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February 11, 2014

February 2014

Fri Feb 28th

Fine and sunny, M’s birthday( 61) M minding Eleanor, playgroup finished painting YPS piece, did 3 frames for Ian’s pieces,cut out 2 panels designs, went and got Kaye Dennis’ piece and modified it, took it back ,called via metal and wood people.. not much,Washed the dog, finished the signature of all things,2 loads of washing, tea at Drouin family hotel 8.00

Thursday Feb 27th

Cool to start but fined up nicely,M to Melbourne to see Madge, I painted other side of YPS, Sean dropped in to get contract underway,went to Warragul and bought Ians Panels and metal for Trentham screens( 250) Aldi shopping. I was feeling a bit poorly so had a quiet day napping and reading. Watched Grand designs. 2 elementary’s and Janet King

Wednesday Feb 26th

Cool and cloudy,? M to toy library, deliver screen to Kaye Dennis,finish leaf seat, finish echidna, finish welding YPS sign painted one side?, shop, Probus in afternoon, home made pizzas at Helens before bookclub made a fool of myself, last bookclub

Tuesday Feb 25th

Fine and sunny( 30?)cool change end of day, M to Melb to see Madge, Vicky to Garden, Jeanette to plasma cut, I did ½ of echidna and did welding of back and seat of leaf seat, painted wood, reading last of Patron saint of liars, Ruby to paint.watercolour, watched Grand designs,M to Kathleens to look after Eleanor.worked on calender of events,watched New tricks, finished book

Monday  Feb 24th

Cool and cloudy day,fined up after lunch worked on finishing Kaye Dennis’ screen,eagle seat, did 3 birds, 2 seat frames,cut up wood for 1 seat. Lunch, nap, shopping in Drouin, chicken and mushrooms, Pilates watched 1 elementary and special features

Sunday Feb 23rd

Cool and cloudy day fined up beautifully, mowed, sculpture garden, then delivered seat to Peter and Nina at Moe,the back way to thorpedale, then after a brief walk in Meeniyan off to Moos of Meeniyan for lunch with Sue and Paddy and Julie, Hamburgers.. ok.., Open exhibition with Sue, Wiglesworths( Bill and Deb and Claire) Maureen and ..Jenny Deppeler and Merv, Grant and Irene, a couple of Meeniyan people, Deb bought Family. We bought a small watercolour from Sue, home to nap and scrambled eggs for tea..a small walk, watched end of elementary episode from last night then Rake and the Turning

Saturday Feb 22nd

Cool and cloudy day, assembled seat for flower show, went and got checkerplate for Kaye Dennis order,also shopped and bought elementary series 1, added strip to it, cut out tree form, judged art in flower show( took a good 2 minutes) then worked on eagle seat for coopers, up to painting and assembling, came up and read patron saint of liars, cooked a chicken roast for tea, M home at 6.00 after a day with Eleanor and Kathleen, left grumpy David, watched first 3 episodes of elementary.Caleb rang and talked to M.( reading patron saint of liars)

Friday Feb 21st

Took Spirited and Bolt to Herring Island, M to visit Mum,met Schloma metalworker at Herring Island, home to load up work for exhibition, off to Meeniyan, set up show, looks god, nap, then to see Grant and Irene at Inverloch, fish and chips for tea, home to watch the white queen and the guilty

Thursday Feb 20th

Cool ,showery, Belinda coming, working on spirited, 1seat frame and start of eagle for back, Dave Bundle came and I added to his roofrack, M took Eleanor to Rhyme time,I went to Lyrebird for Ice carving 1 to 3.30 Sue came and helped, did 3 blocks, home for puzzle and nap, ravioli for tea, watched Grand designs.

Wednesday Feb 19th

Cool and mild, Eleanor here today, called in on Helen, Dropped off Lyn’s seat, shopping for fruit and also wire brush, home to work with Jane Taylor finished chair( burnt herself) finished the welding of Indys seat and painted wood, went to Dr’s re prescription ,to Warragul to get tickets to Kasey Chambers, tried to get doors at Bunnings but they have changed suppliers.pies for tea, watched spicks and specks, and Adam Hills.Rained hard at times overnight

Tuesday Feb 18th

Cool to begin with supposed to be 30, M to Melb, Belinda coming, man coming to pick up Cat,did 1 peacock and 2 birds, painted sunflower seat, did another seat frame,lunch, puzzle and nap, Ruby came and we did some pencil work involving shading, and an imaginary piece.. lovely young lady, I did a girl from a sketch at Mossvale and a magpie, both in biro, fish patties for tea,worked on write ups for exhibition,M off to help Kathleen, I watched Family confidential and New Tricks, and write up for Lifestyle.

Monday Feb 17th

Cool to begin supposed to be 25 ,M at home, Vicki coming to garden, finished off  release my heart and fairy,also added to seat to finish welding and wood, Jane Taylor came and worked on a seat out of the industrial walkway, 2 people visited garden,puzzle and nap, chicken curry for tea Jindi market group meeting.worked on looking at whats on over he coming months.

Sunday Feb 16th

Rained overnight, cool and cloudy,fined up during day, worked on flowers and hearts, also 1 character,for heart in a cage, Wolsley club coming, more work in shed, assembled seat, Sue dropped in, Caleb dropped off Ralph and later picked him up, article in Saturdays Herald Sun Weekend section gives us a mention,spaghetti for tea, watched rise of Mammals, Rake and Kangaroo gang.

Saturday Feb 15th

Cool and mild, a bit muggy during day shower in evening, went to Warragul art Market, sold seat and bird to Lisa Watt’s mum, also a  bird on a stick and a few flowers, ( $250) bougt a robyn rinehart print and also a print from another stall, Saw Robyn and sister, Lisa Watt, Bryan and Jeanette,Ione and Sophie,Courtney and aram, Jeff and Jeanette,and Gita and Tristram and Kane and others. Home with Ian and Phoebe to have lunch nap chicken mustard for tea.  watched Safety not Guaranteed and Lincoln  both very good

Friday  Feb 14th

Cool and cloudy..maybe showers no warmish M to Drouin for Eleanor, Playgroup, working on Family, finished last character , painted it and Barrellgirl, did the boat that I row and time flies etc, wood from wood man,Gary did retaining wall Sue called in in morning,chicken skewers for tea watched Dr Blake and The Guilty.

Thursday Feb 13th

Cool and cloudy to begin.mild most of day.. flys still ever present! Did a cat for an order, finished small seat piece from yesterday,Working on small pieces for a big piece, 3 characters done, tower made and nearly all assembled, 2 people came to see sculpture garden and bought cow and calf,Alan came and picked up dogs,Paul Jenz came to see site to quote for concreting,M to Melbourne to see Madge,lunch, puzzle and nap, Prominitions meeting 6.00 at the courthouse, Had tea there too, shopped at Woolworths, then home watched the Hit List….crap… and end of Rake excellent

Wednesday Feb 12th

Cool and cloudy to begin33? Eleanor coming, working finishing off one panel of gate for community garden also onto small pieces.did walking the dog, offering, dragon rider, andstar bearer, also ½ of another piece and painted belindas egg again.Nap and puzzle.,beans and meat and rice for tea, off to Open studios meeting at Angelas, home to watch end of spicks and specks, one born every minute and last evening

Tuesday Feb 11th

Cool and cloudy,became warm and steamy as day went on,30 Belinda coming to work on Egg,Jeanette did plasma cutting,I worked on one side of YPS sign nearly done, also started 1 gate for community garden,Safety Beach Probus coming 2.00, Terrianne and Janene and Ruby coming,4.00 talked to them organised time for next week, went to Peter Schippers picked up springs, home for M tea( fish) then nap then down shed with Bart for an hour, up to watch New tricks and last of By any means

Monday Feb 10th

Coolish and sunny, NO wind..Michelle came to talk about community garden gates, smoke haze settled in during day, painted seat frame and wood, also Davids piece, Vicky came and gardened/ painted, M to Melbourne to see Madge, saw David C too, I went and helped deconstruct the art show.. worked til about 10.45, saw Helen talked about Prue, Phamplet tourism, Open studios etc, Home ( missed Sue.. rang her, Jeanette came over to say hello, started YPS sign, Lunch, puzzle and nap, worked on another seat frame and more on YPS, M home, Rissoles for tea, Pilates bit of shopping, bit of winter olympics

Sunday Feb 9th

Warm and windy to begin, supposed cool change later? A real unpleasant day with strong winds high heat, 2 people braved it to see sculpture garden and 3 more came through from Jeffs.Did Davids piece and added to seat frame I had started Power went out about 10.30, sat around reading The Pagan Lord( finished) went and cut up a tree across the road, Fires at Drouin west and possibly Rokeby 78 fires across the state.. Open studios was really a wash out for us, pick up from Ficifolia at 5.00 by going via Jacksons track, did a bit of shopping, Pizza from Joel and Lukas, saw Wayno and Bridget,still no power so to Warragul to cinema to see Last Vegas.. quite good.. except power went out in last 5 minutes of film… all through Latrobe Valley.. Home at 9.30 home to bed.

Saturday Feb 8th

Cool to begin with but reaching 40 during day, loaded trailer, sae Linda, Lyn,Russell and other at Rokeby..not many stall holders or customers as most in Drouin for ficifolia, sold 7 flowers, 1 bird and was paid 40 for past project, home to lunch, Caleb arrived, reading the Pagan Lord( Cornwell) nap, M home with Eleanor, steak for tea.M and Caleb covered books in evening, I added to website. Night of winds and 30 degrees

Friday Feb 7th

Coolish to begin but another hot day,cool change about 4.30 Eleanor again for M,shopped for veges and eleanors medicine, I finish monet sister, repair horse,put out boat, do a couple of Kookaburras,also 1 startled bird,Gary concreted posts in, 2 people visited garden, David Bundle and son also came with an order,not going to Poetry night, Kathleen and Eleanor for tea, chops and sausages, then watched  One for the money,( good) Dr blake mysteries ( better than expected) and the guilty ( atmospheric)

Thursday Feb 6th

No wind coolish to begin, fixed clothesline, do back of new girl and cut off boat, and attach to ring, make character and star/moon and put in circle, M to Eleanor, tim and 2 canadians visited, lady came and picked up pelican seat and 2 birds, went to get new bit for plasma cutter, also cleaned out inside of plasma cutter and it now works, started breaking up rocks and concrete for new girl, lamb patties for tea, watched grand designs,coolish at end of day opening of art show 7.30 home at 9.00, Sue won a big prize as did Graham, lois and lots of others.

Wednesday Feb 5th

supposed to get warmer 31?South east wind all day, fine and sunny, M has Eleanor for day,Eleanor is a bit crook, sore throat, David also has a sore  throat, I finished off welding and painting Barrell girl then started on second Monet sister, all frame welded and skin areas, mesh is cut out, went to Warragul to get acetylene, then Drouin for shopping and metal man for 10 wheels, home and Sue arrives, and then Kathleen, small roast for tea.reading book, walk, watched spicks and specks, moodies( didn’t find funny) and Last Leg

Tues Feb 4th

Fine and cool to begin with, Belinda coming she worked on egg, I put boards back on shed and did head and boobs for barrel girl,lunch,went to,help to hang ficifolia show.mostly done home to weld chains for hangers, nap puzzle made a chicken pasta thing for tea, went to Cathy Smith’s opening of Peru, then home for a walk, watched New tricks and by any means. Lots of wind from south east… clothesline is broken AGAIN

Mon Feb 3rd

Fine and sunny 38?cool change about In shed,did 3 birds Vicki painted front fence. Business advisory meeting, at Traf, delivered flyers to Yarragon, Longwarry. M to Melbourne,sausages and mash for tea Pilates watched a bit of a restoration program, added images to website

Sun Feb 2nd

Fine and sunny 39? Working in shed on barrel  girl hands and arms and 2 dogs and 1 bird 1 pelican 1 cat,Bart worked on antenna stand, delivered  core sample and behind the scenes to Ficifolia show, pick up pieces from Sue, basic shopping, stuff for meeting tomorrow. Made a meatball thing for tea, watched a couple of Bryans videos but they both stopped part way through, then watched the real Mary Poppins and The Fatal Shore… very nicely done.Warmish night.. slightly cooler cooled down after midnight.

Sat Feb 1st..

Fine and sunny , 38? Jindi market, working in shed  did 3 birds and 1 pelican, then off with Sue  and M to Tarra Warra to see the Drysdale exhibition.Interesting, then to Healesville for lunch at bakery, home to see Caleb, saveloys for tea, watched world war z ok..caleb home. Cool in evening.

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