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January 11, 2014

January 2014

Fri Jan 31st

Cool and foggy ( 31) unload sculptures get concrete bolt for frame, fix frame, Roller door to be installed,started next big girl, finished Alans Dogs, cut off branch near shed, fixed clothes line, mowed a bit picked up framing from framers( 86)  M minds Eleanor,Pizza for tea and a few new videos, watched wont back down, end of death in paradise and Case Sensitive...Lovely cool night

Thursday Jan 30th

Coolish morning hotter later, M to Melbourne to see Madge and pick up Tim Chuma’s photos, weld on core sample top, make characters and landscape,also clean up edges and sides of Alans dog,lunch, nap then to Koonwarra to pick up 2 sculptures, home to puzzle,did green chicken curry for tea, Pilates, computer stuff and night

Wednesday Jan 29th

Cooler, M picked up Eleanor,I went shopping, dropped off plasma cutter, got handle returned to Bunnings,picked up stuff from Helens, delivered some to David and Celeste, cut up branch on clothesline, cut two branches of alder,puzzle, nap, people visited,Sue came out and welded a table frame,I welded Alan’s dog pieces together attached green door, cut out top for core sample, cut up metal and brought in, M did fish for tea, out to see Saving Mr Banks.excellent

Tuesday Jan 28th

Fine and sunny supposed to be 38? Belinda?,till 11 then off to Bev Lindorffs funeral, Jeanette,used plasma cutter from 9.30 to 11 I worked on a dog and a peacock, added to wall structure, cut out pieces for people figures,made extension to door hinges and attached core sample to base, after lunch Paid Pipes bill( 750) deliver to T and C,( 6 birds and table order.. brought home seat that had been there for a year) Aldi shopping, Saw Regina and her kids and found out about David Piko’s cancer, nap and puzzle,started oil part of oil pastel piece, Kathleen back to school,M to Kathleens at 4.00,Spaghetti for tea, worked on oil pastel, walk, watched new tricks and by any means


Monday Jan 27th

Fine and sunny supposed to be 35? Vicki coming to garden, M to Melbourne to see Madge, did a few flowers, cut up Vickis metal and made up frame, took out window and did post for side, delivered vickis frame, home for lunch and nap, reading the redeemer( harry Hole) did 2 dogs,M did chicken Kiev for tea, watched Grand designs, walk,started oil pastel piece, then watched Stephen fry on coming out,reading.

Sunday Jan 26th

Fine and sunny day, started on sketch of back yards, no oilpastels to be found, used gouache,, not bad.. went to Neerim Show.ok..home and worked on painting, Julie Gregory came and took flying pig and a dog, then another couple want to buy a kookaburra, Eleanor over about 2.30 to 6.00 also scoutleader Julie with eleanors present, nap and puzzle, sausages for tea,talked to Jeff and Jeanette, brief walk watched Mystery rd..bleak but good.

Saturday Jan 25th

Cool and grey morning, M went shopping at midvalley with Kathleen and Eleanor,I did 20 flowers( cut out and welded) then 1 dog and 3 birds, cut up a bit of wood, did the rest of frame for second of Alans dogs, cut out metal covering for frame, Cut out and welded 8 more flowers,puzzle nap,went to metal man and paid him, went to see Jeff and Jeanette, beef in batter for tea, walk watched Syndochity ( got bored) watched a bit of the tennis and then Shaolin..

Friday Jan 24th

Cool and grey morning, preparing for probus and entry for Ficifolia, paint table top for T and C, speak at Probus,see if Lisa still wants sculptures there,, wasn’t there,and Swap over Aprils, Bunnings for discs, check gipps tool disc, take in Vaccuum cleaner,being repaired, M has Eleanor over for day,Jeanette Plasma cutting,,work on core sample all cone part done,nap.chicken curry for tea,watched Magic Mike, walk, death in Paradise and next british crime thing.

Thursday Jan 23rd

Fine sunny morning, bill coming to get arch, doing Alans dog, also a table for T and C, and also a bit on core sample, going to melb for Em’s birthday tea at Lebanese restaurant Dunazad, home 10.30

Wednesday Jan 22nd

Cool morning becoming beautiful day,cost for shed $38000 plus tanks, windows, electricity, septic, loo, lining, hanging system etc etc!!!! worked on Bills fish pond cover then did arch, worked til 8.30, went out during day to get bolts, drills paint, order steel, M had Eleanor all day, chicken mustard for tea,M organised Ems birthday tea.watched chaos theory…mediocre

Tuesday Jan 21st

Cool morning..Belinda coming,she worked on 3 flowers and a junk circle,Jeanette came also and did lots of plasma cutting and learned to Mig weld simply, I painted Lyn’s chair, sealed the flying pig and added a stand to it and painted it, assembled my cone form for core sample and started welding pieces on the sides, made rod frame for one of Alan’s dogs and cut out metal to cover, did 3 legs ,M to Warragul for odd shopping. Puzzle nap,made rissoles for tea walk and watched new tricks and by any means

Monday Jan 20th

Cool morning light showers, did vicki’s flying ducks piece, finish lyn’s seat re welding and wood, did 2 ducks and 2 chooks, sold a duck to 2 people who came, 2 others came,,M to Melbourne to take Em back and visit Madge, Sue came and discussed artists statement, nap, puzzle  and started “core sample”saveloys for tea, Pilates holiday class, watched the extras of Big bang and Nights in Rodanthe( very nice but very predictable)

Sunday Jan 19th

Cool morning, looked through photos on computer,Eleanors birthday here, mow back lawn, tidy shed last of metal sorted, assembled most of lisa seat,5 people through garden to 1.00, lots of people at party, lots walked through garden, couple of other people also, Lisa seat went away, also a kookaburra, sandwiches for tea,watched a disc of Big bang theory, Caleb goes home.

Saturday Jan 18th

Cool morning, had a shower in rthe night, off to Warragul arts market, M to tidy , and shop with Em, Cappelaris not coming in the arvo as 400 from Warragul arts market and a couple of orders,took 13 things to Brian, Sue, Celeste, David and Faye, mowed bottom paddock, Jillian brought 4 friends to garden, possible seat order. Went to see capellaris brought back here for coffee and went through sculpture garden, roast for tea, Kathleen coming over,played with Eleanor,watched black soul music dvd

Friday Jan 17th

Lovely cool night with a beautiful breeze, warm breeze at 715 off to another 40 degree day, M to Kathleens to mind baby while she goes to beautician then to Melb to see Madge and pick up Em.worked on lisa’s seat finished except assembly and painting hearts. Went to Warragul and bought sheet steel off cuts( 76) then home and did 4 ducks and 2 chooks,moved more metal, nap, puzzle, M and Em home,cool change through about 8.00, watched Now you see me, Caleb came through and dropped off Ralph.

Thursday Jan 16th

Warm to start,28 to 44….oh well..started a bit late, put together Pelican seat and Magpie seat,people came and bought spare seat, finished welding and painted heart and leaves seat, made up 3 seat frames,moved some metal, lunch, nap, shopped at Woolworths, scanned vanity fair.made sausage rolls for tea, breeze, went outside and painted last of panels, assembled heart seat, attached writing to sculptures and swept off cobwebs off some sculptures, Eleanors Birthday.watched Mental…mostly good.

Wednesday Jan 15th

Warm to start the day 28 to 41 today…Hmm working on seats finished painting pelican seat, painted magpie seat, welded heart and leaves seat, moved more metal, 2 people visited and thought they might like my spare seat, worked until 1.00, and M going to Melbourne, .lunch and went to Eltons Rd to look at swimming hole, then to Warragul to see Geoff re triton superjaws( being replaced), shopped at Aldi, to Drouin for haircut( order for seat from Lisa) then shopped at Coles, home. M beat me by a minute, drink and nap in front of air con.Rissoles for tea M off to help Kathleen with Baby, Hairdresser Lisa came and ordered a seat, I laminated signs and sorted about 5 or 6 pieces in sculpture garden flies everywhere out there,then watched Man made house,leg a bit jumpy, thunder shower cooled things a bit about 11

Tuesday Jan 14th

Cool and fine to begin.. going to get hot..I finished welding deck  panels,made 10 title stands for sculpture garden, did  Magpie seat,welding ,moved more metal, didn’t do heart and leaves seat, Belinda didn’t come as it was too hot, Jeanette came to plasma cut.and did 3 hrs Gary worked in morning on retaining wall and we phoned aircon guy re back room Kathleen and Eleanor coming over.with Eleanor for afternoon, played with water in sandpit,M did labels for sculpture garden and cleaned a window as well as looking after Eleanor, Deena bought Mary Monet thru facebook,! Sausages for tea, watched New Tricks and by any means… still warm…

Monday Jan 13th

Cool and mild to start, M to Melbourne, Vicky to garden, move bench and metal in front of shed, did other side of big panel then did 1 small panel 1 side, also fixed Jeffs tractor parts, 3 people to see garden and small sculptures, Anita? Clark and Astrid, electricians came to look at positioning for air conditioner,also ball park figure for power to shed( $3000), Vicki saw a snake near the steps down to the shed,got hot, went and had lunch at 2.00, Kathleen and Eleanor came over, played with E until about 4, nap and basic shopping, curry chicken for tea.watched rest of Life of Pi and then a walk in the not so hot( as in not really cool) evening.did cool down eventually.

Sunday Jan 12th

Cool and mild and still to begin,started second big panel for deck order, ½ done,cleaned up Mary Monet and painted edges,Lyrebird hill says a man has offered $1000 for the blue Wren, Alison Cameron dropped in and talked about life and her latest creations,we then went to Philip Island to see Marg and Pete Dumergue( lovely new house) picked up unloved sculptures from Mingara Gallery( Bolt and a series of small ones) then back to have fish and chips on the beach( beautiful day..fine but not hot) ten home to see Caleb and Ralph, watched a bit of Foyles war

Saturday Jan 11th

Cool and misty, loaded trailer got papers , to Rokeby, set up sold 200 and some one paid 200, talked to Graham Duell, Tracelle and Robin, lots of others,back out a bit, lunch at home with Kathleen and David and Eleanor, nap, then down shed to finish off big panel and do rocks and mesh for Mary Monet, chops for tea, M minded Eleanor in arvo, warmed up to a pleasant day( lots of flies in sculpture garden) Gary inlaid pipes, ground out weed plant and widened driveway with his son Finished the Neon Rain..Watched Neverland..a pre peter pan thing..patchy

Friday Jan 10th

Fine and hot, Pipes were delivered( 12) and Gary arrived with excavator to dig trenches, I worked on panels for Valerie( 2 and ½ done) ,moved some metal, Kathleen dropped Eleanor over and M looked after her for most of day, then lunch, took the bmw back to get our car from Darren, nap then to Moe to buy welding rods and grinding discs( 165) and some basic shopping, home via pizza shop, David had solved our internet problems had a walk, watched death in Paradise and No1 Ladies detective night

Friday Jan 10th

Fine and hot, Pipes were delivered for drainage in paddock( 12) and Gary arrived with excavator to dig trenches, I worked on panels for Valerie( 2 and ½ done) ,moved some metal, Kathleen dropped Eleanor over and M looked after her for most of day, then lunch, took the bmw back to get our car from Darren, nap then to Moe to buy welding rods and grinding discs( 165) and some basic shopping, home via pizza shop, David had solved our internet problems

Thursday Jan 9th

Fine and warm, M to Melbourne to see chair for madge and do something with em,I worked on Mary Monet and got all flat steel attached, wire on one side attached, wire for side 2 cut out and piece painted.did 2 birds and moved some metal, Gary levelled tank site, and I ordered 12 pipes for tomorrow, went to Warragul and bought welding rods, paid Bj bearings bill and bought new router, cant get it to do what it is meant to do.M home lateish I had sandwiches for tea and cooked her chicken skewers, watched Argo.. excellent.

Wednesday Jan 8th

Fine and sunny breezy, M’s car to Drouin Motors,painted pelican seat and Kens stools, started on next girl of stone, also another seat frame,moved some metal took scrap metal to metal man,got springs, saw Helen and Andrew, Alice gave me a drawing, then to Warragul  pick up sheet steel,and do a bit of Aldi shopping,Sue came and visited,nap and chicken bacon things for tea, M has a loan car.mowed across road and a bit in upper paddock, moved more of the heap.Watched Wedding date.Ok

Tuesday Jan 7th

Cool but not as cold as yesterday, M to Melbourne to see Madge, Belinda coming,did a pelican, Maxine Burke coming to talk about a gate design,now done,finish off seat wrt welding and wood, still needs painting, did a Lyrebird, and also Kens seats, Airconditioner man came, need to organise an electrician, Gary came and started moving dirt and trees, I went to Chiropractor and some basic shopping.crumbed chops for tea, talked to Jeff and Jeanette, small walk, watching New Tricks, and by any means, restless night

Monday Jan  6th

Showery and cool,worked on finishing off welding on girl, painted spider rider, Painted above the chaos, did pelican seat, Had man to quote on Roller door, end of Jan start of Feb, Eleanor over for the afternoon, replaced mig gas, and bought new mig wire, also some basic shopping,nap,back a bit tight, did chicken schnitzel for tea, watched Man of steel,some good bits… lots of wrecking things..Finished the Knife of never letting go… unsatisfying..part 1 of a trilogy and it stops with the bad guys winning.

Sunday Jan 5th

Bright and sunny if a bit breezy,mowed paddock, 4 people through then Brett Lucas and his wife through and talked ,cow was delivered to Charmaines house, working on ball piece finished 2 characters, added to sculpture started seats, Eleanor over for the day. Kathleen dropped her off and David picked her up. Spaghetti for tea, rain shower at end of day, watched Boomtown,,Foyles war showered on and off all night

Saturday Jan 4th

Cooler and breezy working in shed on ball ,now on stand,made 3 basic characters, ,Mossvale Park for summer of Soul, leave at 11.30, Clairy Browne and Bombay Royale ,2 mediocre bands , the Basics were great,etc, Grant meeting us there, saw Sue A, Helen Malone, Deb Gentle and girls, Jo Simpson and friend,lovely atmosphere if a bit cool showery and breezy, left in middle of Clairy Browne bit of basic shopping and home to bed, Reading The Knife of never letting go.

Friday Jan 3rd

Cool and mild,warmed up to lovely day then cooler again, worked on base for ball and spinning bit, Kathleen needing no attention from us, M and me went to Melbourne to visit Madge, have lunch at south Bank( Thai) then see Melbourne Now at NGV and also Edward Steichen Photos excellent!,. Home after buying catalog, nap, chicken Kiev for tea.M over to help Kathleen I watched W

Thursday Jan 2nd

Cool and mild showered overnight,cool and mild grey day, Kathleen came out of hospital today still poorly, worked on dancer.. still not happy, did a bit more on ball and cut up concrete mixer stand to make stand for ball, did adeles bbq stand, 2 people came and ordered a pelican seat and a couple of birds, Charmaine came and paid for cow, tidied under metal rack a bit. M went and organised airconditioning for back room and tried to see about flight to Brisbane, then to Kathleens in arvo, Going to see Desolation of Smaug tonight, very good, involving, had a restless night .

Wednesday Jan 1st

Cool and mild, Kathleen still with mastitis worked on finishing covering of ball, also on adding arms and mesh to girl, M went to Melbourne to visit Madge then back to visit Kathleen, tried out vacuum cleaner in shed, cut out parts for 6 characters for tomorrow.north breeze slightly showery sausages for tea, Caleb came and picked up Ralph, watched Jonathan Creek

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