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June 11, 2014

June 2014

June Diary

Monday June 30th

Cool and showery, M has baby for morning, I welded the last of Ian’s panels made a character for the cow,nap, shopped for food, metal for shed( 60) dropped in Vacuum cleaner for fixing, and bought trailer load of toppings for path to car park, home to empty trailer, Tuna Casserole for tea then Pilates home to do a bit of computer stuff  adding to PTC days then Rockwiz

Sunday June 29th

Cold and rainy all day, working on Ian’s Panel, welded both sides , dug out drain to get water away from gallery, up to house and wrote start of mortlake memoirs, moved bits of furniture around,nap,pie for tea, watched grand designs, silent witness and the tunnell... both very bleak

Saturday June 28th

Cold and showery fined up during the day, showery in evening, Big winds through the night, gone now, M to Melb to help Em at house auction, Aaron coming to measure up shed for stud wall, working on Ians Panel,frame done and other pieces cut out, cut up fallen tree and dead standing one in top paddock went to Warragul to get 5 kg grout for N kids tiles, also more glue( 32 intot) , basic shopping and called in at garage sale at homePack. Puzzle and 2 naps,load of washing done., M home tea is soup and bread. Watched the Family.. funny and violent, watching New Tricks and 1 good wife

Friday June 27th

Cool and sunny? To N sth to work on mosaics 9 to 11 home to unload trailer of Kathleens semi dead plants, replanted a few, Sarah( sharpie) and friend dropped in,lunch, puzzle, nap, Helen came and we remade her press trolley, cooked casserole for tonight, mowed lower paddock, M has day off hand in entry form for bower,Making the most of your smart phone, and casserole tea Jindivick, 7 -8, talked to Ruth, Paul, John and Mary Royce, Jeff and jeanette  and Rod and Michael and Ruth went through things on the I phone, home to bed, M has a cold so had a restless night.

.Thursday June 26th

Cold and blowy, showery to Kathleens to pick up baby ,home, to Drouin to pick up Helen to drive to Meeniyan to pick up exhibition only one of my pieces left,M has Eleanor all day, and has a cold too, home and had nap,worked on PTC stuff, pastie for tea, Magnum gone home too, watched 1 sherlock and time of our lives, work on primary school stuff.

Wednesday June 25th

Glenn and birdCold and showery, M minding Eleanor all day ( M has a cold) Neerim Bower workshop (Glenn) tidy up ,work on birds,( 1 done) stood up a few sculptures that had blown down in the wind, made 3characters for ways through life, and assembled, cut up Cactus to recycle, Book club at Lois after tea at Warragul Thai, went to Kathleens and helped her spread mulch,home to watch 1 good wife and scanned Chester Eagles book.

Tuesday June 24th

Cold blowy, showery, winter! Belinda coming, worked on more flowers, I did 3 small birds and sorted box of screws etc from Madges house,Power went out about 12, rang  Ruby Moon  and said don’t come, sorted papers in front room, M to Melb to visit Madge,cold and wet and windy all day.curry korma for tea then to help Kathleen move garden rubbish and dirt, M minded Eleanor, home to work on Chester Eagles notes.( Preston tech stuff)

Monday June 23rd

Breezy and coolish, M has Eleanor all day,worked on Melb state college document, went to Chiropractors, bit of shopping, home Jane arrived, went to shed, worked on 5 panel screen for Ian, Jane made small containers, Ray arrived worked on cockatoo, Sue came and helped M with chair, Bart arrived to work on redgum bowl, up for tea did pasta, off to Pilates, Debbie still crook, so had Gillian again, home to Rockwiz at Blues fest Grace Potter standout.

Sunday June 22nd

Beautiful day all day, worked on bird piece.. all cut out , ring joined and ring attached to base, put belt back on mower mowed a little bit, Ray came over and showed him more detail of welding, Bart in shed finishing metal characters and turning a red gum bowl, went to Phillipa’s farewell, home to help Bart, Caleb here for sleep, Talked to David and M, skewers and snitzel for tea helped Bart with bowl, 1 Goodwife, end of Silent witness and the tunnel.

Saturday June 21st

Fine and mild, clouded over did Ians panel 4 made 2 characters for screen, made a pedestal, took some wood outside, cut up some wood,lunch off to,Jessies Party, saw Sue A, Roger Tyrell and partner, Jo and Andre,Jessie and Jex,dropped in on Gary Miles on way home and he talked a bit about Italy and the Italian mixed media pieces.pasty for tea, watched Walter Mitty… ok great scenery…. And then New Tricks.

Friday June 20th

Fine and Mild, drill holes in kid birds, find mosaic stuff,start another Ian panel,( cut out metal for it) Neerim Sth for kids mosaicing, fun but chaos,,M to Melb to see Madge, after lunch to Moe to get welding rods and grinding discs,sams warehouse is now closed down there, also visit K mart re shirts and pants and dvds, back to Warragul for Pizza to make for tea, Sue visits  watched some music(1965) and then Old school and 1 sherlock episode

Thursday June 19th

Cool and grey, tidy shed after yesterday, finish Ian panel no 2 do Ian panel no 3paint balls,  M has Eleanor all day, Interviewed by Madeline and others ,visited Helen, discussed Meeniyan, shopped for cat food, saw metal man and got some odd bits, home for puzzle and nap.

Wednesday June 18th

Cool and grey worked on Ian Panel 2, tidy shed for Glenn and Julie, help them with birds, M has Eleanor all day, to bower project 6.30 saw people and enjoyed the positive atmosphere then to Petes at 7.00 and had a fine evening with lots of Marians workmates( all gorgeous young ladies) did a couple of reasonable sketches.

Tuesday June 17th

Cool and showery, painted the ball, Belinda coming , worked on a flower and horseshoe creations, started Ian’s project, 1 panel mostly done. Jeanette did her tractor piece and a feather, Lunch, hung out washing, 2 barrows of wood, Noel dropped off wood, Ruby Moon coming, M to Melbourne, nap, out to movie Edge of Tomorrow( Tom Cruise) … really quite good.. then pub tea.. yum. Then a bit of shopping, home to see 1 Good wife.

Monday June 16th

Cool and mild,showery,finish putting ball together Vicky gardened, remade beds damaged by electrician digging,adjusted talk for 2.00 St Joes went to Warragul got electrodes for plasma cutter,($38) also sheet steel( 104 ) and grinding wheels, looked at rocker recliner( 1200) talked at ST Joes home for nap and puzzle, computer stuff., Pilates

Sunday June 15th

Cool and grey, do other side of ½ ball, start second ½ ball,4 people to think of order, a few others  Bart coming, Pack up screens for art show.waited for a bit with Peter Clarke, fish and chip tea, Eleanor all day til 8.00.watched end of silent witness and the tunnel

Saturday June 14th

Cool and grey spread trailer load of topping, finished the bridge, add to ½ big ball, Bart came and did 1 figure, Alan and My talk at 2.00,home to do more work in shed, Cass came and paid for gate, 2 people came to garden. Schnitzel for tea, open Photo show 7.00 watched Thor the dark world.. so many contradictions.. sillier than most.. moved along.

Friday June 13th

Rained overnight and during day, add latch to gate, paint kids birds, go to N Sth for 2 hrs , Judy Mackintosh, home for lunch, took gate in to Drouin,Dental appt, home then back to Warragul for topping for track, Sue here when I came home, talked to her, lit fire tea being soup  and pies, watched Hitchcock, quite good, M home,M to melb for day, talked to Em, watched Old school ( excellent) and road to Burma.( didn’t know about west African troops used in asia in the ww2) slept well.

Thursday June 12th

Fine and grey day, rang plumber re drain came and dug it out,mowed bottom paddock, helped hang exhibition at 10.00 til 11.30, shopping,mowed across rd, and most of front, bought trailer of topping spread where electrician had been, spread grass seed, M has Eleanor all day,beef patties for tea, watched 1 good wife, Em rang, M watched Midwife, I went to bed, restless night with legs for both of us.

Wednesday June 11th

Fine and sunny day,  Electrician Paul coming to power the gallery, and his digger Jeff and his machine digger,tidied shed, Neerim bower guys coming( Ray and Eddie) worked on birds all day( about ½ to 2/3 done,about 7 people through garden, I painted a few cut out birds, M has baby all day,, nap, made prawn rice,for tea, watched 1 good wife and spicks and specks, also the pilgrim.( ½)

Tuesday June 10th

Belinda coming, worked on plant stand, I did flower panel, started big junk ball, Jeanette did some plasma cutting, I painted beak on Lyre bird, Bus from Casey special people arrived,chiropractors appointment,called in on Helen for lunch, Haircut, paid paper bill, home to get Lyrebird and trailer then back to drop off Lyrebird( no charge) get a trailer load of topping for path and driveway and dropped in Dougs metal strips,No Ruby Moon coming as she has flu, home to spread toppings, electrical stuff delivered and rang plumber re bill, Cass came to see gate, must find latch. puzzle and nap, fish and wedges for tea. M went to melb to see madge and tripped at Faversham house( sore shoulder) watched 1964 music then 1 good wife then when the beatles were here. Looked at state college diaries

Monday June 9th

Queens birthday Holiday, cool and clear fine,assembled teabag, photograph pieces, M to help K pack by minding Eleanor,Jeff brought over the panels and we made frames and welded them on, had 15 people through sculpture garden,did a sleeping cat, drew out a few kids birds, removed racks from back room, moved more wood , put out another box of grass seed, started panel for lady, small nap, meatballs and pasta for tea, updating website Caleb to pick up Ralph watched 1 goodwife and Rockwiz with Heidi Leffner and the guy from the Reubens.

Sunday June 8th

Cool and not as showery,fine, worked on bridge piece,all done except a coat of paint, add paint to other pieces,spread grass seed, back a bit sore Lunch and afternoon with Geoff an Penny Sargent, and also Sue and Terry from Rokeby, lovely house, lovely setting, home brief chat with Jeff ,scrambled eggs for tea modified titles on old photos watched the railway man and 1 good wife

Saturday June 7th

Cool and showery, work on the bridge piece all bridge part done, Jeanette to Plasma cut, did in morning,M to help K pack, Caleb dropped in, 11 people through sculpture garden and Gallery, puzzle and nap, roast for tea watched Margin Call( I fell asleep..white wine) and then rockwiz with Doc Neeson..enjoyable

Friday June 6th

Cool, go get community garden gates (not there),and fix problems seen by insurance assessor, bought 2 tins of paint and 2 grass seed,($105) (  home to see Jeanette over to Plasma cut and weld part of the bridge circle, Go to Neerim Sth re kids painting and mosaic, aria, Tianna and others all good,home  for lunch and a bit more tidying up of shed, 3.00 for photos for Pakenham Gazette, M to Melb to see Madge, took mower in to get tyre fixed ( $40)and also Indian for tea, watched Robo cop..ok also old school. Worked on state college doco.

Thursday June 5th

Rainy and cool, deliver birdsong machine to Mt Waverley, basic shopping, back to Jane welding, Grant here as well then he went to Morwell to see exhibition, Jeanette called in, made curves for the bridge piece and joined all together, added cover pieces, Talked to Grant and Jane, nap, puzzle, tea., M has Eleanor all day, Baby Rhyme Time,crumbed cutlets for tea, worked on computer( my story) watched Men who made us fat, M talked to Caleb and Don on phone.

Wednesday June 4th

Finer than yesterday, cool and sunny, tidied shed, New Neerim Bower workshop people coming, Ray Childs and Eddie ,lovely guys..I finished off teabag welding( attached to base and 1 coat of paint, the guys started their 3-D birds about ½ way along,Ella May from Trentham came down and bought over $1000 of stock( yay) , M has Eleanor all day( toy Library) up about 5 after starting new semi circle piece.. the bridge?..shower, nap, pasta for tea, watched 1 good wife, computer stuff, spicks and specks, the bridge.

Tuesday June 3rd

Cool and showery, Mosaic filter half lost mosaic due to wetness, took off rack metal and took inside,water all through the gallery, pipe is blocked where they built up the back, tried to dig it out, very muddy, Belinda working on bases, compressor died, went to Warragul to get parts to make Sue’s compressor fit the plasma cutter, got that going, bought a switch at Middys and also Geoffreys( Tool discounts)  as well to try to modify switch on plasma cutter, put that on old handpiece and it worked fine, Jeanette cut out more pieces, added to Tea bag and most of welding on bag is done, Lunch Damian Callinan came out with a film crew to talk about public art for his comedy show tomorrow, Bob White came and looked at Gallery ,Ruby moon in arvo, did lino cutting and I framed a few pieces of my work, Kim picked her up( looked lively and healthy)  M looking after Eleanor, puzzle and nap, Kievs for tea,watched 1 Good wife worked on computer on reminiscinces and answering emails.

Monday June 2nd

Cool and cloudy, showers? Vick to garden, finish “voice of nature,” started on tea bag, cut up more wood and took more outside, Jeanette worked on 2 panels, painted Belinda’s piece , delivered Gates to Community garden, said hello to Jessie and Jex, Cass came and looked at ship gate, M to Melbourne, home puzzle nap, sausages and rice for tea, Pilates Rockwiz with Kira Puru and Garland Jeffries, reading Betty Churcher Australian sketchbook

June 1st Sunday

refugeeFine and mild, Went to Longwarry market, bought Dvds and plants, dropped M at K and D, shopped Picked up Magnum, called in on Jeff and jeanette,working on Refugee characters finished,also voice of nature( bird done), mow top paddock( flat tyre so couldn’t finish), M to help K and D pack more, pick up stuff from Pakenham.cut up more wood, more mosaic,move wood.12 people over the day including Kerry and Chris, sold “my new pet “at Pakenham, chinese for tea,Both have snuffly cold, watched Osage County August and Jack Ryan shadow recruit.

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