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December 11, 2014

December 2014

Saturday 27th Dec

Fine and sunny day,Em still here.

Friday 26th Dec

Rained overnight, cool and cloudy,di dfine up, painted last of balls, people came and bought seat, xmas here  with Caleb and Em and Kathleen David and Eleanor, lots of food, lots of pressies, naps, walks,after lunch eggs for tea.Reading dances with dragons 2, watched 2 veronica Mars and 1 orange is the new black

Thursday 25th Dec

Xmas day, fine and mild day, cleaned out car, to Melb to pick up Madge, to Davids for xmas lunch,with Kathleen and David and Eleanor, Emily and Caleb, Fiona, Joe and Frances Isgro and Dave and Serena, a lovely meal played with Eleanor and then home for an orphan black and watched end of Variety performance and start of the Trip Caleb and Em home and talked to them for a bit)

Wednesday 24th Dec

Cool and mild day, no showers , not hot,M off to work breakfast, Belinda came and made a big shield shaped sculpture, I worked on a cat and a bird and did the next ½ ball,assembled it with the other half and started to paint it. I did 2 bases for  halltables, put out 2 loads of washing and brought in, nap went to Drouin shopping.home made pizza for tea, Jeff and Jeanette came over with a pressy, watched Love and other disasters, Orphan Black

Tuesday 23rd Dec

Mild and showery to begin, Belinda to weld did a lawn mower bug,, M home in morning the xmas shopping with Caleb in arvo, I made another jig for a ball, then most of ½ ball, assembled hall table and painted, repainted seat, Michelle came to pick up other seat and her daughter looked for the fairies,Jen came and got a dog and cadzow came with treasures and asked about a kooka catching a worm.I mind Eleanor while Kathleen has her hair done,M back mid afternoon and I had a puzzle and nap,spaghetti for tea, watched an arrow, and a orphan black, wrapped presents with Caleb and M, had a walk in the dark, watched a rafters and did computer stuff.

Monday 22nd Dec

Cool and grey( to begin) warmed up substantially, Vick gardened,M xmas shopping, then to Kathleens in afternoon to help unpack more stuff, I did 1 bird on stick,painted separator mailbox 1 spiral seat and started 1hall table.went to Warragul to get reo( no plain 16mm rod) nap,worked til 5, reading cuixi last empress of China and Tigana  sausages and rice rissoles for tea,watched Arrow, walk, and orange is the new black

Sunday 21st Dec

Fine and sunny to get hot, M to melb to take Madge and Em to Carols then shopping with Em, mowing house block work  and across rd, worked on doing the other letterbox, to melb in arvo to drop off magpie seat and also “core sample” and pick up “lake” from CSV.home with chinese, tea on verandah, caught up with Jeff and Jeanette,small walk, watched Orphan Black and Rafters

Saturday 20th Dec

Fine and mild and warmed up as day progressed, went to Warragul art market, saw Axel, Carmel, Sue Brooker, Jude, Jeanette, Kate Wilds, Graham, Ian Maxfield and lots of others, sold 1300, home for lunch, Maxfields here for some birds and to leave dimensions for table frame, Mowed sculpture garden after nap, M cooked tea, finished mowing, Watched the Lego movie

Friday 19th Dec

Cool and showery, fined up quickly did 10 birds on sticks, finished horse letterbox, did 2 sunflower heads, , deliver 6 birds to T and C,( 330) got plasma pieces, more welding rods( 120) K mart, and aldi shopping,M to melb after lunch to see Madge and take Em to Dentist.Gary moved piles of dirt all day. sausages for tea and started watching Arrow.

Thursday 18th Dec

Fine and mild day, ended up raining, did 7 birds, decided on and assembled the red tree and painted it set one letterbox in the horse, painted wood things,cut out 12 flowers and assembled, had two people come to the sculpture garden to check out possible presents,Vicki gardened, Sue welded for a bit,Paul came and checked in powerpoints, M has Eleanor all day as Kathleen has her breakup dinner.M cooked chops for tea and I played with Eleanor, M took Eleanor home to have a bath and settle for the night. I read on the computer and cooked a slice.and watched train spotting

Wednesday 17th Dec

Fine and mild( cooler day) M has Eleanor all day,e had a big sleep in the arvo, washed last panel of gallery floor, cut some grass edges worked on making the rest of horse letterbox, other ½ of ball and assembled,  sanded wooden boxes and mirrors, order for 6 birds and hall tables,went and got metal from metal man( 50) and also an ecgraph.cut a bit more grass,went to tea at the Black tie for Pilates breakup.. I really shouldn’t go to any such event as I have so little small talk, home and bed.

Tuesday 16th Dec

Fine and sunny after a misty start, M tidied then went to Melbourne, Belinda came and did a flintstone car, I did two dogs , painted a range of boxes and did the form and the ½ ball for a .4m ball,went to DSC after a call from Jay but couldn’t find him, then to weatherheads at Tynong to repair corrugated screen, then to Warragul to drop off guitar player at Jans, to Yarragon to drop off sign/ sculpture at sustainability place, after an ice cream, a cool change I went back to Warragul to get 10mm rod,and Aldi shopping, home to see Gary moving pile of dirt at roundabout and fixing behind the shed, Nap, and steak for tea, watched Her( a really thought provoking and excellent movie)

Monday 15th Dec

Fine and sunny,shopping, in Warragul for xmas gifts and groceries, home to sand and paint some of the boxes, Ruby moon in afternoon, sketching outdoors, nap, fish fillets for tea, Pilates watched 1 rafters and 1 orphan Black.

Sunday 14th Dec

Fine and sunny nice breeze for most of the day, took apart catenary piece, painted mailbox, painted the two red tree pieces, did about 10 small boxes from wood usin the saw, did 2 dogs and 1 kooka, Bart worked outboard on a bowl from cypress,lady came and bought seat and we had three people wandering through the garden. Sue came and dropped off the rest of the windows and worked on her hanging system, M went with Kathleen shopping, Caleb came by for a sleep and took Ralph home. Nap and puzzle and rice and curry for tea walk and watched after the wave.

Saturday 13th Dec

Fine and sunny, warmed up, went to Rokeby, made 900( including Jans payment) talked to range of people, home, lunch, nap, unload trailer M has Eleanor for afternoon,nap,Bart here doing Lathe work, Wayne delivered bill, ladies came re sunflowers, helped Bart with lathe work, rissoles for tea, bit of a walk, Jeff and Jeanette came over after a good day at Rokeby, nice talk,

Friday 12 Dec.

Fine and sunny, choose sculpture for Wonthaggi,( reach) drove to Wonthaggi, then back to Warragul to change over Mig bottle,Josh and Tarryn coming midday to look at sculptures,chose Separate paths and balloon boy piece and birdfeeder,  Russ Monson came and took photos and discussed welding and tourism,, Sue and Paul  to drop off 2 windows, M off to melb for madge dental appt, all off to Leongatha winery Lucinda for opening 6.00,, talked to Graham and Liz Duell, Bob, Andrew, Mark and Carol and others then  off to Meeniyan for dyson stringer Cloher good night sketching.

Thursday 11th Dec

Cool and grey, showers,and fined up M has Eleanor all day,I did 10 birds  on sticks and 5 wrens, finished off echidna, man came and bought “shark”, nap went to Melbourne and dropped off Lake at CSV gallery for Bonanza show, pub tea and home.reading book and updating website

Wednesday 10th Dec

Cool and grey, fine, tidying house then off to checkup at Knox, M has Eleanor all day, Grant and Jane coming up at lunch talked to them and looked at garden, Jeanette came over and I also talked to Jeff, Alan and John came up too, mowed rest of bottom paddock. Spaghetti for tea.washed another panel of floor assembled magpie seat, Julia zemiero’s home delivery,

Tuesday 9th Dec

Cool and grey,fined up nicely in afternoon Belinda, worked on a giant snail. I made 2 owls , 2 kookas and another sleeping cat, added door and protector to letterbox, painted the two seats with colours, started the echidna, M back from Melbourne after seeing Madge, mowed 2/3 of lower paddock, Bart came and picked up bowl, went out for pub tea, home to watch last two episodes of Agents of Shield

Monday 8th Dec

Showery but a bit brighter,showers all day, talked to Jeff( gave me sanding discs) got cheque from Rutherglen,Vicki Gardened, loaded car and delivered to Lucinda winery in Leongatha( met John Mutsaers, Andrew( owner) and Bob Hickman no Ruby Moon in arvo so after nap and puzzle finished welding Magpie seat and painted all once, M and Em home midafternoon, chicken tenders for tea M drove Em back to Melb, I had Pilates..talked to Alan, Andrew, Jan, Marian, added to book and did computer stuff.

Sunday 7th Dec

Rained lightly most of night, ( raining heavily in Bairnsdale) M has helped move lots of small stuff. Work in shed on seat and mailbox bit more tidying, 2 mirrors, go to Burnley harbour to pick up works. Big Pig has sold, back home talked to Bart, soup and eggs on toast for tea,watched 2 person of interest and Quantum of Solace.

Saturday  6th Dec

Cool and slightly showery,M and Em down at Calebs til Monday,set up scroll saw, tidied shed a bit,2 people through garden  load trailer for Kingston Market,drive there windy and cool, sold 1600( ½ last year).

Friday Dec 5th

Cool and fine, M to melb to visit Madge and pick up Em, back here for tea then to Calebs.washed down 2 more panels of gallery floor( ½ done now) made horse outline for letterbox, did a small reindeer and a sausage dog, 5 people visited garden,went to Warragul bought scroll saw and paid for music and theatre shows( 570), home for nap and puzzle, mowed across road and around house. Sausages for tea, watched 2 person of interest and RIPD dept.. fun.

Thursday Dec 4th

Cool and fine, rain overnight,a warm and sultry day Eleanor all day washed down 1/6 of gallery, painted seat frame and wood is also done added to letterbox,, deliver 3 pieces to Burnley Harbour, help with set up til 3.30 drive home chinese for tea played with Eleanor and talked to Bart, watched 1 shield and 1 rafters.

Wednesday Dec 3rd

Cool and fine,Eleanor for day, did frog and chook, painted ¼ of red tree drop off portraits to N sth, and see travel agent, Plasterers finished,  picked up M sth 10 things brochures, played with Eleanor, nap, did back of lorikeet seat, started mailbox, did wood for seat. Book club dinner. Had a lovely evening.

Tuesday Dec 2nd

Cool and fine, warmed up in arvo plasterers back to finish off plastering( including Loo) Belinda,did 3 flowers for people, I worked on a seat sides, made a bench using bent tube, put together 2 mirrors, did 1 frog, did girl for Michaels piece, 2 people through garden, nap, Warragul for metal ( 107), drop off N sth brochure.home for nap, drop in and see Jeff and Jeanette, brief hello to Bart, chops for tea,started painting red tree, cut out grass from borders, watched 1 shield and 1 packed to the rafters

December Monday 1st

Sultry and mild, storm clouds about, plasterers here at 7.00 5 guys including Todd and Nick and Kelly’s Husband, got most of main room done, did work on seat,all welded and one paint, tidied a bit in wood area, Aaron back to seal building,No Ruby Moon in arvo.went to see Linda Travel agent re trip to Thailand..chicken bits for tea pilates, watched 1 shield.

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