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April 11, 2015

April 2015

Thursday April 30th

Fine and Sunny, M has Eleanor all day  I worked finishing the xmas tree , group arrived from somewhere, 20 people sold 2 birds, Bill and Jeanette Clark dropped in to have a few things fixed,lasagne for tea, Eleanor to 9.00, Kathleen here fr an hour, watched 1 once upon a time and added to website

Wednesday April 29th

Fine and sunny, M has Eleanor all day,I worked on Dunkeld piece and it is together and ready to paint, also 1 dog and mowed across rd and nature strips, nap, talk with Libby witchell and also Cassandra Lawrie tea at Yarragon pub, then a 6 member bookclub at Sues to discuss the Good women of China, home to do a bit on the computer.

Tuesday April 28th

Cool and sort of fine, M to melb to see Madge, Belinda did giant flower , I grouted mirror girl, did 5 birds, started Dunkeld piece, rang electrician re track lighting, 2 people thru garden, talked to Wayne re poetry group, talked to Irene McConville re exhibition in March, talked to Sue at the store re catering quote, incubator group this evening at Helens.Vicky and Mick, Allison, Sue O, Anita, Helen, Marian and me.

Monday April 27th

Cool and grey, showers, talking to WRC yr 10s re the life of an artist, shopped, bought glue( 20) lunch nap home to mosaic girl ,also did small stand for beady wendy David tried to connect internet to gallery, no luck, Pilates pies for tea.  watched 1 once upon a time.

Sunday April 26th

Cool and grey,showery all day, wintery at times added to list of shows and when, finished welding reflective girl and paint,  start on Dunkeld piece, added to xmas tree,sent off email asking for exhibitions, M has a quiet day at home after a restless night, 5 people through garden, lasagne for tea watched 1 once upon a time, Kathleen and David and Eleanor came over to pick up Magnum and stayed a while.

Saturday April 25th( anzac day centenary)

Cool and grey , showers, worked on Blarney books piece, started reflective girl piece, mow a bit, M helping Kathleen after lunch  shopped at K mart and played in park, 8 people through garden.nap, Keltie and Nicole visited and I talked about the gallery space, also Dot Thorne and Hamish, made rissoles for tea,put up photos on Facebook, watched 1 once upon a time ,Outcast( chinese Canadian) ok and 1 parks and recreation.

Friday April 24th

Cool and grey, add to Blarney books piece, add to Xmas tree, 2 people thru the garden, drawing with Helen did 4 small pieces,went with M to Melbourne to see madge and drop off work at Canterbury Primary art show, had tea at Mathew Flinders, home to watch mork and mindy.. and Parks and recreation added to website,

Thursday April 23rd

Cool and grey,   2 people through garden ,did a peacock and a pelican, started Blarney books piece and started xmas tree panels, picked up seat from Dandenong,( 60) and bought dvds at JB and Gold paint at motor parts( 18)  M has Eleanor all day, tumbling,pinwheels for tea, sent in Derinya craft shop entry, looked at Rookwood.watched last Orange and additions.

Wednesday April 22nd

Cool and grey, M has eleanor all day, I grouted Goblet,and then did the back for Rutherglen chair,added plates to the bottom and changed the arms.( 6 people looked at garden from car!) Took seat to the plater in Dandenong, shopped briefly at Fountain Gate,chinese for tea, watched 1 orange,worked on list of show times.sent in Mirboo nth entry

Tuesday April 21st

Fine and sunny, M to melb to see Madge, pick up Em and bring her home for Podiatrist,( P was sick so Em back home) then back to train, pick up Eleanor s Kathleen can have a birthday tea,Belinda coming, did a spider, working on 4 dogs and 2 birds,Jeanette dropped in for a bit , saw Helen 2.00 re flyer, dropped off sues stuff to Warragul bought steel(73) home for nap, then to Drouin west to reweld scotty outside of fire station, home for unloading, chicken mustard and rice for tea, Eleanor all evening, watched Why Anzac with sam Neill( good)

Monday April 20th

Fine and mild,Paula and 15 people coming, work on cheers all mirror done, did small piece just getting closer”, and also 2 frames for signs, Lady came and bought peacock, went and saw Jeff and Jeanettes pieces,started moving wood, snitzel for tea ,Pilates  Home and watched 1 orange,

Sunday April 19th

Cool and grey, showers and cold at times, fine at other times, vacuum gallery, worked on characters for chalice piece, both done and added, tp ground and painted with 1 coat of penetrol,Talked to Graham and Helen MasinM washed up and rearranged Pedestals, M takes Em back to melb and see madge, I deliver song bird and Ocean and 4 animals to Red hill.some basic shopping called in at MPRG had a design exhibition on, bought a couple of booklets, Home to nap, Pizza for tea, Poldark and fortitude

Saturday April 18th

Cool and showery,do signs and things for gallery, fit lock to toilet, and doorstop, clean pedestals ( some), finish the girls, start figure for cheers, 12 people though gallery and garden, ( 150) Helen painted most of day, M worked with Eleanor in morning, and helped tidy in arvo, opening for Helen Masin tonight,M made sandwiches, Kouark Winery here, 55 people at opening, all positive,

Friday April 17th

Cool and cloudy, vacuumed gallery and blew off verandah,2 swiss tourists visited ,finished songbird, did “going on line” and one character for “the girls” Builder came and picked up sculptures for people at Noojee, M has Eleanor all day, Sue came after 12.30 and did flowers and lots of sorting out in the gallery, Helen and Alice came to draw after 1.00, nap Graham came to see gallery, Helen Masin came and Sue Graham, Helen and me hung the exhibition, Sue went to get Emily and we had spag Bol for tea with Kathleen as well.Watched Step up 5 ( dancing) very impressive

Thursday April 16th

cool and showery, put in last balustrade, bought paint and wheels for glass cabinet,( 50) attached wheels, clean display case,made glasses dividers for bottom drawer, take down pews,picked up corner cabinet from beside road and started painting it, Frank worked on fixing bits in the loo and grouted splash back,car to Drouin motors oil leak fixed, some basic shopping, Helped sort things and put things in places, painted sink cabinet, M picked up Jindivick 10 things( 40),Sue dropped in, busload of 6 people through the garden, added a bit to “chalice”  out to tea in Warragul.hotel, home to watch 1 orange and 1 modern Bugs bunny( poor) read book

Wednesday April 15th

Grey and showery fined up to a hot 27 talk at library 1.00, Frank Hejehli coming to grout tile and put up hanging system,( mostly done), M has Eleanor all day, Toy library, added 1 balustrade , added a bit  to songbird, prepared for and gave talk at Library( good turnup) 20? Dropped in grinder to be fixed, Aldi shopping, went to Drouin motors t have oil leak checked out, home for nap, went and got petrol and mowed 2 parts of bottom paddock, spaghetti for tea added to website  watched 1 orange, 1 agony,

Tuesday April 14th

Grey and showers,fined up over day, added to song bird, Belinda did a lovely centipede creature , M to Melbourne and shopping for gallery, Did 2  balustrades, and ordered sheets of metal, plumbers back and sorted out shower and sink in shed,  leonie came and bought Just do it, Stacey Rosentreter came and discussed the gallery and pamphlets, m bought 40 plus stuff for Gallery, sausages for tea watched 1 orange, read book( Good women of China) watched 1 musketeers.


Monday April 13th

Mild and cloudy became a lovely day,,tidy up above the chaos and bird girl and dog boy, work on Rutherglen seat cut wood for both seats, finish leaf seat, Margie bear coming to do chooks, started song bird, Daryl came and got Horse, Jeff called over for a bit, Plumbers worked all day putting in under sink heater, and loo, Leonie and Ray called in, M went to Dandenong and bought 2 tub chairs for the gallery, pilates, shopped , dropped off stuff to Kathleen’s, chicken parcels for tea.  watched 1 Orange, sorted photos for talk.

Sunday April 12th

Mild and cloudy. Finish ocean did grouting, cut in poem and painted, worked on goblet and made a base piece and a top piece and support, finished digging to China and painted, 16 people through garden, went to Warragul to buy paint and grout( 255) nap, did 2 seat frames including the Rutherglen one, snitzel for tea watched 1 orange is the new black, a bit of Rome superpower and Poldark.

Saturday April 11th

Cool and grey fined up then cooled again, Jindi Rare plant fair, Rokeby market, talked to a good range of people made about 500, home unloaded trailer, talked to 4 people here, up for lunch and nap, delivered Ray and Jades seat for their engagement, shopped for cat crunchies and tea, home M had had a group of 12 people through, bought a bird on stick and an order, read paper, nap, sausages for tea,new tricks, birdsong,ok

April 10th Friday

Fine and sunny, Beautiful day, M has Eleanor after 12, carpet layer coming( done),I worked on Ocean adding metal below sealine and mosaic above, painted, started and finished most of Bird, did feeder cover order, assembled 8 birds on sticks, plumber came and had to dig through concrete to reposition pipe for toilet,Terriane and Janine came and gardened, 4 people through garden, pack trailer for Rokeby, watched 1 penny dreadful and battle of the 5 armies( Hobbit) ok.

April 9th Thursday

Fine and sunny, lovely day, M to take Em back to Melbourne then with Kathleen and Eleanor  at Drouin, Working on new big piece ( Ocean) most of welding done except mesh at front,and 1 duck and 1 chook, 1 small piece star juggler, started cutting out birds on sticks, did 9 flowers, started another small piece Digger, Hanging system delivered, people who bought bird girl and above the chaos called in, said hello to Jeanette walking, 2 loads of washing out and in,lamb patties for tea Pilates, basic shopping , watched last episode of Orphan Black series 2( such an excellent series) write up new pieces.

April 8th Wednesday

Cool and showery, working on 3 small characters for “a kind word”,Butterfly walker. Birthday Lunch for Kathleen here, Caleb, Emily, David and Kathleen and Eleanor,Took big chairs to Kathleens, M minded Eleanor all afternoon, Em stays overnight. Watched 1 orphan Black and Gone Girl.

April 7th Tuesday

Cool and showery rained most of day, M to Melbourne to see Madge, Belinda made a jellyfish, I  grinded and assembled and painted “ my special place 2”, did 6 smallish birds, 2 ducks and 3 chooks as well as a new dog, also cut up pieces for small characters for tomorrow , did small job for Sally Fay, 4 people through garden , chicken curry for tea, watched 1 orphan Black and Lucy.. certainly interesting,

April 6th Monday

Cool and showery start, fine up with a cool breeze at times, finish painting Maxfield piece, did 3 dogs, 1 peacock, 1 dragonfly and 1 elephant 12 people through garden,( sold hula girl and fairy 300)  Stephen and Kristen stayed til lunch, Jeff and Jeanette called over,, 4.00 pick up at Sandy Point, sold friends piece(240) and won sculpture prize( 100), home via Mirboo, Pizza for tea, basic shopping, watched 1 orphan Black, and Broadchurch

April 5th Sunday

Fine and a bit cloudy, stayed misty all day and a bit cool at the end, up early to do signs for sculptures, went to Longwarry market bought sanding discs dvd’s and cake, had 2 people who are thinking about a seat, I worked on finishing  Maxfield piece, also artist in residence Helen Marin? And family dropped in as well as heather and Lindsay, talked to them for a bit. Roast for tea,, Stephen and Kristen coming to stay overnight, watched an episode of treme,

April 4th Saturday

Fine and sunny, beautiful day, Jindi Market, M to take Em back and visit Madge, sand top of desk,and paint twice, 2 loads of washing, worked on second lump for My special place.. all welded, needs grinding, work on start of Maxfield piece.. mowed across rd, Jindi Market on and 32 people through garden.nap, leftovers for tea, New Tricks.Won sculpture prize at Sandy Point show watched 1 orphan Black and 1 musketeers, daylight savings change over tonight, Moon eclipse too

April 3rd Friday

Fine and Sunny, deliver to Sandy Point art show,had morning tea and a walk on the beach with Sue and Nell, Paul also,Then to Wonthaggi and dropped off 6 pieces,home to paint desk white, fix bird direction for Martin, see Kerrie and Friend, centre to eyes of bird, add M has Eleanor, Caleb dropping off Ralph Magnum to visit also.steak for tea,8 people through garden, watched 1 musketeers, Dr Blake and silent witness.

April 2nd Thursday

Cool and showery,fined up to blowy and then fine, talked to carpet people,man came and measured, ( $4000) shopped, M and Em off with Kathleen to Midvalley shopping, worked on Gracies dog,started kid bird, 8 people through garden, Martin came and picked up 3 birds on pole ( 150) Eleanor from Derinya came and bought a bird and a goanna,( 100), went to Warragul to swap Mig bottle over, feeling a bit fluey, chilli con carne for tea, 2 naps, watched the November Man and Beauty and the beast.

April 1st Wednesday

Fine and mild, lovely day,worked on base and cup of wineglass, mostly done on outsidestarted small rock for my special place,discussed hanging system, 8 people through garden,went and got metal ( 75.46) new underpass working, Leonie came and bought a gift certificate( 60) nap Em to Podiatrist,M to look at carpet, chicken Kiev for tea,sorted art books, walk, watched The Judge .rain coming?

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