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November 11, 2014

November 2014

Sunday Nov 30th

Fine and sultry, got warm and sultry, New government Labour and Daniel Andrews, painted rest of arch and ugly duckling,did 12 flowers, put two kookas on trees, started another seat, Put up Cow picture on back wall of gallery,nap and puzzle M to Melbourne to see em and Madge, back home to go to Kerries open studio, Bart working on Lathe, 5 people through garden and Gallery including Phil and Graeme, salad and frankfurts for tea, outback choir, cilla and …

Saturday Nov 29th

Cool and misty fined up warm and sunny 26?, voting day state election,mowed a bit, added other side to ugly duckling and put on stand, painted one side of bird, repaired Arch and painted one side, Wendy and Mike came to pick up musical seat,8 other through garden, M off shopping with Kathleen, KFC for tea, Meeniyan for welcome to the Riff Raff, did a few drawing gave most to the bands.

Friday Nov 28th

Fine and cool to begin.warmed up to sunny day, M to get Eleanor and go to play as David is bringing home some furniture for Eleanor,adding rock to bird sculpture and mowing?, Sue moving paintings as plaster delivered,Jeff called in and Helen around lunchtime LOL in evening casserole tea.talked to Sabrina and phillip,Annie and Bev and Ian, home to watch last two elementarys.

Thursday  Nov 27th

Fine and Cool,fined up to warm and sunny, M has Eleanor all day and part of the night, Baby Rhyme time and toy library, finish off BBSN sculpture painting, get red paint,( 47) and mesh( 93), do more on bird sculpture ( all painted on one side ready for rocks tomorrow, assemble seat, start another seat ,puzzle nap rissoles for tea, walk, watched Bogan,reading book, M took Eleanor home for  a bath..

Wednesday Nov 26th

Fine and cool, M has Eleanor all day( niggly most of day), , finishing off BBSN sculpture, start another seat , painted sign, and seat, did wood as well, cut out red flowers too and cows for seat.,nap Helen talk in library 6.00 good, pub tea at family hotel( yum) home to 1 shield, and home delivery and the Nationals

Tuesday Nov 25th

Fine and cool  Belinda finished sunflowers and painted, Bear coming, did 6 chooks and another 6 out of corrugated iron, I did 10 chooks and most of BBSN sculpture, grouted rest of bird baths and also did 1 sunflower, M shopping  including metal, then drive to Rosedale to meet Caleb to deliver Ralph, Bart did 3 hours in arvo on horseshoe racks,watched a shield and elementary

Monday Nov 24th

Fine and cool, assembled seat, started BBsn sign/sculpture, mosaiced first birdbath, created and painted second birdbath, Rained most of afternoon  Ruby Moon did people, lady through garden, man bought chook, tacos for tea, M went to Pilates, I cut out chook wings and mosaiced second bird bath, reading Capital, watched 5th Element.

Sunday Nov 23rd

Fine and mild, finished welding seat and painting wood and painting seat, assembled shield, made a metal birdbath/feeder, went to Melb to see Jean Paul Gautier collection.. fascinating and very creative, also some drawings and smell garden,lunch at southbank back via trains planes and auto exhibition, Home and phone call from Cressida and other lady re money left in shed( by 2) Bart arrived and had a long talk with us , then Jeff, sausages for tea watching Countdown, Cilla and Healing( eagles and owls  Australian film.. very good)

Saturday Nov 22nd

Fine and sunny, M has Eleanor most of day,finished  mosaicing shield and grout,ed both sides, did 9 flowers,attached 3 kookas to stands, added the back and arms to the musical seat seat, cut out the wood for seat, 3 loads of dirt delivered,6 people thru garden, Whelans   came over to see I was still alive, had a nice talk, stayed for tea, played with Eleanor,watched…

Friday Nov 21st

Cool and showery, fined up nicely as day went on,M took me shopping for metal( 16mm rod, 1.6mm sheet)(131.82) Mig wire(40.50) , plasma tips( 35) and paint and saw blade( 122.18) and Aldi shopping and Drouin shopping for groceries, home for lunch, Tim wills called in talked for a while and showed him Gallery, briefly talked to Jeff and Jeanette, naps all round, Puzzle. Tea was lasagne from yesterday, watched Peter Paul and Mary, a bit of Linda Ronstadt and Gravity and 1 elementary.

Thursday Nov 20th

Breezy cloudy and warm, M has Eleanor all day, get together at Gary’s tonight, worked  on cutting out more flowers and assembled 12 Then worked on shield  sculpture, all welded part painted and part mosaiced, nap went out to Gary’s saw Sue, Laurel, Ross, Gary, Kerrie, Jand J, Judy and Bruce, and lots of others.came home watched bogan on I view

Wednesday Nov 19th

Cool and mild to begin, Eleanor all day, work on 4 kookaburras, start new shield sculpture, talked to Alan who came at lunch time, Nap, Talked to sue for a while, Barry Sell dropped in milk stand thing for letterbox, M has a cold quiche for tea, walk, watched about Time( and really enjoyed it)

Tuesday Nov 18th

Fine and sunny, up a bit early, Belinda,worked on sunflowers,I did 4 birds and 1 pelican, cut out pieces for 4 more Kookaburras, made 2 dishes for birdbath/feeders, M to Melbourne, Valerie and Roger came to pick up stuff.( 900) Vick and Mick came through and dropped off Pig and Kangaroos, 2 loads of washing out,nap puzzle, M cooked tea, Jeanette dropped in, walk and rang wayne, watched first contact,and bit of dateline.

Monday Nov 17th

Cool and showery, M had a restless night, vick not coming , Karen and Peter and girl  coming to discuss tourism thing, did 5 dogs and a kookaburra,lunch, nap, Ruby moon did pastel flower in afternoon,Nap, Bart Mowing Lawn, M cooking Kievs for tea no pilates for me today, watched 2 person of interest, reading Capital, watched 1 shield and started on Boardwalk empire.

Sunday Nov 16th

Rained all night, cool and misty to start, work in shed did 5 dogs and 1 Kooka,, M has Eleanor all day, Caleb home,lunch, nap, played with Eleanor, painted and worked in front room started on Darnum pamphlet, Fish and Chips for tea, Countdown remembered and Cilla, then 1 elementary

Saturday Nov 15th

Cool and fine,  up at 6.30 have breakfast off to Warragul art market, Jeff and Jeanette helped M unload trailer and set up, sold 1100 including big pig saw lots of people, home for nap talked to Ben re BBSN then Bart arrived and mowed we helped move pieces, M cooked Lasagne for tea, Caleb and Ralph arrived, New tricks and 2 shield and 1 big bang

Friday Nov 14th

Sultry and cloudy to begin, cooled down and breezy, caught up on computer stuff, diary, facebook and emails, added Neerim sth info to website , vacuumed and sorted clothes from my wardrobe, unloaded the car and loaded the car, Jeanette called in to say they would help with the trailer tonight, M off to capture Eleanor, welded bird back together lunch nap, did 8 flowers and 4 hearts! And move a few frames down the shed,played with Eleanor, Jeff and Jeanette and M helped load the trailer for tomorrow, Chicken schnitzel for tea cooked by M, Eleanor saw a new calf.…watched 2 bogan and 1 kitchen cabinet on I view..

Thursday  Nov 13th

Due for angiogram at 7.00, put off to 9.30,Michael Roe was the dr, then restlessly sitting around with M til about 3.30 when released to go home. Cant drive. M did that Jeff Jeanette and Sue came over to see I was ok, M cooked sausages for tea, Kathleen and Eleanor after tea.  watched 2 big bang, bed slept well.

Wednesday Nov 12th

Restless night, wired up to machine that goes bing, M came down to keep me company, Sue Ling Liew was the Dr ,had pace maker fitted after lunch, listened to music, read book,Emily and M came in evening,  watched bit of TV

Tuesday Nov 11th

Cool and mild, went for walk ¾ road, reading Capital, tidied shed,Belinda came and started a giant sunflower, I finished two started yesterday, and 1 duck, 1 Kooka and 1 Bird. David Doyle dropped in,, M to Melbourne,medical tests and x ray, drop off girl at Aprils, metal for seats,BBQ at Jodies re share club break up, called into hospital with a blocked heart shown up in tests, ambulance to Knox private.

Monday Nov 10th

Cool and mild, cloudy, went for walk ¾ road,worked in shed on 12 flowers and cut out and did ½ sunflowers, also sanded and applied vinegar and salt to lake back,meeting N sth 11.00,re review of aspects of the bower, left at 12.20 to be home to meet Dickson who then bought Bolt”( 800) lunch and nap then  Ruby Moon 2.00,did lined paper snake and view, off to Dr re shortness of breath, test tomorrow, M cooked tea, Pilates( just 3) then home to 1 elementary and 1 big bang.Finished treasure island.M has a sore throat and cold.

Sunday Nov 9th

Much better night, cool and sunny, Open Studios today.added a bit to N sth brochure, Printed off new signs for sculptures and inserted, mowed across rd in front of house, grouted Lake and cleaned up started cutting out flowers( about 16 done) about 16 people through garden for open studios, Noelene came out to see the gallery, Sue dropped out for a chat,went to Tyers to pick up pieces ( nothing of mine sold) first prize metalwork and highly commended for Caleb, drove Ralph to Rosedale to meet up with Caleb send Ralph home, then back via Pizza for tea Pete and Jo came for birdbath,watched Dr Who( end of series) then 1 shield and 1 big bang.

Saturday Nov 8th

Had a restless night sore leg and back, up and loaded trailer ( 30), to Rokeby saw a variety of people, graham,sold about 650 and Vicki dropped off payment for reading girl, home then unload trailer, painted seat, nap, out to Judy’s opening saw Ingrid,Kerrie and Chris Emmerson, back home take seat to Noojee, home n visiting, tea of fish pieces and salad, nap, out to Bryans for a in house trivia night.

Friday Nov 7th

Fine and sunny( 30?) M to melb to see Madge, working on N sth brochure, mosaicing Lake, paid for metal from Warragul steel,got brochures from Helen and ltalked to Loris and bob,, visit metalman,keith, got rims,bought glue from bunnings, home and sold Centre of it all to Marg, also finished black board sign for gallery,tea was schnitzel, out to Travs opening, saw Gary Ang, Rhona, Craig, Helen, Daryl, Trav,Wendy, called in on Sue and Paul,home to one big bang.

Thursday Nov 6th

Cool and grey to begin fined up nicely, did 20 flowers and then worked on Lake sculpture,wally dropped off bent pieces from Warragul steel,nap, M has Eleanor all day, dinner in evening at courthouse re art business,good talk with angie, Jeanette, Helen, Marian and me, home to watch 1 elementary

Wednesday Nov 5th

Cool and showery to begin,warmed up during day, M has Eleanor all day,added owls to sticks,then started on Lake, one side mostly done, went to Warragul to buy steel and junk metal (137.10) and 20 from recycler, aldi shopping, dropped excess coins in at Bendigo bank, paid paper bill, home to puzzle and nap, letter saying I had won Rutherglen.tea was chicken stroganoff, unloaded car, watched home delivery and last 2 blacklists.

Tuesday Nov 4th

Cup day, fine and mild,M to Melbourne to visit Madge and take Em home then minding Eleanor in arvo, Belinda,left at 11 after working on Tricycle, I did 4 ducks, 3 small dogs cut out pieces for 4 owls and assembled, had Ray and wife visit, 2 more people, a bike rider and a family group that bought a kookaburra. Jeff came over and M back about 3.00, watched the cup, the predestinator wins,naps all around and went shopping  pie for tea. Watched end of kitchen cabinet, flying miners, 1 shield and 1 big bang, worked on Neerim sth brochure and a bit on lifestyle piece

Monday Nov 3rd

Fine and sunny, did an hour on things happening around area, went to N sth, to check on Nose cone, name of Café, where wetlands are and caravan park. Met Mick and Jackie and also people from yesterday who bought stuff. Back home, and worked on characters for the suitors, all assembled and 1 paint, mowed lower paddock, family group came trough and Jackie from Caravan park( 100) M and Em back from Bairnsdale.Spanokopita for tea, watched 1 elementary, Em watched the Island while I did writing for Lifestyle, then 1 blacklist

Sunday Nov 2nd

Cold and showery,( no Longwarry market) 10 people through garden, Attached 10 birds to sticks,Natasha from Kew brought back 2 pieces that hadn’t sold in Splash and they went off to hunt down my reading girl bought her,,took 4 pieces to Tyers and met Ryan parsons, another metalworker doing similar things, had a nap.made spanokopita for tea, watched Dr who and 3 person of Interest.

Saturday Nov 1st

Up at 6.cold and showery, off to Elwood, set up , Jeff and Jeanette there before me. Sold a few birds, flowers and odd things( 400) home via JB bought dvds some music some film, home to Drouin, shopped for tea and catfood,M down Bairnsdale.mnap, mae wraps for tea, watched bit of Linda Ronstadt and T 1 and T 2.

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