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August 11, 2014

August 2014

Sunday Aug 31st

Fine and sunny, back sore to begin with, paint table frame again,and assemble, sand and undercoat sink frames,and cut up old welding surface for infil panels, and paint, do 3 door frames, washed and painted all a flutter, do a  bird order, Steve Barr and family visited, also Bart came and worked, and Viv Collins came too. Mowed across rd and rest of paddock, M to melb for madge church members  centenary, rissoles for tea, watched Anzac Girls, Dr Who, Bletchley circle and Utopia.

Saturday Aug 30th

Fine and sunny, chiropractors appt 8.40,battered, more to do on table top all wood found and cut and dressed, painted base once painted top twice, painted Gaza piece, mowed lower paddock, sal came and picked up seat,sanded sink frames and filled undercoated first frame,M out with Kathleen,Pizzas with whelans. Home to watch 1 true detective.

Friday Aug 29th

Foggy and grey, mildish, back goes out!, worked on Gaza and birds and flowers on sticks, also got table together( welded) and started finding top pieces, prepare for tonight, Sue came over and welded flowers and chose bases, Casserole tea at hall and Imaginative things run by me for an hour or so. Worked reasonably well.

Thursday Aug 28th

Fine and sunny beautiful spring day, Eleanor coming all day, M to baby Rhyme time, Working on table for Nerissa,two ends done, finished  all a flutter except painting, and reglued 1 frame for sink, Electrician back again,and also air con man, Bec and Tina came up to raid woodpile, Dale came and fixed MIG, Jeff came over to borrow ball moulds, meatballs for tea,, man came with load of dirt and  got stuck, Ross,Jeff Rod Pretty , Bruce Mason all helped get him unstuck, dirt and chaos every where, watched 1 episode of true detective.

Wednesday Aug 27th

Fine and sunny, beautiful spring day, Eleanor coming for day with M, Toy library, Mark coming to weld, welded bird for heart piece,did 1 dog, base of heart piece too, Paul the electrician here wiring up gallery, coming back tomorrow,April sold heart of Glass,Ken Kerch and his daughter and friend came and visited,Joan Price dropped in, Dinner out at Liberty Inn,nice food inc pizza, Book club to discuss Enders game at georges, lots of discussion.

Tuesday Aug 26th

Grey and foggy, fined up to beautiful day,No Belinda as Mig still out, working on last of nerissas seats then frames for sink, and Jans oak tree,assembled some seats, cut out some flower, shopped, called in at metal man and dropped off scrap,puzzle , nap, M to Melb to see Madge, Jeanette over for morning tea?, spaghetti for tea, watched last Veronica Mars, Paul McDermott who do you think you are and the war that made us.

Monday Aug 25th

Showery and grey,fined up over day,(19) no Vicki,sent off application for Kingston night market, rang Bacchus marsh and Doug. Who picked up his bits, worked on 2 mirror frames, wood for 2 single seats, wood frames for sink and 2 single chairs welding. Bought 16mm steel rod( 95) shopped for bits for TOM night, nap, puzzle, Drouin pub for tea home to watch 2 veronica mars and do Rutherglen entry.

Sunday Aug 24th

Showery and grey, welded other side of Rutherglen piece put on stand and painted 1 coat, took load to tip,then back home and delivered 2 hall tables to t and C, cut up pieces for nerissas chairs, did 2 single chair frames and found wood and 1 long seat and found wood, cut up a bit of nice timber for a mirror frame also started cutting up all aflutter, Jeanette came over for arvo tea,assembled kindergarten furniture and painted nerissas seat Bart was coming in arvo but didn’t make it, M to Melbourne to see madge, m made sausages for tea, watched 1 veronica mars, Dr Who, Anzac girls and utopia.

Saturday Aug 23rd

Fine and sunny, Caleb here overnight,bought 1 sheet of plywood,( 38) for new bench top, started Rutherglen piece, one side finished, assembled the two hall tables, finished welding 1 seat and started on second, nap, puzzle, chicken Indian for tea, Denis Jensen and 2 ladies dropped in,butter chicken and rice for tea,watched 1 veronica mars and die hard 3

Friday Aug 22nd

Fine and sunny,working on 2 dogs, 1 alien, 1 exhausted goanna, 3 birds started on nerissa seat, painted frames and wood for tables, delivered heart of glass to April, unloaded car of metal from yesterday, found ring for Rutherglen piece and also heart shape for bird piece, nap, Eleanor with M for part of day, shopped fish and chips for tea, Don sold his house and moving somewhere.watched 1 victoria mars and star wars 2,

Thursday Aug 21st

Fine and cloudy.warmish,  Keren and shinade coming, M has day off,finished welding and cut wood for top, also routed and sanded 2 mirrors, did a bird pot and cut up some dog bodies 1 dog done, also 1 snail. Bought steel, (170) clear paint, electrode holders and clamps( 75) and gave jeff 100 for welding rods tomorrow,shopped at aldi, and op shop, home for 2 naps, dragging myself a round a bit.. sort of cold, blocked ear and tired from yesterday.

Wednesday Aug 20th

M has Eleanor all day, toy library, working on finishing greyhound, next hall table top and painted once, another mirror, and Kinder furniture and started other tables and chairs, Jeff called over for morning tea, 2 people through garden,No Ruby moon in arvo but Dale came to fix MIG, also electrician called in with costs for track lighting? Down to Melbourne in evening to drop off piece at Collingwood for show and then to south Wharf for hidden faces of the Archibald.had tea( Japanese) with Judy and Bruce Mackintosh then home

Tuesday Aug 19th

Belinda coming ( no mig!) also perhaps Jeanette,worked on second part of Gaza, drilled rocks and joined pieces together, all waiting for Mig, Belinda worked on Crocodile, Jeanette came and made a horseshoe flower, I did exhaust cow, mirror for table and table top and paint, also most of Greyhound, M to Melbourne to see Madge, Plumbers did most of rough in of toilet, airconditioner man came round,, puzzle and nap sausages for tea, watched who do you think you are, The war that changed us and 1 veronica Mars. Also entered the CAS show.

Monday Aug 18th

M coming home, misty showers, I have a cold,  sent off entry form for csv, also Rokeby form, rang Plumber, Electrician and aircon man as well as Dale Hunter for Mig fix, cut out 8 birds for sticks, Leslie Smith came and talked about business group and also phamplets, worked on a peacock, lyrebird and pelican, electrician came and plumber and started on looking t what needed doing next, 1 found pieces for ½ of new sculpture, welded them in, puzzle and nap, M back from Bairnsdale, lamb chops for tea, Pilates, basic shopping and M rang Em and Caleb,

Sunday Aug 17th

M down at Bairnsdale, Caleb has Flu and has lost his wallet, I repainted complex and added red, Fixed flight piece, put out the Kangaroos,took 6 dogs, 4 birds, 1 lyre bird, 1 pelican, 1 peacock, 3 owl Kookaburra birds to T and C, back to work on new piece..Middle east?..all edges welded, Mig decided to not work, lady came and bought 2 ducks and 1 peacock, made 1 duck 3 dogs and 1 bird, Sue dropped in to pick up gear from shed, Beau dropped off 150 for globe,nap and puzzle, chicken drumsticks for tea.  watched the Truman show, anzac girls and the tunnel rang M

Saturday Aug 16th

Misty and grey, M to look after Eleanor while K has hair done and David tidies house for inspection,then to Melb to see Em and perhaps house, finish Complex and start new big sculpture , did 3 hawk, kookaburras, BJ came and got fisherman( 50) and people came and bought a possum on a stick, a kooka and a bird, Ray Childs came and welded and plasma cut, Jeanette came over at end of day for a walk, I mowed the house block and lower sculpture garden, fish filets and wedges for tea,M back from em then off to Caleb who has the flu..Watched Enders Game.

Friday Aug 15th

Fine and sunny( misty to begin) dropped off Harry potter rings to Bills in car to melb,Visit Madge, then to  art fair( $30 each) good fair saw Dragi and Travis,,bought catalogs at Museum( 90) home via fountain gate bought ink for printer( 40) home then to Warragul for flat bar ( 26.10) mig wire and Bj Bearings bill ( 66 29) shopped home for nap.eggs on toast for tea, watched 1 veronica mars and 21 Jump st( fairly mediocre)

Thursday Aug 14th

Cool and mild, Girls shinade and keren coming to weld,M has Eleanor until 8.30, baby Rhyme time ,finished echidna, made most of little character for complex, did 2 table bases, ground edges of complex and welded most of face panels, did 1 bird and finished domestic prisoner, Prue from community garden came to get sunflowers and also did sign( growing together for her) ,Bill and clark dropped in to see Harry Potter hoops,and Caroline and Mark dropped back 2 sculptures from Mt Baw Baw. Nap and puzzle, pies for tea, M took Eleanor back, I looked at computer stuff, watched 1 veronica Mars. Reading 1913

Wednesday Aug 13th

Cool and mild, showery did 1 dog and 1 peacock, assembled a few of the small pieces started, new sculpture( complex) Linda and family picked up seats ( 600) Ruby Moon not here today but here next week, M had Eleanor all day,( toy Libraray) sausages for tea, watched 1 veronica Mars.finish Lifestyle piece.watched Utopia… good and reality check .. good too.

Tuesday Aug 12th

Cool, fined up cool again,Belinda working on Crocodile… looking great, I welded last Kangaroo together, and painted all Kangaroos, modified sold one, did 4 dogs, Jeanette for morning tea, also saw her plasma cutter at 1.00, lunch puzzle, got computer back, shopped for basic shopping, saw Helen, Nap, bit more work in shed. M to melb and then home, could go to thing at work but doesn’t want to, spanokopita for tea, watched 1 veronica Mars, started piece for Gippsland Lifestyle.

Monday Aug 11th

Cool and showery, Vick to garden, work on two kangaroos  to replace sold ones, also 2 kooka burras and 2 owls, also fisherman ,pasta and chicken for tea, Pilates, watched 1 veronica Mars, reading book( enders game) computer in for repair at shop.

Sunday Aug 10th

Cool and showery, did body of echidna and ½ spikes, finished end of time, and axeman, as well as billy cart, cut up bodies and wings for 5 owls,10 people visit garden even though it was a real winters day, maxfields picked up computer desk frame, Caleb passed through, steak and chips for tea, watched 1 Victoria Mars, Grand designs, Anzac girls and the tunnell

Saturday Aug 9th

Mild and fine, M has to mind Eleanor for a bit, did Bills 6 rings, painted balls more, did 3 sunflowers for community garden, did 10 flowers for stall, added to handrail for back stairs,mowed across road and at back of house,nap and casserole tea,Ralph for the evening, watched 1 veronica Mars and New tricks and Dr Blake.

Friday Aug 8th

Cool and showery,fined up,to  podiatrist at 8.40,  bought Flat bar,( 109)  Penetrol ( 79) picked up a piece of Judes Frangipangi, M to Melbourne to see Madge, worked on small sculptures( 4 ..½ done) turned a small dish after 1 disaster, 2 loads of washing, took books into op shop,painted ½ of each ball,  Dishwasher man fixed dishwasher( 98.60) visited Jeff for short visit, pizza for tea, Trivia Night with Cheryl and Ben Mary and family, Mrs Pat , we won…long night with an auction at golf club

Thursday Aug 7th

Cool and misty showery,fined up a bit after 11 Eleanor all day til 8.00, Baby Rhyme time, I worked on finishing both junk and horseshoe balls,also went further with Time flies 2, did new signs for lots of pieces took nearly 2 hrs, Probus Maryvale in afternoon( lunchtime) bus got sort of bogged up road, ok here, Lady came and bought mirror( 60) got cheque from Derinya,,Jeff dropped over, helped move swing set, went to metal man to get rid of excess, turps from hardware and basic shopping at Coles. Slow cooker for tea, M took Eleanor back, I sent off Cas membership, emails re art shows and Nossal entry form. Watched Adam Hills Last leg.

Wednesday Aug 6th

Cool and cloudy, mild, Eleanor until 8.00 , Racv to M’s car,mowed sculpture garden and cut up fallen tree, cut off plates from stands from metal man,working on Balls most of horseshoe parts done and junk ball started to join, and assemble bee seat, Ruby moon not in arvo, lamb chops for tea watched Transcendence…good, a bit bleak

Tuesday Aug 5th

Cool and cloudy( showers?) Belinda,came and started crocodile,Jeanette ccame and did a great start to arc ,welding M tidied up cause bear was coming, went to share club but no one there,I worked on ½ horseshoe ball, and another ¼ junk ball,Bear arrived and looked at gallery etc Pie and veges for tea, then opening of Prominitions show, took bear, talked to Joan, Jessie, M talked to Ian and listened to music . Home to watch Frozen.

Monday Aug 4th

Fine and sunny( cool to begin with) Podiatrist 9.00( no had that wrong) did shopping got steel for desk frame( 27) paint from bunning (220) , plasma tips( 53) home to do a dog and a bird and maxfields frame, lunch in sun, to Warragul with M to hang Prominitions pieces did not work until we put them in a display case( thanks Em and Jessie) home for rissole tea, nap puzzle, Pilates,1 Veronica Mars

Sunday Aug 3rd

Fine and sunny( coolish)went to Longwarry market, bought flap discs and Dvd’s saw Kim Barker and her family, and Haggis, went to Drouin shopping,then to Yarragon for Helens exhibition, saw Bob and Loris as well as Helen’s folks, back home for work on seat( 3 people visited) then lunch more work on bee seat all finished apart from colour paint and a bit more on wood, Lady came and picked up special seat, Sue dropped outdoor carpet off, Nerissa came and dropped off stuff for table and seats, another small fire, Talked to Jeff an jeanette, Nap and Pie for tea.

Saturday Aug 2nd

Cold and rainy,fined up eventually, gathered sticks for fire, cut out and made mirror frame with humming bird. Welded other side of ½ ball, Julie and Rob Harrington dropped in, showed them around, started on bee seat, 3 bees cut out seat frame mostly done,painted split turning, Christine and Ian Maxfield dropped in and ordered a table base, M back to Melbourne with Em, Caleb back to Bairnsdale, sausages for tea, 2 veronica mars, new tricks and  Dr Blake

Friday Aug 1st

Cold and showery day, went and stood up sculptures, some down again, burnt off fallen branches,Aaron finished main work on studs and loo, went to Warragul to shop for catfood, meet prue at Garden re sunflowers, home to read until lunch,M went to Melb to see madge and pick up Em, tried to book for tonight but thai not open til 5, went to Warragul via Helens( apologised fro not coming to her opening tonight) Power back on at 3.00, Dinner at Lucianos for Calebs Birthday, Emily coming home with Marian, nice tea then home to talk and watch one episode of Cosmos

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