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October 11, 2014

October 2014

Thursday Oct 30th

Cool and mild, 1bird and 2 dogs,1 Kooka on stand,1 peacock, 1 chook, 2 Kookas,, M has Eleanor all day, went  to Morwell to get springs( 200), bought 16mm reo( 101) meeting Grange 3.00, Nick welding 5 to 7.00, M cooked tea, kiev, watched bogan and date

Wednesday Oct 29th

Cool to start, fined up, did 3 kookaburras, 4 birds, Belinda came and worked on Tricycle, Don Barrett came and dropped off wooden form, Jeanette came over at morning tea, Vicki gardened and chose sculptures for her open day, M has Eleanor all day( Toy library),went to vickis to drop off sculptures went to Warragul for meeting but must have got day wrong, shopped for tea and bookclub ( the household guide to dying),home for puzzle and nap  more tidying up did sausages for tea, M too Eleanor home, showed bookclub people the gallery, good discussion of book by Anne, Lois, Sue, George, Helen, Marian and me, watched 1 elementary,

Tuesday Oct 28th

Up usual time had a walk,fine and sunny up here, found a place for breakfast packed car and paid had breakfast went to info centre, Jenni King came and decided sculpture could sit in their courtyard, headed home again, stopped at Euroa, lovely town wandered up and down main st, bought op shop stuff, a book and a plant as well as a quiche for tea. Went on to Seymour, stopped at Info centre and looked at art, a bit of a ratty town, had lunch at a bakery( pie) then went via Yea and Toolangi and healesville and Yarra junction home. Graham brought back pigs from Salami festa( had only sold a piglet) had quiche ( excellent) for tea and tidied up for bookgroup then 1 shield, 1 elementary and 2 big bang

Monday Oct 27th

Cool and rainy, storms overnight in Melb, loaded car and left for Rutherglen, traffic ratty until we got onto eastlink)went via east link, stopped pre Craigieburn for petrol then on to Benalla, (Fine and sunny other side of ranges)  was impressed with land around Euroa, had lunch in Benalla ( best vanilla slice )then went to Benalla art gallery ( not much ,Wesleys collection and some aboriginal work) bought a few things at some shops then went off to Wangaratta, stopped at their art Gallery and saw the national Portrait show( bought Catalog) then off to Springhurst and up to Rutherglen( rescued a tortise from the middle of the road) found a motel, toured around a bit brought home a rose cutting, tea at Chinese restaurant at Pub( excellent) then home to watch TV( I slept) leg a bit awkward during evening but eventually settled down after some Pilates exercises.

Sunday Oct 26th

Cool and misty, fined up after lunch, Gardivalia,54 people through including a busload from Terang, Neerim sth arts festival, didn’t get to see , made 3 dogs 1 bird, 1 lyrebird, 1 kookaburra and cut out pieces for 6 more kookas and some flowers, Picked up work from Rotary( along with Jeff) none sold, made 350 over day at home, M had Eleanor all afternoon( sees likeness to Emily in actions) had chops and noodles for tea, watched Dr who,the code last episode, and 1 blacklist and 1 Big Bang. Looked at map to Rutherglen.

Saturday Oct 25th

Cool and misty, Gardivalia, M back from Bairnsdale about 4.30 I made 2 cats, 2 kookaburras, 1 Pelican, and 2 birds as well as 4 birds on sticks, about 54 people through garden, sold ballet girl, an owl on a tree, a kooka on a tree, and a bird on a stick and a bird,Didn’t go out to Neerim meeting or Guides trivia, bit tired, M the same, watched new tricks Em rang watched 1 elementary and 1 big bang

Friday Oct 24th

Fine and mild,sunny warm end, M to Bairnsdale to help Caleb tidy house, Work on big piece dancing to the music of time, all finished apart from some more painting, John brooks picked up pieces and also a goanna, people came for wallaby wood sign, also did other oak tree piece for Jan and also delivered, sue dropped off a cut off wheel which I passed on to Jeff, Jeff did some work on the gate while I was away, I visited Rotary show, two people came through garden, wraps for tea, watched Red and person of Interest.,

Thursday Oct 23rd

Cool and grey, Power out, M has Eleanor all day and into evening.did 2 dogs and 2 birds, mowed everywhere, bought metal for oak tree,nap puzzle,Bus load of people at midday, chicken skewers for tea.and cous cous, M rang Caleb and Don, watched 1 blacklist, bogan and it’s a date.

Wednesday Oct 22nd

Fine and Sunny( 31) M has Eleanor all day, Luke came and bought reading girl( rock) and star bringer. working on big piece edges done and back face started, and 2 birds .Alan Mathews dropped in at lunch, nap and puzzle.talked to Jeff, re photo shoot, schnitzel and salad for tea, watched 1 agents of shield a bit of home delivery and Salamander.back a bit out overnight

Tuesday Oct 21st

Fine and sunny, no power from 9.00( lies.. power all day) , unload car of metal, set out new piece start welding( 1/3 done) , paint pig,did 10 flowers and 6 birds on sticks,Paddy rang up to commiserate about the death of Gough, Sue arrived, talked on verandah, lunch, deliver pieces to April, M to Melbourne, Deliver to Rotary saw jeanette and jeffs piece for Rotary,3 people through garden, Brad North picked up a bending jig,  Made Bobotie for tea, watched 1 elementary and Gough Whitlam 129.6 back a bit out overnight


Monday Oct 20th

Fine and sunny, still,Unload pieces from Kew,  M still down Bairnsdale coming home tonight, Vicky to Garden, finished Pig 2,Huw picked up balls, Graham came around to pick up pigs, Went to Warragul to get steel,( 130) Lyn came around to get easel fixed ,Ruby Moon  did faces and pumpkin,M home, chicken simmer and chips for tea, added to website, Pilates 1 blacklist and 1 big bang

, Sunday Oct 19th

Fine and Breezy, change in arvo?, work on Pig 2 lots done`M to Bairnsdale to help Caleb tidy up for moving, Gardivalia,( 50 people through garden)Pick up stuff from Kew Primary art show.( sold all birds and dogs and 1 small piece), home Fish and chips, Dr Who and the code.and a couple of person of Interest.131.4

Saturday Oct 18th

Fine and Sunny off to Warragul arts market, new spot, sold lots of birds on sticks,, talked to Joan, Craig, Mark and Carol, Carol, Virginia, Rency, and Sarah,Gita, Andrew,( 450) Home to talk to Kens busload for Gardivalia, M has been here all day,nap,( 50 or so people through garden, sausages and eggs for tea( M) and called in on Jeff and Jeanette.watched 1 Big Bang, New Tricks, 1 agents of shield.

Friday Oct 17th

Fine and Sunny, do other ½ of arch, car in for service and wheel alignment, M to Melb to visit Madge, Girls coming To do woodwork. And plasma cut drum, I did another cat, added bears butterfly wings to a body, mowed lawn, did another bird on a stick,painted sign, added to for tea, 2 loads of washing, Puzzle and nap,watched 1 elementary, Happy Valley and silent witness and 1 big bang.

Thursday Oct 16th

Cool and mild fine shower,did 1/2 arch, finished wallaby sign,did a dog, Warburton old folks came and visited as it rained, repaired their step, Marika and siter came and looked at stuff, I did shopping in Drouin in Morning,M has Eleanor all day and into evening, enter Tyers bought $20 steel pipe from Warragul Steel,Paul came and bought Mortgage( 500),June came and said she wanted to buy flight from N sth show, nap, helped Jeff cut up wood( belt on saw gone) David delivered a collection of drills and tools in morning, egg and bacon slice for tea( Eleanor liked it) then watched upper middle Bogan and It’s a date( excellent) then 1 black list and 1 big bang

Wednesday Oct 15th

Cool and mild, April and Tina couldn’t come  bear coming, M has Baby all day, K has the flu,did wallaby cut out with plasma, did 6 bird cutouts and onto sticks, wombat for order, started arch , and worked on small cat, helped bear do chooks, went and bought frame for wallaby and also tube and mesh for rest of arch, nap,tuna casserole for tea, then 1 black list 1 big bang, bit of rainforest, Home delivery( Dave Hughes, Warrnambool) then Salamander

Tuesday Oct 14th

No rain, cool to mild, M to Melbourne to see Madge Belinda worked on chain plant stand,I did 2 birds and1 Pelican and  1dog and painted and assembled kinder tables, painted reading girl and I’d move the world for you, Jeanette came over and worked on branches, lunch then pumped up tyre and took it into be fixed( new tyres 250), called in on Helen and paid her 50 for open studios, booked car in for Friday, bought steel at Warragul steel( 130) aldi shopping, home to see M and puzzle and nap, Pinwheels for tea, back better dropped off flight at N sth( some lovely work there) watched 1 shield, 1 elementary and 1 Big Bang.

Monday Oct 13th

Rainy and grey, chiropractors appt,home to finish welding last kinder table, painted ½, did wood for second table, painted one set, 2 birds and 1 pelican M has dentist appt, Ruby Moon in arvo, did elephant box, nap, puzzle, Caleb here, Spaghetti for tea, Pilates caleb attached sound bar, watched 1 black list, back sore, rained ½ night.

Sunday Oct 12th

Cool and Gray,fined up mid morning( 29?) took stuff to Vicky at Garden Expo,hurt back again, mowed bottom paddock and parts of top, Angela and Bryce and ava from pear tree cottage dropped in to look at sculpture garden, talked to them, Nick and… dropped in and talked to them re welding lessons, one glass panel in galley is broken( possible mower)  working on kinder order still, added tabs and painted some, found wood for workbench tops, about 10 people through the garden  finished Troll mountain, M cooked chops for tea,then went off to help Kathleen I watched  Dr Who and the code and when M came home 2 big bang theory..

Saturday Oct 11th

Cool and grey to start but gradually fined up, Rokeby Market, talked to lots of people, a couple of orders, sold $300  mainly birds on sticks, then home to unload trailer and car( 6 people through garden) up to Tesselaar to pick up girls, home via shopping at Emerald( Big bang theory 7) read papers then out to tea with Kerrie and Chris and Judy and bruce and others. M went to Rokeby( helped me pack up) then off with Kathleen to Morwell harvest Kitchen for Dinner with Sue Acheson and Roger, Judy and Bruce Mackintosh, and their welsh relatives, Kerry and Chris, nice meal and giant bowl of chips!

Friday Oct 10th

Cool and grey, hurt back a bit loading into car, picked up trolley from David, then off to melb to drop off stuff for kew art show( splash)(finally found it, Google had it listed in some other spot) and see Madge( looking good, seeming well and quite with it), had lunch at Hungry Jacks home via mower place( 250) for deck) nap, then mowed lower part of lower paddock and around house, belt that drives it came off but I “fixed” it. Chicken Kiev for tea, load trailer for tomorrow.watched Non Stop ( Liam Neeson) involving and another Elementary

Thursday Oct 9th

Fine and sunny, laminate signs, work on kinder furniture,( 4 seat frames 2 table frames)  do Ian order,helped Jeff with frame for his seat of horseshoes, feeling grumpy, Knee a bit sore, M has Eleanor all day, Kathleen brought Indian for tea, went out to film night magic and moonlight a fairly slow and uninteresting film. Home to watch 1 Black List

Wednesday Oct 8th

Cool and grey, Neerim bower girls( April and Tina) today,busload of people from Ringwood, put together 10 flowers, cut out 1 kooka. M has Eleanor all day cold better, drive to Traralgon to Pick up Ralph and have tea with Caleb at Hotel, home ( eclipse) to watch 1 Black List and Salamander

Tuesday Oct 7th

Snuffly after a leg bounce night and cough,Cool and breezy, grey and showery, tidy shed, do other side of heart welding, did 2 birds and 3 dogs,a peacock a Lyre bird and a Pelican, Jeanette came and welded leaves for an hour or so, Jane came and welded her containers, visited by Pakenham special school boys,Hoopers came and picked up panels,Belinda did 2 nice stands as yet unpurposed, Nap and Puzzle, Sausage rolls for tea. M to Melb, watched the sixties then 1 elementary and 1 agents of Shield hard for M to go to sleep with cough

Monday Oct 6th

Mild and cool, supposed to warm up then showers, finish last big piece and painted  and then start the of relationships/ suitors, did one side and sorted bit of bolt box, helped Jeff with a frame, delivered mower deck to repairers, Vicky Gardened( 100) , M has a day off! 2 naps, sausages for tea,Pilates then home to watch the Heat… (ok) rain at night, still warmish

Sunday Oct 5th

Cool and grey,fined up nicely, daylight saving, going to Longwarry market, bought sanding discs, punches, wire brush and cut off wheels( 25) and also 3 DVDs to Warragul saw Di Blackwood then got new dvdhome for lunch,worked on stand and characters for I’d move the world for you. M to pick up Eleanor, I went to opening of Gardivalia ( saw Helen Trish, Vick, Hayden, Rona)and serigraph show( Helen Ingrid, Alison, Elizabet, Phil Keith, Chris and Kerrie) home to talk briefly with Jeff, people came to pick up kinder furniture, talked to Jeanette re her designs, rissoles for tea, watched Dr Who and the code and 2 Black list

Saturday Oct 4th

Fine and sunny( 27?) went to Jindi Market, said hello to a few people( Sam and David and Vicki) bought petrol to mow,,mowed 2 parts of yard and pulley and belt broke, Painted reading girl,did a bit more on I’d move the world.. 10 people through garden, Sue came out mid afternoon, talked to her then Craig Fison and Joanne Parkin came and we talked until the sun got lower in the sky. M came home about 6.30 and we did spaghetti for tea,Caleb rang up and seems to have bought a house 350 thou in Bairnsdale, New Tricks, DVD player on the blink.reading Gone Girl, finished, snuffly nose, M coughing up big goobies

Friday Oct 3rd

Cool and Grey, showery,fined up beautifully working on I’d move the world for youground all edges and welded face,Taryn Sue and charley came and bought Tailors nightmare,( 150) went to Warragul to get all phamplets reprinted, ( 160) also plasma tipps( 33) and metal from war steel( 66) then to Drouin to see metal man( 50) and home to read gone girl in sun and nap.,M has the day off to do washing and just anything not baby related,Tea at Harvest Kitchen to meet Craig and Shoko.had schnitzel and ox cheeks( both lovely) home to find DVD didn’t want to work, M watched TV ( george Gently) I read in bed( Gone Girl)

Thursday Oct 2nd

Cool and grey, showery,  working on “reading girl “( finished except painting and seat) and “I’d move the world for you”.( all junk welded and edges) M had Eleanor all day ,I had 3 naps  due to crap night and cold,and took Barney to Vets re sore leg, out to Pizza tea with other artists.Jeff and Jeanette, Helen and Angela and me and M

Wednesday October 1st

Rainy after rain and thunder overnight.. like tropical showers, heavy and sudden, reading Gone Girl, both of us have a cold( M worse than me) Mike Stanway coming today to weld, working on reading girl and not much else, got worse after lunch with aches and pains, David set up sound bar, I went to bed had food poisoning..miserable all night..

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