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August 11, 2015

August 2015

August Diary

Monday Aug 31st

Cool and grey, Melbourne and Catherine the great, Pilates

Sunday Aug 30th

Cool and not showery,Photographed the exhibition and another couple of sketch books M has Eleanor in afternoon, work on structured life and circle for pedestal, Narelle and David picked up gates, delivered music machine to Leonie and installed, 6 people through garden and gallery,sausages for tea,Bart in shed, watched Grand designs, Vera, Silent witness

Saturday Aug 29th

Cool and showery,all day, finished Sues Pig, finished sound machine,except for assembly( on site), started imperfect beauty Eleanor and Kathleen and David over for afternoon with M, 5 people thru garden including Tara, tea at Debritz( quite reasonable), Summer of the Aliens( did lots of sketches which I gave to Jeannie) a very good show well performed , loved Dulcie,

Friday Aug 28th

No rain, mild and grey,did signs for some sculptures tried to dry out gallery, assembled fire cover, finished pig  except for painting one side,worked on sound machine,mostly done, M to Melb to see madge, Drawing with Helen at lunch time did 5 small pieces, went to video shop and bought a range as was closing down, shopped, home for nap,pizza for tea, then watched the Darwin awards movie( very good) and Outsourced movie.. pleasant

Thursday Aug 27th

Raining all day, went through 4 sketchbooks,Judy to set up exhibition take down Hot august Night,wrote article for Gazette, nearly finished Sue’s Pig, went to Warragul and got 10mm rod,( 83) dropped in article at Gazette, shopped in Drouin and saw signwriter, nap, M helped Kathleen during day and in evening( Eleanor has a virus) ,spaghetti for tea, Sue picked up her paintings, watched end of Robocop.added to website and caught up on email


Wednesday Aug 26th

M to help Kathleen and get car fixed in arvo,put out sculptures, work on new pigpainted wood for fire cover, Janet and Ashley visited the gallery, Jeff took away snow flake, Helen came and got her work, read to end of book,shopped in Warragul for mesh for pig( 170) home, Bart worked, shopped for book group, Warragul Thai for tea, talked about the Other hand in Book group.sketched a few, watched utopia and last leg on I view

Tuesday Aug 25th

Mild and grey, Belinda did a tortise, M;’s car to fixer,I did a chrysanthemum, routed mirrors and assembled tables twice, sanded fire cover board and painted, painted skipping girl twice, did stand for leonies music machine, and cutup pieces for it,went to Warragul to get mirror( 40) Bart,working in shed, M cooked Chicken Kiev for tea, watched who do you think you are David Wenham, Kevin in the snow, reading the Other hand

Monday Aug 24th

Grey and mild, M showed the video she has worked on,assembled chair, went to Warragul and bought mirror( 70) and 1 length of 10mm rod and mig wire( 48) assembled skipping girl with gumboots, Alan came round 2 people through garden, Pilates, pub tea home to orange is the new black

Sunday Aug 23rd

Fine and mild( 19) start seats, Bart working, 54 people in Car rally came, Jan wants her chair rewelded,Helen and Roger Masin called in to pick up Helen’s piece, M back from Bairnsdale to Melb with Em and back, 8 others through garden, sold “Thorny”I did edges on fire cover, painted flowers, did chaise lounge including wood and paint, started skipping girl, painted Gaza again, tuna casserole for tea, watched bit f Rbocop, Grand designs, Vera, Silent witness and dance show

Saturday Aug 22nd

, Fine and sunny, lovely spring feeling day,went to Warragul bought clear varnish, white paint and penetrol( 205) home to paint wood for hall tables, brought in  Gaza for repair, picked up sculptures blown over, Don Barrett dropped in and had a good talk and suggestions for art incubator, went to High school musical play at Drouin Sec Coll with Kathleen and Eleanor in arvo, watched first half then Eleanor restless, played on play equipment, home to Bart, fixed Gaza, cut out piece for fire cover, painted green, fixed easel, mince on toast for tea..watched Batman 2 and robocop

Friday Aug 21st

Mild but cloudy, breezy,, blew over a few sculptures, M to melb to pick up Em, back here then down to Bairnsdale to see Caleb, did 2 table frames, painted and sanded and painted wood too, drawing with Helen did experiments and a lovely portrait of Helen, then,to Yarra Glen for Kerries Opening, saw Russell, Don Barrett and Bev, Gary, Graham, peter Biram, Judy and Bruce, left early home to Pizza and a bit of clueless and Batman begins

Thursday Aug 20th

Fine and sunny , beautiful day M to Kathleen and tumble gym with Eleanor, I worked on snail,all welded and painted, sue came and burned off labels also cleaned up heart sculpture and did a bird and cut out stars for moon river.nap rissoles for tea,watched 1 orange is the new black, house history show, The honourable woman.

Wednesday Aug 19th

Fine and sunny, go pick up M’s car from window people,  bought mesh, shopped at aldi,home to do rest of elephant, 1 bird, 1 peacock, 1 pelican,start Snail,Sue came and welded, Janet Chandler dropped in, I needed filling fixed went to Dentist, sausages for tea watched dan snow Grand Canyon, the weekly, Utopia, and a bit of last leg.

Tuesday Aug 18th

Cool and showery, no Belinda, did medical pieces  gate and  2 elephant,s after cutting up old compressor, went and had whooping cough booster with M then also took M’s car to windscreen people,2 people through garden, shopped chicken tenders for tea,watched Orange is the new black, Who do you think you are Luke Nugwin, Kevin in the wild,

August Diary

Monday August 17th

Cold and rainy, did fine up although showers on and off ,taking doors to Melb for Stephen, meeting Stephen for morning tea, visit Madge, went to op shops,lunch then home.Sue called out,  Pilates pub tea, watched last two Newsroom

Sunday Aug 16th

Fine and sunny,did moon river with 2 characters and a pedestal, recycled snowflake into snow drop with 1 character,16 people thru garden gallery, Judy and Bruce dropped over, and Ruth dropped in,painted small drip 2 for a second time,M did fish and chips for tea, watched 1 Newsroom, Grand designs, the politicians husband, silent witness and doco on Vivian Maier( photographer)( excellent)

Saturday  Aug 15th

Mild and grey, did 5 ducks, 1 bird, 1 dog, painted drip and seat, 2 mirror frames, talked to Jeff and jeanette, 9 people through garden ,Bart worked on his project, spice night at Peter Nelson’s, talked to Mike, Steve Clark, Wend’ys hubby and Mikes wife and daughter, some sketches

Friday Aug 14th

Cool and grey, Chinese couple came added to small drip 2( all assembled) ,drawing with Helen 1 landscape and 3 eleanor, then to Moe to get welding rods,(110) shopped at aldi M to Melbourne to see Madge, chinese tea.  watched ww 2 doco tony robinson,2 newsroom and 1 orange is the new black

, Thursday Aug 13th

Cool and showery, M to help Kathleen Eleanor to tumble gym, covered 7/8 small drip did a duck, red finch went away( 700) Janine gardened,nap, deliver football piece to Drouin, shopped, Sue dropped in, lasagne for tea, watched 1 newsroom , whos in my house and Glitch

Wednesday Aug 12th

Fine and cool showers? M to melb to see madge, bit crook Clarks early, start on small drip 2 and did 1bird and 2 dogs 1 pelican, did frame of next drip and started covering, cleaned grout in shower, eggand bacon pie for tea, Eleanor until about 8.00, watched East India Company, Charlie, Julia and Adam ,then last suits.

Tuesday Aug 11th

Fine and mild, Belinda did a maple leaf, I finished eagle and Hooper’s seat,mowed across road,installed new mailbox did 1 bird and 1 dog, got scrap metal from metal guy, M to help Kathleen at music playgroup,had Eleanor all day,pasta for tea,watched who do you think you are Toni Collette and Kevin McLeod in the wild, worked on article for magazine.Watched 1 Suits

Monday Aug 10th

Fine and mild almost spring feel,dropped M off at Kathleens,to Warragul for shopping and to get stones for Driveway( 35) home to spread stones, Jeff called by, added to eagle and did front face of Postboxdid a bit on Hoopers seat, M had Eleanor here( slept most of the afternoon) I mowed most of sculpture garden,Kathleen picked up M’s car from fixer, shop,off to Pilates showers, pub tea, home to 1 suits worked on article for gippsland lifestyle

Sunday Aug 9th

Fine and mild,5 people in morning, delivered pond cover( 200) and delivered video rack and fire box,4 people in afternoon Calebs lunch with Kathleen , Emily David and Eleanor, Sue and Bart working in shed, fixed Sue’s trailer, Peter Shaw and Louise visited to see the gallery and garden, M to melb to take back Em and visit Madge, watched x files movie, ok, then politicians husband and silent witness.

Saturday Aug 8th

Cool and grey,still a bit out of sorts,tidied gallery , cleaned roof of shed, napped, 5 people visited in morning, opening of Hot August Night,Anita, Geoff, Jeff and Jeanette, Sue, Jenny Palmer, Mary,Manfred, Chris and Kerrie, Emily, Kathleen and David and Eleanor( a bit crook too)Phil Jane and Daughter for wine( 2 bottles $50), up to house for nap( all of us) chicken Kievs for tea, watched 1 suits( I watched 1 Glitch) and Mad Max fury Road, 20

Friday August 7th

cold and wet showers Slept better but still feel crap slept to 10,30,tidied up gallery signs, cleaned out freezer and fridge, watched American sniper, nap started on artical M to Melb to see madge ( has a cold)and pick up em,watched Elizabeth the golden age and humans ep 1, fish and chips for tea.M and em worked at putting up poets video on You tube

Thursday Aug 6th

Cold and wet showers, Tony coming to get sculpture, Mark coming to weld, leonie dropped in. 9 other dropped in to see garden,M to help Kathleen with Eleanor, worked on Letter box for us and then ½ feathers for eagle, Janine Gardened, sausages for tea, still a bit off colour, tired,Eleanor til 9.00, 2 suits

Wednesday Aug 5th

Cold and wet, showers, M to take Eleanor to toy Library, worked on finishing football sculpture in circle, made base form for it,did 6 flower cutouts and assembled, 1 dragonfly, started eagle, 2 naps, bit off colour chicken mushroom thing hot pot for tea watched Guardians of the Galaxy, then Charlie Julia and Adam, restless first half f night with nose cold

Tuesday Aug 4th

Cool and grey Belinda,played with mesh stuff, I did football form,M home, no internet, went to Warragul for rings and steel( 234) and 27, basic shopping,nap started assembling, not happy, meatballs for tea with pearl barley, David came and fixed internet(as we had pushed the wrong button on the router) went to see Play Lost ww1 diary by Damian Callinan( excellent) did sketches and gave to Damian, home to 1 suits

Monday Aug 3rd

Showery, cold and windy at times, did heart monitor, inquired about sculptures, ordered plasma cut parts, then to Melbourne to see David Bowie Exhibition, loots of stuff, lunch at south bank, to Camberwell to see Madge, then home, nap, pilates, dinner at pub,watched 2 suits

Sunday Aug 2nd

Cool and Grey no showers,added to website, Longwarry market,bought sanding discs and dvds, tweak gallery made 10 birds on sticks and 5 triple flowers( Mena paid for pieces from last week 200) Gardivalia group in arvo,( 32) also Bart and Roger,power to water went out, did rissoles for tea watched suits Grand designs, Politicians Husband and silent witness and Streb dancers( stunning) 39 people through garden/ gallery(38)

Saturday Aug 1st

cool and showery fined up in arvo, spent morning typing labels and list for new show then hanging  new show today, assembled girl and birds, readjusted family hearts,Tony called in Jeff in morning, Alison dropped out works, Jeanette in arvo and Rhona and travis and Kayla,also Margie moore and hubby and Greg Follett and Julie( 4 pieces bought) ,Eleanor for most of day sausages for team added to website Caleb rang very disillusioned, watched 2 suits( 4 through Gallery)

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