up after a restless night,cool and gray and showery had breakfast at McDonalds then to Dunkeld, met Annette and had a photo taken, loaded Grahams piece in Annette’s car, then loaded the girls in mine and also Grahams plinth, to Ballarat and stopped at art Gallery bought books, lunch at café( pizza) then on to Trentham to drop the girls off at Elmaes, called in on Paddy Lin and Callum, then home. M has decided not to bring Madge home.Watched the Ides of March.

Saturday Nov 2nd

Fine and sunny day, M gone to Melbourne to follow up Madge, I mowed top paddock and across rd, visited Market at Jindivick, add tabs to Puzzle piece,did 19 flowers, go to Dunkeld. Via office works to get new address book, then to geelong and up thru Shelford Skipton Lake bolac, no spaces at Dunkeld so went to Hamilton for night, nice meal at motel( comfort inn) reading the bat Jo Nesbo.

Friday. Nov. 1st

Fine and sunny day, finish painting sign, fix piece of the puzzle, and paint, finish flower arrangement,drove among the clouds and boat of dreams to Tyers. Called in at Yarragon to pick up old pieces, saw Jessie( 3 weeks to go!) and Bev and …Home to mow bottom paddock, Kathleen and Eleanor,came to visit, played for a long while stayed for tea Sue came too Fish and Chips outside, then in to watch Busby Berkeley and Getting Square.

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