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April 11, 2014

April 2014

Wednesday 30 th

Rained over night, showers today, not cold, M has Eleanor and toy Library,shed builders arrived Malcolm Dow, Sean Proctor, and 3 others, most of frame up, I  worked on  one cat,5 birds and 3 ducks, 1 bus group through and 2 others,didn’t start fireplace surround , nap, vacuum,out to tea at Drouin Thai, then bookclub( incredibly close and impossibly loud) here.11, Bart, Jude, Kerrie, Helen, Anne, George, Bryan, Laurie Marian. Lyn, Sue, Lois

Tuesday 29th

Mild and cloudy  Possible shed builders,no  rain started about mid day, Belinda, started another flower, Jeanette,worked on a lampshade, ruby moonstayed away cause I am a bit crook, I did 2 cats( 1 sold) and bird for feeding the bird, assembled this piece, moved some metal, Plumber came to assess new pipework, nap visited Helen re payment for open studios and also Sue McK fireplace surround, bought wood for surround, home( compressor in shed?) lamb patties for tea,did a bit on Madge History,watched new tricks and 1 top of the lake

Monday 28th

Fine and sunny, tidying shed,2 birds and 2 pelican, some metal moved, Jeff dropped in and Anne Plant and cousin sue, unload trailer and car,nap did 2 birds,  moved more metal,sue arrived, tea chicken skewers, grand designs nap, pilates, rock quiz coming down with a bug

Sunday 27th

Fine and sunny, moved more stuff from rack, unloaded trailer of wood,went to Melbourne, loaded trailer with desk, bike and pots and stuff, found the Photo album,took em home,stopped at fountain gate for lunch, home, M to go swimming with K and Eleanor, no power so they played in park, I tidied shed cut rack down and moved bins of scrap. Soup and toasted sandwiches for tea, Damien Parer movie and Jack Irish Black tide

Saturday 26th

Cooler and Breezy, work in shed,tidied up metal rack, made a vertical rack and moved lots in from outside, took a few bits of wood up from the shed, Vacuumed in house,chicken salad lunch Kathleen and Em and Caleb and Eleanor and David for lunch quiet afternoon going thru Madges documents,Lamb roast for tea watched  broken city.

Friday 25th

Fine and clear, no wind, Anzac day, work on 1Lyrebird and 2 pelicans and 1 bird, mowed house block, deliver to Redhill, M to Melbourne to see madge and pick up Em, sue out here working, saw her at end of day,fish and chips for tea, M and Em sorting things., watched American Hustle,

Thursday 24th

Cool and windy, Back still hot and sore( not crippling though) M has Eleanor all day, baby Rhyme time, I am delivering 12 dogs, 12 birds and 10 other things to Camberwell Primary . I called in at BOC Dandenong and got Plasma cutting tips,Home for lunch and then visiting Neerim Sth school to discuss visit to sculpture garden and what we do as part of the bird program. Home for nap, made Tacos for tea, Eleanor enjoyed pushing her stroller all over the slab. Out to Pilates.M watching Call the Midwife.

Wednesday 23rd

Cool and not showery, maybe shed builders(no), maybe concrete cutters(yes), maybe Annie Glass,( no) maybe sign goes( yes) did 3 dogs, 2 birds 1 peacock 1 sausage dog, Back gone again, to see chiropractor, basic shopping, dropped in stake to Helens, M has Eleanor, Toy Library, Chicken Kievs for tea,did computer stuff, watched Spicks and specks, agony of manners and the Bridge.

Tuesday 22nd

Cool and showery, Belinda coming, M to Melbourne to see Madge,concrete cutters came but too wet for them, sent off entry for Mirboo Nth, went to get plasma tip but wrong type, Belinda did a cloud, I did 1 peacock, 1 lyrebird, 2 owls, 1 pug dog, and 5 dogs,talked to Graham Duell as I delivered entry to sculpture show and pigs. Nap sausages for tea watched Top of the Lake,new tricks and computer stuff

Monday 21st ( easter Monday)

Cool and breezy,Eleanor coming, did a poodle, owl and pelican, 2 people came and bought a pelican and a peacock,Jude came and picked up her seat, the people who bought balancing man and head hands and heart came and picked up them, lunch then  go to Sandy Point( 4 hrs there and back) nothing sold, highly commended for singer,  bring home stuff, afternoon tea with Sue, home to spaghetti tea played with Eleanor, watched Rock Quiz, did a bit of computer stuff. K and D latish.

Sunday 20th

Up a bit later, M had patches of not sleeping, cool and cloudy went to Melbourne picked up Em, M angry at Don, sorted stuff at Madges with Dave and Stephen and Don and a bit later Fiona.I brought home family history stuff, and old wood and rubbish, boiled eggs for tea, watched call the midwife, Jack Irish M had a poor night.

Saturday 19th

Cool, some showers, M swimming with Eleanor,minding baby,Put back out picking up sculptures that had blown over working in shed, did 6 dogs, 2 pelicans,1 peacock 1 bird,Annie Glass rang up re dogs and sculpture, Jeff came over and talked about shed and Foster Market, Kerrie and Chris came to pick up 4 chooks, Leonie brought 3 people to garden,1 bird going to Jason Isbell and Tift Merrit tonight Meeniyan, both ok Jason a touch loud and smooth..didnt buy any cds but did some nice sketches..longish night

Friday April 18th( good Friday)

Cooler but mild possible showers, load car go to Sandy Point,drop off work for Sandy point art show, lunch with Sue and Jen, walk on beach,left 1.45  back to fish creek, bought a few things at Gecko gallery, home by 3.55, nap, worked on things to do around Noojee, made a curry,watched Frozen and the book thief.. both excellent

Thursday April 17th

Fine and sunny, concreters coming, plumbers to be finished today?( no) Jenny eacott coming to weld, did 6 chooks, Graham Duell dropped in,Bones McKinnon also Warragul/Yarragon Probus group coming.( 20?) 4 others visited,septic mostly finished,made prawn rice and chicken pancakes for tea, worked on things to do around Warragul, watched Janet King,looked at family History part. Computer stuff.

Wednesday April 16th

Fine and sunny, shed being delivered 7.00, plumbers back to finish septic tank,M to Drouin with Eleanor and then to Morwell wit K and Eleanor, Greg to pump out old tank, ( 450) finished “boat of dreams 2”, assembled” the winds are still” went to Drouin, paid last of lawnmower bill, brief shop, went to Warragul chasing plasma cutting tips( no) home for lunch, Alan dropped in, 8 people through garden, mowed across rd, bent mower and fixed it. Did 1 chook, cut up bodies for 6 Ellen the inspector came out and checked septic. Nap, prawn rice for tea, M to Aprils to hear April and Jeanette.watched bit of Pulp fiction,spicks and specks, agony of manners and the bridge.

Tuesday  April 15th

Fine and clear day, M swimming with K and Eleanor, plumber coming to put in house septic tank, ( trenches every where and cut power to shed in arvo for about 1 hr or so, Belinda coming, worked on cutting up square and triangle and made a cloud, I was working on boat piece( mainly birds) and got it into the ring, with waves and birds and deck fittings, Sue came and welded  poppies onto back board, shed coming tomorrow. Talked to Jeff and Jeanette came over but plasma cutter still out of action,Mowed our side nature strip, Mini kievs and chips for tea,Eleanor until 8, worked on 10 things to do around Warragul, watched last 2 Broadchurch..excellent.

Monday April 14th

Fine and cloudy day, M to Melbourne,worked on finishing pig( grinding and painting) then started on hull of boat, Vicky gardened, Jeff came and discussed ideas for sculpture show,lunch, went and got mower back,( 450) mowed sculpture garden, Mark came and did a few things, sausage rolls for tea. Pilates with Gillian, watched 1 broadchurch and rockquiz excellent with Isabella Manfredi of the pretures

Sunday  April 13th

Cool and grey and mild, no showers? Bear coming worked on welding side of Pig and edges( still needs grinding) tidied up lunch with bear, walked in garden, Kathleen brought Eleanor and Magnum over, paid Celeste for sculpture show dinner, complimented David on well organised yesterday, casserole for tea, played with Eleanor, K came with D at 8.30 watched Jack Irish  and 1 broadchurch

Saturday April 12th

Fine and clear some showers during day but not much, loaded trailer and off to Rokeby Market, sold flowers a couple of birds on sticks, a bird a firebottle dog, Robyn paid for gate, and Deena paid for sculptures, saw a range of people including Phil ,Alex,Anne Plant, Graham Duell, etc( 350) home for lunch Sue arrived had lunch with Sue, about 50 people through the garden including a group of about 20 Rare plant Fair on in Jindivick, nap, worked a bit on pig edges mixed tea of pizza pie and veges, watched the Rainmaker, ( very good) the gods of Wheat st ( exc)and Sunshine cleaning,( exc)  M home ½ way through the last movie.

Friday April 11th

Grey and cool misty rain at times, M to Melbourne to see madge and stay overnight, I reorganised sculpture garden so most of mud was avoided, then Sue arrived, morning tea, worked on Pig and adding hearts to Judes piece, most of one side of pig done and second side started, to Drouin at 4.00 to pick up arts festival flyers to deliver to arts centre, dropped off baton with Jillian, shopped bought dvds, pizza for tea, watched Taken 2, Lock out and the avengers.

Thursday April 10th

Grey and cool morning, no rain yet,fine mist in arvo, plumbers didn’t come to do second septic tank as supposed to be wet, Gary came to connect water tank to shed, M minding Eleanor in arvo I worked on 5 characters for Blarney Books piece,cut up book and did base, added another coat to Jillians Baton and assembled,shopped for pin for gate,aldi stuff, paid paper bill,home Sue working in shed, assembled stuff.Lasagne for tea, Janet King.

Wednesday April 9th

Grey and misty rain morning and all day, Plumber here to did new septic tank for gallery, doing bird cutouts,  2 characters for Jillians Baton,and 1 Blarney books characters M and Kathleen shopping and taking baby swimming, did 1 bird Sue welding in afternoon, off to claiming our voice meeting, home to talk to Jeff about septic tank delivery tomorrow, M did tea, sausages,watched Broadchurch, spicks and specks, agony of manners and the bridge rained until about 3.00

Tuesday April 8th

Fine and cool gray morning, digger coming,trenches done, sand and plastic and mesh in. Plumber came also, gravel also delivered,Belinda, did another flower and finished scorpion Jeanette came and did rabbits and easter eggs,No Ruby Moon Eleanor for M all day, Sue in afternoon, I did 4 dogs, 1 small bird, I Koala ,showers in late afternoon, fritters for tea,started a fine showery rain which was on and off all night watched 1 broadchurch and New tricks added to website

Monday April 7th

Fine and cool morning,fined up, now looks like showers, M to Melbourne, Vicky gardened ,did meal in Slow cooker,2 people through garden, concreters came and laid out site,worked on adding bra to pats seat, assembling Judes seat, touching up paint, painting Robyns gate, did 1 goat, lunch delivered boat, finished second goat started to mow, drive belt came off? Into Drouin with mower,casserole for tea,Pilates watched Rock Quiz, reading people of the book

Sunday April 6th

Cool and gray,fined up to a nice autumn day, Longwarry market to visit, bought sanding discs, plants and dvds, visited Jeff and Jeanette, wood from Madges cut up ,ferns  plant ed up in wet area, worked on second side of Robyns gate,about 20 people through garden Sari and family arrived and bought boat, steak for tea,watched after earth, ok

Saturday April 5th

Cool and gray,fined up over day  to Melbourne to help clean out Madges house, dug out lots of tree ferns, tip trip with Don, loaded trailer home rice for tea.foot sore with heel spurs Sue worked in shed.watched death in Paradise and 2 elementarys

Friday April 4th

Cool and mild, fined up M to Melbourne, did second Trentham screen, started on Robyn’s gate, delivered girls to April, saw Helen briefly, lunch, nap, worked on Robyn’s gate, one side mostly done, Sue came and welded, M home in time to go to Red fox to have dinner with Prices and Heather and Jenny Prout, saw singing group from Longwarry .. good, home to watch 1 elementary.

Thursday April 3rd

Dark at 7.00 roll on daylight savings end, showered over night, M has Eleanor til after 9, Baby Rhyme time, finished off birdsong machine and also complex world by making 2 characters, did frame for one of Trentham screens, talked to super people, lunch shopped for another piece of bar for next screen( 22.25), saw Belinda M, home for nap, roast for tea, Eleanor slept for 3 hrs watched bit of Jimmy Fallon and then Janet King( exc), added to computer stuff. Kathleen came after PT night.

Wednesday April 2nd

Mild and cloudy after a warm and breezy night.M has Eleanor all day,finished welding pig, welded rest of complex world faces,, cleaned up edges and sides, attached to base, called in on Helen, as Helen called in on me,she dropped off the Where the heck is Jindivick brochures, I went to Warragul gas and solar and bought plasma cutting electrodes, (10)also Warragul steel for grinding discs,( 49)and shopped at Drouin. Home to work on horn shapes for birdsong machine, sue came and welded, spaghetti for tea,walk and spicks and specks agony life, the bridge reading people of the book worked on things to do around Jindivick sheet.

Tuesday 1st April

Mild and cloudy, lovely breeze, Belinda, worked on scorpion, I started a new horn for birdsong, assembled Pats seat, painted Judes seat, started small pig, talked to Jeff who had had a health scare, talked to Jeanette, talked to Anita about her new B and B, lunch,worked with Ruby Moon with oil pastels and birds of paradise, chicken skewers for tea, watched a bit of jimmy Fallon, new tricks and added to website and sent out where the heck flyer to business group.Got kindle app for Ipad to work, Kindle not fully working in itself. Had a restless night as back was out and leg bounced a lot.

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