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March 11, 2014

March 2014

Monday 31st

Beautiful morning, concreters’ came to view site. Vicki Gardened, planted lots of plants. worked on complex worldfinished symbols, attached symbols side, and found pieces for panel side, welded most into place, cut out back shapes for jude seat,, welded on, painted Patricks seat back, arranged Macquarie super withdrawl, Kurt and Carolyn came to pick up bird feet stamps, Jane came and welded for an hour or so, did a bit on the wood for the seat and turned some bits for Sue,quiche  for tea,Pilates,home for Rock quiz

Sunday March 30th,

up a bit late, lovely day,worked on cutting out pieces for Pats seat and doing back and frame and wood, Kathleen and David dropped rubbish over, Jeff and Jeanette brought over people,15 people through garden over day,including Tom Daffy, did frame for a complex world and cut out corten steel started on symbols, 1./2 big part done,Caleb drops in for nap,Emily rings, chicken and pasta for tea. Listened to Andy Cowan dvd. Rake,and an elementary

Saturday March 29th

Cool morning becoming sunny, M in Melbourne family meetingadded trellice to top part of side patio, cut branches off peppercorn tree, cut out second panel for Trentham screens, also wings for small birds, mowed bottom paddock, talked to woodworker from Warragul market re sculpture, went to Mirboo nth delivered barrel girl, back did aldi shopping, home, Ralph here Sue bought a plasma cutter, talked to her for an hour or so,steak for tea. Out to butter factory to see lost ragas(ok) and andy cowan( excellent) did lots of drawings, gave most to the bands. M still in Melbourne after words with Don

Friday March 28th

Raining and showers overnight and start of day,became a beautiful day M still a bit crook, I am working in shed, did 2 seat frames, and added to Trentham panel, 2 people visited and farmer from up road came and offered me old farm equipment, had to go and cut it up, lunch nap,finished cutting out Trentham screen 1, tea of chicken and rice, M to Melbourne and Em, I watched star wars 6 and Dr Blake and Ripleys game.

Thursday March 27th

Rained during night but humid day and sunny, M has Eleanor for day Kathleen a bit crook, I loaded car and went to Meeniyan, sold a number of small pieces and all big pieces, loaded up car, went and looked through bookshop while waiting for Sue, helped Sue and Paul pack up, went home via Mirboo nth, Joan and kids from Jindivick here, all cut out leaves with the plasma cutter, nap puzzle chops for tea computer stuff, watched Janet King and 1 elementary, Marian still a bit crook

Wednesday March 26th

Fine and breezy changing during day to cooler and possible showers,M a bit crook, M has Eleanor all day and I was working with Pete and Gerry as part of the Neerim bower project, started Trentham screen, did 20 flowers, 1 bird and 1 dog, Guys did birds, 6 people through the garden,Bookclub after Tandoori delights, lovely   At Judes George, Helen, Sue, Lyn, Marian, Anne,Kerry discussing Burial Rites, home to do computer stuff and bed.

Tuesday March 25th

Cloudy , mild,fined up Belinda and Jeanette coming,Belinda did big spider, Jeanette did heart signs, I did 3 birds, 2 dogs and a small bird, started 10 things sheets, shopped for earplugs and goggles( 50), man picked up Indys seat,talked to Helen, re sheets, Kate picked up cow seat, shopped at coles, puzzle nap,

Monday March 24th

Cloudy but mild, to Traralgon for Gippsland directions 10 to 12 committee for Gippsland.talked to Peter Kulich, Stuart Ord, etc lunch.home did another small bird, unloaded trailer, did 2 big birds, cut up metal for 5 birds, tidied shed a bit, nap, shower tea, skewers and arancini, pilates( bounce board almost made me ill!) home watched Rock quiz salutes Vanda and Young..excellent,

Sunday March 23rd

Cloudy day fining up,Up at  7ish, went to Parkdale Primary school fair, set up bought books, win a win( 3) and sold about (600) gave out flyers for sculpture garden, home, Kathleen here M says about 12 people through Garden in arvo, Tea after K left, greek stuff, did computer stuff. Watched ice age dinosaurs, Rake and 1 elementary. Knees achy.

Sat March 22nd

Fine cloudy day a couple of showers Went to Melbourne helped clear out stuff from Madges, Don and Dave and Pauli, Marian and Em, Andrew and me, 1 tip trip, 1 trip to Ems and Davids, kfc for tea, home unloaded trailer, Loaded trailer  watched Rock quiz bluesfest, then Man of the year. Marian arrived home for start of movie, she had a restless night.

Friday March 21st

Cloudy and mild day, Sue coming over, mowed,nature strip and around house,finished off characters for above our heads, painted piece, Jane came and welded, Bill came to get some cutting done, worked on second small flying bird, added rest of wood to patio fence. Went to Drouin paid Helen (350) then shopped , bought more trellise, home to afternoon tea with Sue, Nap, M to Melb to stay overnight with Em tea, chips and pastie, watched bit of mystery men, the code ( ok) and bit of Help.

Thursday March 20th

Fine and mild beautiful day,37th wedding anniversary, M has Eleanor all day, Baby Rhyme time, working on above our heads, did most of panels, put on ring and rock, also made 2 characters, did fence for side patio, mostly right,lunch, nap, shopped in Warragul aldi, picked up photocopies of brochure, shopped at Drouin,Dropped in on Sue,  filled up car,, delivered flyers to David, home , sausages and pasta Kathleen at tea,watched Janet King and 1 elementary

Wednesday March 19th

Fine and mild, beautiful autumn day, did a fire dog and a bird to tidy up shed,M has Eleanor al day, went to toy library, Pete and Gerry arrived , went through arc welding, did some practice, Gerry made a bird and pets started a giant owl, I added to the birdsong machine and also the tower for above our heads. nap,Out to tea at family hotel with Prices, home to watch a bit of spicks and specs, One elementary and bit of the last leg.

Tuesday March 18th

Cool and cloudy, showers? Belinda coming and Ruby, working on above our heads did the pyramid and ½ covered it, started birdcalls, Jeanette came and used the plasma cutter, vacuumed a bit Ruby moon did hand sketch and mer girl drawing I did a ruby moon sketch and edge of night piece, rissoles for team a bit late getting home, watched New tricks and Hannah Gadsby.reading city of the sun

Monday March 17th

Mild and cloudy, finishing goat and community garden gate,started  new sculpture did ring part, Jane came and welded vase form, talked to Grant too, Vicki Gardened, went to Warragul bought new arc welding handpieces, chicken skewers for tea, Pilates, watched elementary, and downloaded book apps on Ipad.Restless night for Marian

Sunday March 16th

Cool and cloudy, showers?, stand up sculptures from wind yesterday,finished Tony’s world,  lady coming for seat,(150), 7 people visited garden, talked to Karen at Glen Cromie, did Alan’s dog, started goat and next gate for community garden, looked out wood for balustrade rail.nap,pies for tea, watched end of Elementary episode, computer Rake,

Saturday March 15th

Feels like a change in weather…no fined up to a breezy lovely day M still in Melb to help with sorting out Madges house, Warragul art market, sold 250 of birds, flowers etc, Trish paid for Pyramids, saw lots of people, Courtney, Tara, Peter van der Burg, Anne Wilson,, etc, home for lunch and nap assembled seats,started modifying piece into Tony’s world  6 people in the garden, walked down from Jindivick, cleaned out drains and fixed blocked drain at front, tuna casserole for tea wrc trivia night with Mrs Pat and Debra Mowat and Brendan Hudson and Sharon and her family.

Friday March 14th

Fine and mild morning mist, M to Melbourne, do another seat and Koala, to Warragul bunnings to get black paint( 77) and then to Aldi to do shopping, Coles to get catfood and bananas then transfer station to get excess metal( 250) home to lunch, nap unload car. Beer, pizza, started to watch fast and furious( crap) then watched crank, and catching fire.

Thursday March 13th

Fine and cool M has Eleanor all day and evening, I have cow seat to do,  started koala 4 people in sculpture garden including 2 New Zealanders,Roger and Val came and picked up and paid for deck panels, lunch, went to see Helen re where the heck , phamplet and then shopped for tea, ham steaks for tea, walk and mowed bottom paddock, Eleanor had bath.watched Janet King and finished Burial rites

Wednesday March 12th

Rained overnight, cooler and showers,tidied shed, Mary and Jan today Mary finished big Owl, used Mig and plasma cutter, Jan finished standing bird, then did plasma cut out of 44 gallon drum lid, then a copper teapot bird,Nap, Jeff came and discussed panels, M has Eleanor, toy library in morning Eleanor asleep over tea.  watched spicks and specks, last leg and the wrong mans  .

Tuesday March 11th

Off to Melbourne, Belinda came and worked by herself, M to see Madge,She was off on a bus trip in morning and chatting to other ladies at lunch, me to pick up spirited and Bolt, deliver spirited to spring st,( got a parking ticket (72)  deliver panels to MacDonnell, called in at Madge’s and picked up maybe dead plants,deliver head to Krystyna, saw Sue,at Valley Hospital, offto end of stud Rd to get a sheet of rust coated steel(110), then to fountain gate for lunch and to pick up tea and a couple of Dvd,s( top of the lake and ) Home for nap rice for tea, did a couple of entry forms watched who has been sleeping in my house, New tricks, Hannah Gadsby

Monday March 10th

Fine and Sunny, computer stuff, fix fence panel,mowed a bit  move some sculptures, Alan Cathy and Sophie smith for welding, fixed welder, fixed trailer light plug,Labour day holiday, spanokopita for tea, watched 1 elementary, restless night for both of us

Sunday March 9th

played with I pad, fine and sunny morning, Judy McKintosh coming about 10, M to Melbourne to see madge, I did 4 dogs and 1 bird, lunch, shower, off to Waterford Rise Block party 2.30 to 8.00 sold a duck and a dog..warm afternoon, home to watch Rake and Waking the Dead.

Saturday March 8th

Started cool and misty by mid day was hot, cool breeze at end of day Rokeby 4 dogs and a bird or two (250),M went with Kathleen to fountain gate, bought an I pad, I saw Graham duell, Tracelle, and others, home for puzzle and nap, to Cardinia for opening of Sam Ruth exhibition, spoke a few words, aldi shopping for tea,steak and rissoles from earlier in week.. and beer  home to watch Enders Game and Iron Man 3,started setting up I pad

Friday March 7th

Cool and cloudy,  did 2 birds for jeanette W.cut out wings and tails and flowers with plasma cutter also a small bird and another big bird, Jeff and Jeanette showed me their works,I cleaned off verandah roof  , M to melb to help Madge move, went to Moe to get welding rods also brushes from warehouse and shirts from K mart, back to Drouin, some catfood shopping, called in on Helen and discussed phamplet then to transfer station, dropped off beer, pick up display case,home, David helped me unload, played with Eleanor while he downloaded things from old computer, did fish pieces and spaghetti marinara for tea . M home at tea time, watched grand designs, 1 elementary and Dr blake mysterys.

Thursday March 6th

Cool and cloudy,fined up into a nice,day, did pug dog order, 2 kooka burras, helped Jeff with his wood for key racks and also his umbrella stand, lunch nap, visited Helen and hassled her about where the heck is Jindivick, also metal man and got new pieces, visited woodman and got new wood pieces and was offered a counter/display case and also a pile of rusty steel. Home for nap and reading kindle, David is transferring stuff from the old computer to a external drive, Kathleen brought Pizza for tea, played with Eleanor, watched Janet King.reading Burial rites

M has Eleanor today,Wednesday March 5th

Mild and cloudy, warm after a warmish night. Showered and cooled during day, M has Eleanor today, toy Library, I have two ladies Mary and ..from N sth for junk workshops demonstrated  welding, assembled magpie seat and painted,and painted leaf seat again did a bird and also a plasma cut owl. Nap, reading Jo Nesbo, chicken and mushrooms and rissoles for tea,Casey Chambers excellent concert, Ashleigh Dallas, Busby Merieu, Harry Hookey, Bill Chambers and a real interaction and audience involvement.

Tuesday March 4th

Fine and sunny, quite warm in arvo, Belinda came and repainted some things and did a coat rack? I finished 1st Magpie seat and Indy’s seat, and did another seat with a magpie, painted and wood done too, Jeanette came over to Plasma cut, shower, lunch reading Phantom Jo Nesbo, Ruby and Julia came.. did butterflies, Ruby a bit unhappy with it, walked in sculpture garden,loaded photos on website and facebook, M to Melbourne to see Mum, home to go to share club, sausage casserole for tea, watched 1 elementary, M out to Kathleens then home latish.Watched a bit of Cowboys and Aliens…not all that good.

Monday March 3rd

Cool and Mild to begin,Vicki gardening did a couple of flowers and a couple of birds on sticks, fixed magpie seat, did second magpie seat including wood, Coopers came and picked up and paid for eagle seat,talked to Jeff re horseshoe balls etc Delivered to Yarragon Primary school, bought DWD and turps and indigo paint, saw Helen re brochure.. nothing.. home for puzzle and nap. Chicken curry for tea Pilates watched one elementary, tidied desk and played with website

Sunday March 2nd

Cool and mild day( and night) beautiful mild morning and sunny afternoon, breeze mowed across the road and nature trip,,did a few flowers using plasma off cuts, delivered flying bird,to Warragul then to Longwarry market for flap discs, a few plants and a dvd or two, home for chicken sandwich lunch, visited Jeanette, saw Jeff at market,did more flowers and bird cutouts on sticks, stopped at 3.30, reading Harry Hole Phantom,Beau paid 200 for globe,Jindi sausages for tea, walk, elementary, Rake, Steve phone call. Started Burial Rites

Saturday March 1st

Cool and mild day, Caleb helped put up new curtains in art room, Emily helped M tidy her room,I cut out an owl using plasma cutter , did portrait piece , 20 people through garden, did two demos of Plasma, Haggis put deposit on how it works,,lady chose flying bird as her present piece, went to Jindi Market, bought Quiche and stuff,Sue visited for lunch, Man came and put in chimney pillow! Tea was quiche and very mediocre veges.. gotta do better, watched 2 elementry’s and The Words..small walk

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