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May 11, 2014

May 2014

Saturday May 31st

 Cool and cloudy fined up, mowed lower paddock and across rd,moved wood, cut up more wood, 12 people visited ( 200), electrician coming mid morning to check out where to dig trench, Linda came for Koala, M to help K start to pack, did regugee figure 1, and added hinges and bolt to gate, spread 2 boxes of grass seed,pasta bacon for tea,watched 1 good wife and the Impossible.

Friday May 30th

 Fine and clear Foggy in places, Painted girl, moved some wood,Judging Yakkerboo art show with Geoff Sargeant, took til about 2.00 to bunnings to buy gate fittings and lawn seed and white tiles, M to Melbourne to see madge, baby sort of OK, K and D have had the offer they put in on the house accepted, now to pack up, home for saveloys and veges tea, computer stuff, back to give judges comments. With M, had a good evening.

Thursday May 29th

Showery and cool, entry forms,worked on adding rock and second mesh to girl and hair and base, Jeff and lady from Jindi called in, started on  refugee nap,2 loads of washing, called electrician re power to shed, Mirboo nth cheque and also Tax cheque, M has Eleanor all day, Baby Rhyme time, birdbath fell on her leg, maybe sprained, kiev for tea  M at hospital with Eleanor and then Kathleen,watched 2 person of interest. Added to website, M watched Midwife then men who made us fat.

Wed May 28th

Showery and cooler,did sheet for kids at school, work on mesh for new girl and metal parts for face and arms, go to N sth and do painting and preparation for mosaic with them,met some lovely kids, Joe Georgia, Chandra,Shannon, home for Eric to do cake stand( didn’t come) worked on attaching mesh and grinding one side of girl as well as painting inside,, dinner at family hotel, bookclub at Kerries. M has baby all day, Toy Library home to watch the Bridge

Tuesday May 27th

Showery and dark, Belinda coming worked on spider web Jeanette didn’t come , crook, I assembled food for thought piece, did mold for bigger ball and did outline of new girl and did Koala., David from UBC coming, spent a couple of hours and made some suggestions for website( another $3000)  Ruby Moon in afternoon did shading,rissoles for tea, watched a bit of spicks and specks, two men in China, finished the Rosie Project book, M to Melb top see madge and house

Monday  May 26th

Mild and cloudy, added mesh to gate, cut out N sth kids birds, Vicky Gardened, Ingrid dropped in for morning tea, also Caroline and Mark who picked up among the clouds to go to Mt Baw Baw, welded 15 flowers and added them to stickscut out flowers and leaves for gate, David Doyle dropped in, did a small horseshoe ball, Rang Plumber, rang N sth, UBC rang me, emptied another load of wood in shed, went to Warragul and bought mesh and flat plate, M shopped, pie for tea,pilates with Gillian, rockwiz with Michaelangelo and colleen Hewitt

Sunday May 25th

Mild and fine, work on gate and draw out N sth kids pieces,David Windsor mid morning load sculptures, M swimming with K and Eleanor,Faye dropped in, Daniel flewellyn picked up seat, 3 others came, 6 others came, Jeanette came over to discuss designs, mowed house lawn, cut up blackwood boards lunch pick up Vick Meeniyan art gallery opening of feathers birds and flight, Sylvia and Michael and kids came as did Ingrid and Geoff,home. Spaghetti for tea, watched 1 good wife then the trials of muhammed Ali. Reading the rosie project

Saturday May 24th

Showery over night, mild, work on boat gatefinish Lyrebirdcut out N sth kids stuff .1/2 one,cut out gate bits and also flowers,Graham Duell dropped in, painted gate once, and also Lyrebird,photographed sculpture show, David Windsor bought Complex world, M to Mid valley shopping with K, Em rang, soup and toast for tea, watched new tricks and last tango in Halifax and 1 good wife….

Friday May 23rd

Rained overnight, work on boat,all frame done, sails done, mesh cut out for back,played with sketchbook on Ipad, go to Neerim Sth re kids,did look out for the bird mum, and oil pastel, to Judy re portrait, shopped at N sth, home to meet lady, bought flowers, seat went too, M to Melbourne and Madge, puzzle and nap, pizza for tea, watched end of good wife, Brazil, ab Fab, old school and Luther

Thursday May 22nd

Mild and cloudy, breezy,cut up and laminated signs for sculptures,mowed lower paddock, worked on Lyrebird piece, started Gate and  boat design, Gary finished paths I attached two bits of treated pine to verandah poles, painted food for food for thought, 3 loads of washing,, move more wood,M to Baby Rhyme time with Eleanor soup and bread for tea, watched 1 goodwife,, meet the midwife and the people who made you fat

Wednesday May 21st

Mild and fine,went and found  signs for sculptures, finish painting seat, added rose to other seat, start Lyrebird, cut up more wood, M has Eleanor all day, Toy Library Eric coming went to Drouin for more forks and spoons for Lyrebird,dropped off stuff with Helen,basic shopping, bought wood to cover some poles, Cheque arrived from Canterbury ,seeded 2 boxes of lawn seed, people came and bought seat and had chinese horse repaired,chicken and corn fritters for tea, Printed off signs for sculptures spicks and specks and the bridge

Tuesday May 20th

Mild , Belinda coming,, bit depressed, worked on big spiderweb, Jeanette and Jeff dropped over, to look at gallery and discuss the Grant panels, M to melbourne to see Madge, 3 girls and their kids came and spent a while in the garden, then a busload from Southern Health looked through the garden and the Gallery, I reassembled the bigger ball then cut apart the smaller ball and reassembled that. 2 ladies arrived to see how seat was going, did seat in the afternoon rained/showered in afternoon, nap,and also cut up more wood from back room, sues soup and lambchops for tea. Two men in china. Worked on Magdes letters 1995 or so

Monday May 19th

Cloudy windy and mild, added to PTC memories, took pump in to get fixed, back home then back to Warragul to pick it up( 176) Don Barrett dropped in,Geoff and Penny Sargeant coming mid morning, Gary coming Midday, Vick coming to garden, added bases to a kookaburra and an owl, did a bit of mosaic on vase,started to remodify balls, nap, went and got gas and paint (70)and cutoff wheels( 29)sue dropped in, did sweet and sour chicken for tea Pilates, Rockwiz, bit of computer stuff

Sunday May 18th

Cloudy and mild, added to PTC memories,finished moving sculptures down to Gallery and washing pedestals. Also moved ugly bench and also metal pieces and sand filter. M helped with all this then off to swim with baby and Kathleen, I tidied more of back room and cut up 2 more barrows of wood, started mosaicing sand filter, had visits from about 6 people,steve Barr and son here for a bit of advice,Caleb dropped by and talked to M and enjoyed the Gallery, Sue dropped in and talked, Pump is out of action. Fish and chips for tea watch one good wife and Taken 2 also did more on madges files on computer

Saturday May 17th

Cloudy and mild,Decided not to go to Bendigo, wash a few pedestals, assemble seat, and also assemble small bird pieces, going to pick up Em, see Madge, then lunch and go to top arts and other gallery shows.( Inge King) and some homosexual guy..Korean festival on at Fed Square, bought betty churcher book, em to Doncaster then home then us home, just missed Sue and Ralph is here too.Watched Elysium with M, added to PTC memories

Friday May 16th

Fine and mild washed out Gallery( me and M with mops…not as easy as you’d think) then off to Neerim sth to get kids drawing imaginary birds( 2 hrs… a bit too long for the one task) then to Judy Mackintosh’ to sit for portrait, home to see M talking to Darren Sherar re sculptural practice, washed a few pedestals, M had started setting them up in gallery… looks good.had green curry for tea, M went off to swim with Kathleen and Eleanor( closed.. shattered a babys dreams!) I worked on bird stuff and also reminiscinces, watched 1st Good wife.

Thursday May 15th

Fine and windy, finishing bird piece, do other ½ of ball ( still a bit oval),make mold for other ball, start cutting up old ball for pieces for new one, started a seat frame,Cut up some wood from back room and brought up 2 barrows to Garage Eleanor all day, Baby Rhyme time, Visit Helen, get prescription, red paint, nap,puzzle,talked to lady about Drouin Phamplet,  Bryans retirement do at Middells tonight, niceish meal, saw quite a few people and talked to some

Wednesday May 14th

Fine and sunny, doing birds and people today, did 2 of each and had nestling completed, going for a walk before it went wrong and bird rider mostly done,didnt finish off seat as out of Red , cut up wood from shed kit took 2 loads up to garage,, finished off screens, Gary arrived to do some dirt moving, nap, puzzle, Eleanor all day for M toy library,sausages for tea,Eleanor til 8.30, Spicks and specks, did more on Madges letters, watched the Bridge..…

Tuesday May 13

Fine and sunny, Belinda coming, , worked on a flower I was going to do birds and started one, I did finish ball and did a form for another ball..1/2 done, people looked at garden in planning for a trip in October, Plumbers finished up , sean tidied up last of shed stuff, Did write up for Gippsland Lifestyle, Ruby moon in afternoon finished  pastel bird, I tidied room and put away maps. M to Melbourne to see Madge.went to N Sth to have recap on open studios and a lovely meal at the Kings arms( forgot to pay… will do so on Friday).Home to watch 2 men in China.

Monday May 12

Fine and sunny, no Vick to garden, off to accountant re taxes, home to finish Trentham screens,( more painted) modified and finished camel, painted Belindas piece with another coat ,added paint to seat and welded and painted community garden gates , added to ball form,M home, Sue dropped in, nap, rissoles for tea, Pilates, Rockwiz

Sunday May 11th

Cool and mild cloudy, had showered, Mothers day, gave M a brooch,swept out gallery, going to Fay and Jacks for lunch with Kathleen David Eleanor and Naomi,then to Fionas for afternoon tea,with Pauli, Don, Belle and Andrew as well as Emily, Kathleen and David, Eleanor, I left at 3.15 to get back to Mirboo Nth to pick up work( won best metal) and sold the goat. Shopped on way home and .had boiled eggs on toast for tea, watched Lay the favourite ( couldn’t hear all the dialog, and couldn’t follow all the gambling stuff) and also 1 person of interest( saved 1 guy lost 4!)

Saturday 10th May

Showery to begin with, did write ups for sculptures in show, raining went to Rokeby market, saw Geoff, and a few others, stopped raining, sold 250 home for lunch and nap , shed guys doing last bits went and looked at sculpture show at 2.00, and opening of sign at 3.00 back to hall to talk with others, mainly marian doing the talking, home for nap and meet the judges cocktail party in the evening talked to Paul, Lindsay, lady from Darnum, Rod, nice food Celeste said she had sold the business, talked briefly to Steph, talked briefly to Jeanette, Marilyn, Jessie and Anne, didn’t agree with almost all of the judges decisions and was happy to be part of the chosen group to go to Mt Baw Baw( 2 pieces). Lady also bought the birdsong machine.

Friday 9th

Fine and cloudy, plumbers after lunch til 4 connected some downpipes and moved tank? Deliver stuff to Jindivick,( yes) worked on Camel neck and head,Jeff to do more on piece,yes finished, Neerim sth Primary at 11 to 1.30,all did plasma cutting, and some drawing, then to Moe to get welding rods.back to see Pimpisa and new partner, down shed to load trailer and help Sue a bit, M to Melbourne for the day. to see Pauline Mullet talking about growing up on Jacksons track.Home to watch 2 person of interest…not sure about it… bit gun happy ( rain at night?

Thursday 8th

Fine and sunny,superb day,  no plumbers or builders today, Eleanor until about 9, didn’t deliver to Jindivick, do mowing across road, worked on seat all welding done and painted black and wood done, another panel of ball done, Helped Jeff with Cow at window, also started camel, Jeanette came to do some cutting and Sue arrived at end of day,did spaghetti for tea,watched a bit of midwife

Wednesday 7th

Cool and cloudy, slightly finer than yesterday, M has Eleanor, Toy Library, vacuumed, cleaned  out car, work on, ball and assemble piece for M Nth,added waves to boat, painted boat, cut up wood deliver to M Nth( forgot dancing girl) home to do puzzle and nap, Sue worked all day on screen, Jeff came over for morning tea and we commented on his cow.chicken fritters for tea with Eleanor,added to Preston tech days( fairly dull) and watched spicks and specks, the bridge and agony on modern manners

Tuesday 6th

Cool and cloudy, showery? M to dentist then Melbourne to see madge, then back to share club and online marketing thing, Belinda coming, shed guys to put in doors Vick to garden, Jeanette,cut out  things, I tidied bit of shed, started ball of junk and assembled seat frame,also did wood base for piece for Mirboo nth,Plumbers putting in line, talked to Mark re position of plumbing things in Gallery, Ruby moon not coming,( bit crook) go to Judy Mackintosh re sitting, then back for nap,Sue arrived to make jigs, then out online marketing meeting in Warragul with M, home to watch new tricks and talk about meeting

Monday 5th

Cool and cloudy,showery all day, shed guys back, M home, I have to go to Camberwell to pick up remnants of art show.( 9 birds and dogs and big sculpture), home to lunch, M shopping did 2 kookaburras and 1 owl and 1 bird order, set out start of a seat, nap, chicken bits for tea, Pilates,shopping for cat food, Rockwiz

Sunday May 4th

Star wars day, showery, cool, set out pedestals to Jeff’s, tidy centre area, move boards from shed, moved cut off branches to pile,unloaded trailer and cut up excess wood, M to shopping with K and Eleanor,  10 people for open studios, cold and wet, made 3 birds, sold 1 and a chook, Geoff and Mariana, didn’t have to Pick up Red Hill remnants as all sold, brought in pedestals, cleaned out top 3 shelves of freezer,Pizza for tea, watched last two top of the lake and Philomena both excellent.

Saturday May 3rd

Jindi market,mow odd bits now accessible cut up bits for lots of birds did 3 birds, went to market to give out flyers for open studios, called Gary( dingo) to help move stones from parking area, had 4 people visit, 2 bought bird form, Anita came and asked for a pyramid, removed another load of sawdust and more wood from in shed,go to melb with trailer after lunch,loaded up ith stuff, home.scallop pie for tea. Watched gods of wheat st,( excellent) death in paradise( ok..always a delight to watch Sara Martins)  and Reds 2( moved along but a bit comicbook)

Friday May 2nd

Cool and showery,guys  still working on gallery,got three walls done and roof, do fireplace surround,( Helen took it)  M to Melbourne for day and evening, pick up photocopies from printer, distributed it to all sorts of people,did 2 ducks, picked up springs from metal man, Bryan and Jeanette dropped in so did Sue O and so did Jeff, showed new gallery, fish and chips for tea, finished off wine, watched Red 2, and elysium

Thursday May 1st

Fine and mild. Maybe a shower,( no) working on fireplace surround, ( 2 hrs) wood removal tidying up, M has Eleanor for day, Baby Rhyme time, Shed builder back again,( yes) Tooth filling fixed 12.30.dropped papers in to copy centre, did aldi shopping, home for lunch, mowed sculpture garden.nap, sausages for tea. K and E stayed, worked on Keith story, meet the midwife.

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