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September 11, 2014

September 2014

Tuesday 30th September

Mild and a bit cloudy, Belinda coming late, worked on flower stand/stool I fixed the locks on the gallery, went to Warragul to get plasma cutting things, delivered screen to lady, people came to pick up red tree I worked on reading girl, Jeff came over for a talk, nap and puzzle, getting M’s cold, went to Drouin for basic shopping and cold tablets,

Monday 29th September

Fine and sunny to begin, Pieta arrives with Joanna, Stephanie and Michael, walk and talk, M to Melb with Em, me shopping and getting cable for soundbar, Picked up Grinder and belts( 55)working on reading man did hands, John Brooks dropped in and paid for falling man and a pelican,(450) had a nice talk with him and his wife, Sue came out and we hung her paintings on the gallery walls, set up I pad for Kindle., left  over lasagne for tea,Pilates home to watch 1 black list and 1 shield.

Sunday 28th September

60 yrs old, windy and sunny, mowed across rd, finished hoopers panels, M and E to help Kathleen move,added to reading man, tidied, nap, puzzle, Caleb arrives roast for tea,Kathleen and David and Eleanor over as well, was given an I pad and a sound bar for the TV, watched Dr Who and Monty Python Very windy in afternoon and Evening.

Saturday Sept 27th

Cool and mild,Cathy Smith in morning helped put wings on Bike, started work on Hooper panels,Sue came out and we talked about shows, electric bikes and Helen,Linda came to Pick up Bird seat and also bought firescreen seat( 360), sue and David came and visited and ordered an arch,, Grand final Hawks v Swans in arvo, M to help Kathleen,Emily to come down?chicken parcels for tea, watched the bank Job and 1 elementary

Friday Sept 26th

Cool and mild day, 3 dogs, deliver prow and kangaroos to Bacchus Marsh,(1200) M is here with Bear and Eleanor, David coming to talk to bear re computer,backat 3.30 via fountain gate and lunch and shopping also called in at Hoopers re more corrugated iron,,nap and puzzle, drop Eleanor back then to Kerrie Warren opening at Morwell Gallery, saw people didn’t talk much, back to Warragul and Pepe’s Pizza, ok home to watch 1 elementary.

Thursday 25th September

Plasterers and electrician here to organise ceiling of gallery,I did a second Just do it piece, and 2 of Hoopers panels,bought metal for more frames for panels and basic shopping, Bear arrived mid arvo, M to mind Eleanor, Jaz  and spencer coming after lunch, lasagne for tea.eleanor wowed the troops and we then watched Maleficient

Wednesday 24th September

Mild and cloudy,finish piglets repaired and painted red tree added to white king,, mowing bottom paddock M back from Bairnsdale, stainless steel things for lady done and also 2 bird forms from her supplied things, Jaz came and welded and 2 people with grandkids came and visited the garden,jaz did 1 character and so did I, lamb patties for tea,  rain in evening,watched 1 black list then utopia and reality check. M watched sleep deprived mothers

Tuesday 23rd September

Fine and Sunny, M off to Bairnsdale, Belinda coming, and worked on a rocket, I did Road hog, cut up tube for piglets, and painted pig and started painting black king,Jeanette came over pre their weekly times interview and Jeff came over after interview, talked a while, took bird pieces to N sth and saw Christine, home to mow house block, beer and reading book from 4.00, lady came to have some pieces made,eggs on toast for tea,reading Personal by Lee child, watched the 60’s and a bit of beautiful creatures then the Blitz( pretty poor)

Monday 22nd September

Fine and sunny, Vick gardened, work on bird piece for Serigraph, fixed most of white king did 6 birds on sticks, swapped cars with M who was helping Kathleen, Naomi and Fay move,went to steel place in Pakenham looked for concrete cutter in Springvale, go to Melb to help take down Cas Exhibition,, stopped and had tea and read book a bit then home to watch end of agents of shield episode, the black list and Elementary. Didn’t go to Pilates as I was too late and M was stuffed.

Sunday 21st September

Cool , mild, clouds, fined up to a beautiful day, cut out bird piece and make heart for N sth, fix other bird piece, 2 people came and bought Red tree( need to fix) and 2 more came back to have another look around, went to Nossall to pick up the 4 small pieces, bought shopping and Chinese tea on way home, have Eleanor until 10.00 as K and D out to tea.  watched Dr Who and the Code.

Saturday 20th September

Cool and showery, do panel side of pig add figures to candleholder, all finished, had show lady ring up and negotiate sale of Bridge( 550) Bart came and picked up work and dropped off two wine, M to Melb to see Madge and Em and Stephen and Kristin, I watched end of football ( Hawthorn by 3 points) and cooked lamb butterfly, watched The black list( stewmaker) and  agents of shield 4

Friday 19th September

cool and showery, paint inside of mail box, get metal for Hoopers frames,( 88) start pigs for show, ( 1 done in the junk but no panels yet) also did 2 characters for candlestick, need cleaning, Bart and jaz after lunch? Josh and girl coming to pick up mail box,( 300) did 2 dogs,( last day of term) M helped David for two hours with Eleanor, and then at fountain gate with Kathleen and Eleanor  I watched spiderman 2 and end of swans Nth Melb match( 100/50)

Thursday 18th September

Cool and sunny, showers?, ( stiff shoulder) added numbers and letter cover to letterbox and painted, working today at Jindivick primary for art day, M has Eleanor until 9.00, home about 3.00, nap, shopping in Warragul and Drouin, new pad for sander( 34) home chicken mini roast for tea to Nossall to get best sculpture prize.(100) wnet to bed reading Dan Brown Inferno.

Wednesday 17th September

cool and grey, showery, cold, rainy, sunny, tidied more in shed and surrounds, Sally and Paul for day, Paul finished Emu, Sally finished face and leaves, I finished Ring my bell welding and paintingcut out 2 birds for sticks, delivered 5 pieces to Nossal High art show, M had Eleanor all day( toy library) and then out in evening with Eleanor and Kathleen and David for talk on Depression, sausages for tea watched Utopia and Reality check and 2nd agents of shield

Tuesday 16th September

Cool and grey, Belinda worked on Helicopter I did 1peacock, pelican and Lyrebird, also house numbers for letterbox,started on ring my bell Jeanette came over for morning tea, bought steel (55) shopped,and delivered Jans order,tidied slightly puzzle and nap, chicken for tea then watched the 60’s and Clive, Barry Germaine and Robert then 1 Blacklist(3)

Monday15th Sept

Mild and cloudy, Vicky to garden,did 10 flowers and assembled, do mailbox and range of flowers, tidy shed more,sort rack a bit and make better storage solutions, puzzle , Pies for tea, Bart working on Globe, Pilates watched 1 elementary and 1 agents of shield.

Sunday 14th Sept

‘mild and cloudy,welded  top panel for hoopers screen,and drilled holes , probably finished, did 3 big flowers for Jan,and heart piece too added paint to seat, demolished blackwood wardrobe in shed and made a rack for the sheet steel, 4 people visited, 1 order for candleholder, Bart and Jaz came in late afternoon and welded., M to help Kathleen move/pack by minding Eleanor for day, M made tea( Kievs) and then we watched Dr who, Anzac girls and M watched the Bletchley circle

Saturday 13th Sept

Fine and sunny( all day) went to Rokeby sold birds on sticks and flowers and a bird a pelican and a lyrebird.(350). Talked to Corey Ward and Sandy, saw Jude and Leanne and Tracelle, talked to Sue O, Jeff got lots of comments on the horseshoe balls, home for lunch, whipper snip, unload trailer, put up sign, nap. M off at art business seminar all day with Jeanette, Vicki , Graham and chip tea at Jeff and Jeanettes, talked over day, home to another Black list and end of pt Adelaide Freo match

Friday 12th Sept

Cool and showery,fined up, M to melb to see madge, finish second panel of hoopers screen mowed lower paddock and weeded a bit, tidied things Podiatrist 9.00, metal for letter box, shopped at aldi,called in on Helen and Andrew, just going out, home to mow,assembled seats… one good… loaded trailer, chicken skewers for tea, watched Grand Budapest Hotel( Hmmmmm) then elementary ( series 2 , 1) and The black List 1.(  good)

Thursday 11th Sept

Started early, Rainy to begin,not bad most of day, did other side of  hoopers panel and did 1 side of the second panel, did a recycled seat and a second seat using ken Kerchevals firescreen,visited Jeff and Jeanettewent to N sth and saw Keith Chris and Janice, entered in serigraph show, M has Eleanor all day, baby rhyme time, nap, tea was casserole and rice, watched last two true Detective and Last Leg.

Wednesday 10th September

Fine and mild, picked up sculptures blown down, vacuumed back room,M has Eleanor for day, started to tidy up in shed, Had Paul and Sally arrive, showed them arc welding, finished one side of Hoopers panel they worked on their pieces happily, nap, puzzle and sausages for tea, Kathleen and David over for a bit watched 1 true detective and end of utopia and reality check.

Tuesday 9th Sept

Windy, showery, Belinda worked on tractor,  added hinges to gates and painted them I did 2 ducks and 2 birds, then started Hoopers panels, shopped for washers, dropped off abn at arts centre, dropped off tulips tickets to Teresa, bought green paint, did some shopping, home for nap and puzzle, slow cooker for tea, M had share club, watched who do you tink you are Rove McManus, and the War that changed us and read Hell Island by Mathew Reilly. and started Inferno Dan Brown

Monday 8th Sept

Fine and sunny, lovely mild day,finished welding Lindas seat all painted black and wood done, reglued wooden filing cabinet drawer front,did 2 birds on sticks and 2 ducks on sticks, painted back of Jans oak and oakleaves,added bits to attach to gate,tidied up a bit, took load to Tip( 70) and visited Keith and brought home wood and springs, unloaded, painted panels with penetrol again, painted Belindas crocodiles teeth,nap, puzzle and reading book steak for tea, Pilates watched end of history of Science fiction and 1 true detective windy

Sunday Sept 7th

Fine and sunny, beautiful day, charge mower, look at plasma cutter( got going but a bit rough), cut out birds for back of seat, go to Longwarry market,bought Dvds and sanding discs, home to mow lawn,read book , took load to tip but wasn’t open on fathers day! Em and Caleb cleaned out shed,took Em home and went to CSA and picked up Complex,  wrap for teea, watched Dr Who( silly) and Anzac Girls then read in bed( The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly)

Saturday Sept 6th

Cool and foggy to begin with, lady coming for greyhounds, man coming for Hawk,( came) Jindi Market( not impressed the flyer for Jindivick left me out!) M and Em went to morning tea at Harvest Kitchen, worked on second gate mostly finished,fine and sunny from 11.30  deliver the girls  to Tessellar at 12-1 home to do mowing but flat battery to do plasma cutting but broken switch? roast tea for fathers day( Bah Humbug)  with Kathleen and Eleanor and David, Em and Caleb,all pleasant, Em had tidied front room, watched the Winter soldier.quite good

Friday Sept 5th

Fine and sunny beautiful day,Podiatrist at 9.00, drop M off at Madges and go set up exhibition CAS, pick up M lunch, went to east land and bought a new stereo for the kitchen,Pick up Em from school.Home then fish and chip tea, Eleanor for evening( mostl asleep) while David and K went out for their anniversary. Watched the Monuments men

Thursday Sept 4th

fine and sunny to start, Bec and Tina coming, M has Eleanor all day ( Baby Rhyme time)went and got tube for weatherhead projects and 4 lengths of 16mm for me( 220) home to put together sink cabinet, bit messy, painted last door panel, did panel for Valerie then 1 gate, puzzle and nap. Chicken Pasta for tea, watched 1 true detective, silk and last leg

Wednesday Sept 3rd

Mums birthday, cool and showery..Eleanor coming all day, Toy Library, Nerissa coming to pick up seats and table,(700) M to a funeral( Brian Ballingall) Bear to go home( did a plasma cut bird), add to sink cabinet by painting door frames, started on Toyota piece, Ruby Moon in afternoon did a drawing of a castle and goat and also a plasma cut chook,, Julie Weatherhead  with a series of frames to be done with Haymes,5.30, prawn rice for tea then watched True Detective, Utopia and Reality check.

Tuesday Sept 2nd

Cool and showery and sunny and showery and sunny, Belinda coming to work on crocodile. no jeanette,Jane came up about 11.00,finished second triangle piece, did another greyhound and modified first one, did 2 chooks, sanded door frames and painted with undercoat, Mig gas,had to be replaced,( 133) bought melamine for sink cupboard shelves and hinges(87.64), called in to jeffrey and asked for a sanding pad back to be ordered, aldi shopping Margie painted most of day, Bart came after school to work, chicken Kiev for tea,talked to bear,watched who do you think you are adam Hills, the war that changed us, computer stuff.

Monday Sept 1st

Cool and cloudy, rain? Chiropractor at 9.00, electrician back to finish rough in, buy backing for sink frame and also white gloss paint,took down exhibition and brought home my paintings, Margie bear coming,painted frames, did handrail piece, made 2 triangle frames and filled one, did 1 seat frame for Linda, rained most of afternoon, Vicki gardened in the morning, lady came for greyhound and wanted another one, puzzle, chicken and rice for tea, Pilates. Watched bit of French and saunders live( poor) watched bit of legally brown( silly) and watched bit of bronx 99 silly)Looked at shows coming up

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